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Rositta Virag

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Rositta Virag


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Meine ausführliche Biografie mit all den Stufen, die auf meinem Bewusstwerdungsweg dabei waren, sind unter folgendem Link zu finden: http://www.gela.at/web/seite,rositta-virag,53,49.html

Dort sind auch die Ausbildungen, die ich im Laufe von über 30 Jahren Bewusstseins- und Energie-Arbeit gemacht habe, aufgezählt.

Derzeit ist der Text nur in Deutsch verfasst, vielleicht kommt eine englische Version demnächst dazu.

For my detailed biography, with all the steps that were on my way of consciousness visit the following link: http://www.gela.at/web/seite,rositta-virag,53,49.html

There are also the trainings that I've made ????in more than 30 years of consciousness- and energy-work enumerated.

Currently, the text is written only in German, hopefully there will be an English version soon.

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Alexandra Jordan at Dec 08, 2015

It was a fantastic experience for me und a great healing for my heart and may life. It is amazing. Thanks for all!

Georg NIkolaus Nyman at Sep 13, 2015

That course changed a lot in my life - my whole emotional structure was put upside down and I experience emotions and feeling, I never had before. I can feel energies much more intensive and I am much more touched by events, emotions and feelings. It was a very interesting and uplifting experience for me to attend this course. Thank you for your teaching, I did like it very much!

Halder Maria Theresia at Jun 13, 2015

It was easier to get the experience, than expected, because I had done a lot of spiritual work before.

Erna Bergmueller at Oct 18, 2014

Amazing, very lovely und effective, a wonderful repetition of the course with Drunvalo

Gabriel Froihofer at Apr 23, 2014

It was a big step for me. Thank you!

Andrea Forras at Oct 29, 2013

Thank you Rositta, you are a great Teacher. I am honored to have met you.

Andrea Forras at Oct 29, 2013

Thanks again Rositta, It was wonderfull.

Andrea Forras at Oct 29, 2013

Thanks Rositta again and again. Each time it is new for me.

Andrea Forras at Oct 29, 2013

Thank you Rositta for this wonderfull experience.

Andrea Forras at Oct 29, 2013

thank you Rositta it has been again a wonderfull experience.