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Tristan Gutner




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Welcome home Dear One! If we??re meeting here, then we are both walking the path of Remembering. It is time to awaken from our collective dream of separation and to once again live and breathe as One, with Mother Earth, and with all Life everywhere. Thank you for listening as the Heart leads you Home. Thank you for being here on the planet at this most auspicious time! Your Presence is a gift ? in it I see my reflection and remember who I am.


My awareness has always been focused on the expansion of consciousness and the subtler realms of the Reality. My earliest memories are asking my parents questions about the mechanics of metaphysics and this inquiry has shaped my Life??s path. It has led me through many spiritual traditions, religions, systems of knowledge, travel all around the world, years of deep musical study, and, ultimately, to this moment of our meeting.

In 2008 I found the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek (rather, it found me) and I knew that everything was about to change. So many long-held questions found clarity and I began to see how all the different experiences of my life had prepared me for this moment of reunion. My Soul??s Purpose of embodying this work came sharply into focus and everything began to rapidly evolve! One week after activating my Merkaba our beautiful son was conceived. One month later, after getting rid of most of our possessions, my wife and I were led on a spiritual journey around the United States, culminating in the birth of our son in the Atlantic Ocean. Following his birth, our guidance led us to Ashland, Oregon and the pristine energies of one of my main spiritual teachers, Mount Shasta.

This journey from the head back to the Heart, has given me countless blessings. One of the biggest gifts is finally getting to experience first hand states of consciousness I had only read about and known with my mind. When I am in the Tiny Space of the Heart I know, in the core of my Being, that I am One with Spirit and all of Creation. As I drop deeper and deeper into the world of the Heart, I know that I am Home ? that this inner sanctuary is the Source of all that I am and all that I experience. I am profoundly grateful to live and facilitate these teachings, and am honored to share them with you. Let me know if you??d like to host a workshop in your home or town ? I am happy to travel and share this work all over the world.

We are here as the children of Great Spirit. May we breathe together in the Tiny Space of the Heart and remember who we are.

In Love, Tristan

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Holly Richardson at Feb 11, 2015

Thank you so much for teaching this deeply profound, Heart Centered ,Expansive and Joyful workshop!!! I an truly filled up and remain in awe and wonder of all that has Awakened in me during your workshop!! You are a Gifted Teacher with the wisdom, compassion, balance and Open Heart to create Sacred space for these teachings. I am so Grateful to both you and Drunvalo Melchizedeck for sharing these Truths!! With Infinite Love and Gratiude !! Holly Richardson, Vermont

Sarah Ali at Feb 10, 2015

This workshop definitely changed my life and it felt like the natural next step in my personal evolution. Tristan has a powerful, warm and welcoming feeling about him and you could feel that warmth and love permeate throughout the 4-day workshop. He did a wonderful job explaining/guiding us through the meditations, and his beautiful voice was a bonus! I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in taking an ATIH workshop. Thank you, Tristan and thank you, Drunvalo, from the depths of my heart. Much love.

Erica Rogan at Feb 05, 2015

I am very grateful for this experience! Tristan was a wonderful teacher and did a great job at putting things in perspective and making them easy to understand. The class ran very smoothly and the energy was very relaxing and refreshing. I loved it! Highly recommend!

Ricarda E Kimball at Mar 08, 2014

Tristan Gutner was an excellent teacher. He was interested in each attendees responses to his presentation. Yet for me to be able to attain all desired results would take more time/experience with the full process as given. This has to do with my own readiness at this time. I am planning to repeat this workshop later.

River McCaine at Mar 07, 2014

It was a great experience to meet Tristan! I met him at this first workshop along with Karuna. Both have been truly pivotal in changing my life into a more positive light. I love them both with all of my heart. Tristan's teaching skills are excellent and I could not think of a better teacher to teach this material. He's understanding, patient, and his words have clarity embedded within them. with Love - Young River Dragon

River McCaine at Mar 07, 2014

Tristan is a really gifted teacher of this work and just an all around amazing person. I wasn't even expecting to participate in the workshop, simply dropping a friend off, and he asked me to stay for the whole workshop. I felt so blessed and thankful that he opened up the opportunity to stay and participate for a second workshop. The way he teaches the material is truly expansive. If I were to describe it, every time he begins to explain the room begins filled with 4th dimensional vibrations and all of the cosmos begin to spill out of his mouth A True experience to be taught by him! with Big Big Love -Young River Dragon

Ursula O'Farrell at Jan 29, 2014

Tristan Gutner and Karuna Chapman embraced each of us in their workshop as a Divine Child--with Karuna as our Divine Mother and Tristan as our Divine Father. For four days, I felt their unconditional love and support...every question I came with was answered. Multiple epiphanies!!! throughout the workshop and deep bonding with other students. My heart is full and ready to help others learn more about this life-changing experience of awakening our illuminated hearts, activating our merkabas, and feeling the full radiance of our beams on!!! Tristan Gutner is an Enlightened Being. His very presence brings light to any room. With incredible love, he imparts wisdom at a deep vibrational level... something I have never experienced before. His gift of teaching extends beyond words--- he literally embodies the Divine Creator in his pure essence. Sat nam and much, much love!

Sherry Garner at Jan 12, 2014

Because the course had only 2 students, it was difficult to maintain a flow in the material. The teacher was interrupted at every piece of the information by one of the students. It was like watching a movie that was being stopped frame by frame. Very difficult to maintain a flow of information. However, Tristan, the teacher was incredibly patient with this person. I would not consider taking this course again with only one other student. The information, meditations and exercises were beautiful. I only wish that the constant interruptions hadn't occurred. Tristan Gutner is an outstanding teacher. With Great Respect and Love, Sherry

Joyce Segers at Oct 10, 2013

I was privileged to attend the Earth Sky workshop in January of 2009 where I experienced a most profound transformation in my life. The AITH workshop, offered through Tristan Gutner and the School of Remembering was a revisiting of my connection and offered a most powerful deepening of my understanding and practice. I am not the same woman I was more than four years ago and so I was given the opportunity to take another leap forward through this most brilliant experience. Thank you!