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Rev. P. Sarah Pisano is a certified Awakening The Illuminated Heart teacher, spiritual life coach and counselor, and an ordained metaphysical minister. Although she was botn and raised in New York City, her spiritual quest did not begin until she left for california, where she discovered Unity Church and The Self Realization center. After 10 years in L.A., her move to Maui, Hawaii, and the next 20 years she spent there accelerated her spiritual evolution, continuing to study Yogananda's teachings, Tibetan Buddhism, A Course in Miracles andthe I Am teachings of St. Germain and the Violet Flame. It was also in Maui, during a womens empowerment weekend, that she connected with and began to channel and take guidance from the Ancient Grandmothers.

In 2005, a move to Denver, Colorado led her to the Kabbalah Centre, where she spent the next few years as a study group leader and events coordinator. In 2012 she and her husband, Anthony, left the city to embark on a new adventure to get closer to Mother Earth, grow their own food and live off the land. They bought a farm/ranch in South West Colorado in an beautiful red rock canyon called Paradox Valley.

In 2013, during a sacred trip to Peru with Gregg Braden, she was introduced to sacred geometry and dunvalo Melchezideks work. Intuitively she knew that this was important work and felt compelled and excited to be accepted to teach it.

"Please join me on this wonderous and sacred adventure. Together we will remember and own the sacred knowlege and power that is our birthright. I look forward to meeting and hugging all of you!"

In Lak'ech (I am another you)

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anthony pisano at Jul 16, 2015

The information that I was introduced to, is perfect for my way of life. We all should be looking for this way of living a life of happiness and peace with one another. The instructor was patient and informative with the knowledge she shared with us all. She was very professional with the understanding of the great knowledge she was passing on. Also the knowledge opened my mind to an entirely new way of living from the heart, if it's not from my heart be silent & listen. The group of people who attended were perfect with each other, good energy... We all were very connected with one another, loved this... I want MORE!

Erika M Van Meter at Jul 16, 2015

Sarah is a fantastic teacher and the Little Karoo Farm is the perfect place to hold this workshop. You never really got out of that heart space for four days because you were immersed in red rock serene nature, and the community meals were a distinct bonus. I felt welcome there and was in awe and beauty the entire time. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who is looking to take this class.