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Tara Sue Moore

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Tara Sue Moore



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For all of my life, I have felt there were pieces that did not "fit into the puzzle", little bits of "common" knowledge that just did not resonate. I could not identify what I was looking for but I explored with an open mind, and sought answers. Studying, reading and learning about all things, metaphysical as well as conventional, alternative and mainstream, religions and sciences, fairy tales, ghost stories and myths as well as "factual literature" were my constant companions. As I quested, I completed a conventional post- secondary education, devoted myself to a demanding career and started a family.......but continued to read and question everything, slowly forming my own personal belief system.

Then, after the birth of my third child, I went for my first Reiki appointment and after many hours of conversation as well as some energy work, I left the home of my Reiki master (also a friend of many years) and I knew beyond a doubt there is much more to this world then what we are taught to perceive with our 5 senses. Over time I received several attunements myself and I found myself shifting and changing at a lightening fast pace. Supported by my spirits and guides, I followed my path.

I was called in a way I could not refuse (see my website, www.ametrinespirit.com for the full story), to Drunvalo Melchizedek's work. As I read through his works, all the dissonant pieces fell into place and in January 2012, much to my surprise, I found myself in Mexico, with 100+ radiant souls from all corners of Mother Earth, training to be allowed to share this amazing gift with all who ask. To my even greater surprise, I was quickly invited to begin teaching and I have no words to describe the joy I felt at this opportunity. This honour is humbling and empowering all at once and I am elated to have the opportunity to share what has been for me, the most powerful, life changing, abundance creating work I have ever encountered. Once you experience the peaceful, radiant, oneness of the heart, you will be changed forever.

In addition to the studies of Drunvalo's teachings, I am a Usui Reiki Master and a Karuna Level 2 practitioner. I study and work in depth with both North and South American native shamanic traditions, practice basic bodytalk and acutonics, own and operate an Aura Imaging System and am a Certified Heartmath Trainer and Coach.

After almost 2 decades working as a financial advisor, I now own a Crystal and Gifts Store in my home town of Cochrane, Ab. You will find me teaching in the greater Calgary area on a regular basis and I will happily travel to wherever I am invited.

It is time for us to dream the new dream.

It is time to lift the veils of secrecy.

It is time to move forward into our radiant future.

We are ready and the time is now.

With Love

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Cory Binning at May 04, 2020

Tara Sue is amazing. I remember we learned the Illuminated Heart together. When she went on to become a teacher I was not surprised but I was very proud to call her a friend.

al vessey at Oct 03, 2014

Tara Sue was an exceptional teacher, very welcoming and extremely eager for her students to receive all that was possible from this course. Thank you

Jillian Sodero at Jun 12, 2014

This was my first time taking the workshop and it was amazing!

Jillian Sodero at Jun 12, 2014

Excellent all around! These workshops have all been an amazing experience for me and I look forward to future learning.

John Tozeland at May 20, 2014

The teaching was facilitated beautifully by Tara Sue Moore. I would appreciate handouts of the information as a guide to my note taking and for review after completion. The people in my group had done a lot of healing work and so the healing day did not aide much more to our healing, deeper healing processes like Time Line Therapy might have allowed us all to do a deeper level of healing to aide us along our spiritual path and deepen our experience even more

Mary Tataryn at May 20, 2014

Loved the facilitator, Tara Sue. She held the space with a beautifully open heart. The workshop was well prepared and organized. The process flowed effortlessly throughout out the 4 days. A nice simple process for being able to access heart space.

Patricia Lister at May 20, 2014

This was a highly energized workshop. The love that came forth and was shared was incredible.

Barbara Wiker at Apr 19, 2014

Good job.

Nicole Wiker at Apr 14, 2014

Thank you. Great work.

Iris Taschuk at Feb 06, 2014

The workshop was fantastic!! I enjoyed every day and learnt more about how to live life through the Heart. It is a life altering experience .......one that changes how you view your own life values. I am very grateful to both instructors, Tara Sue and Linda. How fortunate to have two super light beings to guide us toward living by the heart. Iris T.