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Laurie Cornell

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Laurie Cornell


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dallas mckay at Aug 16, 2015

This workshop has sufficiently helped to prepare us for the next step of human evolution.

Brigitta Rabold at Mar 03, 2015

Thank you Laurie it was an excellent experience ~ The environment was wonderful, in nature and so perfect for the subject at hand. I love the meditations and the creation of the light beams.

Ali Sharifzadeh at Apr 11, 2014

This is my second time attending the workshop with a friend and a family member. Highly recommend the course to everyone.

Kali Morgan at Mar 12, 2014

I can highly recommend the ATIH workshop and Laurie as a teacher. There was never a moment when I wanted to be somewhere else. I learned more than I ever expected and enjoyed listening to Laurie and her teaching. She is very authentic and a great woman! Thank you Laurie and Drunvalo

Janine Davis at Feb 26, 2014

I recommended the workshop to my local metaphysical center, and, as a result, there will be a course offered in my part of Texas

Ali Sharifzadeh at Feb 03, 2014

Had a great time and met wonderful people sharing the same path. Laurie is a great teacher with amazing healing gifts and would recommend her to everyone. This event was a great blessing with understating of sacred knowledge of the heart for me and others. Thank you from my heart to yours. Many blessings. Ali

ken salmon at Jan 23, 2014

what can i say...probably the most important work we can do! Great workshop.

Enrique Oliva at Jan 07, 2014

This workshop has been one of the most profound experiences of my life, I have been waiting and preparing for that moment for long time and left the workshop feeling ready to keep going .... Thanks Laurie you did great!! Thanks Drunvalo :)

Tim Sandars at Dec 21, 2013

First of all this course changed my life and got me on a new path which i'm forever grateful for. I enjoyed and was fascinated by all the materials and the meditations. However i left feeling really disappointed that i hadn't 'made it'. No green light. No tiny space that i could identify consistently. No heart creation. Following the course I 'tried' at home (there's no other word) to get to this space but i had a problem. The more i tried, the less likely it was to happen. And then frustration sets in. The explanations are that there are emotional blocks so i've worked to try to remove these. But ultimately i started looking at other forms of meditation which were easier for me and left me more fulfilled. After all ATIH is a very technical meditation! Now i am returning to the ATIH meditations and giving more of my time to it. I feel i can get there now so time will tell. I will always maintain the lessons and feel the benefit of what i've known and my merkabah activation. But this is my honest feedback - i left with good tools and amazing information and felt like i made a breakthrough in terms of reversing some lifelong patterns and changing my vibration. But I also left thinking everyone else had 'made it' except me and had no idea when it was going to happen. Any recommendations for my progress would be really appreciated. Blessings, Tim

Juan Tang at Nov 16, 2013

Dear Drunvalo, thank you so much for the teaching. I really feel my heart opens up and the energy flow when I do the meditation. However, it's easier to access to the sacred space and tiny space of the heart during the course when I am with the teacher Laurie Cornell, but back at home when I am on my own , I find not that easy to do so. Will continue with the meditation practice and hope to receive more teaching from you! Thank You sincerely , with love! Juan