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Genesis Ming

Certified Teacher approved by Drunvalo Melchizedek

Genesis Ming


+86 18621533193




"I'm here and now as a channel. All massage is from my higher self to let you know or remember; In fact, your spirit knows everything. And anything happened is the best arrangement. "

Genesis had special perception and understanding of the world and the nature, and love philosophy and psychology deeply. To start the practice of the spiritual pursuit from 2006, and travelled and studing in India, Mexico and other places. Follow the order of the nature and belive the way back to source of self awareness, and find the way to go back home is to be awaken and remember when she read the poem by Drunvalo??We creat the word??and took the class of [Awake the illuminated heart]. Genesis' style is simple and straightforward, humorous. There is a strong awareness and insight, and can be a healer for a deeper level of communication. Good at sound healing, meditation, energy breathing method and energy therapy.

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