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Lilia Aida Garcia Williams

Certified Teacher approved by Drunvalo Melchizedek

Lilia Aida Garcia Williams


(52) 664 8081973


I was born in Monterrey NL
Introduce to spirituality by grandfather at age of 8, I started reading Madame Blavatsky's books and many more, until a bad experience at age of 20. Became christian at age 35, because "literally" God start talking to me clear and I committed my life to him and his desires. I serve in church for 20 years, until God took me out, in my search, I meet with Rene May, and I started asking God how he achieved what he was doing, and He took me to Drunvalo, via Internet.
I bought all his books, read and really study them, and I knew, he was the teacher God has for me.
I also saw all his videos on YouTube, and everything I found written by him.
I'm also a Dentist, and a musician, and for that reason I recognize very easy, sounds and frequencies that helps others in healing. Since Christianity I used my hands to heal, now I'm also a certified Diksha giver. I'm always studying, reading and looking forward to help others finding their way home.

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