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Sue Rojas at Jul 26, 2021


This was my calling and I didn't know why because I didn't knew anything related to the workshop before. It was the perfect time and the perfect people to remember my origins.

I felt so connected with everything that we experienced and talk... It's home!! :)

I don't have words to express how I felt since the beginning, I started crying hardly of happiness since the first meditation... life changing workshop.

Dmitry is so humble and patient and he has a lot of knowledge about this 3D life and others... His vibes are so good and I felt so confident to be open and share and be "my real self". :)

He gave us all the information that were craving for and even more.

Dmitry has a great gift and psychic abilities, I am pretty sure that he was reading our minds and feelings and that's how the magic happened! ;)

I didn't know what to expect at the beginning, so I didn't expect anything...

For my surprise, Dmitry and this workshop answered many answers that I had and I feel like another person already, and I feel ready for the next level of consciousness that I need to experience. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you lovely beings!! :)

God Bless us!!

Sue Rojas

Monika Sawyer at Feb 02, 2020

Great experience! Dmitry truly cares for his students and creates supporting and nurturing environment for this workshop. This workshop has thought me few new practices and helped me deepened my spiritual journey.

Debra Williams at Jan 01, 2020

Greetings, this was my third time participating in the ATIH workshop within a year and still, I enjoyed a profound life changing experience. Catching details through repetition were ever so helpful for directing and redirecting my energies. It's difficult

to fully express my appreciation and love towards Dmitry and his knowledgeable and gifted guidance through my exciting and amazing journey. Blessing to all . . .

Debra Williams at Dec 09, 2019

This was my second time attending the Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop taught by Dmitry in his comfortable home. It proved to be a surprisingly profound exciting journey. My life filled with a myriad of life's distractions since my initial experience. Attending the workshop for the second time revealed how all these distractions are less and less a vital part of me and my reality. Blessings and deepest love to all my relations, Deb

Frederic Lancaster at Dec 03, 2019

Dmitry is just super. There are 1001 positive adjectives to describe him, but suffice it to say we feel he is family now. Do not hesitate to register for his session.

Debra Williams at Jun 20, 2019

Being my nature to more often than not, overthink things, I arrived at my Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop pretty anxious, feeling it was an incredibly steep and massive mountain in front of me. However immediately my teacher, Dmitry Glukov, dispelled every one of my concerns with his insightful genuine and nurturing love, incredible kindness, and servicing patience. Our group was intimately small, which allowed for deep discussions and comprehension. In hindsight, the workshop was profoundly structured to create a pathway of success after success after success, supporting both the heart and intellect. To summarize there are no words, only pure love and appreciation to be gifted with this experiential sacred knowledge. With love and blessing to Dmitry and All, Debra

Owen Weinman at Mar 26, 2018

Dmitry really helped me at a point in my life where I was feeling stuck. Would recommend him to anyone, great teacher and amazing workshop.

Whitney Brown at Mar 26, 2018

Thank you Drunvalo for all your hard work in getting this information for us to study and learn. Thank you Dmitry for your work in becoming a teacher and helping others nearby experience these teachings. I feel I have been searching this information my whole life, and am more complete now than I have ever been. I'm excited to see what else I can learn/remember from the School of Remembering.

Gary Curry at Jan 21, 2018

Dimitry was organized, enthused, and prepared with the knowledge to guide us into our hearts. He teaches from a place of love,curiosity and acceptance. The workshop was a great platform for mutually discovering the connection between science and intuition. All one needs to enjoy and expand through this course is an open mind and a willing heart. Dimitry has one of the biggest hearts we have felt in a while.

Cort Pearson at Jul 24, 2017

Dmitry Glukhov did a amazing job at teaching and guiding me through all the lessons, I got a lot out of his class and know exactly what I need to do going forward. This is an amazing class and I recommend anyone who is searching for a teacher and an awesome experience to definitely do it. Thanks again Dmitry Glukhov!

Judith Hotek at Feb 01, 2017

Thank you for going above and beyond and sharing your joy!

Yudy Esther at Dec 10, 2016

I love your peace and harmony combined with your joy, that made me feel like a very good friend who always has a wise word without judgments, where love is the only truth.

Josee V Kee at Dec 07, 2016

Dear Dmitry,

WOW! Your amazing presence and great way to express and communicate so clearly has been a great help for me to remember and know how we are all truly connected via our hearts and that love is the way, the only way.

Thank you so very much!


P.S. So much love!!❤❤

Damien Muth at Dec 07, 2016

To me Dmitry feels like my Brother from another mother ;-) I love his calm loving energy! I would definitely recommend the ATIH workshop with Dmitry to everyone that has an interest in opening their heart more, remember, and live with more joy! Thank you for doing what you do Dmitry! Much love to 1 and all! Damien

Carlos Marquez at Dec 07, 2016

Thank you Iryna and Dmitry for your amazing dedication to mother earth, father sky and unconditional love. Our lives are better because of you.

