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Maja Vaskova

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Maja Vaskova


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You already have everything you need. You just don't remember it.

After taking my first ATIH workshop, I realized that living in the heart is the only way to truly find that state of bliss that all of us are looking for. It is my desire to help you return to your heart and guide you past any mental or emotional barriers that keep you from reaching your fullest potential as a creator. We were born in this state of purity and it is this state in which we will return.
After years of clearing my own limitations, I now live in a conscious state of joy and confidence. I want to help others find this in themselves and show them how to stay there. The most important thing is that we trust our intuition and follow our heart. Once we have tapped into this field of infinite power and realize it's ours, there's no turning back - we create our own reality.

Maja Vaskova

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Zuzana Kluciarova at Feb 24, 2016

Dear Majka, thanks for beautiful moments, love and support. With Love from Heart, Zuzee ;)

Michal Špalek at Oct 07, 2015

Harmonic and peacefull and large heart = Maja Vaskova :)

rita maria fore at Apr 06, 2015

I have had a wonderful experience with Maja, she is an amazing light being, bringing a very pure and authentic high vibration, with so much love and understanding. It was a great time with a great Teacher. All what I can say may not be enough for who she is. Thanks so much Maja!!!,