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Hira Hosen

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Hira Hosen


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HiRa is here to catalyze the great shift of global awakening on Earth. 

For over a decade, she's an ordained zen nun, now an international meditation facilitator. Since the beginning, HiRa is giving ATIH Ascension workshops all over the world as a certified teacher from the School of Remembering, founded in 2011 by Drunvalo Melchizedek, Sedona, USA. HiRa was formed by Drunvalo in the first Sedona teachers training in 2011, all the while following up her training with Drunvalo until his last Cosmic Grace workshop in Sedona in 2015. 

HiRa offers 1-on-1 private online sessions, RIDE YOUR LOTUS© classes, Sacred Site tours & online workshops: HiRa's Services

ATIH WORKSHOPS WITH HIRA (click/touch links):

ATIH ONLINE, 29/30th of January & 5/6th of February 2022

EGYPT, Dashur Pyramids, 23-26th of March 2022

ATIH ONLINE, 30th of April & 1st of May & 7/8th of May 2022

NETHERLANDS, Purmerend, 21-24th of July 2022

The Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshops are created for you to Awaken your Heart. When we remember how to live from the Sacred Spaces of our Heart, our Life responds with Joy & power and we can activate our living light-body: the Merkaba. These workshops can further assist us in the opening of our third Eye, through practicing ancient techniques which were hidden to our world for a very long time, which we now call the Tantra of the Heart (without partner). We'll also be tapping directly into the Creation Process through the Sacred Spaces of our Heart. 

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ONLINE Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop

2022-01-29 / online

Awaken your Heart ONLINE ❤️

Dive deep in this life-changing, 2 weekend intensive workshop presented by Buddhist Zen nun Hira Hosen, online from Egypt.

Workshop fee : EUR 222 for repeating students (from all ATIH teachers) / EUR 333 for new students.

For all inquiries, feel free to conta...


Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop

2022-03-23 / Cairo, Dahshur Pyramids, Egypt

❤️ Awaken your Heart in Egypt, Dahshur Pyramids ❤️

Dive deep in this life changing, 4 day intensive workshop presented in English by Buddhist Zen nun Hira Hosèn.

WORKSHOP FEE: 333 EUR (INclusive tax, EXclusive accommodations). For groups & couples, please contact us for price inquiry....


ONLINE Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop

2022-04-30 / online

Awaken your Heart ONLINE ❤️

Dive deep in this life-changing, 2 weekend intensive workshop presented by Buddhist Zen nun Hira Hosen, online from Egypt.

Workshop fee : EUR 222 for repeating students (from all ATIH teachers) / EUR 333 for new students.

For all inquiries, feel free to conta...


Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop

2022-07-21 / ZENNERGI, Purmerend, Netherlands

Awaken your Heart in Holland ❤️

Dive deep in this life-changing 4 day intensive workshop presented by Buddhist Zen nun Hira Hosen in Purmerend, the Netherlands.

WORKSHOP FEE: EUR 555, this is INclusive tax, EXclusive meals & accommodation

For all inquiries, please feel free to contact M...


Alexander Ummels at Nov 13, 2021

Excellent workshop given with high dedication from a very experienced trainer

Eva Frodermann at Nov 10, 2021

Beautiful and well structured course. Even though it was online, all participants got very connected. Very clear and loving teacher!

max harvey at Oct 31, 2021

Hira is a profound natural spiritual /Ascension guide and teacher. I have a deep respect for her. She makes it clear that she is an equal, even though her mastery of teaching this profound work - one feels and knows instantaneously.

I love Hira's sense of fun too.

The workshop felt like home and was not easy to leave. I have partaken in 5 ATIH workshops in person, and the closeness of our group, the physical/energetic experiences during the healing days, the overall feeling of being 'home' in the collective and individual Heart space was equally as potent and powerful as it is in a physical workshop.

Infinite gratitude from my Tiny Infinite Space Dear Hira <3

Kristina Mussolovela at Oct 05, 2021

I did the ATIH training with Hira Hosen. Really enjoy learning things from her, she is both knowledgeable and down to Earth. Hira provides a lot of information from her many teachings, combining it together and making it understandable for anyone. I think my favorite part are the guided meditations. Even though the training was online, it was really easy to immerse into the experience led by her voice. I usually have many insights after classes with her, as well as have a lot to unpack even after having completed them for many months to come. She also gives practice advice, that you can continue doing on your own, which gives you independence and responsibility for your own growth.

Rosemary Wood at Sep 04, 2021

HiRa has taught this material thoroughly and skillfully from a sound basis in first-hand experience. She has done much to support and assist us with the practice and integration process as well. I am deeply grateful for her wisdom and generosity, and highly recommend her as a teacher.

Maya Tsai at Sep 02, 2021

My second time in this workshop with Hira. I learned, healed and transformed a lot. By using the technique that Hira taught in the workshop, I transformed a dream which I had been carrying for over 40 years and healed the trauma. I feel much lighter and the healing process is continued.

Franciska Dekker Dekker at Aug 18, 2021

This workshop was just what I needed and Hira's guidance has been super clear and supportive at many levels. I can't wait to sign up for the advanced course with her!

Ann Moorhem at Aug 17, 2021

I really looked forward to this workshop, still it went beyond my imagination. It was a very intense experience where I've learned the value of simplicity and balance. In a gently way I was guided to my heart, where I got emotionally overwhelmed by the beauty of the pure white starlight that I carry within me. They say that the answers are within you. I now understand the meaning of this, because I was once told who I am, but didn't hear it. This workshop set an entire transformation in motion, which was necessary to understand my mission and to walk my path with dignity and proud. I am very grateful to Hira for this. <3 Here I made friends for life, soul family. Love & Light, Ann x

Andrea Henning at Aug 17, 2021

With this workshop a promise was kept. I experience the truth of the quote from Ram Das: "We are all just walking each other home". But in order to be able to keep this promise we are to each other, we have to come into our personal mastery, fulfilling our own destiny. Hira is the real thing. She is this master. It is not only the teaching, it is the teacher who enables the teaching to be received. Thank you Hira for embracing your destiny so wholeheartedly, so I can full-fill on mine.

Noreen BERGER at Jul 07, 2021

Wonderful venue for a perfect workshop. Gazillions of thanks Hira. I know we'll meet again soon.

Tons of love from Magical Avallon, in France