Drunvalo Melchizedek presents The School of Remembering®

Drunvalo Melchizedek

Presents The School of Remembering

The School of Remembering was created by Drunvalo Melchizedek to foster individual growth and increase the understanding of the human consciousness revolution that is now occurring. The School is your host to powerful eye, mind and heart changing experiences. Our programs are designed by a global network of over 300 guides and leaders to help you achieve the highest levels of peace, health and wellness. Click here for workshops: http://theschoolofremembering.com/workshops

Health, peace and wellness are different experiences for everyone and the process can vary according to one's individual degree of awareness, personal vibration, spiritual practice and even individual purpose on the planet. We all have a calling and its up to each of us to reach out and grasp our place in time.

Our happiness on a physical, mental and emotional or even spiritually level is about energy and consciousness. As one begins to experience new energies and new levels of consciousness, old patterns, behaviors, and beliefs that have limited one's perception and kept their vibration in a denser state of being, begin to re-emerge. The Workshop Programs offered by the School of Remembering are designed to help people move past their own barriers and realize their own empowerment so they can remember and reconnect with their own place in the universe.

Whether you just want to participate with people dedicated to higher consciousness or are looking for help silencing the mind, stabilizing emotions or increase cognitive awareness there is a workshop perfect for you. Click here for workshops - http://theschoolofremembering.com/workshops


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Use the following search tools to learn more about the Global Workshops Dates & Locations near you. You cannot register for a workshop using these tools, to complete the registration for any workshops you must enroll for a school membership account. If you find a workshop the “Read More” button will give a link to begin the enrolment process. The Calendars are constantly changing as more workshops are added to meet the needs of our growing global community.