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Hira Hosen


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The Awakening the Illuminated Heart® workshops are created for you to Awaken your Heart. When we remember how to live from the Sacred Spaces of our Heart, our Life responds with Joy & power and we can activate our living light-body: the Merkaba. These workshops can further assist us in the opening of our third Eye, through practicing ancient techniques which were hidden to our world for a very long time, which we now call the Tantra of the Heart (without partner). We'll also be tapping directly into the Creation Process through the Sacred Spaces of our Heart.

HIRA'S ATIH WORKSHOPS IN 2017 (click/touch links):
SPAIN, IBIZA island, 04/07.05.2017, €333

ISRAEL, Jerusalem, 20/23.06.2017, €333 (€300 earlybirds), 1250 (1000) NIS

FRANCE 34, TEMPLE ZEN, 28.06/02.07.2017, €333 (Will be given in French/Français)

HOLLAND, Amsterdam, 06/09.07.2017, €495 (€444 earlybirds)

BELGIUM, Bilzen, 20/23.07.2017, €444 (€333 earlybirds)

MEXICO, Playa del Carmen, 03/06.08.2017, €333 (Will be given in French/Français)

MEXICO, Playa del Carmen, 10/13.08.2017, €333 (Will be given in English)

EGYPT, Cairo, Dashur pyramids, 18/21.10.2017, €333 (€300 earlybirds), 2000 EGP

UK, GLASTONBURY, 14/17.12.2017, £333

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Hira is here to catalyze the great shift of global Ascension on Earth. For a decade, Hira is an ordained zen nun, now an international meditation facilitator. Since 2011, Hira is giving Ascension workshops all over the world as a certified teacher of the School of Remembering©, since it's foundation in 2011 by Drunvalo Melchizedek, Sedona, USA.

Hira Hosèn is an Ascension Catalyst, facilitating others through their Ascension to Oneness. Oneness is a state of experiencing life as one Universal being. This ascension work can happen in stages and it doesn't necessarily go straight to Oneness. For example, a person might want to go from a vibrational signature of insecurity and/or unworthiness, to a vibrational signature of optimism.

In an ascension session Hira will dive deep with you in meditation where she will create a channeled field of Oneness. This field can only be described as an extremely high vibrational energy that feels like pure, unconditional love & bliss, where you will be safe and free to experience life as Oneness. You can experience these sessions on different levels and in a wide variety/scale within the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and/or egoic planes. You could be traveling, healing, releasing, or reaching ecstasy. Every person & every session is different. The sessions are always guided & shared together within the universal wisdom of the eternally awakening moment.

You will be able to expand your vision & awareness by tuning into this oneness vibration. You can go as close as you choose to go. There is a distinct feeling of "loosing" oneself, which can scare the ego into stopping the session. Through these sessions you will have the possibility to catalize changes in your daily life, as your life will align and stabilize with your primal soul journey here on Earth. If you are already well along the way on your souls journey, the changes won't be so intense but smoother, in an easy & graceful way.

Feel free to connect to Hira directly here if you have any other questions: Email Hira. If you know this ascension session is for you, go ahead and click in the following link to book your session. Please also mention what timezone you're in and your preference of the sessions time & date, thank you: Book private Ascension Session



♥ Lief Hart ♥

Ik ben van Nederlandse nationaliteit en ik weet waarom :-) Wilt u een stage in uw regio organiseren, of wilt u mij voor andere vragen direct bereiken, dan bent u van Harte welkom: Email Hira of via m'n website: Tantra of the Heart.

Voor m'n eerstvolgende cursus in Nederland, volg deze link: ♥ HOLLAND, Amsterdam, 06/09.07.2017, €495,- (€444,- earlybirds)



♥ Cher Cœur ♥

Les stages que je donne en Français sont exactement les mêmes que les stages en Anglais & Hollandais. N'hésitez pas à me contacter directement en Français ici: Hira Email.

Le prochain stage en Français, c'est en France 34: ♥ FRANCE 34, TEMPLE ZEN, 28.06/02.07.2017, €333,-, et un autre à Playa del Carmen, Mexique: ♥ 03/06.08.2017, Carmen del Playa, €333,- (Français)

Ici l'interview d'Hira avec Lilou Macé en Français ;-)))



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Personal Website

Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop

2017-06-20 / Ein Kerem, JERUSALEM, Israel

❤️ Awaken your Heart ❤️

A life changing 4 day intensive workshop in Jerusalem presented by Buddhist Zen nun Hira Hosèn. This workshop will be given in English, translation in Hebrew on demand.

סדנה אינטנסיבית בת 4 ימים המוגשת ...


Stage de l’Éveil du Cœur Illuminé

2017-06-29 / Rosis, France 34

❤️ Réveillez votre coeur ❤️

Un stage de 4 jours présenté par bouddhiste Zen nonne Hira Hosen à l'Hérault, France 34.

Ce stage sera donné en Français et coûte 333€ (INCL. tax, EXCL. accommodation)

Pour plus d'informations svp n'hésitez pas à nous contacter directement: READ MORE

Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop

2017-07-06 / De Roos, Amsterdam

❤️ Awaken your Heart ❤️

Life changing 4 day intensive workshop presented by Buddhist Zen nun Hira Hosèn in English in the famous Vondelpark (Amsterdam): Center 'De Roos'

PRICE: €495,- (€444 Early Birds), for groups & couples, contac...


Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop

2017-07-20 / ZENNERGI, Bilzen, Belgium

❤️ Awaken your Heart in Belgium ❤️

Dive deep in this life changing 4 day intensive workshop presented by Buddhist Zen nun Hira Hosèn.

WORKSHOP FEE: €444 / €333 early birds (until end of April), this is INclusive tax, EXclusive accommodation & meals

INFO: feel free to contact Mi...


