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Iryna Eysmont

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Iryna Eysmont


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They say when one experiences Universal Love again, there is no way back. And I can definitely state, for me it's absolutely true!
It happened to me more than thirty years ago, and since then I've been walking this path and working my way forward to Remember.

My biggest excitement and passion is in returning fire of happiness into people"s eyes and hearts, doesn't matter how broken their past is.
We are born as unlimited Beings. We came to live miraculous experience. It"s time to Remember how using eternal knowledge of the heart that Drunvalo returned into our awareness to stop experience of limitations and to step into our miraculous unlimitedness now. The world is ready for you to Remember and experience that right now and right here! 

I was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and experienced everything of what was then a communistic-country living through family, education and culture. I was dealing with many different sides of happy and not very happy lives around me, and it was the best education to prepare me for what I am today: be able to connect dots in Universal blueprint looking into world.

When I stepped on my path of Remembering, everything that I was needed to support me on this path flew into my life. Everything would be manifested in the needed moment, so I could do what I came here to do ... Remember and Reclaim.

I went through many different trainings, workshops and discoveries. I did my "homework" - read tons of books on the subject, took anatomy and psychology courses at college. I've studied spirituality and energy work with many teachers with different knowledge, met many Great Masters of 20th and 21st centuries. All of that, to me, were the next stepping stones on the road, a pieces of truth. I was looking for an entire picture, a blueprint, a map to Remember All.

As a young child, I always knew this was to be my last lifetime on Earth as we lived before, that I am not leaving my body/memory/experience behind and I will take it with me. I also knew the name Drunvalo Melchizedek before I ever found his teaching, I just knew it.

Beginning from 2009, I have been both directly and indirectly involved with many of Drunvalo's and Claudette Melchizedek's workshops as a student helper at their workshops, and now as a teacher of Awakening the Illuminated Heart.

Since the moment I discovered Drunvalo"s teaching, everything - all that I learned before, my knowing about last life, taking memory with me, came together and fell into place.

I became a certified ATIH teacher and I share this ancient science of reconnecting heart and brain and co-Creating life without limitations from the Sacred Spaces of the heart using the brain to access all knowledge/memories accumulated by humanity during long history.

Life is about a constant change and I still adding pieces to the entire map of Human and Universal experiences we are all graduating from now. I feel that I am a perfect blend as a Human Being enjoying every moment of my life and Remembering with entire Universe of what has been an exciting great gift of dreaming and living the experience of limitations.

Now I'm using this talent to assist others to Remember who we really are. My style is observation and my gift is in inviting you to feel what you know assisting you in recognizing Ancestral debt, mental beliefs and emotional trauma on your journey of awakening your illuminated heart and integrating rich life experiences into your energy field, Mer-Ka-Ba.

It has been a lifetime research and lifestyle for me. It is not only useful and effective, but big fun and an exciting adventure of "creating out of nothing!", and living your life in a way you consciously choose to live.

Today the question is not about will we make it or not. As a whole in no-time time we already made it. Today is about your personal journey as a part of All, about the quality of your life now and at the same time consciously dreaming Brand New world you desire to experience and co-Create in now and at the same time dreaming your next exciting adventure in Creation. 
I'm very humbled and honored to be able to assist you in your choice to Remember.

Awakening the Illuminated Heart

2022-10-20 / ATIH Intensive Experience Online US and UK

Would you like to receive a Manual to the Human life? Living in the heart you can turn your life into grounded bliss experience. ATIH is the way to Remember how to do it. In person, online, individual and for couples ATIH workshops ...


Awakening the Illuminated Heart

2022-11-10 / ATIH Intensive Experience Online US and UK

Would you like to receive a Manual to the Human life? Living in the heart you can turn your life into grounded bliss experience. ATIH is the way to Remember how to do it. In person, online, individual and for couples ATIH workshops ...


Awakening the Illuminated Heart

2022-12-08 / ATIH Intensive Experience Online US and UK

Would you like to receive a Manual to the Human life? Living in the heart you can turn your life into grounded bliss experience. ATIH is the way to Remember how to do it. In person, online, individual and for couples ATIH workshops ...


Awakening the Illuminated Heart

2023-01-05 / ATIH Intensive Experience Online US and UK

Would you like to receive a Manual to the Human life? Living in the heart you can turn your life into grounded bliss experience. ATIH is the way to Remember how to do it. In person, online, individual and for couples ATIH workshops ...


