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Juan Carlos Zetina T.

Certified Teacher approved by Drunvalo Melchizedek

Juan Carlos Zetina T.


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Juan Carlos Zetina T.

Clinical psychologist
Human Advisor and Facilitator of Psychospiritual Processes

I am a spiritual seeker and psychotherapist, I have facilitated psychospiritual development and evolution workshops for more than 25 years. Since I was a child I felt identified with themes of life and existence.

We are living an incredible Age where we can understand who we are and where we are heading to the next level of Consciousness. That is why Drunvalo's Teachings are the ones that best explain and make me live life as an adventure from The Heart!

At a professional level I have studied Philosophy, Pedagogy, Theology and Psychology.
From Psychology I have specialized in healing methods and techniques such as Transactional Analysis, Systemic Family Settings, Psycho genealogy, Biological Decoding of Diseases and recently I have developed Inter Dimensional Therapy, a work with the guides.

On a spiritual level I have traveled different paths such as Reiki, Hands without Borders, Work with Angels, Meditation, Music Therapy, Mayan Way, Essences, Crystals and since 2006 I have been introduced to the Teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedek who totally changed my perspective on life and the world .

Since then I have followed his Teachings and am currently one of the certified teachers in the world to teach the Awakening The Illuminated Heart® teacher, School of Remembering® workshop.

Visit my personal website at https://gente.kartra.com/page/TallerCorazonIluminadoJuanCarlosZetinaT

Taller Despertando El Corazón Iluminado

2020-06-04 / Ciudad de Guatemala

Las enseñanzas de Drunvalo Melchizedek a través del Taller "Despertando El Corazón Iluminado" son la guía exacta para acceder y vivir plenamente desde El Corazón, desde el Pequeñito Espacio Sagrado del Corazón donde todo es posible!...


Ana Beatriz Zetina Trujillo at Oct 12, 2014

Aprendí mucho en el taller, fue una experiencia muy especial en la cual me sentí muy conectada con mi ser interior, La meditación desde el pequeño espacio sagrado del corazón es muy profunda, en la cual me sentí muy cerca de nuestra energía divina y muy agradecida. Agradezco a mi maestro Juan Carlos Zetina, el habernos guiado en este aprendizaje tan hermoso. La vida ya no se siente de la misma manera, después de haber recibido este taller, se ve con otros ojos y nos enseña a valorarla y apreciarla de una manera diferente. Gracias por todo. Beatriz I learned a lot at the worskshop, it was a very special experience to me, in which I felt conected with my interior being. Meditation, from the small sacred space of the heart is very deep. I felt very close to our divine energy and very thankful. I thank my teacher Juan Carlos Zetina for guiding us through this beautiful learning passage. After recieving this workshop, life doesn't feel the same, I see it with other eyes; it taught us to worship and appreciate it differently. Thank you for everything. Beatriz.

Maria del Rosario Gonzalez Zetina at Sep 29, 2014

the whole experience was amazing, full of love and light, it made me grow in a lot of ways and i really enjoy it.