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Jens Glende

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Jens Glende



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Jens hat Deutschland etliche Male verlassen, um die Welt zu bereisen und seine innige Verbindung zu Gott zu verstehen.

Er ist ein Business & Life Coach, Kommunikationstrainer und Aufsteller mit ueber 18 Jahren Berufserfahrung.

Er ist der Gruender von Jens Glende Business Coaching & Consulting, wodurch er seinen Klienten hilft ihren Weg in ihr volles Potential zu finden.

Er ist auch Awakening The Illuminated Heart Certified Teacher in der School Of Remembering und lehrt diese Arbeit weltweit in Deutsch und Englisch.

Jens graduierte an der Universitaet Gesamthochschule Essen mit einem Abschluss als Diplom-Kaufmann.

Er lebt in Duesseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, und lehrt Awakening The Illuminated Heart Workshops auch zusammen mit seiner Ehefrau Mariela.

Jens has left Germany many times to travel the world and understand his intimate connection to God.

He is a Business & Life Coach, Communication Trainer and Leader of Constellations with over 18 years of work experience.

He is the founder of Jens Glende Business Coaching & Consulting through which he helps his clients to find their way into their full potential.

He is also Awakening The Illuminated Heart Certified Teacher in the School Of Remembering and teaches this work worldwide in German and English.

Jens graduated from the Universitaet Gesamthochschule Essen with a degree in Business Administration.

He lives in Duesseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, and teaches Awakening The Illuminated Heart Workshops also together with his wife Mariela.

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Tiare Echeverria at Mar 18, 2019

excelente taller

Claudia Katherine Carmona Moreno at Jan 09, 2019

Agradecida por haber tomado el taller con ellos, Mariela y Jens son personas muy amables y dedicados en lo que hacen, muy serenos y ordenados. Entregan con mucho amor el conocimiento.

Mónica Chacón Rojas at Feb 27, 2018

The content of the books and the course have meant an important step for my life. I am a person in search of answers because I know there are more, and having the possibility of finding them on my own through the smallest space of the heart is a tremendous tool for life. The instructors were wonderful. Thanks for everything received.

Luz Velasquez at Feb 25, 2018

The experience was beautiful and the warmth and kindness of Jens and Mariela was very helpul throughout the process. I would suggest for the workshop to deliver handouts with the main instructions since in my case taking notes takes away my concentration and now I need to rememeber some of the instructions.

Jacqueline Correa Briceño at Feb 21, 2018

I feel so fulfilled of having participated in the workshop, I would like to thank all the teaching staff for their kindness and grace. The information they gave us was very explicit and accurate, I felt I could understand them fully and that I was able to integrate myself in with the guides and our classmates. I will apply all the knowledge I acquired during these wonderful classes in my everydaylife. Thank you for everything.♥

María Francesca Muñoz Valenzuela at Feb 21, 2018

Thank you for all you love!!!

Patricia Erika García Briones at Jan 24, 2018

I feel my heart full of grace. thank you a lot. thank you .

Susanne Schröder-Böse at Dec 01, 2017

I am deeply grateful for this amazing experience. Thank you so much Jens and Mariela.

Maria Gloria Piola Basile at Aug 02, 2017

El espacio donde fue realizado el taller no me fue del todo satisfactorio por problemas de infraestructura, que no tenían que ver con los monitores. Sólo hubiera aumentado experiencias de meditación para favorecer la creación de MER-KA-BA el último día

Pedro Alejandro Flores Novoa at Jul 27, 2017