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Iryna Eysmont


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They say when one experiences Universal Love again, there is no way back. And I can definitely state for me it's absolutely true!
It happened to me more than twenty years ago, and since then I've been walking this path and working my way back to Love.

I was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and experienced everything of what was then a communistic-country living through family, education and culture. I was dealing with many different sides of happy and not very happy lives around me, and it was the best education to prepare me for what I am today.

When I stepped on my path of return, everything that I was needed to support me on this path flew into my life. Everything would be manifested in the needed moment, so I could do what I came here to do ... Remember and Reclaim.

I went through many different trainings, workshops and discoveries. I did my "homework" - read tons of books on the subject, took anatomy and psychology courses at college. I've met many great teachers with different knowledge that, to me, were the next stepping stones on the road as pieces of truth. I was looking for an entire picture, a blueprint, a map to Remember All.

As a young child, I always knew this was to be my last lifetime on Earth as we knew it, that I am not leaving my body/memory/experience behind and that I will take my body with me. I also knew the name Drunvalo Melchizedek before I ever found his teaching, I just knew it.

Beginning from 2009, I have been both directly and indirectly involved with many of Drunvalo's and Claudette Melchizedek's workshops as a student helper at their workshops, and now as a teacher of Awakening the Illuminated Heart.

Since the first time I met Drunvalo, everything came together and fell into place,-my knowing about last life, taking body with me, conscious Remembering how to reconnect with eternal Wholeness and create life of my desire moving into 5th World of Peace!

Today I'm still adding pieces to the entire map of Earthly experience we are all graduating from now, and about our next step in Creation. And I feel I am a perfect blend as a human being to enjoy every moment of my life and of my co-Creation of what has been an exciting great gift of living the dream of limitations.
Now I'm using this talent to assist others consciously Remember and Reclaim who and what they are, by helping them to integrate into now and moving out of their pain and limitations and returning fire of joy and excitement into their eyes, hearts and lives!

In many cases, it is emotional and mental bodies disbalance that stays in the way of opening and illuminating heart, and Remembering who you are. My biggest interest and passion is in returning spark of fire into people's eyes and hearts. Through balance of the emotional and mental bodies through understanding, reliving, integrating, or simply "remember and reclaim collapsing everything in between" to move forward and allow divine expression of Wholeness to step in. Truly create the life you came here to live by clearing mind control programming, emotional trauma, collective consciousness patterns, reunion of holy trinity within: inner child, feminine and masculine aspects; creating conscious relationships with family, partners, yourself and more.

My style is observation and my gift is inviting you to feel what you know and assisting you in Ancient Remembering and making conscious adjustments in real life day to day situations. So you can integrate into now any unresolved memories not based in Love, close your experience of limitations and access your divine power as a sovereign free-willed Creator.
It has been a lifetime research and lifestyle for me. It is not only useful and effective, but big fun and an exciting adventure of "creating out of nothing!", and living your life in a way you consciously choose to live.

Awakening the Illuminated Heart teaching is perfect ground for creating a map of how everything works in this present Earthly and Universal experience we are all graduating from now, and about our next exciting journey of Consciousness. It is the way to Remember and reclaim your place in Divine Creation that is your birth right.

Today the question is not about will we make it or not, but to Remember how and when. Today it is about the quality of your life now and the quality of your personal transition into 5th World of Peace. And I'm very humbled and honored to be able to assist you in your choice to Remember.

Awakening the Illuminated Heart

2019-09-26 / Sedona, AZ Intensive I & II

Entire Humanity, entire Universe moves in direction to Remember who we are in connection to something bigger than just physical life.
ATIH is an ancient science of Heart and to my knowledge is the most centered, grounded and natural safe way to go through the process of awakening and Remembe...


Awakening The Illuminated Heart

2019-10-10 / Pismo Beach, CA Intensive I & II

Entire Humanity, entire Universe moves in direction to Remember who we are in connection to something bigger than just physical life.
ATIH is an ancient science of Heart and to my knowledge is the most centered, grounded and natural safe way to go through the process of awakening and Remembe...


Kiran Rhoades at May 23, 2019

Iryna's ATIH transformed me beyond any words. 10 star rating out of 5! The curriculum took me stepwise, and improbably (because of 75 years of living in my head), to experience every promise Iryna Eysmont made in her online write-up. Deep appreciation goes to Drunvalo Melchizedek for this. The delivery of this work/fun by Iryna is enthusiastic, engaging, and powerfully grounded. Her embodied heart and unbroken Presence creates the deep connection needed to be able to let go to a new dimension. Important was her psychic attunement in setting up sacred energy and angelic presence to help the processes. She intuited when I experienced subtle states so I got needed verification for what I intuited. And then I let go of trying, worry, and doubt and simply noticed what was so. She fielded complex questions well (I do have a Ph.D.). Infrequently, words come out with an accent. She received flashes of insight about me that were very helpful. Simply learning to stay in the room with Iryna's aliveness stretched me beyond decades of constriction. And now 4 days afterwords I continue to expand into a deliciousness of inner experience I never anticipated. God is good. Drunvalo and Iryna taught me how to connect my mind to my heart. The next morning, instead of feeling down that the class was over, I felt the Earth and sky become one, bringing warm tears. Delightful shifts in my sexuality occurred. ATIH seems to have installed the physiological and spiritual substrate for ecstasy which I seem to be deepening into. Instead of battling with the considerable external forces trying to fragment, preoccupy, shape, and manage us, ATIH gave me the actual experiences of my roots that transcend duality. Previous to coming I had emailed a friend that I was considering coming to this workshop with Iryna. His terse reply was \"DO, DO, DO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\" Now I pass that on to you.

