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Darren Alexander at Jun 03, 2018

This is a truly profound personal journey where Susanne from day 1 to day 4 enabled me to go to places I never knew existed.

alan easter at Jun 01, 2018

Life changing

Piret Rass at May 31, 2018

I loved the calm and peaceful way with which Susanne gave the seminar. It was all clear and I had amazing experiences in the Sacred and Tiny Spaces of the Heart! I definitely recommend this workshop to those who are considering to attend: afterwards, life is going to be very different, at least that is what happened to me!

Ageha Prem (A.M.) Lorentzen at Jan 18, 2018

Excellent facilitation. Susanne is an extremely capable facilitator of extraordinary experience and abilities.

Andy Orchard at Jan 18, 2018

Heart-felt and heart-led, Susanne delivered this workshop wonderfully.

Liz Cowdrey at Jan 08, 2018


Rebecca Pearson at Sep 19, 2017

Susanne is a beautiful soul and held space for everybody over the four days. The information given was informative, and clear and was delivered in a loving and caring way. I would highly recommend Susanne , and the energies of Avebury added to the event were amazing . ????

joseph pritchard at Sep 14, 2017

Fantastic four days. Susanne delivered. Magical location in Avebury.

Dave Orrey at Mar 05, 2017

It was a great 4 days of learning with like minded souls, the practical exercises and meditations were an absolute pleasure and joy to do and created a very nice loving vibration amongst the group. I would highly recommend the course and Susanne who has a really lovely energy and calmness about her.

Chris Lewis at Mar 03, 2017

This course is absolutely amazing, fantastic teaching methods for me, amazing results, way above what I expected. For me the course answered a lot of questions I had and taught me to experience the energy of love. this course gave me a lot of brilliant tools to take home eg: how to calm my busy mind (never been done before with me / many times tried) I cannot praise Susanne enough this also includes other graduates who were incredibly helpful to me. Words cannot describe this experience properly as it was full of wonderful emotions that have moved me forward in life, my heartfelt thanks to all involved love Chris

Heather Field at Sep 20, 2016

Susanne made the entire experience quite wonderful. Her calm, patient delivery was a little too quiet for the hard-of-hearing but her dedication to the subject is undoubted. Susanne makes sure everyone feels comfortable and involved in exercises that could be awkward for those new to the process. I felt so empowered by the workshop and met some amazing people too. Highly recommended for students of Life and Love.

joseph pritchard at Sep 15, 2016

Well, I've done it before but this was the deepest. Top Teaching and facilitation by Susanne Prabhuta.

Stephen Oliver at Sep 14, 2016

An amazing four day experience with profound experiences, and many fascinating aspects and take outs.

FIONA Russell at Jul 14, 2016

Thank you, it feels like it is the missing link for me with my experience and where I am with my life and with my practice with bioenergetic meditaion. It has helped me get to that quiet place with being able to sit quietly in mediation.

joseph pritchard at Jul 14, 2016

Great ATIH with Susanne Prabhuta - Drunvalo's material, her facilitation and Avebury Stone Circle make for a strong experience ...

Markus Becker at May 15, 2016

The workshop was loving and gentle. I got in touch again with my birth trauma and really felt a deeper healing. What was amazing afterwards everything became very natural and normal. I was able to go deeply in the meditations. Usually from my birth trauma, I am getting upside down. This was great.

Markus Becker at May 15, 2016

The workshop was loving and gentle. I got in touch again with my birth trauma and really felt a deeper healing. What was amazing afterwards everything became very natural and normal. I was able to go deeply in the meditations. Usually from my birth trauma, I am getting upside down. This was great.

Manohara Henrriette Cochius at May 15, 2016

The workshop really helped me on many levels. Having head surgery some years back my life has never been the same since. I have been meditating for many years on the spiritual path but some things were difficult for me. Opening up the beams of light are a revelation as that is where the doctors put some metal in, and now it feels like the pathways are opening back up again. I was really happy that I managed to do the workshop without getting too tired and I loved the meditations. I expect to see more progress.

