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carmela bentabet at Jul 16, 2018

It was an amazing and unique experience. I Iearned so much during those 4 days. Thank you to Irina for her knowledge, kindness and patience. I feel so strong and so much more happy after this beautiful workshop. You will see life and live life so differently... With all my love , Carmela

Dana Burkholder at Jul 13, 2018

Iryna is a wonderful and welcoming teacher. She helped me approach this incredible information directly and with ease. Her understanding and intuition is shared and felt and the learning environment was perfect. The size of the class and the natural and comfortable feel of the presentation was so easy to connect with. Sedona is a terrific setting for this kind of event because it easy to relax and go within. Many blessings and so many thanks to Drunvalo and Iryna and everyone at the SOR.

Judy Kinz at Jul 12, 2018

This is a transformative process! Well worth it!

Jeffrey Larson at Jul 11, 2018

Wow. The second class was even more profound than the first. My connection to the heart and my inner child is at an entirely new level. I feel like I've awoken from a deep sleep and am now truly experiencing life from a new perspective of joy and gratitude. My deepest gratitude and blessings to all doing the work!

Jeffrey Larson at Jul 11, 2018

Iryna is a fantastic teacher and beautifully intuitive soul. She helped me find a connection to my heart that I never knew existed, even though I resisted at first. Her energy and connection to the heart was extremely beneficial in helping me awaken the long forgotten connection. I am deeply grateful for this experience and the help of Iryna and all members of the class. It was an extremely profound experience, which has opened my eyes to a whole new world. Much love to all those doing the work!

Lori Macnaughton at Jul 04, 2018

I just completed another ADVANCED HEALING ATIH. And Im confident saying.. I get it and Im starting to experience it!! I'm really focusing being in the heart (one foot out) and just repeating \"joy..bliss\" every moment I can. Wow! I having moments of it then I come back here. Im still need more focused awareness but I will do it! I can really feel..really feel when Im in my heart that anything's possible! Thank you Iryna so much for staying on me.. persevering thru all my rebellious emotions! Im starting to feel the fun woohoooo! With much love, Lori

Raymundo Anaya Anaya at Jun 22, 2018

Very cleansing and powerful workshop! Easy tools to learn and integrate into daily life for greater soul alignment and overall well being. The workshop consisted of many teachings that are of great value to anyone who wishes to deepen their connection to spirit and live a harmonious life. Thank you.

Lea Byrnes at Jun 21, 2018

Iryna, thank you for this wonderful experience. This workshop shed light on so many of the questions I had about drunvalos work and showed me how to have strength in myself. I am so excited to continue to use the skills I learned here. You are a beautiful soul and I am so grateful to have had the chance to learn and grow with the other beautiful people that were in the workshop. The healing was incredible. Thank you!!!

Marie-Helene Villierme at Jun 20, 2018

I can already feel how this 4 days workshop has a powerful impact on me. I was excited to attend this workshop and on the same time, I haven't any expectation because I didn't know very much about Drunvalo's works & teachings. I feel a lot of gratitude for our teacher Iryna because she led us in such a clear and well structured way that every step we made was easy and successful :) Marie

Brent Stephens at Jun 07, 2018

The advanced healing workshop revealed the origins of several personal stumbling blocks, as well as two deep-seated perceptual biases that had adversely affected me and escaped my conscious awareness for many years. The experience was akin to invasive surgery while fully conscious, but well worth it to rediscover the creative power and pure freedom we all possess. Thank you, Iryna!

Brent Stephens at Jun 07, 2018

This was the most illuminating work I have done since consciously starting my spiritual journey 25 years ago. The unique gathering of beings, guided by an awakened being like Iryna revealed depths of blockages that had been hindering my progress for years, possibly other lifetimes. Iryna is like a master surgeon, probing the depths of each individual in a loving way, bringing them to a greater realization and remembrance of personal inner truth and purpose in this life.

Wendelmoet Schalkwijk at Jun 07, 2018

Iryna you are a vibrant passionate thunderbolt teacher, who managed to manoeuvre your way through the maze of our ego, emotions and confusion at times, and patiently showed us the power of the heart. Please keep connecting people with your teaching !!!!!!! love & Blessings for you and all those who will humbly open their heart.

