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donna kleipool


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Claude Silverio at Feb 11, 2014

This workshop made it much easier for me to find my inner peace and harmonising my self. It gave me more understanding and tolerance of the people around me. But it made me also very difficult to express my personal truths from my heart to the ones i love, cause they arent capable of understanding their energetic limitations of karmic traces.

MINOU SOET at Dec 10, 2013

Because it was the first workshop from Donna ( ATIH) not everything was clear.After speaking to Jenni Annanolli I learned the correct spot of The roof of The mouth. That was importend information Donna was not clear about.But because of Drunvalo's video's and my friend Jenni My meditations are Much better! THANK you so Much for The great help in remembering. And I love Donna, so no harm done to me! LOVE,Minou

Johanne den Engelsen at Nov 28, 2013

It is a pity there werent any handouts or syllabi (we were told the school doesn't allow any written text about the exercises) because it is hardly feasible to recollect all the information.

Daniela Rosenbaum at Nov 28, 2013

The workshop was one of the best things I did in my life!

Karin Hoogesteger at Nov 06, 2013

I enjoyed this course from Donna and learned very much. i had an advantage of having read the books before I joined the course. Some other students who did not read any of the books had much more difficulties understanding the sacred geometry. Thus during the first days much of the precious time went to the sacred geometry. How well did the course match the course description you watched in the student introduction video from Drunvalo? We did not see any student introduction video from Drunvalo.

Magaly Padilla at Nov 04, 2013

This workshop was amazing !!! Im so glad to receive this course Thank you very much Magaly

Dominique lelievre at Sep 22, 2013

Thank you Donna, Drunvalo, and all the staff dedicating their life to this remembering. Donna was very practical, open, knowledgeable, open hearted. my situation is a consciousness mainly trapped in the mind, and moving out of my head is still not a clear and easy process.

AJM Gerris at Sep 16, 2013

This is the best workshop I did since a very long time. Wonderful information and meditation. Steps to do the meditation/exercise are very clear. Overall it's a great experience. I'm still doing it from my home and it feels wonderful every time. Thank you Drunvalo and light beings for giving us this information. Love, Anne

Rodrigo Toro F at Sep 06, 2013

I attended to my first workshop 13 years ago with Drunvalo at Paraguay. This time the workshop with Donna was a beatiful and profound experience and the best was to realize that to activate the Merkaba in the new way is too easy, It is like a cosmic joke. Donna is a great facilitator. I recomend her as a facilitator.

Barbara Jungbluth at Aug 28, 2013

We had a very spiritual atmosphere at the workshop, that made meditating very easy. But back into every-days-life I find it very hart to continue mediation. I got lost in the 3dim. world but now I try to find the way to keep on doing it. Thank you very much for your wounderful work. With great appreciation Barbara Jungbluth