Nada Eudevelol at May 15, 2016

I love Drunvalo's work. I have already done the Flower of Life workshop and the synthetic Merkaba and it was beautiful to experience the natural Merkaba. It all feels effortless and easy. Very joyful.

Roberto Keller at May 15, 2016

I was not sure I would managed to get it but was pleasantly suprised how I was feeling and what I was receiving in the meditations. I felt very good and relaxed in the meditations in spite of my doubting mind. It is new territory for me to get in touch with the subtle energies of the heart but well worth it, a new world of possibilities. I look forward to creating from my heart.

Almira Reuisse at May 15, 2016

It was amazing to experience my heart in this way. What I always knew and longed for. I felt so in tune with the material presented and would recommend this workshop to anyone wishing to go deeper in their heart and meditations. So grateful.

Martina Borkenhagen at May 09, 2016

Susanne is an incredible teacher and you never feel left alone. She supports you with all her competences.

katie saunders at Apr 23, 2016

Overall I enjoyed the entire experience and the Avebury location further enhanced the weekend for me. Susanne is a wonderful person, living from her heart.

Istvan Bodis at Apr 03, 2016

Words can hardly express what happened. You die and reborn, lost and found at same time. How could you be so sad and happy in the moment, such a great deepness you never know you are capable of? You will feel the expansion. You will discover new territories. You will experience. You will become the joy. It will kill you, drag you down, put all your fear and suppressed emotional blockage straight in to your face, deal with it. Your choice to gently integrate and absorb the experience or turn back and keep running. If you dare to face with them, I promise you, you will become the silent music of the love emitted from the heart. Is with the most disrespectful love

Madison Quinn at Mar 31, 2016

I usually don't rate things this high, but based on the people, the instructor and the profound way it affected me, I would \"heartily\" recommend this programme to others. Sometimes my brain wanted the content to be more and the speed to be increased, but I understand that the heart moves at a slower pace than the brain now and it was as fast as it needed to be. Thank you to all participants and the lovely instructor, Susanne. So much comes up in such a short time, and I feel so much gratitude for being part of this ATIH programme. Thank you for showing me my \"tiny\" space in my heart.

Pat Connelly at Feb 10, 2016

In my opinion Susanne-Prabhuta is a talented leader of ATIH groups who clearly practices what she teaches, and I could feel that she was living-in the heart herself, she created a healing atmosphere where I felt supported and safe. This group engendered a sense of oneness, and it certainly \"did what it said on the ATIH tin\" . As well as developing subtle-awareness & becoming more informed, I experienced an awakening that has really changed my values & priorities. Oh' and I also enjoyed myself! This group has helped me towards aspiring to live in the heart 24/7, and to not be driven through panic and fear. After integrating the whole experience, I am left inspired to continue with a daily spiritual practice involving maintaining my heart connection, and of ATIH meditation! with Love and heartfelt thanks, Pat (aki Tyohar)

Christiane Knight at Jan 29, 2016

I can truly recommend this transformational workshop. Well worth the time and money and beautifully delivered by Susanne Prabhuta. THANK YOU.

david vellw at Nov 23, 2015

Sussane was a delight. She taught demonstrated and nurture the whole group. A Wonderful and Nurtureing enviorment. Released life traumas that I was unaware that I was carring with me. Many thanks as I now feel a complete calm and tranquil outlook on life.

joseph pritchard at Nov 11, 2015

Susanne does a good job.

Debbie Baxter at Sep 16, 2015

The workshop was completed in a space of great sensitivity and care. Every part of me felt looked after during this opening.

Nicole Jordan at Jul 08, 2015

This work is phenomenal, I made some experiences in the relating exercises like I have never had before. It is amazing what can be achieved in such a short time, what an incredible journey. Thank you to everyone who makes this possible and available for us. Thank you Susanne. Thank you Drunvalo.