Lori Macnaughton at May 30, 2018

WOW! I experienced an amazing three days filled with new awareness and awakening to many issues that I wasn't aware were creating roadblocks to me living an abundant, healthy-thinking life. Throughout my life I felt I confronted 'my demons' so to speak and worked hard to acknowledge them, forgive myself and move on. However, Iryna made me aware that although I did all that work and thought it all complete, the root of these issues were never addressed and removed, so old, hurtful thought patternswere still running my show without even knowing.. wow! We spoke about why I think the way I do, feel the way I do and react still, the way I do to everyday life. Some of my issues were related to sex (which has affected my relationships), anger (which has wreaked havoc in all areas) and assumptions (which has been a waste of my life.) These were just a few. I was also blessed to learn from my classmates and their stuff. We are all so connected! This class was truly a blessing and I'm so grateful! I suggest this class to anyone who has an awareness that their life just doesn't seem to be working for them and want better. Come knowing that this process though not always easy, is SO worth the end result! Many thanks to Iryna and her dedication to helping others live a full life!

Tim Combs at Apr 24, 2018

I had a very meaningful experience at the workshop. Iryna is highly talented at conveying what can be difficult concepts to grasp. The atmosphere at the workshop was very Loving and supportive. It will take time and practice on my part to bring the lessons into my daily life, but I feel a sense of grace more strongly surrounding my interactions with others than I did before attending. Thank you all very much for producing and delivering what I think is a profoundly useful sharing, learning and reflective experience between people!

Euna Kim at Apr 23, 2018

I have changed since the workshop. My heart is filled with love and joy and now I understand more that we can create anything we want using our heart. And it was a real healing time I had never experienced before. I strongly recommend Iryna's workshop and want to special thanks to Iryna, Rory and Tim. Much love!!

Crystal Chen at Mar 19, 2018

My experience with Iryna was truly magnificent! As a teenager, making to Sedona to attend the workshop and convincing my parents was a huge challenge. She's very supportive and was with me the whole process. When I arrived, I've never felt so at home and welcomed! The experience I've had in the workshop was just so healing, fulfilling, fun, and creative... its beyond words to describe. Iryna is so masterful at what she's teaching, everything I've learned from her was truly life changing. I like to ask a lot of questions during the workshop, and she answered every single one of them with great patience and detail that go beyond expectations. I'm ready now to go out in the world with this new me: one foot in the tiny space, one foot dancing around :)

Theresa Tine Tine at Jan 25, 2018

My teacher Iryna was amazing. I was so comfortable and filled with joy and excitement each day in an atmosphere of unconditional love! My experience in this class was a life changing event for me with a whole new awareness of life and my purpose. Thank you Iryna for all your love and patience helping me to finally Remember.

James Hardison at Jan 24, 2018

Not often does a training experience qualify as life altering. This is exactly what happened at Iryna Eysmont’s ATIH workshop in Sedona this past week. My life has permanently been changed. From communicating with my inner child to going to the tiny space of the heart to my halo and MerKaBa activation. I now have a new perspective, a new outlook and a direction to follow. Additionally Iryna has a well thought out presentation of the subject material. Her knowledge is very complete and does not hesitate to answer questions from a perspective of understanding. She guides her students to have this same experiential understanding not just mental comprehension of subject material. What wonderful energy Iryna has and gives it freely and abundantly. Thank you Iryna for this past week and blessings, blessings and more blessings. James Hardison

Carol Lin at Jan 22, 2018

Iryna is the most happy and exuberant person that I have ever met! She was tireless in helping me to understand and, most of all--to feel the knowledge she presented. I appreciate her committed effort to show all who are interested, a new way of living, Hallelujah!!

Raymond Cocker at Jan 03, 2018

I cannot find the words to describe the experience fully....but if I was looking at the workshop and the experiences from a visual perspective it would be like looking at a scene of nature with all the wonders you could imagine...fairies, sprites, waterfalls of crystal clear water with shimmering crystals sending different colours of light everywhere....and when you looked up you would see colours and images that would look like the northern lights dancing across the sky and all the creatures of nature just grazing and laying in the foliage.... The co-creation that occurred had so much energy and love....and the singing angels that came in created such an awe inspiring sound, which was followed by the inner children’s laughter made it so mesmerising ....I feel so blessed to have been a part of this...travelling from Perth, Australia for the event in Sedona, Arizona and meeting such beautiful souls was blissful....thank you so much Iryna for facilitating and co-creating this even, and also to Lori for opening her home to accommodate the event. Testament to this was how everyone just did not want to leave at completion...The energy was pure bliss....RC

