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Carolina Cocis

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Carolina Cocis


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Beside my business and 10 years of academic career with a PhD in economics, i seek all my life for something more that apparently is. I attended, studied and experienced almost all teachings and spiritual schools that exist, in many levels and with different teachers and i practiced yoga and meditation from childhood. But when i saw Drunvalo's announcement about this remembering school last year, my heart was like the cork of a bottle of champagne. Somehow i knew in that moment that, through all those experiences, this is what The Life prepared me for.
I met Drunvalo and attended my first workshop with him in 2008 and since then i was into all his work through his books, interviews and workshops of all kinds. It is the most authentic, profound and full of hope teachings, the most important and sacred work offered to the humanity, the core of existence of these times.

We are now living very special times of beginning of a new cycle. Really NEW. Everything is changing, transforming, expanding in unbelievable ways, with the only purpose to find our way back home to Mother Father God. To remember who we really are, to awaken our ancient wisdom within, to live totally and completely in our heart and to co-create consciously from the heart and from Love it means Oneness and Unity Consciousness. This is "Dreaming the new dream together" as Drunvalo is saying.

Even though i still have my own business in production, which is a part of this "dream", all i can say is that my only heart desire is (as a deep responsability) to follow and manifest Godā??s Will, to see through His eyes and bring forth His Plan and Heaven, to participate and co-create the New Earth and enjoy these special times with as many illuminated heartā?? people as possible. I can't use the right words to express such joy and excitements.

I feel blessed to be Drunvalo's ambassador by spreading his teachings, compassion and love and i am deeply honoring the Melchizedek Energy and Principles.

Today is The Day....

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Best teachers, life changing workshop !

Lenuta Toma at Jan 05, 2017

I Love You!

Nicoleta Dragu at Oct 03, 2016

Unique experience!

Lucia Rata at Feb 05, 2016

Congratulations for all your work. Namaste

Alexandru Lucian Borda at Dec 01, 2015

Everything was amazing ! Thank you !

Ina Manuela Toda at Dec 01, 2015

Thank you for this information. It is relevant and useful for anyone.

Crina Enachioiu at Mar 09, 2015


Sasarman Mariana at Mar 07, 2015

I love it!

Sasarman Mariana at Mar 07, 2015

It was another level of conscience!


Impressive start!