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Hitomi Amabe

Certified Teacher approved by Drunvalo Melchizedek

Hitomi Amabe


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I am Hitomi .
I am very happy that now I can teach Drunvalo's study to everyone in Japan.
I am a Sports Psychologist and golf professional.
Japanese people have believed that a spirit dwells into the language
and they have believed that there is a life in all the substances.
Japanese culture is very spiritual .
And Amaterasu who is female God has been worshipped as the sky.
I am glad to teach to Japanese people about Drunvalo's study.
I would like to try to spread it as many Japanese people as possible I could.









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Hisako Matsuura at Aug 29, 2013

I read \"The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life\" for the first time in Jun last year, and I attended the ATIH workshop on last September in good season. I have been learning Zen and yoga little by little for a long time, and at last I could encounter School of Remembering. I learned how to transfer of consciousness, activation of pineal gland, process of creation and Mar-ka-Ba activation from heart through 4 days. I enjoyed the workshop so much. I could open my heart, and I remembered who I am. I could feel that my natural Mar-Ka-Ba was activatedーit was certified by ATIH teacher Hitomi Amabe. It was a great experience for me. I'm so grateful for the ATIH workshop. Thank you so much Hitomi and Drunvalo.

Naomi Hasegawa at Jun 07, 2013

It was great to join this event in my life, and I greatly appreciated everyone who joined, especially teacher Hitomi. Thank you so much with love.