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Linda Te Aroha

Certified Teacher approved by Drunvalo Melchizedek

Linda Te Aroha


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I was first introduced to the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek many years ago and felt a strong alignment to his work. In September of 2011 I attended the first Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshop to be held in Australia. This experience was life changing and l knew l had to continue on this path. I was invited to join 100+ beautiful souls in January 2012 in Mexico to undergo training to become teachers of this amazing work. In August of 2012 l was granted my teachers certification and l am truly humbled and honored to be able to share this with you. Simple but sacred practices are taught that when applied will change your life forever. When we live and create from our hearts our lives are filled with peace, joy, abundance and oneness with all of creation. I am honored to share this with you.

Linda was born in Australia and lives in New Zealand, she is passionate about assisting others to live an empowered life and living life to the fullest. Her successful professional path has included Ambulance Officer, Licensed Real Estate Agent, Medical Intuitive, Small Business owner / operator, healing facilitator and crystal therapist. ā??Awakening The Illuminated Heart " demonstrates that when people were in their heart, dreams manifested, life was easy and all were left feeling empowered. And that is exactly how it is for Linda. She now teaches and shares the wisdom of how to consciously live from the heart to release emotional patterns & behaviors which create dis-ease and trauma. A consult with Linda will leave transformations and connections to an empowered life.
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Carolyne Gowen at Sep 28, 2014

Linda is such a wonderful teacher. She took us on a beautiful journey into our hearts withe love. She was very knowledgeable and delivered the workshop with integrity and honesty.

Humberto Quiroga at May 01, 2014

I LOVE HERRR! I honestly really liked the experience I had.

Iris Taschuk at Feb 06, 2014

Amazing!! The workshop was fantastic! All four days of the workshop had something special each day to enjoy and experience. Linda and Tara Sue .........you are Super Teachers! With sincere gratitude and loving thank-you .......my heart space holds both of you. Iris T.

april morel at Jan 04, 2014

Linda is an amazing teacher, who knows this work so well and is able to communicate it with ease and grace. I enjoyed being a part of this workshop very much!

Jenni Pocock at Dec 22, 2013

Prior to attending the Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop, I had purchased the DVD set of Earth/Sky Heart Workshop that was recorded back in 2010 or 2011. I am glad I had watched that recording of Drunvalo's teachings or I doubt I would have understood the processes being taught. A lot of background information was not shared at the workshop I attended....I thought the teacher was lovely - just not as well versed in the information as Drunvalo.

patricia moran-lafurge at Nov 09, 2013

What an amazing experience. Linda was awesome. I miss everyone that was at the workshop. This is such amazing work. Thank you!

Angela Graham at Nov 07, 2013

Before day one my only apprehension was to drive downtown Miami over an hour and a half away from home. The first day was on a very busy Thursday but as the days went on traffic got better and the drive was not as stressful considering I was helping a fellow student getting to and from the workshop. Other than that the experience by itself was Divine!!! Linda and her assistant Tatiana were very knowledgeable and very professional as well as sweet and utterly delightful. Loved our small group who are now part of my family. I am attending again in April with Drunvalo. Live in light! Live in Love! Angela.

Lauren Crudele at Nov 07, 2013

Having gone through the ATIH I would pay for it twice! I would like to host an event. The friends around me are interested but find the cost prohibiting.

Kiruthiga Muthukrishnan at Oct 21, 2013

Loved it! Awesome!

Deborah Fercher at Sep 13, 2013

I have completed many workshops on my self-directed journey into my heart & have explored science & spirituality to facilitate this journey. Linda Te Aroha lovingly & competently brought me home to the sacred space of my heart & I not only feel I have been given a sacred gift - but that I have glimpsed the sacredness that is in each of us. Thank you Linda - it was a profound & transformational experience that I will treasure forever. Deb Fercher