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Natalie Swedosh

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Natalie Swedosh



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Hi my name`s Natalie Swedosh and I am absolutely thrilled to be here to facilitate this amazing teaching of Drunvalo Melchizedek - Awakening The illuminated Heart.

It`s a great passion for me to assist others on their own unique journey and to share different ways of experiencing connection, inner peace and joy. I have been working as a healer and teacher in the healing field for over 28 years and I still get such immense pleasure seeing how my clients "light up" after they`ve received Reiki and Lomi Lomi massage - it makes my heart sing!

I have spent much of my lifetime exploring the great traditions of spirituality, healing and esoteric sciences, and these jewels have been an enduring resource over time.
I feel blessed to have experienced so many transformational awakenings in my life and I consider this most recent teaching of Awakening The illuminated Heart to have been incredibly significant in my growth as a loving empowered human being - it has truly been an awakening that`s had such an incredibly rich and rewarding impact on my life in every aspect of it.

As I sit writing my biography and reflecting on this journey, I am filled with absolute joy to have this opportunity of teaching this beautiful work to others. It would be an honor and a privilege for me to have you attend one of our Workshops and for you to experience firsthand what will open up for you after attending an Awakening The illuminated Heart workshop.

Please feel free to contact me and/or Register for one of my events - I am sure the experience you will have of Awakening your illuminated Heart will transform your life as it did mine!

With Love,


"Ua ola loko i ke aloha" - Love gives life within

Awakening The Illuminated Heart

2020-03-06 / Heartmind House

Awaken to your true human potential, experience yourself from a heightened state of awareness and return to the wise guidance of your heart.

In this life-changing workshop, we practice different exercises and meditations to activate dormant energetic processes within. This reconnection to ancient...


Gabrielle Walker at Aug 30, 2019

This knowledge has been fundamental to my life and practice. My family said they could notice a change in me after the first day.

Geraldine Teggelove at Jun 05, 2019

Wonderful workshop with great leadership. A huge heartfelt thanks to Natalie.

Graeme Hodges at Apr 25, 2016

Natalie is an extremely humble, intuitive and gifted facilitator. She is one of those rare people who is able to hold the space for a group and ensure that each individual hears what it is that they need to hear in order to find their own understanding and move themselves forward. Follow your heart to one of her trainings.

Kwen Pun at Apr 25, 2016

Natalie Swedosh, is inspirational, sensitive, intuitive, highly aware & has deep knowledge and deep personal experience of the ATIH material. She was totally in her Sacred & Tiny Heart Space throughout. Great sense of humour, balanced and perfectly paced teachings. We all felt safe, supported, connected as a group. Our individual strengths & weaknesses were respectfully and quietly recognised. Natalie creatively and lovingly facilitated the group, and each individual; with wisdom, discernment, sensitivity, and a sense of lightness. She has extensive knowledge of materials related to ATIH and other Drunvalo teachings, plus much much more. She has the skill and knowledge to extend the material in breath, and depth; always bringing us back to focus when appropriate. Love & enjoyed the ATIH workshop. It is transformational. I highly recommend Natalie Swedosh as a teacher. (Kwen)

Anthea Fitzhardinge at Apr 25, 2016

I have been to a lot of workshops, and have experienced many teachers, I found Natalie to be the most professional, confident, authentic teacher yet. She met everyone's needs in an insightful, caring way and for a young woman she has a lot of wisdom. The content was beautifully shared and full of special moments.

Tim Semones at Aug 01, 2015

ATIH was exactly what I wanted and needed. Natalie Swedosh provided an excellent space and tuition. Many blessings and much gratitude to her and the School of Remembering for the teachings. I now have the skills I need to co-create and design a life I love. Tim Semones

Sandra Guy at Jul 08, 2015

The course was truly beautiful and has definitely had a very positive and life changing effect on me personally. The course tutor Natalie Swedosh really is an amazing person whom is a great addition to the Drunvalo teachings. Natalie taught the course with pure love and a great understanding of our group dynamics. I would highly recommend her to anyone drawn to attend Awakening The Illuminated Heart!!!

Emma Thompson at Jun 24, 2015

Thanks Nat for facilitating this beautiful workshop, and even more for your on going support and friendship. <3 I went into this workshop not really knowing what to expect, feeling a bit nervous as I do in any new situation around new people. The space held by Nat during this workshop quickly alleviated any fear I was holding to, allowing me to feel more comfortable to be just me! Natalie's knowledge, support and humour combined with the general energy from the group truly made this a beautiful and experience. One that I will never forget and am eternally grateful for. Thank you x

Michelle Ruskin at Jun 21, 2015

I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to connect more fully into their heart space. Natalie brought many of her 'gifts' and wisdom into the space, delivering the material in an easy-to-understand format and was very supportive towards her students.

Lauren Allender at Jun 14, 2015

Natalie has that remarkable ability to combine nurturance and strength side by side in her facilitation of ATIH. Her authenticity was so welcome as we journeyed together over those four days.