Fernando Gonzalez at Dec 06, 2016

Wow. Just....WOW! This has been the greatest experience of my life. Dmitry is so open, warm, loving, caring, and did I mention he gives the BEST hugs?? I was so honored and blessed to have been a student with him and Iryna. They are such a dynamic, powerful duo! I will never be able to thank Dmitry, Iryna, and Drunvalo enough for all their effort, research, and the heart and soul they put into this workshop and into everyone who is called to attend these events. I love you all so much and I am so completely overjoyed and deeply thankful to be a part of creation and to finally remember how to co-create with all of you beautiful beings!

All Love and Blessings,

Fernando Gonzalez

Glenn Lincoln at Dec 06, 2016

In 1990, I completed a book titled "There Is a Way - A Reliable Road to Success" in which I described a workable way. ATIH makes this way look incredibly small. This is the way!!! (That's a gross understatement)! The English language virtually doesn't have any way to describe the value of this workshop(/playshop) for effecting amazing changes in all areas of life. They say "Love is the answer to all problems" and there's an abundance of it included here (another understatement)!

Victoria Van Paasschen at Dec 06, 2016

Before the workshop I was looking at another workshop in Sedona on a later date but something told me that the people at that workshop were not my group. I then came across Drunvalo's work again and thought I would check to see when the next workshop was. I saw Dmitri's face again, I had seen it before, and thought I would check Dec 1-4 2016 workshop out. I felt strongly about it. Next thing I knew I booked my flight, set everything up with only a couple of days to go. The day I was getting on the plane I felt this strong pain in my foot that shot up my leg, it was as though my ego did not want me to go. I also felt excited because I knew that my ego was scared of this upcoming change.

I arrived at the workshop with deep loving hugs and smiling faces. I felt this deep love from everyone already. As the workshop continued the love just got deeper, and the experiences were amazing. Months before the workshop I was having pain on my left side of my body. I no longer have that pain. Lots of emotions left my body when we did a group meditation to let go of attachments. Wow. I just allowed my emotions to come out at that moment and it was as though I became pure. My star family and beyond were all there to see, this was a very happy moment for me that I cried and laughed. It was very powerful and life changing.

Dmitri is such a wonderful Devine person. He was the first person that hugged me when I arrived. He and Iryna allowed all of us to share our experiences with each other. I just love listening to the others on their experiences helping me with confirming my own. I loved seeing Dmitri's cosmic eyes everyday, with his athentic smile and his Devine child spirit that made me feel cared after. I love and miss him. Dmitri did very well with sharing the floor with Iryna, together they made a great pair. If one of them did not get the information across then the other one would. Towards the end of the workshop I knew that Dmitri knew so much more then he made it appear in the beginning. He is truly connected. I also loved how he smiled at me like I was one of his sisters, and I could look into his eyes with complete trust. The group was so intimate that we became family within hours. By the end of the workshop I felt like I was leaving my family, they are completely my soul group. I am glad that I met everyone, and I cannot wait to see them all again!

As a Starseed, I would recommend this to other Starseeds because it gets you to do things physically and that improves the abilities you already have. I feel a huge increase in awareness, telepathy from the heart, healing, bliss, love, peace, trust, wisdom, knowledge, harmony, beauty, humility, and compassion. I have more confidence in awakening more abilities. It was the perfect place to talk about other abilities such as teleportation and so on that was taken seriously and playfully with love. I was having problems with always being cold, and I felt a lot warmer after the second day where that group meditation took place. I believe it even increased my Aka Dua, because this workshop completely changes your awareness and that is how you get an increase in anything. It was great to be shown everything that you have read about in the books Living in the Heart and Flower of Life I and II. If you have not read the books it would be a fun surprise!

This workshop truly connects you to your heart. Now I know that I am in my tiny space in the heart. I also learned things that were not in the books, so if you have read the books it is good to go to one of these workshops to get that information, espeically from Dmitri and Iryna. They are a blast! This has been a wonderful blessing to me. I am so grateful that I signed up for this workshop and I will go again just to be apart of it all once more.


Veronica Griffith at Nov 28, 2016

Dimitry is wonderful! He has a wealth of information and a kind heart. I am only sad we didn't get enough time to talk. The information reviewed was fascinating

Patricia Freed at Nov 24, 2016

Dmytri, Thank you so much for your imput, I found a kindred spirit with you. Your explanations where spot on and helped me to incorporate my understanding at a very high level. Thank you for your time and wisdom. Namaste

Ana Sandrin at Nov 22, 2016

My first impression of Dmitry was how approachable and unassuming he is, and how easy it is to talk with him. I can see how experienced and well-rounded he is in his ability to relate to and to understand pretty much anyone through any situation. He has a very supporting presence and a very gentle energy. He is very authentic in his interactions and always coming from the heart. It is easy to trust him and a joy to be around him.

sandy jenkins at Oct 30, 2016

What an incredible experience, it was so magical I didn't want it to end. Dmitry and Iryna are a dynamic duo and are pure love and joy, such precious souls. They created a very safe loving environment from which to experience this life changing workshop. I highly recommend this workshop to everyone. With love and gratitude, thank you Dmitry and Iryna.

