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Alper Caglayan



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Love is the Way Home
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I was born and raised in the beautiful and ancient lands of Turkey, immersed in a very warm and loving culture. At age 17, my Spiritual Guidance brought me to Canada to attend an international school founded for world peace. It's here that my Spiritual Journey has greatly unfolded.

I have been greatly blessed to study many spiritual traditions and to have many amazing teachers and loving mentors over time. Among all my experiences, Drunvalo's teachings have always been Closest to my Heart. It's given me the greatest sense of Synchronicity and Guidance in my life and my most Sacred and Deepest Spiritual Experiences. In 1996 I took Drunvalo's first training, the Flower of Life. In those 6 days my life was completely transformed and a whole new direction entered into my being. I decided to quit my electrical engineering studies at that time and to devote my life to following my Heart. I have never looked back and it's been a most incredible and rich life journey. Even in 1996, I could feel in my Heart that I wanted to be a teacher for these most heart-centred and transformative teachings.

After 18 years of closely studying Drunvalo's teachings, I'm very honoured to be one of his teachers in the School of Remembering.

I'm a registered clinical counsellor in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I feel blessed to work in private practice with individuals, families and couples and I am also a counsellor at a local community college. I facilitate Compassionate Communication workshops and practice groups. I delight in sharing these heart-centered teachings with the world. Some of my spiritual and healing studies include being a Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Shiatsu Therapist, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing Practitioner and Attachment Healing Work with Dr Diane Poole Heller. The Spiritual Teachings that have been closest to my Heart include esoteric martial arts practices, I AM Teachings of Saint Germain, Soul Journey and Radiant Rose Academy Teachings, Sufism in particular with a very beloved Turkish Sufi Teacher Serif Baba, and many Meditation and Spiritual Lineages from India. I have found my counselling training and emotional healing experiences as essential parts of my Spiritual Journey as well.

In addition to offering Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshops, I regularly have Meditation Gatherings in Vancouver for everyone who is a graduate of this work. This is a wonderful Community where we have a chance to come together in unity and practice together.

We are living in Extraordinary Times on Earth. Through Drunvalo's Teachings I have deeply experienced in my Heart that We are Truly One Being and Unconditional Love is the key that opens all doors. One Spirit moves through all things. That Great Spirit is in the eyes of everyone before us. The World needs us to live in our Hearts. The time is Now. I am so honoured to work with people who are attracted to these Teachings. If your Heart is calling you to this, I say Jump in with Joy and Trust. You will be jumping back Home to the most Sacred Place of Your Heart. And life begins a new with infinite possibilities. The Heart knows the Way.

'Wherever there's Beauty, run to it! If they say, "There's going to be a gathering of the Beautiful on Mars. They're going to have a party." Then find yourself a ladder that will reach there! We have to run---run towards Beauty. All of us are in need of this.'
~ Serif Baba

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Michelle Jarvis at Sep 28, 2015

Alper is one of the most sincere and open hearted people I have met. His compassion and positive energy make him a natural at passing on this information and for creating a warm, safe, and open environment. The wisdom and insight gained from this course was invaluable. I highly recommend both the teachings, and Alper as a teacher.

Eric Bowers at Jul 22, 2015

This workshop was very powerful for me. The emotional process gave me some of the most powerful opening I've experienced. Alper's guidance and teaching met so many needs for me, including presence, clarity, inspiration, fun, beauty, depth, and support. I can't recommend a workshop with Alper highly enough. Eric Bowers

Genevieve Manghi at Apr 08, 2015

It is such an honor To meet Alper. He was truly an inspiring teacher. His genuine loving presence made this workshop even more elevated to a higher vibratory experience. Thank you so much Alper and Drunvalo for being instrumental in elevating our human existence. So much love for you both.

Felicia Mareels at Mar 04, 2015

Alper Caglayan is a very gentle heart-centered man whose consciousness is grounded in Peace. By creating a foundation for peaceful communication it was easy to follow his teaching which was really well organized and well paced, both in content and for the group and individual experiences. Alper was attentive to the integrity of the material for the course, to the group flow and showed the ability and skills to be there for any additional explanations to clarify or deepen understandings. After each day's work we felt as though we had accomplished and completed the necessary processes and felt very excited to continue the next day. Not all courses promote loving affection and friendships. Alper is gifted this way. After a short meet and greet he would ground us, open the space with meditation and music followed by a review of the last days material. Alper always gave us a sense of being part of the timing and prepared us at the beginning and in increments for the parts of the lessons including for breaks and lunch and provided plenty of time for Q and A. The students were a harmonious group and Alper encouraged participation and expression throughout with lightheartedness and genuine attentiveness which made for a very rich, interesting and joyful time. I appreciate that Alper continues to have gatherings to keep the material fresh and alive and it is so good to be in the welcoming company of he and ATIH students as we bring our questions and experiences to share. Meeting other ATIH students from previous courses is a strength of community I love. I always feel that the work deepens with this kind of attention and Alper has always been available for a call if we should need advice and support. I feel I should mention that I had attended ATIH course online last spring by myself. There was so much information I missed without the group experience and so much I was unclear on until I’d taken the course with Alper. Altogether I felt really satisfied and encouraged to remain in the energies of the Illuminated Heart. Sincerely Felicia Mareels ~~~Silver Moon Dolphin~~~

Tara Lakesh at Mar 02, 2015

Alper is a highly skilled facilitator. He gracefully holds the heart space and gently guides the students to find their own natural awareness of their inner heart. He reflects the qualities of loving kindness with his presence, words and actions. It was a beautiful and uplifting experience to be part of his workshop.

isil yilmaz at Jan 24, 2015

Teacher has a great gentle loving heart. I am an engineer trying to open my heart. These four days touched my heart the most especially day 2 and day 3. I wish there were a camera which takes picture of beams (sceptic engineer talking). Love all of you, all the things and myself.

ISIL YILMAZ at Dec 23, 2014

This was my first time I took this workshop. Thank you very much Alper for bringing this experience into our lives. I believe that you are a very gifted teacher to bring light into many hearts. Every part of this workshop was very loving, feeling, smooth, relaxed and yet professionally planned and well organized. I was amazed that you felt where each of us were standing in our experiences and how we were doing in every step. Your support on our journey into our hearts was great with your smooth, loving words and perfect timing of the steps leading us into deeper levels of consciousness. I was able to open my heart, go deep into my tiny space and feel oneness! I highly recommend Alper's workshop to anyone hearing their heart calling them to open up.. With Love Isil