Raymond Cocker at Jan 03, 2018

I cannot find the words to describe the experience fully....but if I was looking at the workshop and the experiences from a visual perspective it would be like looking at a scene of nature with all the wonders you could imagine...fairies, sprites, waterfalls of crystal clear water with shimmering crystals sending different colours of light everywhere....and when you looked up you would see colours and images that would look like the northern lights dancing across the sky and all the creatures of nature just grazing and laying in the foliage.... The co-creation that occurred had so much energy and love....and the singing angels that came in created such an awe inspiring sound, which was followed by the inner children’s laughter made it so mesmerising ....I feel so blessed to have been a part of this...travelling from Perth, Australia for the event in Sedona, Arizona and meeting such beautiful souls was blissful....thank you so much Iryna for facilitating and co-creating this even, and also to Lori for opening her home to accommodate the event. Testament to this was how everyone just did not want to leave at completion...The energy was pure bliss....RC

Carol Kaping at Oct 24, 2017

Awakening to my heart or returning to my heart has been calling to me as the most significant step I need to take in my life right now. So I was guided by the Great Spirit within to this class and finding Iryna in Sedona was a true blessing to me. I am very grateful to everyone in this class because we all bonded like family and all there was meant to be. I loved learning from everyone's experiences and progression. I loved the healing and chanting part of the class on day three and I had a major breakthrough by being able to release the blockages that didn't serve me anymore, so I could feel my higher self. It was very moving a beautiful experience and it felt like it was to each and everyone one of us there. I also liked being the healer by chanting and holding the positive energy for others healing. It seemed many were able to more readily access their sacred place and move into their hearts may be easier than I did... but I do feel I am progressing with the meditation and outlined steps to be one with my heart. I know this is happening and I feel a major shift in awareness. I am very grateful I took this class and already look forward to a refresher class upcoming. Blessings to everyone reading this looking to find and follow their inner Love Spiritual guidance within the heart. This was a very rewarding experience. Thank you for such a positive class and comfortable way of teaching the steps and meditations Iryna.

Andreas Weller at Oct 15, 2017

Iryna is a wonderful open heart teacher. She has profound knowledge about ATIH and emotional healing in specific. She helped me to make a huge step opening my heart and accessing my tiny space. If one is open she clearly points out the traps one is stuck in and helps overcome them. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience and sharing your knowledge!

Victoria Van Paasschen at Oct 02, 2017

This was the second time I went to ATIH workshop with Iryna. I loved the hugs, and the deep love from everyone. This time around I did more with the group during lunch time. I feel I got even deeper healing this time that I was more ready for this time. I did a lot more writing, which I felt made a bigger difference for me taking in the energies and information. I am making more of a habit to get in my tiny space and do the creation process everyday. I am also making more of an effort to explore my Akashic records in my sacred space. I am pulling more information that is useful for my life, here in the now. It was nice to go through the process again with the group I was with, lovely people. Iryna did a great job probing all our minds. Really getting us to see beyond the serfice level, we went really deep. She assisted me in being more aware of how everything is connected mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I already knew this but she made me more aware that I was not connecting them. While I knew the information, I had not been applying it in my life. It wasn't until we were in Savasana in a flower circle that it became more clear to me on how to connect those four bodies and apply it to my every prospectives. I also felt stonger this time, more able to take my life into my own heart and let life work for me. I know that I will do it again.

Lori Macnaughton at Oct 01, 2017

What an amazing experience! I'm so grateful for Iryna and her teachings. A few times I was stuck on understandings beliefs within myself that no longer serve me. Iryna was so very patient and took the time I needed for understanding the explanations. Wow! A big thank you to the others in the class for their patience as well!! Each day I'm working with the tools given to me and I'm totally enjoying the subtle changes I'm aware of within! Each day presents as a bit of an adventure, and I'm so very grateful for that too! Thank you again, Iryna.

Richard Freeman at Sep 29, 2017

Through my pursuit of gaining the most insightful information which exists for enlightenment I have always found that which was needed at the time. Each experience has brought an awakening and the education I needed. This foundation was created so I could gain the most from ATIH. For me personally this was likened to a final transformation which has led me to my own creating. I don't feel there is any program out there that will exceed the information that was presented here. The class was fun, upbeat and loving in every way. You can't put a price tag on what has been given. If you are looking for answers and want to break out of the patterns of social consciousness you need look no further.