Martha Bowers at Oct 24, 2016

Dmitry is an excellent teacher, so aware; teaches in such a way that is gentle and allows the process to expand beyond anything you could have imagined. This class is transformational from judgment to love and understanding, in four days. It was an amazing adventure. Thank you again!

Debbie Darbyshire at Oct 18, 2016

This class exceeded way beyond my expectations, it was truly a magical experience!

Thank you Dmitry!!!

This has changed my life forever!. The Healing you and Iryna provided was amazing, I can hardly express with words, other than the ultimate experience in this lifetime!!! You are doing exactly what you should be doing!! You are an amazing teacher you change peoples lives for the better!!!

Love, Love Love you!!! Debbie D.

andrei radulescu at Sep 22, 2016

Dmitry was a great teacher. He was very welcoming and kind and easy to understand.

Brianna Higa at Sep 21, 2016

This workshop was a life-changing experience. The intention of everyone present was so divine that every moment was a lesson (even if it was not part of the "curriculum"!). Dmitry was so gentle and loving. Because of past trauma, it was very healing for me to work with such a gentle and positive Man. He is such a fine role-model of the Superior Man. I felt completely safe and inspired. I love him dearly.

sean toltec at Sep 19, 2016

The class was so amazing. the first day i was a little unopened and maybe a little skeptical even though having read all the required books i was intrigued to see how the actual experiences went. And my god! As the days went on I just got more and more involved in the work and just entering the space of the workshop felt more like home than my actual home haha. But anyways if you get the time or decide to make the time :) pls give this body of work a shot you won't be disappointed :)

Rodney James at Aug 27, 2016

Beautiful experience. Talented facilitator.

Melissa Hayakawa at May 06, 2016

Thank you for your warmth and wisdom! This was an amazing workshop and I'm so glad to have been a part of it. My life will be forever brighter, happier, and full of more love. Just when I think life is as good as it gets...it gets better! I highly recommend this workshop. Be prepared to love life!

Sara M. Robins at Apr 13, 2016

Simply amazing. What a delightful and joyful experience. I highly recommend.. Iryna is such an illuminating presence, so much love and enthusiasm. I could feel such warmth, welcoming and peaceful vibrations the moment I arrived. Iryna is so vibrant and.. wow, just beaming with the love light. Dmitry is warm and kind and gentle. Together they beautifully balance the masculine and feminine in perfect harmony. I can say for certain I have never experience anything like this. I will definitely be returning. I am so very grateful to have had this opportunity and to be in the presence of such powerful gentle and loving beings. From the bottom of my illuminated heart, I thank you. < In Lak'esh >

Lauren Lewis at Mar 24, 2016

What a powerful class! Thank you Dmitry for holding space and for your enthusiasm in sharing this sacred knowledge!

Stephanie McGill at Mar 04, 2016

Dmitry is loving and gentle. He was a peaceful presence who helped illuminate details and who was excellent at explaining the masculine approaches and perspectives. Thank you!

Daniel Matthews at Feb 23, 2016

I found what I was searching for. Recommend it to all.

James Bertrand at Feb 23, 2016

Dmitry's passion and control of the subject matter was obvious and infectious. Additionally, he demonstrated an ability to connect with me and other attendees all while conveying the information in manner that made it a "fun" experience. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking to attend workshop.

Holly Semanoff at Feb 22, 2016

This was my second time through ATIH and I absolutely loved it. Dmitry has a deep love for this work and because of that the space he creates to receive and experience all that ATIH has to offer is magnified! I am very grateful to have learned from him and I wouldn't hesitate to do this again for the third time! 5 stars

David Zimmerman at Jan 28, 2016

Iryna and Dmitry are excellent teaches their warmth and love show in every aspect of their teaching, it is only matched by their enthusiasm in helping others ATIH.

I can honestly say I am a better person for meeting them and the others in my class!

Denise Mandich at Nov 17, 2015

This class so really wonderful! Dmitry and Iryna worked really well together.

Dmitry is so good at explaining things and giving analogies to help you understand the teachings they are conveying. It's great to have the male and female represented in the workshop.Happy people all the way around.

