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Dorothy Wallis


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Welcome Fellow Traveler,

We are in a time of Remembering. In this moment we are waking up from a dream of forgetting who we are. We took a courageous journey long ago of exploring creation. You are a Cosmic Explorer and You are a Divine Essence of Pure Love. We came into this realm from unconditional love bringing that purity into form. In this realm of slower vibration we could not manifest as quickly and with that we purposely forgot that we are masters of creation. From that place, we have experienced the full gamut of emotions including pain, suffering, and powerlessness as well as the remembrance of love and joy. What a magnificent task we gave ourselves to remember who we are and to realize the enormity of our creative ability.

We also forgot that we are not separate. We are One. One body of humanity, one organism, one planetary being, one cosmos, yes, we are One Consciousness. Everything you see, hear, feel, and experience through your senses and everything you cannot see, hear and feel is all You. You are Love. We are Love. It is Love that we are remembering and Love that wakes us up from the slumber of forgetting. When we awaken to our illuminated heart, we live once again in the state of unconditional love and know that Love is all there is.

We have traveled far and wide together in the illusion of being separate. This has been a gift too for we have gathered many adventures and experimented with vastly diverse forms of our consciousness. Now is the time to come together, to share and to remember. Meeting you once again brings me great joy!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

This has been a fascinating life for me as I imagine yours has been as well. As a child, I remembered unconditional love and was confused by the cruelty of humans. My psychic and emotional sensitivities were heightened in this environment. With a special spirit guide as my constant teaching companion and the company of angels, I communed with the Devas, plants, animals and creatures of earth. They, along with Mother Earth??s love, embraced me, held me, helped me to survive and convinced me to stay even though I thought I landed here way too soon. Early on, I saw the state of the planet and human consciousness and knew why I came here. As a way to understand my psychic and empathic gifts, I was naturally drawn to metaphysics and found part of my family at the age of 20 becoming a member of the Rosicrucian Order, a branch of the White Brotherhood. A perfect blend of science and spirituality, they fostered my development and remembrance of my Egyptian roots with meditation and the mystery schools. Always curious and with a love of delving deeper into esoteric knowledge, I studied the teachings of many ancient spiritual traditions as well as the blossoming of those into modern forms.

Arriving into life at the beginning of the information age has been a true blessing. I witnessed and partook in the genesis of Silicon Valley and felt the swift and massive expansion that is possible when we share and combine our energies. This has been a life lesson of what is possible when we come together with focus and harmony. My path took me into the masculine dynamic of mechanical design engineering, printed circuit board design and computers. This road led me from high tech companies in California, to working in Maine to refurbish wood product mills, and then into Aerospace engineering working for Boeing in Washington state and Lockheed Martin in Colorado. Along the way, I learned how to assert myself in a mostly male arena. Then in 1989, I gave birth to a daughter. I was plunged into my feminine side and within ten months found myself living in one of the most female places on the planet, Hawaii. Luxuriating in Lemurian energy, I let go of my upwardly mobile lifestyle and fell in love with my child, the land, the ocean and the Hawaiian Huna spirituality.

A beautiful blending of my masculine and feminine qualities ensued and ignited a passion for community and relational consciousness. In 1993, I began working with a team offering a variety of spiritual retreats based on the heart teachings of Jesus and Buddha. It included Vipassana meditation, centering prayer, eco-spirituality, and cosmology. During this time, I taught and worked with special needs and emotionally disturbed children in the Boulder Valley School District. Their spirit and heart evoked a depth of empathy and compassion in me that I had never experienced before. When I heard a Quechuan Ecuadorian Shaman speak about the wisdom of the heart, I knew I needed to apprentice with him. After 2 1/2 years, I became a certified Shamanic Practitioner and received the gift of opening my heart to even greater depths. Soon afterwards, Drunvalo Melchizedek came into my life and his teachings have graced my life with a wider scope of serving in the world. It has been over a decade now and his presence and love for all of us has filled my life, brought me friendship and the gift of ever expanding modes of living from my heart. I became a Flower of Life facilitator and through workshops and travels have met people from all over the world.

My journey is not unique. It is your story. It is our story. We are getting to know and understand one another and remember that our essence is the same and we are one. This glorious planet is all of ours and all cultures are a part of us.

As a psychotherapist, I cultivate healing wounds of the emotional body, empowering people to remember who they are and to become relational. In order to live from our heart, we must live relationally with love for the self and love for one another. I believe that Awakening the Illuminated Heart is our next step and am grateful to share this knowledge with you. When we are in the tiny space of the heart, we are Home, know our Divinity and know that We Are Love.

With Profound Love and Great Joy, I walk beside You as a Fellow Traveler,
Dorothy ❤
Psychotherapist MA

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Robert T Scheid at Jan 22, 2015

Dorothy Wallis, is a loving, well rounded, deeply grounded, spiritual teacher with broad experiences, vast knowledge and understanding. Her workshop was the opening of a door for me into a wonderful new world of connection to source and all of life, that has been a continuing journey for the past year and a half. I would be excited for any opportunity be taught by her and could not recommend her any more highly than I do. Many thanks Dorothy!

Naeem Datoo at Feb 15, 2014

Thank you Dorothy and Ron for a wonderful experience. I love the way the two of you worked together in this workshop!

Catherine Abel at Sep 09, 2013

My experience of Dorothy was that she was very knowledgeable on the subjects she spoke about and that she was a wonderful feminine compliment to Ron as a teacher. When she spoke she used her hands and whole body to bring emphasis to her words. My experience of Dorothy in this workshop was similar to that of Ron- I was not prepared to start practicing my beams of light, mer-ka-ba, etc. until I arrived home and I was unsure f the necessity of presenting the 'old method' of making the mer-ka-ba in detail with slides/video as it is no longer used.

Lada Kenton-Dau at Aug 01, 2013

Dorothy, you were great. Thank you so much Divine Being, Goddess sister! I am loving the feeling of being in my tiny space of the heart. Thank you so much for helping us to further remember who we are. Branton and I and our children really enjoyed having you and Ron over at our Magical Yurts on our Property when you were here. It was very special. I just want to share with you and Ron that a massive 42kg Quartz Crystal landed on our property to further open the vortex of our land to further connect with the Galactal Christ Consciousness Grid! And it is currently residing in my Sacred Goddess Healing Temple Yurt! Dorothy, please can you send me a link to the Egyptian Sound Healing/Mantras we talked about. Also how to use sound to move heavy objects like building the pyramid! And how are you my dear sister with all the travel and teaching? Dorothy, Please can you ask Drunvelo if he wouldn't mind sharing with us how to multipy fish and bread like Jesus and manifest further abundance so that everyone can be debt-free, do more miracle healing like Master Zhou (Qi Quong Master) or beyond, and using the Mer-Ka -Bar as form of \" free energy\" heating up a house without the conventional electricity, how to levitate, and how to walk on water or paper apart from being in the Tiny space in the heart and programming the natural Mer-Ka-Ba, elevating the centre of the Meraka to the heart chakra from the base chakra. Thank you also Drunvelo for bringing the Meka Ba into the world again, also thank you for the last 90 degree turn mediation. I found it helpful. Thank you so much. Love and Blessings Lada

KARIN RYPMA at Jul 04, 2013

see reference Ron Laplace as workshop was with both of them. Reference to others will depend on awareness of the person

Claire seguin at Jun 04, 2013

the teaching and guidance receive during the workshop was great and very much appreciated. Thanks KI