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Agathi Christodoulidi

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Agathi Christodoulidi

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After years of study and meditation, years of getting to know some Masters that influenced the human spirituality (Kuthumi, Yogananda, Osho, Drunvalo), Agathi decided to go on the path of helping and assisting the people around through her spiritual knowledge.

Knowing that connecting with "One Mind" takes more just simple reading, Agathi took her time to meditate and connect with her inner essence prior to be ready for teaching "Awakening The Illuminated Heart" workshop.

Agathi study intensively Heart Meditations given to Humanity by Melchizedek Consciousness through Drunvalo Melchizedek and decided that the time is now. Along with Drunvalo's teachings, Agathi is also getting on expertise of nutrition (raw food), Tibetan Meditations and Heart Imagery.

Her spiritual work is recognized in the beautiful Island of Cyprus but not just there. A spiritual meeting with Agathi is giving to the people around the wisdom of Antic Greek Masters and the knowledge of Sacred Space of the Heart.

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ONLINE Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop

2021-02-25 / ONLINE via ZOOM

??Awakening the Illuminated Heart? workshop will change your life; it will change your perspective towards life and living, it will remind you of You. This is an exceptional opportunity to ??find? what is that you are missing, to understand the reason behind it, to be truly you, the being you ...


Ksenija Ticak at Jul 04, 2020

webmaster edit

Johan Marais at Jul 03, 2020

Thank you so much It was a Zoom meeting. I do think that personal attendance of a workshop would be better, so that one could meet all and experience the energies Thank you for a Amazing workshop

Johan Marais at Jul 03, 2020

All Great

Damian Mark Davies at Feb 11, 2019

It Was a joy to attend another ATIH workshop, Agathi is a super teacher and very empathic to others needs, Agathi and Daniel compliment each other and bring the best out in Students, Both Fantastic Teachers and a honour to be in the presence of such loving being full of love and knowledge. Well done Agathi very nuturing teaching methods and patient, very lucky to have been in the presance of Twin Flames who are here to help earth and all its life forms Fantastic see You Soon Cosmic and Arcturian Blessings, Damian. Was late filling this out due to forgetting My password and reset link not working xxxx

ashley lugg at Sep 13, 2016

Agathi is an amazing teacher and a wealth of knowledge, her understanding of the heart is amazing and shares this wisdom in such a way that all can understand. I had an amazing time on this course and would recommend it to all of humanity.

Munira AlFadel at Mar 20, 2016

I would like to thank Agathi Christodoulidi for her kindness and compassion. I am really looking forward to attending Heart Math with her.

Michail Konstantinidis at Jul 16, 2015

It was an awsome experience, especially the healling and the opening of the heart to the beloved

Areti Lambrakaki at Jul 13, 2015

This workoshop changed my life! A great thank to my teacher!!

Eloise Bennett at Jul 08, 2015

I was an amazing course as ever i just love working with Agathi and Daniel a real pleasure, much love and gratitude. blessings Eloise

ms anna maria panayiotou at Jul 04, 2015

Agathi holds a grace and stillness that permeates her being,Daniel is a Master that understands collectively the needs os the group and works intuitively, together, both, Agathi and Daniel give you the tools and techniques to cultivate your own growth and expansion into your heart,and beyound. The Clove, Ginger Hill, Pembrokshire ,Wales, has a very special energy and i am so grateful, to have worked with such wisdom and energy! I love you!! Maria :}