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Rachel Pelletier

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Rachel Pelletier


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The HEART is THE master KEY for this time.
Several experiences with Shin Shiva, Drunvalo and a very specific one with some Kogi Mamos, and more have brought me to deeply feel, live and experience that the Heart is the master key for this time.
I first met Drunvalo in 1998 and since 1999 I am Flower of Life Facilitator. Since 2005 I am also giving Living in the Heart workshop to the French world specifically. In 2000, I met Shin Shiva (on Earth since 1998). This connection brought me to also offer workshops on The Light Structure of the Divine Body. Among other activities, I have been giving many conferences on several countries, got Drunvalo to come in Quebec for the Earth/Sky/ Heart workshop about 9 times since 2001 and organized workshops for Shin Shiva as well as for Claudette Melchizedek and Catherine Shainberg from the Blue School. I also participated in different prophecies specifically with the Mayas in 2000 and 2001 and I was part of Drunvalo's trips with Native People. Since the last 12 years, I had the privilege to work with over 8,000 people around the world ( Canada, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Grece, Checz Republic ) and accordingly lived in Ireland, Belgium and Italy but always kept my place in Quebec near by the St-Laurence River, where my roots are.
On an other time of my life, I have been Management consultant for over 20 years, and managed 3 corporations of Management Services. I also have been teaching at University Laval into the Management Faculty.
Before meeting the Mystery School of Egypt with Drunvalo, I did some studies with Abd-Ru-Shin, Templers, Magic Path, Druidic Path, Shamanic Path, energy, healing and cristals.
Earth trip is an ongoing experience for ever.
Its a long time we are all preparing for these times.
What a great privilege to be on Heart actually and having the opportunity to be in Service and Sharing to all.
From the bottom of my heart

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Diane Tremblay at Jun 07, 2013

She is a great teacher.

Steeve Juteau at Jun 01, 2013

The same think.....very loving workshop whit here...

Steeve Juteau at Jun 01, 2013

I do this workshop 2 times whith Rachel....and is a good teachers...whith love et respect....