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Mariela Olmedo


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Mónica Chacón Rojas at Feb 27, 2018

The content of the books and the course have meant an important step for my life. I am a person in search of answers because I know there are more, and having the possibility of finding them on my own through the smallest space of the heart is a tremendous tool for life. The instructors were wonderful. Thanks for everything received.

Luz Velasquez at Feb 25, 2018

The experience was beautiful and the warmth and kindness of Jens and Mariela helped a lot throughout the process. i would recommend to deliver handouts with the most important instructions, since in my case To pay full atention I do not take notes and now I am needing them to rememeber part of the instructions.


La verdad fue una muy linda experiencia, antes de comenzar el taller uno va con la predisposición de que va a lograr todo lo que te dicen pero en la práctica no siempre es así y eso destacó de mis profesores que no crean expectativas, si alguno no vio o sintió nada simplemente no pasaba nada, estaba todo bien , porque cada uno tiene sus tiempos y sus procesos y eso es algo que nuestros profesores nos decían. Ellos nos entregaron las mejores herramientas para poder entrar al corazón en el momento que uno sienta, sin forzar la experiencia. Y Jens y Mariella son un amor, a cada inquietud por muy minima que sea la recogían de la mejor forma y cuando no sabían algo tenían la grandeza de decir \"no se\" y eso en un guía es valorable. Estoy muy feliz con la experiencia y agradecida por todo lo que apendí. Mil cariños :)

Jacqueline Correa Briceño at Feb 21, 2018

I feel so fulfilled of having participated in the workshop, I would like to thank all the teaching staff for their kindness and grace. The information they gave us was very explicit and accurate, I felt I could understand them fully and that I was able to integrate myself in with the guides and our classmates. I will apply all the knowledge I acquired during these wonderful classes in my everydaylife. Thank you for everything.♥

María Francesca Muñoz Valenzuela at Feb 21, 2018

Thank you for all your love!!!

Andrea Madariaga at Feb 05, 2018

For me, it was a deep, loving and beautiful inner journey. I feel and see that I connect with the universe. that the universe lives in my heart in connection. Thank you

Patricia Erika García Briones at Jan 24, 2018

thank you so much for everything. For me is the end of big cycle. a new start. in new dimentions. clearly and safely. From my heart, love, love, love.

Liliana Rojas valdes at Jan 24, 2018

It is a magnificent workshop, the only thing less positive is that it could be more days because of the intense and quantity of information received.

Susanne Schröder-Böse at Dec 01, 2017

I am deeply grateful for this amazing experience. Thank you so much Mariela and Jens.

Maria Gloria Piola Basile at Aug 02, 2017

Me hubiese gustado haber practicado más meditaciones el día domingo para facilitar la creación de MER-KA-BA