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Luke Sellars

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Luke Sellars



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Coming from compassion, love, humility and service, Luke supports people in the discovery of sustainable high performance and complete fulfillment.


Ontological Coaching is the practical application of ontology; the science that explores the essential nature of human beings and their relationship to reality. Luke is a Certified Coach Practitioner and is committed to effectively guiding his clients through the recovery of their true self, and the transformation of their life and work. His clientele ranges from spiritual seekers to professional athletes, business executives and everyone in between. Luke has demonstrated a profound ability to assist others in overcoming mental health and addiction issues. He also works with clients to increase and maintain high levels of personal, financial and social success. Luke maintains his own life, business and well-being from a foundation of consistent and sustainable high performance, balance and results. His clients consistently comment on the benefits of working with a high integrity individual, who demonstrates the value of ??walking the walk,?? daily. Luke is a teacher who continues to expand his knowledge base, as he coaches others on how to be their best self; he leads by example.


Luke has been growing his coaching business in fitness and transformational lifestyle development, for six and a half years. He gained expertise in physical training during a nine-year professional hockey career, playing in the National, American, and European Hockey Leagues. Training with many of the top fitness trainers in the world, Luke developed a comprehensive understanding of how to help clients achieve their fitness goals. In addition to being a Certified Coach Practitioner, Luke has a deep understanding of functional medicine and nutrition. With an eye for detail and a passion for guiding individuals to accomplishing their respective goals, Luke??s clients have experienced incredible success. His clients have made tremendous achievements in sports performance, rapid and healthy weight loss, stress management leading to calm and measured performance, and other extraordinary goals, which had previously appeared unattainable.


Luke has spent years studying and receiving certifications in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual practices. He has the skill and knowledge to guide his clients to exactly where they want to go. Utilizing a deep, spiritual connection and a profound love for humanity, Luke impacts his clients?? understanding and access to the possibility of an extraordinary life. Luke??s light-hearted and compassionate approach to working with clients creates a joyful experience of transformation, while erasing the boundaries of what once seemed impossible. His strength, power and compassion are the foundation he stands on, when coaching his clients through what they want to achieve, both personally and professionally. Luke has the confidence and motivation to support his clients as they work to experience their personal best, on a consistent basis.


Luke will introduce you to what life can be like when you connect your heart to your brain; a life that extends beyond the boundaries of our belief patterns. He will work with you to break down the limitations of polarity consciousness and re-unite you with your most natural way of being. With Luke??s guidance you will begin to remember who you really are.


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Rebecca Hanson at Apr 26, 2016

Luke masterfully facilitated our group – allowing each of us to feel safe, supported, respected and loved throughout the entire experience. He has the ability to deliver this deeply profound message in comprehendible ways – allowing the process to feel organic and intuitive. This workshop is a gift, and I couldn’t imagine beginning this soul-awakening journey without the guidance and presence of such an incredible teacher.

Richard Warner at Mar 28, 2016

Luke Sellars is an extraordinary teacher. Real, Passionate, Utterly Committed to the Practice and appropriately famous for his Great Big Heart. For a teaching so based in and from the Heart, I can't imagine a better teacher, as Luke fully embodies \"Living from the Heart\". He has all the intellectual answers, if they're needed, yet he is careful to keep students centred in their hearts and not their heads. I HIGHLY recommend him !

Myrka Brisson at Mar 14, 2016

What tremendous gifts I have received from a powerful 4 day ATIH with Luke Sellars in Toronto. Not even three days after the learning and practicing daily, I started experiencing new beginnings regarding something I have been struggling with for the past 25 years. This was TOTALLY unexpected. I am stiil unsure how it really happened but it did! Behold the immense power of Awaking the Illumitated Heart.... For ever Grateful

Pamela Fogul at May 15, 2015

Luke is a gifted teacher whose genuine passion for this work radiates. He brings a deep understanding of what shares delivering the information with warmth, humour and kindness. I highly recommend the ATIH workshop with Luke - even to those brand new to meditation as I was. I found the information given and experiences shared within the workshop to be life changing. I am so grateful for this deeply profound experience. Thank you Luke!

Marcia McClintock at May 15, 2015

I would highly recommend this workshop to everyone who is ready to make changes. Luke is a truly gifted teacher and very personable!

da feng at May 01, 2015

Big man with a big heart! You are the best teacher at the right time and right place for me! Thanks so much with love, praise and gratitude to everybody in the workshop!

Steven Antonopoulos at Apr 27, 2015

Luke is a great teacher and human being, with a lot of wisdom to share. I found the workshop deeply meaningful.The information received and experiences during the workshop were invaluable. Thank you Luke.

Magda Diaz at Apr 26, 2015

Luke is highly eloquent, making the contents easy to understand. Very professional and welcoming. He made it comfortable to ask any questions. He is a wonderful teacher.