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Claudine Kurtz

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Claudine Kurtz



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Claudine was born in France, but moved to the United States in 1960. Earning her Emergency Medical Technician certificate in Blacksburg, VA put her on the road to a career in traditional medicine. Moving to New York State, she worked first as a Respiratory Therapy Technician and then as a Cardiovascular Technologist in an Elmira, NY hospital.
Most of her ten years there was spent as supervisor of the cardiovascular laboratory. She resigned from that position to found and manage a medical diagnostic company for hospitals, clinics, and independent physicians.
This was not enough for her. She became interested in healing the whole person, not just symptoms.
In1994. She graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and in 1996 graduated from Rosalyn Bruyere school and also became an Ordained Minister of the Healing Light Center Church. She taught energy healing for seven years on the French Riviera. In 2002 she joined the Reconnection team, continuing as an associate instructor until her December 2011 retirement.

Following her heart she was guided to take the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop .She was so impressed with Drunvalo's lifework and loving energy that she had to become an ATIH teacher.
Her deepest wish is to share this work all over the world.

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andromeda forero at Dec 16, 2019

I've offered myself this workshop for Christmas. The information shared in this class is so profound that it should be followed several times, in my opinion. A real life experience that changes all perspectives. Thank you Drunvalo for this wonderful gift addressed to all humanity.

sofia lemos at Oct 28, 2019

i absolutelly loved this course,it was an important and much needed step of my evolution.im gonna continue to study and perfect this knowledge and apply it on my daily life!

Bruno Desfranois at Aug 07, 2019

A profound continuation, exploration, application of my lectures and videos of Drunvalo and the opportunity to experiment with excellent teachers!

CONEDY SISSOKO at Nov 16, 2017


Serge Renko Omelianenko at Aug 29, 2017

It's Probably the most valuable thing I've done for myself and the others since decades. I know perfectly now what means \"thank you from the bottom of my heart\" and it's what I mean it for Claudine, Marc, Drunvalo and my group. Huge hug, Serge

Clarisse Muntzer at Aug 24, 2017


Carine DAKIN at Apr 15, 2017

Un grand merci à Claudine!

Isabelle Gautier at Apr 09, 2017

Claudine is \" the Teacher\" to have. She takes you along this Journey \" l'air de rien\" as we say in French. So much dedication and care for her Students and her inconditionnal Love and Energy turned for me her classes into a deep insight metamorphosis and put me on my way to find the true Self. Bonjour nouveau bébé! Une rencontre majeure pour moi et inoubliable pour tous. In Love We Trust. Isabelle - Toulouse

Hara Katsiki at Mar 23, 2017

A workshop that changed my life by re-membering me who I really am. I am truly grateful for this profound experience and I would warmly reccommend it to everyone on this planet. Thank you <3

Nadege Ronze at Mar 21, 2017

Merci Claudine, c'est \"LE\" stage des stages !! Mille merci pour ta présence, ta douceur, ton ecoute et ressenti... Tres belle continuation à toi