Maximo Fava at Sep 27, 2017

The ATIH workshop with Iryna was wonderful! I received exactly what I needed in this moment of my life to take it to the next level. Iryna with her joy and peace is a perfect guide for this journey, making it fun yet deep at the same time, a very essential combination for this process. I strongly recommend this workshop to anyone who is seeking some more in their lives as this will expand their hearts bringing great clarity and love. Thank you Iryna :)

LouAnne Hanson at Jun 24, 2017

Iryna is full of love and light. She is very intuitive. I felt cared about and I was very comfortable in the seminar. I really appreciate the fact that Iryna is keeping in contact with us through email and she is very good about following up on my questions and providing me with what I need to use the tools. I felt really fantastic at the end of the seminar and I think the Earth Sky meditation will continue the process of unity that I was looking for

Sophie Dessus-Babus at Jun 20, 2017

The ATIH workshop I attended in Sedona was just perfect. Iryna is such a brilliant and inspiring teacher that I would highly recommend taking a class with her! She is very open and knowledgable, and she made everybody feel comfortable from the beginning. The class was small so everybody got a chance to share, in a non-judgmental way, his/her personal path and experiences during the various exercises in the class. Iryna, LouAnn and Mark - thank you for this wonderful experience; I love you!

Mark Gold at Jun 11, 2017

I came to the class to transform painful and long-standing issues in my life. After the 4-day class, I feel significant changes and I have a powerful set of tools that is helping me bring more love and fun to my life. Iryna's intuitive ability was especially helpful in providing ideas for transforming long-standing patterns. The class atmosphere was non-judgemental and loving.

Jamie Lu at May 08, 2017

I experienced the most satisfying, uplifting and illuminating 4 days with Iryna during the Awakening of the Illuminated Heart Workshop. She has an extraordinary ability to hold a space for deep clarity to arise. She helped my partner and I overcome big obstacles in our path together. I appreciate her joyful, playful nature and sharp intuition. She is a teacher I respect and feel very safe to go deep with. Grateful for her presence, style of teaching and her presentation of the coursework - I came into many remembrances of my own Divine Nature, it is a priceless experience I will never forget.

Anthos Sotnya at Apr 16, 2017

Iryna is a brilliant teacher. I found her so engaging, capable and just wonderful to share time with. I received so much from the course and I recognise Iryna gave well beyond the curriculum too. I recommend anyone who resonates with the classes and courses she offers to go for it. Thank you Iryna for your presence, your extensive knowledge, loving presence and sheer brilliance.

Judith Hotek at Feb 01, 2017

Thank you for going above and beyond and sharing your joy!

Robert Abrams at Jan 22, 2017

Had an amazing time and felt enormous connection with Iryna. Was extremely happy with class being small. My classmates were a big help to reflect myself on my path to remembering and cant put into words how much I appreciate both Veronica, and Mehboob for being there thanks a bunch guys.. The whole class the energy got better and better and felt more at home than my actual home. Much love to the whole class for the co-creation of our remembering. Hope we meet again soon.

Mehboobali Dhanani at Jan 20, 2017

This the best course and the best healing experience I have had in my life. I have been to several healer over 17 years, but this was the best. My transformation was instantaneous. All the activities were relevant and in my case they worked immediately. I have started using the material from the course and i see profound changes in my life. For a short period, I went through processing which lasted one day. After that I felt much happier and am experiencing bliss in steps. I am eternally grateful for the knowledge given to me. Mehboob

Yudy Esther at Dec 10, 2016

Your example of life, your joy, enthusiasm is pure energy of life, you reminded me of the youth of my heart. Thank you so much!!!

Josee V Kee at Dec 07, 2016

Dearest Iryna, No word can ever express the deepest gratitude I feel... No word. You know how my first ATIH workshop with you 2 years ago, change the course of my life in an amazing way; sending me on a true journey back to myself, filled with a deep love connection that I didn't know was even possible in this dimension. Now this second workshop has helped me connect fully and integrate more of myself, that I am now always only a breath away from getting back to being, it's so easy now and bring so much joy for life. Being in the heart is the key and through the ATIH workshop you have helped me remember how to be in my heart and stay there. Forever grateful, Josée P.S. Loving you so much!! ??

