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Kathryn Gorham

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Kathryn Gorham



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  • Kathryn has been on the ‚??path‚?Ě for over thirty years now. It was 1980 when she started reading Norman Vincent Peale and other positive thinking authors. In the mid to late 80s a move to Houston brought yoga and meditation into her life. It was then she discovered Shakti Gwain's Creative Visualization, Black Elk Speaks, The Tao and created her first altar.

  • Next came the Unity church of Houston with a membership over 5000 in the 1990s. Kathryn's volunteer work at the church was at the bookstore. She was in heaven with so many amazing authors and guest speakers at the church.

  • Houston is also home to a CG Jung Educational Center where she took workshops on meditation, movement and writing and discovered Clarissa Pinkola Estes. About this time she also started some intense inner work that included Soul Retrieval, New Decision Thereapy and The Six Month Program of group healing. In the late 90s she moved to North Carolina and came to discover the resources that she took for granted in Houston were not so readily available.

  • In 2003 after a move to the coast and through her inner asking she was led to a spiritual group that met weekly. At that time Kathryn also opened a Mind Body Spirit store for several years and was introduced to Drunvalo‚??s work through the Flower of Live Volumes I and II. She says, "I couldn‚??t put them down. In just a few days I had finished the books, was teaching myself the meditation and seeking to find a Flower of Life facilitator to come to the beach to teach a workshop." Over time she hosted three FOL workshops and continued to follow Drunvalo‚??s work.

  • As 2012 was nearing she could feel things shifting. Her husband gifted her a certificate to attend Drunvalo‚??s new workshop, Awakening the Illuminated Heart, in Sedona. Upon her return at the end of May she began seeking a local workshop to repeat this work. November of 2012 brought Kathryn to Asheville NC to broaden her understanding and practice of this work. It was during this event that she was called by her inner voice to teach this amazing work.

  • Things have fallen into place with amazing synchronicity from there.

It‚??s time to awaken. It‚??s time to remember. It‚??s time to create from the heart.

Invite Kathryn to host a workshop in your location: [email protected] .com and visit her website http://onetinyspace.com/

A few of the things Kathryn has studied and practiced:

  • Dowser

  • Psych-K

  • DOS Discs

  • Quantum Touch

  • Reiki

  • Hooponopono

  • EFT

  • Clairvision

  • Human Design

book coverKathryn has a passion for learning. She says, "I couldn't begin to list all the books, tapes, cds, and DVDs that have influenced me over the years. Let's just say they fill several book shelves and spill over from there."

Kathryn is also an author. She wrote, "Fulfilling Destiny: Ceremony in the Yucatan December 2012," a chronicle of one group's experience during the end of the Mayan calendar. Many were called to sacred sites at this momentous time and through the pages of this book you too can immerse yourself in the experience as seen through the eyes and perspective of one person. Follow the link above to take a look inside at the content and some of the 130+ pictures.

Chandogya Upanishad 8.1.2-3 (approximately 6000 years old)

If someone should say to you:
"In the fortified City of the Imperishable,
Our body, there is a lotus,
And in this lotus a tiny space:
What does it contain that one
Should desire to know it?"

You must reply:
"As vast as this space without
Is the tiny space within your heart:
Heaven and earth are found in it,
Fire and air, sun and moon,
Lightning and the constellations,
Whatever belongs to you here below
And all that doesn't,
All this is gathered in that tiny space
Within your heart.

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Kerry Brooks at Jul 15, 2014

The first thing I noticed/felt from Kathryn (Henry her husband and Maya the family dog) was the warm and hospitable home the workshop was conducted in. It set a organized yet comfortable tone for the workshop. Kathryn's pedagogy was superb. She utilized all modalities during he instruction to allow the concepts and principles to slowly evolve into an exiting crescendo of WOW experiences. During this class she also shared teaching responsibilities by having a teacher in training work beside her in delivering the content. Her guidance was soft yet direct to help him develop his particular style to teaching. This class had five guys in it. She always provided help and guidance through the entire workshop. Although small in stature, she demonstrated her strength and power all weekend long. I personally lost count on how many times I had AHAA moments throughout the session. Kathryn style of teaching kept me hungering for the next bit of information literally right up to the last moment. Her giving left such an impression upon me. I am still glowing from the experience, and now when I am practicing my meditations I can still her voice providing guidance. It was truly a great experience!!

Diana Oebbecke at Mar 07, 2014

The class felt very comfortable and all who attended had a special energy. By the end of the class everyone was radiating. This class was different from any other I had taken and I found it more beneficial than others.

Kay Provetero at Mar 07, 2014

Kathryn is very knowledgeable and a fantastic teacher. She goes the extra mile with the little extra fun and relevant video and music she presented. I feel extremely well. Have more well being. Feel more positive, loving, happy and free. Thank you Kathryn and that's all from the heart.

Sarah Ellis at Feb 11, 2014

The class was awesome! Kathryn did such a wonderful job explaining the process. She has such a gentle, warm and loving spirit. I feel honored to have taken her class and you will too! Thank you Kathryn! It is fun living from the HEART!

Deborah Shelby at Jan 30, 2014

Fantastic workshop to start the new year! Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop was an awesome gift to myself at this wonderful time in my life. I have been looking for my \"tiny space\" and it was shown to me in such a loving way. Thank you Kathryn for being such a great teacher. Thank you Drunvalo for sharing this amazing way to \"Remember\". Namaste

Allen Rogerson at Jan 30, 2014

Kathryn is a very well versed and knowledgeable instructor. Her enthusiasm for the materials and living what she teaches is very apparent, and contributes greatly to the learning experience. I will take with me, what she taught to the class, for the rest of my life, and am truly grateful for her knowledge, wisdom, and friendship.

Henry Gorham at Dec 21, 2013

It had been almost a year since I first took Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop. Taking the class a second time gave me a much deeper understanding of the course concepts. I would definitely recommend this class be taken more than once. Kathryn has a very relaxed and comfortable teaching style. She demonstrated a deep understanding of the course concepts. Her guided meditations flowed smoothly and naturally. While colors and images come easily for me, they came forth in intensities during the class meditations that I had never experience before or since. Kathryn is a natural teacher. Whether it is for your first or fourth taking of Awakening the Illuminated Heart, I think you will enjoy the experience of being in Kathryn's class.

Joe Student at Dec 18, 2013

Information that will be helpful to other students considering this teacher for future workshops. Examples.... clear examples, easy to understand, knowledgable, well run class, perfect pace, plenty of time for the meditions, instructions very clear, adequate time for lunches and breaks, exercises organized and fun, helpful answers to my questions, powerful experience

Joe Student at Dec 18, 2013

Information that will be helpful to other students considering this teacher for future workshops. Examples.... clear examples, easy to understand, knowledgable, well run class, perfect pace, plenty of time for the meditions, instructions very clear, adequate time for lunches and breaks, exercises organized and fun, helpful answers to my questions, powerful experience

Carolyn Padgett at Nov 23, 2013

A very moving and beautiful experience. Wonderful teacher.