Bonnie Champion at Jun 11, 2022

Iryna went out of her way to make the workshop personal to us, her 2 students. Her accent took some getting used to but not a problem for me. A gracious host and actually lives her teachings. Also offers onging support. Love her being and her teaching!

annika knepper knepper at May 13, 2022

My partner Kaelum and I were so grateful to partake in such a comprehensive, mind blowing and heart expanding experience! It was such a treat to learn from Iryna who so clearly embodied what she was teaching. The additional revocation, inner child, healing, and imagery work that she incorporated into this workshop really helped us understand Drunvelo's teaching on a deeper level. I was so impressed by Iryna's capacity to teach for so many hours! She was deeply knowledgeable and patient with our questions and personal processes. She warmly welcomed in every sense of the word and we felt right at home in her place. After the workshop I feel a deeper sense of unification in my spirit. A lot of things that have pulled at my energy and stressed me out over the last couple of years have lifted, and have truly stayed in that state. I am excited to know my heartspace more intimately and to continue moving from it. It's also fun to play with my activated merkaba field. I can't wait to see all the things it can do! Thank you so much Iryna for your heart, your devotion to this work, and your wisdom. I will forever cherish this teaching and I hope to stay in touch beyond this workshop <3

chiemi tachibana at Apr 30, 2022

its wonderful session everyday. That exactly what I want to learn. All meditations connected what I need and I received vibrations and information. Iryna has great passion and easy explain all of subject. I am English second language and still easy to understand it. Thank you very much for all of teaching !!Thankyou very very very much.

Yasmeen Al-Omari at Feb 23, 2022

My mother and I took this magical course with Iryna, and it was way more inclusive and all encompassing than we had expected it to be. Iryna truly is a great teacher and makes everything you learn to be practical and root it into your everyday living. She gave so many recommendations from spiritual techniques to even certain foods and drinks. Theres not a thing that she didnt touch on to help us on all our spiritual aspects of growth. We loved how intimate the class was and the one on one experience made it even more personal and tailored to our specific needs. What a wonderful experience we had with this amazing teacher. Would recommend to anyone just expect your life to forever be changed and the teacher to become apart of your family too!

Amirah Elajlouni at Feb 23, 2022

My daughter and I took this class together, and we are forever in gratitude to Iryna. She has helped us beyond what we expected and was described in the course. We referred to her as a "spiritual psychologist" for she was able to help us see things and ourselves more clearly, heal and connect things in a practical way, and in brief she has forever changed our lives and worlds! We feel forever attached to her on a soul level, and although we were sad to end our experience with her, we were excited to get to work on all the wonderful things she had taught us. And so it's as if the class is still continuing and she is with us every day. I highly recommend this class and specifically Iryna to everyone looking to advance in their spiritual and ascension work. We are eternally in love and gratitude for the infinite blessings spirit brought us through this amazing teacher.

Paige Clarke at Feb 14, 2022

What an absolutely life altering - dare I say - "remembering" experience I had with Iryna and the ATIH teachings! My husband and I took the course together and it truly catapulted us into another dimension of listening and being. We have integrated a brand new way of living and loving every aspect of this planet and beyond. The teachings themselves were beautiful and beyond what I thought was possible from a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary perspective.

Please read the books and take the time to truly listen and rediscover the place in your heart - it's a magnificent way to live and travel through space time.

Iryna as an instructor - one of the most compassionate and connected souls that I've had the opportunity to share space with. She saw me, us, immediately and her way of disarming us in the first 30 minutes was truly remarkable. Iryna went to a depth that I didn't know I was ready for (she primed us) and she was supportive, guiding, and completely in a bliss state. She was a reminder of celebration, unity, universe, consciousness and so much more. I would undoubtedly recommend her to many others and would love to continue my rememberance with her as well. Thank you for your heart Iryna!!

Helena Ryan at Nov 29, 2021

I want to express my sincere thanks to Iryna for the wonderful workshop that she conducted for my sister, Sonia Siegler, and myself last week in Flagstaff, Arizona. We are so very grateful for all that she did on our behalf. It was a lovely and memorable experience! The workshop was very intense, and I felt that I learned a great deal about the Universe, how it works, and how I can better understand the art of healing myself as I connect the past to the present, as I move towards a better, more joyous future. I opened my heart and my mind to new possibilities. I know Iryna will touch more hearts around Mother Earth in the weeks and months and years to come. Her spiritual generosity is something that Sonia and I will long cherish. I hope we can see you again and learn more about the teaching of the heart. Thank you again for everything you did while collaborating with Sonia and I there in Arizona!

Helena Ryan

Richard Neuner at Nov 28, 2021

I just want to say how grateful I am for Iryna and these beautiful teachings that continue to help me Remember who I truly am. I had an amazing time and feel my heart is truly illuminating each and every moment the beauty and joy that has always been within me and all around me. Thank you Iryna and School of Remembering for this amazing experience!

Misti Miller at Nov 23, 2021

I did my best not to have any expectations. I was fairly new to most of the information, but I knew I needed to go to Sedona and "create a MerKaBa". I have been looking for ways to construct it, then I found the flower of life videos and realized it was my light body. :) Woohoo! I got so much more than I could have ever expected. Iryna radiates love and is passionate about people. She could easily see through me and connected to each of us in order to tailer the information to what we needed in that moment to help us break through. Thank you my friend!

Sonia Siegler at Aug 27, 2021

I am extremely grateful to Iryna for transmitting Living in the Heart's teaching, in a way that made it a meaningful experience. She reaches your hearth with her heart with such deep love and insight that it provokes you to feel deeply connected to your inner self. As Drunvalo says, you are the only one who can change everything in and around. Thank your from the bottom of my hearth