Stage de l’Éveil du Cœur Illuminé

2017-08-03 / Playa del Carmen, Mexique

❤️ Réveillez votre coeur ❤️

Un stage de 4 jours présenté par bouddhiste Zen nonne Hira Hosen à Carmen del Playa, Mexique.

Ce stage sera donné en Français et coûte 333€ (INCL. tax, EXCL. accommodation)

Pour plus d'informations svp n'hésitez pas à nous contacter directement...


Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop

2017-08-10 / Playa del Carmen, Mexico

❤️ Awaken your Heart in Mexico ❤️

Dive deep in this life changing 4 day intensive workshop presented by Buddhist Zen nun Hira Hosèn.


WORKSHOP FEE: €333,- (this is INclusive tax, EXclusive accommodation & meals) For groups & couples, contact us for price inquiry ...


Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop

2017-10-18 / Cairo, Dashur Pyramids, Egypt

❤️ Awaken your Heart in Egypt ❤️

Dive deep in this life changing 4 day intensive workshop presented in English by Buddhist Zen nun Hira Hosèn.

WORKSHOP FEE: €333,- (INclusive tax, EXclusive accommodations) / €300,- early birds. For groups & couples, please contact us for price inq...


Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop

2017-12-14 / Glastonbury, UK

❤️ Awaken your Heart in Glastonbury ❤️

Dive deep in this life changing 4 day intensive workshop presented by Buddhist Zen nun Hira Hosèn.

WORKSHOP FEE: £333 (this is INclusive tax, EXclusive accommodation & meals) For groups & couples, contact us for price inquiry & discounts.



Marina Zeldenrust at May 13, 2017

Overall a beautiful experience with a great group and an amazing teacher!

Eva Machackova at May 12, 2017

Having just completed the ATIH workshop with Hira, I highly value Hira's profound 'soft leadership' abilities and endless love without unnecessary frills! Her highly intuitive approach to teaching was just the right at the given place and time. I recommend Hira to everyone! Love, Eva

Gary Langridge at May 11, 2017

A wonderful experience,i am deeply grateful to Hira for her wisdom,her love,and the fun joyful way she has and how she conducts herself in the workshops. Sincerest thanks Hira.


Wonderful experience and opportunity to learn! Hira was even a better teacher for me than I expected! The convent and nuns where a challenge in a way but it all worked out well after Hiras and Nicos efforts. It was not an easy environment for hearing disabled. I loved the Spanish women, but I still think all should be present from the beginning. A beautiful group was manifested and helped me feel safe and it was so easy to be forward, honest, curious and open. Good that some people stayed and that we had a beautiful last night at sunset at El Vedra and a nice diner. A million thanks!

Danilo Martins at Jan 09, 2017

I am deeply blessed and thankful for have had the opportunity of participating in this beautiful workshop. It was a profound experience that completely changed my life as my perception of it. Hira is the most loving and pure person I've ever met and I will always love her for the rest of my life. More than an awesome teacher she is a true friend. Thank you Hira, Thank you Drunvalo and thank you to all the School of Remembering team. Love you!

Anne Thelot at Jan 05, 2017

If you are looking for a unique teaching style and amazing perspective of this workshop, HIRA HOSEN is your perfect guide ! Her deep experience, beautiful voice, and funny mind will open your heart beyond your expectations…GO for it and enjoy!

Charlotte Phillips at Dec 31, 2016

I am happy to have been guided to this workshop, Hira and Glastonbury yet again. I love Drunvalos teachings and Hira was a great facilitator. Hira has a lovely way of guiding and sharing information that left me feeling that even though she is some steps ahead in this particular work we are all truly sharing the same path, equal in spirit. Very refreshing considering the big egos that can befall the teachers of these type of workshops. I feel Hiras way is the way of the future...the way of the heart. Other than that I was so happy to have activated my Mer Ka Ba and have felt a real shift in to a deeper heart space within myself since the workshop. Thank you Hira, Thank you Drunvalo and thank you to all our group who helped create a lovely safe and friendly space to do this work. Many Blessing to you all* Love Charlotte.

rachel pereira at Dec 30, 2016

I had been looking forward to receiving this training for many years and was so delighted when I saw an advert saying that a teacher was coming to my town. I felt that we as a group bonded well and were able to work together to produce a beautiful heart energy , there were quite some energetic challenges and lessons to be faced-- ,and I personally felt an initiation taking place. I experienced Hira as a beautiful shining light with a distinct and transparent personality , highly intelligent, loving and compelling . I believe she was undergoing a very difficult transformation within her own life and which must have been uncomfortable as she is accustomed to deliver a very high power workshop , and therefore attracted some less than perfect comments below. However I could still clearly see her beautiful presence and aptitude for this work , and her desire to give of her heart.

ross chambers at Dec 27, 2016

I agree with Sharon's comments that the course was interesting and that Hira is a knowledgeable presenter. However, I felt that on occasions Hira was insensitive and abrupt towards participants. I also felt at times she acted unprofessionally which had an overall affect on the workshop space . Therefore, I don't feel I can recommend Hira as an ATIH teacher based on this weekend. Although, I acknowledge all other reviews of Hira are positive which suggests the experience of this workshop may not offer a complete picture of Hira. I would also like to point out to people reading this review that Hira was recovering from an illness, had her baggage lost in transit and was experiencing difficulties with the retreat centre staff. People should bear the above points in mind when reading my review as this may affected her to some degree. However, I do not believe that this fully excuses Hira's conduct during the workshop.

Sharon Giraud at Dec 20, 2016

This was an interesting course delivered by a knowledgable facilitator. However, there was a lot of information shared but some seemed less relevant to the course aims.