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Let me introduce myself.

I grew up in the countryside in Switzerland, Geneva. Nature was always my best friend and counselor throughout my childhood. Today, all the more, Nature is where I feel really at home and soothed.

I was never sure on what I wanted to study. Everything interests me and the idea of specializing did not fit my feelings. I was very fortunate to attend Imperial College in London. I started off studying biochemistry and later switched to aeronautical engineering. I then studied further at HEC Lausanne towards a master in business and information systems.

I am sharing my education background, because my studies did not bring me an answer or peace to my inner yearnings. This kind of academic knowledge could not satisfy all my questions about this world and Life.

I then met my adorable Japanese wife, Rie. I discovered a new way of seeing through her. She helped me perceive our world beyond the mental, logical and western scientific approach. Rie helped me reconnect with my inner senses, my body and the Spirit World.

I jumped into the discovery and learning of esoteric teachings. I am fascinated by the marriage of ancient wisdom and modern science. The combined study supports a deeper knowing.

The work of Drunvalo is the most inspiring body of knowledge that I have come across. It answered so many questions and brought serenity to my understanding of Life.

I want to be of service and share Drunvaloâ??s workshop to those who also feel the calling to know more about ATIH.

In gratitude,

Your brother and friend,

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Miwa YAMASHITA at Aug 04, 2014

This workshops was really wonderful. I thank to join. They are good teacher.

Sugahara Yukiyo at Jul 31, 2014

My ability is not high yet. So I was anxious before the start. But it was very good for four days. When I asked, The teacher responded politely eagerly. There is no confidence that was placed in the spacein your heart I am still. However, it was possible to get the peace of mind.

AKEMI NAKANO at Jul 28, 2014

I would say that this is the best of the best workshop I've ever had. Because my heartstrings were touched so much by the Rie & Andrew's heartfelt words and also some works I tried during these four days. It was not only techniques but also, (actually mainly) love, real love from both two teachers' hearts. One thing is for sure, to access the sacred tiny space in your heart is only way to create your dreams in the unity. Creation from brain only produces the bipolar world. This is the answer I've been searching for for years. For me, to know about this truth was the biggest gift from the workshop. I would say this accelerates my transformation for sure. I am sitll too moved to make proper sentences, maybe it doesn't make sense, but I hope you understand me well. I do appreciate what Rie & Andrew gave us very much and also myself participating in this workshop. Awesome!! Wonderful!! Great!! Thank you(^^)/

KYOKO TABATA at Jul 27, 2014

今まで参加したワークショップの中で一番効果を感じました。このワークショップに参加出来た事がとても良かったです。理恵さん、アンドリューさんのサポートが素晴らしく、快適に 進行出来ました。

Mariko Sasaki at Jul 26, 2014

先生方の情熱を感じる素晴らしいワークショップでした。 段階をふんで次のステージに進んでいく過程が楽しく、わくわくしました。 最後のワークの後で感じた穏やかで満たされた感覚をいつも感じていたいと思いました。また受講してみたいと思います。ありがとうございました。

chie fukuyama at Jul 24, 2014

Thank you for your love ♥️I had a fantastic time.

Rie Sato at Jul 20, 2014

It was an incredibly beautiful workshop. Teacher holds a very loving calm soothing energy. The way he explains was very clear very easy to understand. Felt so much compassion from the teacher. I would love to come back to his workshop.