Brent Stephens at May 21, 2019

This was my third ATIH workshop with Iryna and my second advanced healing workshop. This time, I was the lone attendee and was blessed to have three full days of individual focus. Iryna continues to cultivate her gifts and share her extraordinary knowledge and remembering in a way that connected deeply and brought much remembering of joy, passion, and reconnection with my highest excitement. These workshops are unlike any inner work I've done and truly tapped into the deep essence of spirit and brought a broader perspective to my view of life, both on the physical and metaphysical plane. Iryna lives what she teaches and lovingly guides the light into those human depths and dark recesses to facilitate healing, discovery, and reconnection. Thank you again, Iryna!

Lisa Pell at May 05, 2019

It was great to be able to review everything we learned in ATIH (SO much!) after a few months of working with the material on my own. So many questions had arisen, and Iryna walked us through our questions on a one-to-one basis. The doubting mind seeks to unravel the reality of the inner treasure...so some of what she helped us to do is identify that, and let it go, return to the joyful experience that is our truth. In addition, Iryna gave personal insights into our paths individually, which \"rang true\" for me. These insights were connected to recommended practices that, again, affirm what I feel works best for me. Even though I was a little disappointed about not flying to Donna's house in AZ :( it turned out to be quite a gift to have an online workshop. I set myself up in my little sacred closet on the third floor, and we gathered there. The act of spending the weekend in ATIH in my own home had several positive effects. First, it established my experience in the company of those who prefer different experiences, but are accustomed to me sharing their experience with them. Doing this ATIH workshop at home, I got to have my own separate, chosen experience right here, with my husband downstairs. It was awesome. Second, the act of having my \"retreat\" here grounded the experience for me in my daily life. Rather than flying off somewhere for a chosen experience, then having to go \"back to reality,\" where I try to establish what I learned...now, the experience I choose IS my reality, right here, where I live. I have literally brought the experience home. I am really grateful for having reached this blessed state. I don't know how much my age and stage are helping but I do know I wasn't ready to have this much fun 20 years ago. Iryna is totally tuned into that joy, that is the stream we tap into. When my friends were off at the club drinking and blabbing about politics and I was up in my little closet having my ATIH workshop, I was almost exploding with joy. It was the best. Everyone was happy, everyone was having the experience they wanted to have. Thank you, Iryna. I do want that left/right brain meditation recorded in your voice...I tried to do it with a Russian accent and it just didn't make me smile. ;)) Great Love and Respect, Lisa

knut siegfried at Apr 17, 2019

Iyrna is the most impressive and loving person I have ever met.As I spent at least 10 hours a day in her class for 5 days there was never a dull moment.I did not think that I was going to be able to find the tiny space in my heart, but it was easy. I am forever indebted to Iryna for her tireless effort and material she brought to this workshop.

Crystal Chen at Mar 27, 2019

Attending Advanced Healing ATIH this march was marvelous! It truly enhanced my understanding and practices from the first workshop, and now I understanding not only a wide range of information but also go very in-depth into them. Every day was totally worth it and, and Iryna is just a master at what she's doing and have profound intuition and understanding toward her materials and students. I would HIGHLY recommend this class to any students who have finished the first workshop and is looking forward to some more expansive and in-depth understanding :)

Colton Toles at Feb 20, 2019

Ireyna is a wonderful host who had a powerfully beautiful energy. Her ability to cultivate an environment that allows for the understanding and remembering of the materials in this workshop is astounding. I was so pleased with this course, and the impact it has already had on my life since completion. I highly recommend taking this course with Ireyna. Love, and Joy!

Robert Pavlov at Feb 11, 2019

The only marks that are not a 10 for me are because I have work to do still to make this meditation work for me. I know I will be able to do it because of what I learned. I was just not able to make it happen while attending the workshop. I look forward to continuing to work towards my goal of entering my heart and living from inside my heart from now on.

Donna Delahanty at Feb 08, 2019

My experience of the ATIH class is beyond words. The teacher, Iryna, was always in heart, in her bliss, and radiated her divine love to us. She would never allow anyone to leave with a question not fully answered/realized. The space was amazing - to spend time in the sacred space of Sedona was a great delight! It was a great blessing and brought me great joy to have this experience with the other beautiful souls who were drawn to the class at this time - and was so perfect! My heart is so open and full and the true divine love essence of who I/you are gets stronger everyday. Thank you Drunvalo for your years of research and experience to bless us with this course. Many thanks to the beautiful and magical Iryna, who held such an amazing space for us to feel safe and loved. I love you all!! Until we meet again. Blessings and deepest gratitude Donna D

Ana Arechiga at Feb 07, 2019

The ATIH experience was something I will always treasure. Iryna is delightful and an extraordinary teacher, completely immerse in the depth of unified consciousness. It is my feeling that at many levels, that the people who are contemplating taking this course are evidently ready to remember their own and true nature. I am very grateful for having had such opportunity and I count myself blessed among all those who attended this amazing program. My immense gratitude to Iryna Eysmont for sharing her inner light with such ease and blissful joy.


Iryna was exceptional in delivering all the teachings, practices and meditations. Her kindest disposition, very eloquent and knowledgeable but not intimidating for the student, approachable yet cientific on her delivery of such high end material. Promoting connection and establishing the right context at all times. Carefully holding the sacred space of all attendees. Being a spiritual seeker for several years now, I feel humbled and honored and in deep gratitude for having the sinchronicity to attend this class, which opens a completely new way of being for all of us.Thank you from my most inner corner of my heart. Iluminated Heart from now on.