Calvin Johnson at Oct 23, 2015

This is a profoundly wonderful workshop that has helped me reconnect to my natural creative energy (centered in the heart). The facilitators (Iryna and Dimitri) were perfect! A very balanced team offered and beautiful experience. All questions were answered with love and patience and they were very accommodating and attuned to the needs of the individual participants. This is the information and experience that the world needs and I highly recommend the workshop. \**In Lak'esh**/

Anika Ray at Oct 08, 2015

This workshop was one of the best spiritual workshops I have been to. The teachers were informative, kind, considerate and so welcoming. I also loved the atmosphere and the venue. I recommend it to everyone seeking to understand and reconnect with the most intimate part of self and it is definitely about remembering who we are and why are we here.

Adrian Harley at Oct 06, 2015

Fantastic, warm and welcoming! Would recommend for sure.

Tatevik Victoria Ariana Abelyan at Oct 06, 2015

Iryna and Dmitry were very welcoming and beautiful teachers. I feel like I've gained so much from this workshop and they have definitely helped me a lot in learning (remembering :)). There was lots of guidance and I felt lots of help from them. I am glad I attended the workshop and met them :) Thank you so much Iryna and Dmitry! I am looking forward to meeting you soon again!

tonja hunt at Aug 27, 2015

I absolutely loved the experiences I had during these classes. I am so excited to take the course all over again! Dmitry is a very warm and kind teacher. I enjoy talking with him and listening to different perspectives he had on things. I felt very safe and accepted to share my experiences with the class. It was one of the most profound and beautiful events I have ever attended. Thank you!

Lisa Wolfgang at Jun 13, 2015

Dimitri thank you so much for your wisdom and clarity.

Randall Roberts at Jun 06, 2015

Dimtri was an excellent support and guide with perfect timing in facilitating the process of learning and experiencing the Illumination of our hearts. He is a master of the technological part of the program and a beautiful soul. I highly recommend this course to anyone with complete confidence.

vashael andersonn at Jun 01, 2015

A complete and total return to who we really are presented with a knowingness that only comes from living in the heart. This workshop was everything it claimed to be and more . Total JOY was felt by all who attended ! Profound... Exciting....Perfect!

Faith May at Apr 22, 2015

I really felt the love emanating from our instructors. They walked their talk and were eager to answer any questions and be very open with us. It was wonderful having such a small class so we had a lot of individual attention. I would greatly recommend working with them to anyone.

Betsy Bothe at Apr 20, 2015

Dmitry is a kind and compassionate soul. He radiates love and acceptance. He was less involved in delivering the information but in total support and in clarifying. He brings a deep understanding of the love and light through his presence and unwendding support, warmth, humor and kindness .

Robert Hendershot at Apr 20, 2015

This instructor was very easy to make a loving connection with. He was very loving and ready to help you with anything you needed. The class was very comfortable and you could feel his desire for you to go through the material and each meditation successfully. Thank you!

Tom Burton at Feb 06, 2015

Enjoy the class with Dmitry it fun and full of life. He had a kindness but yet a gentle strength to him . It was a wonderful enlightening experience. May peace be with you

Tom Burton at Feb 06, 2015

Enjoy the class with Dmitry it fun and full of life. He had a kindness but yet a gentle strength to him . It was a wonderful enlightening experience.IT

Holly Semanoff at Jan 29, 2015

Dmitry has a deep love for this work that you can feel right away. If there is anyone seeking to feel safe to explore and open up Dmitry is a gifted teacher with a big heart. I would rate my experience with him a 10 out of 10. Truly a beautiful soul. Love and Light

vashael andersonn at Jan 27, 2015

Dmitry has a wonderful way of presenting the information and an experiential knowledge of the materials.He is a delight to be around and teaches with great joy and love! Dmitry not only knows his "stuff" he lives it !!! I have attended numerous

workshops over the years and this has been the best ! Thanks Dmitry!

vashael andersonn at Jan 27, 2015

Dmitry has a wonderful way of presenting the information and an experiential knowledge of the materials.He is a delight to be around and teaches with great joy and love! Dmitry not only knows his "stuff" he lives it !!! I have attended numerous

workshops over the years and this has been the best ! Thanks Dmitry!

vashael andersonn at Jan 27, 2015

Dmitry has a wonderful way of presenting the information and an experiential knowledge of the materials.He is a delight to be around and teaches with great joy and love! Dmitry not only knows his "stuff" he lives it !!! I have attended numerous

workshops over the years and this has been the best ! Thanks Dmitry!

John Baker at Jan 25, 2015

Wow. Simply wow. Thank you so much. Love, beauty, harmony, and truth are what I found there.

John B

Joyce Whitecotton at Oct 20, 2014

It was a pleasure to met Dmitry and take the workshop from him here in Dallas.

Thank you.

Catherine Cates at Oct 14, 2014

We all loved Dimitry! He was great. What an open heart & loving being.