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Razvan Saracin

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Razvan Saracin



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Here we are, at the end of time, at the begining of a new cycle.
Everything we know is changing faster and faster.
It is time to remember how to live from the heart again, to remember who we really are.
It is time, that we arrive at that place, when we become consciouss co-creators and we can create reality out of nothing.

Although a year ago I would have laughed, if anybody would have told me I would teach anything, I see now, that all I experienced in life prepared me just for this.
It is a great honor, my brothers and sisters, to assist you remember who you really are and help you make the transition from the mental oriented reality to the heartfelt projection of life.
I feel that the information Drunvalo rediscovered and the way it is presented, is the most adequate teaching we need at this moment in time.

I feel blessed that after a lifetime spent on a search for myself, I finally found Drunvalo, who, with his infinite love, helped me open my heart so I can look inside, where truely there is Oneness.
I feel grateful that I am allowed to pass this teachings on, so we can dream a new dream for us, Together.

In Lak'ech Ala K'in


Iata-ne aici, la sfarsitul timpurilor, in fata unui nou ciclu.
Tot ceea ce stim se schimba din ce in ce mai repede.
A sosit momentul sa ne reamintim cum sa traim din inima, sa ne reamintim cine suntem cu adevarat.
Am ajuns in acel moment in care se cere sa devenim co-creatori constienti si sa creem realitatea.

Desi cu un an in urma as fi zambit la gandul ca as putea ajunge sa predau orice fel de invatatura, pot vedea cu usurinta ca tot ceea ce am experimentat in viata m-a pregatit exact pentru acest lucru.
Este o mare onoare pentru mine, dragi frati si surori, sa va pot asista in procesul de amintire a ceea ce sunteti cu adevarat si sa va ajut sa faceti tranzitia dintr-o realitate orientata pe mental spre o proiectie a vietii facuta din spatiul inimii voastre.
Simt cum informatia redescoperita de Drunvalo si modul in care este prezentata, este cea mai potrivita invatatura de care avem nevoie in aceste timpuri.

Ma simt binecuvantat ca dupa o viata petrecuta in cautarea de Sine, l-am intalnit intr-un final pe Drunvalo, care cu infinita sa iubire m-a ajutat sa imi deschid inima si sa vad inauntrul ei, unde cu adevarat se gaseste Uniunea cu Tot.
Sunt recunoscator de faptul ca mi s-a permis sa transmit aceste invataturi ca sa putem visa un nou vis Impreuna.

In Lak'ech Ala K'in

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