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Juliana Bohórquez Pinzón

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Juliana Bohórquez Pinzón



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Hi, My name is Juliana,

I was born and live in Bogotá (Colombia), since I was a child my spiritual live has been the priority path and aspect of my being, I was raced near indigenous communities of my country and is because of this both reasons that I got to know Drunvalo teachings in 2000 and first met him in 2003.

I am happy to extend and represent his teachings, I deeply believe in its importance and opportunity that it opens for our human race development.

I share with you below some information of my studies and experience, do not hesitate on asking me any additional information or question:

Executive Champions' Workshop
SOL - Society for Organizational Learning (Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer & Arawana Hayashi)

Future of Learning
Professional Education Program, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Systemic Coach and Organizational Constellator
GEISER WORKS, Aranzázu-Spain

Master Degree on Systemic Pedagogy, 2012

Experimental Animation Diploma, 2010

Bachelor in Fine Arts. Master of Arts with emphasis in Media and Visual Arts, 2009

Other certifications and studies:
Mental Development and Extra-Ocular vision Instructor
Viendo por México (seing for México) Organization, Noé R. Esperón, 2012

I am founder and general manager of an organization devoted to human development named Meráki, Being meráki (Gk), is acting with soul, creativity & Love. In meráki we believe that putting who we are into what we do, is the source for change. We live, design, and create opportunities for personal empowerment and human development, projecting the future of synergic sustainable living.
Within our projects we organiza the vision quest in Colombia with Grandmother Margarita, we work with young people around vocation and in education and other areas through systemics.

I have worked in education for the last 3 years creating national programs for Colombian Ministry of Education and working with the Corporation for Cultural Evolution, which look forward to transform today's education into a more connected and conscious tool for living.

Since 2007 I have been part as photographer, film editor and director, of diverse audiovisual productions such as documentary films, which expose the relationship with earth and the political implications in Colombia of disrupting our links to mother earth.

As an artist my projects have been focused on social researches around our dynamics, communication and living, some of them have been part of international and national expositions since 1997, such as ??Trazos de Tierra? which reconstruct Colombia??s territory through cartography and narratives of those who where forced to leave their land.

Additional information:
? Languages: Spanish ?? Native, English ?? Advanced, German ?? Intermediate, French ?? Basic.
? Volunteer and member of Fundación Mujeres por Colombia (Colombian Women??s Foundation) - Colombia Coordinator for Harvard University??s Women in Business Intercollegiate Forum 2010.
? Founder and member of SysLab a Systemic Organizational Lab Association
? Professional Photography Certificate, ZONA CINCO School of Film & TV. Bogota, Colombia. July 2011
? Andrés Bello Foundation, 1st Place. Theme: ?For a united World? Bogotá 1997,
? Participant at the XI Choirs International Festival, Santiago de Cuba, November 2011.

? Co-Author: ??Pedagogía Sistémica: pedagogía para la vida.??
? Researcher: ??Violencia hoy, herencia de un pasado?? autor: Luis Pinilla Pinilla

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