Belle Mary Hithersay at Jun 28, 2015

It was an amazing day, full of insight and revelation. Thank you. x

Ali Bald at Jun 04, 2015

Susanne is the best teacher I have experience, so knowledgeable, patient, kind and supportive. 10 out of 10. I would have liked some handout notes to read as the course is intensive and sometimes, its hard to absorb information whilst writing notes. But had a lovely time. Thank you Susanne

suzanne bradley at Jun 01, 2015

This was the second time I had done this course. It was wonderful to do the course a second time. I got much more out of the exercises and had some wonderful meditations. It was lovely also to connect with another group of people. Well done Susanne a fantastic teacher.

Victoria Cottam at May 20, 2015

Susanne is amazing, she is the best teacher I have ever had the pleasure to learn with. She creates a safe, loving and relaxed environment for all. Her communication was clear and she also listened and understood me and answered any questions I had. I would recommend and have recommended ATIH with her to all my friends, family and clients who have been interested. It was such a pleasure and I am so grateful to have had this experience with Susanne and the other wonderful people I met on this workshop. Thank you x

Robert Gorzynski at May 17, 2015

Thank you so much. The course was a profound experience and Susanne is a skilled and intuitive facilitator. I would highly recommend both and the course is already having a very profound effect on my life.

Elizabeth Mary Connor at May 17, 2015

Susanne was clear, patient and accommodating with everyone on the work shop. She held the space, making you feel confident in her capacity of knowledge and to deal with any emotions coming to the surface for healing.

Tracy Gorzynski at May 17, 2015

This course was amazing. It provided a systematic and gentle approach to awakening the heart and opening the third eye - essential learning if we, as a human race, are to realise our potential as spiritual beings. I was very fortunate to be with a beautiful teacher and beautiful kindred souls on the journey. THANK YOU!

Tim Varley at May 12, 2015

Susanne is a highly skilled facilitator who held the energy for the group very well throughout the four days. She was always ready to help any individual who was finding a concept hard to grasp, or for whom the work had triggered a process - while at the same time she kept the momentum up covering a wealth of material within the published schedule. The work itself is truly amazing - a very potent tool for growth and transformation yet elegant in its simplicity. Thank you from the tiny space of my heart, for helping me to remember who I really am.

jack leonis at May 12, 2015

Wonderful Teacher, Magical venue, Amazing attendees and the effects where clear to all who where there. Forever grateful with love

Mr R J Mallett at Apr 22, 2015

This workshop is amazing ! Susanne Prabhuta is a great facilitator of not only this ATIH workshop but also other workshops that I have attended . I have been a fan of Drunvalo's books and discourses for many Years , so it was a great privilege to have been involved in his work on a practical level and I have definately felt the subsequent benefits of having completed this course . I feel much Gratitude for having had the opportunity to take part in ATIH ,Thank You :D

Lisa Kenah at Feb 21, 2015

I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of this sacred, transformational journey in doing the ATIH course, guided by Susanne. Susanne led us through each experience with loving kindness and gentleness giving us the sacred space to grow, heal very deeply and go into the light Tiny space of the heart. Susanne is a wonderful teacher and guide and I would highly recommend doing the ATIH course with her. Thank you so much for this transformational, sacred experience and the wonderful meditations. God bless.

jane orsler at Feb 01, 2015

What a wonderful weekend, I rejoiced in the many jewels and treasures which we gathered and remembered over the four days .How amazing the world will be as more and more experience these gifts.

Christina Macadam at Jan 26, 2015

Each of the 4 days was incredible. I was worried that i was not very good at meditation, but something changed very quickly. Everything seemed to make sense, and we were all champing at the bit to get to the next stage every day. I liked Susanne's way of teaching. I felt supported and held throughout the time, through all the ups and downs of the journey. I am very grateful to Susanne for bringing the workshop to the UK, and for Drunvalo for bringing the process to the world.

Tim Varley at Jan 25, 2015

Beautiful and uplifting - a truly heartful weekend I shall never forget

Tim Varley at Dec 20, 2014

I felt Susanne held the space beautifully and she made each of us feel welcome. The meditations and exercises were well orchestrated and built on each other so I was able to receive the essence of this work and practice it myself afterwards. So much has changed for me since then - I really am living as my heart wants me to live - and it is effortless, just relaxing and letting go around it. I recently had a dream in which I was standing before a gateway . . . I then passed through and entered another world . . . and everything changed. As in my dream, so in my everyday life. I would highly recommend doing this workshop with Susanne . . . it is extraordinary.

