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Nathan Khan

Certified Teacher approved by Drunvalo Melchizedek

Nathan Khan


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I first came across Drunvalo's information, stories and meditations in 2002. This has been the catalyst for countless experiences and has helped me to remember so many things. The most amazing of them all has been returning my center of awareness to the tiny space of my heart.
Remembering this part of the map of human consciousness has opened unlimited door ways and with the will of our Mother\Father god I wish to be of service to my brothers and sisters by sharing this work as we dance back into full unity consciousness.
I am also trained in Land Healing in a way that is in complete alinement with living from the heart. I can do this remotely or in person.
I am grateful to be a Dad to 2 beautiful children.I was a professional charity fundraiser for a number of years and I also have organised many community dance events. I currently hold down a full time job and I enjoy and honour the challenge of staying locked in to my heart in all situations. 

I am very passionate about sound. I love to dance and DJ. Feel free to give me a play on soundcloud DJ Spirtfire. Next workshop will ge Glastonbury July 2021

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Peter Graham at Mar 30, 2016

This was my first workshop and i will most certainly be going again. Every one in the workshop was amazing. Nathan made everyone feel very comfortable and made every one feel very welcome. His discussion's and practical activities flowed very well and it was like he has been teaching for longer than he has. Highly recommended teacher.

Much Love To All,


max harvey at Mar 23, 2016

This was an amazing experience.

Nathan's teaching/facilitation was given generously, and transparently to us all with immense consideration for the source of the information and through his own thorough and diverse experience of this journey and work.

It was a joyfull, joyous, and love filled experience that I will always be grateful for.

Thank you Nathan from the Tiny Space of My Heart. Always.

Stacey Timermanis at Mar 23, 2016

I had the most amazing time on this workshop. It was the perfect location with the most beautiful people.. Didn't want it to end! Still feeling blissed out from the whole experience!! I hope all our paths cross again in the future. Nathan is a calm and supportive teacher, full of love and knowledge to enlighten and guide everyone on their journey. Peace&Love x

Luke Rudd at Mar 21, 2016


I can still feel the love of the group with me. This was one of the most powerful and perfect experiences I've had in my life, I felt sad we had to end the work shop.

Nathan was cool ,kind ,and controlled throw out the work shop. One thing I will remember is his infectious smile. Great 4 days excellent location , I wish this guy lots of success in the future . I would recommend this work shop with a big 5 star rating . Big love Nathan .

L Rudd .