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Amber Wiltsie

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Amber Wiltsie



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My name is Amber. Amber is a stone and what makes this stone invaluable is the treasure that is hidden within in it. So to, what gives me true and lasting value is the treasure within me, my divine self. But, that is not just true for me, it is true for all of us. And, the purpose of this lifetime is to remember who we really are and bring that forth to be fully realized. On my journey, I have studied many spiritual disciplines with different teachers but, Drunvalo??s workshop, Awakening the Illuminated Heart, is simple and effective.

In this work, each of you will learn how to create a deeper connection to the mother and the father principle in and around you and connect that to your child self. This work will help you disconnect yourself from the polaric dictates of your brain, the secondary organ in your body, and activate the connection back into your heart, which is the master organ of your body and your life. And, balance and harmony will return. This work will allow you to connect once again to your divine self and live your life in this communion, retaining the remembrance of who and what you truly are. And last, this workshop will teach you to understand how to move from this 3rd dimensional reality into other realities of time distance and space.

As for, who am I in this lifetime? I have been a Chemical Engineer working for several of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. My life has been a wife, a mother and a grandmother, learning as a teacher and a student about love. My life has been an initiate in an Ancient School of Wisdom for 24 years learning the science of healing, physics, neuro-biology, focus and intent, timelines, consciousness and energy, breath disciplines, traveling through time, distance and space, and God. My life has been an Author. This was my life and my journey before my husband passed.

However, when my husband Ed Wiltsie passed in March 2010 after 43 years of relationship and 24 years on our spiritual path together and with all of our children and grandchildren, I began an entirely new journey with my husband and my spirit. My life became listening to the Stillness, following my Inner Oneness and centered on Awakening, Remembering and Becoming. Although these aspects were always present, they were never as prevalent as after this experience. I knew immediately on his passing that he was trying to talk to me, but, I had a hard time hearing him.

In the first few weeks, he sent friends with messages from him. Finally, when I was so frustrated with not understanding, I called out loud, ??What are you trying to tell me?? I was directed to open up my email and I saw a singing birthday card he had sent me only a few months before his death. When I opened it the words were, ??Hey have you ever tried, really reaching out for the other side? All of a sudden it all became clear. My husband, deep inside, knew he was passing. He was leaving a foot print behind for me, to awaken the remembrance of the journey we had decided to accomplish together in this lifetime. He wanted me to remember that there is no death only a transition to another dimension of reality. And, when we leave consciously, then we pass with all of our memories and experiences to the next level of consciousness. This is Drunvalo??s final teaching.

Drunvalo has created this beautiful workshop to help each of us to wake up and remember our Journey by Awakening Our Illuminated Hearts and I have been granted the privilege to teach this to you. My focus and dedication is to pass on to you, the tools you will use to accomplish this.

Imagine if we all understood that there is no death but, just a journey of a traveler to a new world, a new country, a new landscape of thought and dimension. And, that when we understand that we can travel to other dimensions and realities with or without dying as easily as we now travel on a plane from one destination on this earth to another, then the fear and pain of death is totally removed. Now, the longing to see those we love creates the opening for travel and exploration. This life is not about dying but, learning to live, to be the traveler between dimensions and within time, distance, space and thought. This focus is what drives me to teach this course. This understanding is the gift I bring to this work. This understanding is what I can offer each of you who decide to journey with me.

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Julie Speed at Mar 10, 2015

Wonderful workshop, incredible experience. Thank you Amber!

Paul Lindsay at Nov 01, 2014

Thanks to Amber and her team, this is truly a place to unfold Drunvalos work on ATIH. Yes, the Pacific NW rocks for any one interested in his most recent work. PL.