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Angela Durán Cueto

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Angela Durán Cueto


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Leonardo Torres at Jul 18, 2016

Was a super workshop. Changed already many things in my life and keeps on making positive changes every day.

Oscar Andres Camargo at Jun 01, 2016

For people like me with poor visualization capacity and emotional traumas i would recommend a previous work in these areas before taking this workshop.

Alejandra Castillo at Feb 04, 2016

everything was worderful. thanks for what you do for us.

Ricardo Jimenez at Dec 11, 2015

Desearia que la pagina de SOR estuviera en español y los videos de Drunvalo subtitulados, ya que las personas que asisten a los eventos no todas entendemos y hablamos ingles al 100%. Seria lo unico adicional de este maravilloso conocimiento.

Hortensia Galvis at Nov 18, 2015

The informatio from Drunvalo is very valuable. I changed my meditation, to include the new programe he proposes. And the practice has gone very surpicingly well. Thak You Drunvalo.

Jesus David Cuesta Mayorga at Oct 24, 2015

I felt a bit could most of the time. It will be good if they can provideout some kind of heating for the venue.

ANALIA LUSSO at Apr 28, 2014

excelente experiencia y hermosa vivencia de Amor incondicional. Felicitaciones al facilitador