Drunvalo Melchizedek presents The School of Remembering®



Lucia Martinez at Aug 25, 2020

Me encanto el curso! Muchas gracias!

tannia vazquez at Jul 20, 2018

Since day one my heart felt joy, bliss, happiness, as if my search was finally over. Adriana is such a loving soul, has an intense healing energy... all you can feel around her is pure love. Thank you Adriana

Santiago Pardo Leonel de Cervantes at Jul 10, 2018

Adriana, i have no words that can express my gratitude and admiration to you, thank you! I love you !

Magaly Padilla Ballesteros at Aug 08, 2017

Muy bella experiencia, con una grande y bella maestra del recordar y un grupo hermoso de seres abiertos para despertar, siento que he vuelto a casa, gracias por compartir el invaluable conocimiento de la vida <3

Emilio Gonzalez at Aug 07, 2017

Adriana was an awesome teacher, the hole event was beautiful and the information given is amazing.

Maricela Sanchez at Jul 26, 2017

My recognition to that beautiful soul who was my teacher; Adriana Garavito for his great love and all the wisdom transmitted to us, as well as to his assistant Adrian.

I took the awakening illuminated heart course and I am just fascinated and connected fully to God and his light and divine love. Please tell Drunvalo that I really thank him for all he has done to make this possible for many people. God bless him. My heart is really free of resentments. I received many answers,

I knew why my mother had been so difficult to get along with my mom and received the answer that my father is not longer in this dimension (he disappeard many years ago) but I saw him in my heart. He was so happy and say bye. I met my Higher Self and many, many things like discovering that some of my mates in the course were old and loved human beings in former existences.

Bernardo Robaina Romahn at Oct 13, 2015

En esta ocasion , quise vivir la experiencia de entrar a mi corazon por segunda vez , y descubri que soy capaz de abrir mucho mas mi sentir y ampliar mi experiencia desde mi corazon , es poderoso revisar el conocimiento y descubrir que puedes ir mas profundo en tu ser !! , gracias a mi maestra adriana por tanto amor y ayudarme a recordar

Bernardo Robaina Romahn at Oct 13, 2015

Estoy muy agradecido a Drunvalo y especialmente a mi maestra Adriana , quien cuya sensibilidad me transmitio sensaciones , sentimientos y conocimientos que no imagine estuvieran en mi , muchas gracias ! los cuales hicieron un gran cambio positivo en mi vida . gracias !

Rafael Kasillas at Feb 16, 2015

She is so good!!!!


This course has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life, I thank my brother Alejandro for having shared this great blessing. This is definitely remember what we are in essence, LOVE, just love. I was able to meet again with my higher self and feel especially blessed and loved by the universal energy that is GOD.

Still happening in my life changes, I hope the best for my future, not only in this life or in the earth, forever.

My love and appreciation for all loa always we share this great experience on the course. Adriana, Robert and Mitch: my love, respect and admiration for you. Thanks for everything.

Drunvalo Thanks for existing.


It was a beautiful experience!. I could find the answers i was looking for, i felt that love ofmy teacher provide us was very important, i am so grateful with my teacher and every one that has been this learning possible for us, thanks Drunvalo and every one that has make it happend.Love can change the world

David Morales at Dec 19, 2013

This was a Great experience, loved it.

Fernando Cifuentes Villafuerte at Dec 12, 2013

I had taken a workshop with Drunvalo directly and I must say that Adriana is such a great and loving teacher and delivered such a perfect workshop that I didn't actually missed Drunvalo (Sorry Dru!). This workshop has been the most important thing I've done in my life so far, I feel blessed and happy I took it, can't wait on what is going to come next!


The workshop exceeded my expectations in every way, I am completely grateful .


Lorena Padilla at Dec 10, 2013

This was an amazing full of love experience not only because of the teachings but also because of the harmony and beautiful way of teaching, making us feel as a family in unity.

Leonardo G Olguin Huerta at Oct 02, 2013

After the expierence, all of signals come on our hearts, how can we do a personal chain (teachers- students) to continue sharing this signals, understand its meaning and applied in our lives, not only with videos or articles

Marcela Margarita Partida Alvarez at Sep 10, 2013

I am grateful with life for have had the opportunity to be part of this wonderful group of people at the service of humanity. Adriana Garavito is a great teacher, what a privilege to have known.

Ernesto Rodriguez Ayala at Jul 07, 2013

Thanks for my teachers and thank to Drunvalo to lets us feel our inner space in our heart and light our lives.

Thanks with my heart

Yolanda Garcia y de Montanaro at Jul 06, 2013

This is the time of thinking, feeling, acting, working, living everything from the Heart. So we experiment Unity with all and everything surrounding us. Being conscious of our beams of Light leading us in our Ascension Path. May the Holy Spirit embaraces Humanity and the Earth conectes as ONE!