Jamie Edkins at Nov 26, 2014

It was a brilliant few days. I made new friends and learned a lot.

Ammaelliah Foott at Oct 26, 2014

Susanne held and sustained such a beautiful, safe and sacred space. As a teacher, she delivers with clarity, love, patience and wisdom. She facilitated a profoundly meaningful and precious stage of life's journey and it has been an honour and an absolute pleasure to be with her in this space.

Simon Thomson at Oct 21, 2014

\"What fantastic course ... The Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop was everything I expected and more. A real awakening, and a wonderful coming together of a group of fantastic people I now consider friends, this 4-day retreat was really amazing. I would highly recommend this course for all those have reached that point in their spiritual life where they wish to step everything up a tiny bit (which is a good pun) and discover a long-lost secret to happiness, peace and bliss. Or whatever it is you are looking for... Susanne is a sensitive, caring and patient soul, who teaches in a very calm, easy to understand, and loving way. And how fantastic that we took part in the first ever ATIH course in Jersey, Channel Islands, opening up this energy and teaching to Islanders - and I am sure visitors to the Island in the future. Highly recommend all round. Simon, Jersey, Channel Islands\"

Nicole Jordan at Sep 14, 2014

Attending the ATIH workshop was the best course I have ever done! The course material was exceptionally meaningful and powerful, some experiences I made on the course I have never had quite so deeply before. Susanne, the teacher was fantastic, so naturally in tune with the complex and profound material that brought the whole group to a beautiful unity. Avebury was just the perfect place to acquire these wonderful teachings and I am incredibly grateful for having had this opportunity. I have and will continue to recommend the workshop with Susanne to others as I am finding that a truly heart centred transformation is taking place for me. thank you, thank you, thank you! Nicky

mali browning at Aug 28, 2014

Susanne held a beautiful, soft and light, feminine space for us, which seemed harmonious and relaxed throughout. The ceremonies were powerful and beautiful with much love light and healing filling the space from all directions. Something has awakened in me, I feel bigger,stronger, clearer and brighter. I felt that the workshop worked very well in terms of its progression from one understanding to the next, and the deep bonding which occurred between participants during the process. I would have appreciated one more day to revisit the day 4 content to hopefully get a better handle on what was imparted there in order to close the group with a greater sense of completion, though I believe that further clarification/illumination will be available for graduates on the TSOR site. That said, I greatly enjoyed the liberation and expansion experienced in the meditations, which really felt so natural and familiar and I am left with a subtle awareness of being everything, like no separation anywhere, and a soft juicy glow in my heart, brilliant! thank you .

suzanne bradley at Jul 21, 2014

It was the most amazing workshop I have ever attended. It brought together all the spiritual work I have ever done. Our teacher Susanne delivered the whole weekend with love and understanding. By the end of the 4 days I felt very connected to the whole group. I look forward to continuing the meditations and living life from the tiny space of my heart. Thank you Drunvalo for this wonderful gift and Susanne for delivering the weekend so beautifully.

richard owen at Jul 19, 2014

I gained insight, especially on the healing day.

Pat Connelly at Jul 18, 2014

The teacher was clearly in her own heart, and she created a secure & loving space where my heart became more & more open. Although day4 felt incomplete since the workshop I feel happier, lighter & clearer. Overall it was a profound & amazing experience.

Wendy Baxter at Jul 17, 2014

This workshop was very empowering. The connection of all the physiology both actual and energetic feels like the answer to a complete and effective life, where love and creativity can flow effortlessly. Susanne is a wonderfully empathetic and patient teacher and created a beautiful space to explore our hearts both the clearing processes and the joy. Thank you. Wonderful.

Mark Rodel-Duffy at Jul 16, 2014

An incredibly healing and illuminating course. A Blessing to have taken part. The benefits and insights continue to flow. In gratitude, M