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Elena Cocis


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I had a sudden turn in my life, which I accepted with much joy. I am a lawyer and I was a successful business woman. For 23 years I was university professor and researcher in the field of social sciences. In 2005, everything changed when something obliged me to retire from social and business life. I dedicated my time to reading and studying spiritual sciences. Spontaneously, I began to communicate with angels, archangels and other non-physical beings. The result was that, after one year, I had my first book published, The Initiatic Rays of the Archangels. Not long after the book was published, I began to organize workshops on this topic. I dedicated my whole life to study-groups, workshops and conferences which I organize in many towns of my country. During these events, I try to tell the participants that the answers are only within ourselves and that our whole potential is within The Sacred Space of our Heart.
I have attended almost all the important workshops and conference which were organized in Romania (Yoga, Qui Gong, shamanism, International Academy of Consciousness - IAC). There are almost 7 years since I run a meditation center and spiritual workshops.
I abandoned everything and I starded the work of exploration of the worlds within. Now, I can`t see myself doing something else. I have written 2 books, I`m preparing another one, I write articles...constantly I work with groups of souls that search the Path of Life; I consider myself an explorer of consciousness. I feel that there is more for me to remember. I have a lot of projects and I want to go further, to share the true knowledge.
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Mariana Fatu at Dec 16, 2018

powerful experience

Nicoleta Dragu at Oct 03, 2016

Wonderful teaching and teacher! Thank you!

Adelina Artem at Oct 03, 2016

I recommand this workshop to all ! It was One of my best experiences , over the expectations.... thank u!!!

Denisa Maria Stancescu at Sep 26, 2016

loved her

Lucia Rata at Feb 05, 2016

Special School, Special Teachers. I love them. I can't wait the next event. Namaste

Alexandru Lucian Borda at Dec 01, 2015

It was great !

Alexandru Lucian Borda at Dec 01, 2015

It was great !

Ina Manuela Toda at Dec 01, 2015

Thank you for the chance!!!

Crina Enachioiu at Mar 09, 2015


Monica Delia Teleman at Mar 07, 2015

A very interesting and wonderful experience, a lot to learn from...A motherly support and guidance from our teacher. Thank you Elena!