Damien Muth at Dec 07, 2016

Iryna's presence and joy are contagious! This ATIH workshop has been amazing! Iryna is a true expert when it comes to helping to remind us who we truly are! She's not just talking about it she is It ;-) I highly recommend a ATIH workshop with Iryna! Much love to 1 and all!! With deep gratitude Damien

Carlos Marquez at Dec 07, 2016

Thank you Iryna and Dmitry for your amazing dedication to mother earth, father sky and unconditional love. Our lives are better because of you.

Fernando Gonzalez at Dec 06, 2016

Oh my gosh!! This workshop has changed my life for the better in the most profound and deeply meaningful ways for me, that I really can't express everything in terms everyone can understand. I feel like I finally remember who I am, and most importantly, I now feel prepared to fully continue the ascension process and also help others along their paths to awakening and empowerment. Iryna is so masterful at what she does, it is unreal. The level of care, love, and preparation she puts into her work with new ATIH students is so apparent and so powerful. I really felt at ease, comfortable, and taken care of more than I have in any other similar setting. Words cannot express the gratitude, love, joy, and privilege I feel towards Iryna, Dmitry, and all my fellow spiritual brothers and sisters who accompanied me on the journey through the workshop and beyond. For anyone reading this: what are you waiting for?? Register and attend this workshop!!! You will not be disappointed. All Love and Blessings, Fernando Gonzalez

Glenn Lincoln at Dec 06, 2016

In 1990, I completed a book titled \"There Is a Way - A Reliable Road to Success\" in which I described a workable way. ATIH makes this way look incredibly small. This is the way!!! (That's a gross understatement)! The English language virtually doesn't have any way to describe the value of this workshop(/playshop) for effecting amazing changes in all areas of life. They say \"Love is the answer to all problems\" and there's an abundance of it included here (another understatement)!

Victoria Van Paasschen at Dec 06, 2016

Before the workshop I was looking at another workshop in Sedona on a later date but something told me that the people at that workshop were not my group. I then came across Drunvalo's work again and thought I would check to see when the next workshop was. I saw Iryna's face again, I had seen it before, and thought I would check Dec 1-4 2016 workshop out. I felt strongly about it. Next thing I knew I booked my flight, set everything up with only a couple of days to go. The day I was getting on the plane I felt this strong pain in my foot that shot up my leg, it was as though my ego did not want me to go. I also felt excited because I knew that my ego was scared of this upcoming change. I arrived at the workshop with deep loving hugs and smiling faces. I felt this deep love from everyone already. As the workshop continued the love just got deeper, and the experiences were amazing. Months before the workshop I was having pain on my left side of my body. I no longer have that pain. Lots of emotions left my body when we did a group meditation to let go of attachments. Wow. I just allowed my emotions to come out at that moment and it was as though I became pure. My star family and beyond were all there, this was a very happy moment for me that I cried and laughed. It was very powerful. Iryna was and is so amazing with her ability to know intuitively about all of us. She knew how to guide the room back to the subject and go into what really was important to know on that subject for all of us. She and Dmitri allowed all of us to share our experiences with each other. I just love listening to the others on their experiences helping me with confirming my own. I loved seeing Iryna's smiling face everyday, with her energetic child spirit that made me laugh and smile. I love and miss her. At the end of the workshop I knew that Iryna knew more then she was leading on in the beginning. She is highly intuitive. The group was so intimate that we became family within hours. By the end of the workshop I felt like I was leaving my family, they are completely my soul group. I am glad that I met everyone, and I cannot wait to see them all again! As a Starseed, I would recommend this to other Starseeds because it gets you to do things physically and that improves the abilities you already have. I feel a huge increase in awareness, telepathy from the heart, healing, bliss, love, peace, trust, wisdom, knowledge, harmony, beauty, humility, and compassion. I have more confidence in awakening more abilities. It was the perfect place to talk about other abilities such as teleportation and so on that was taken seriously and playfully with love. I was having problems with always being cold, and I felt a lot warmer after the second day where that group meditation took place. I believe it even increased my Aka Dua, because this workshop completely changes your awareness and that is how you get an increase in anything. It was great to be shown everything that you have read about in the books Living in the Heart and Flower of Life I and II. If you have not read the books it would be a fun surprise! This workshop truly connects you to your heart. Now I know that I am in my tiny space in the heart. I also learned things that were not in the books, so if you have read the books it is good to go to one of these workshops to get that information, espeically from Iryna and Dmitri. They are a blast! This has been a wonderful blessing to me. I am so grateful that I signed up for this workshop and I will go again just to be apart of it all once more. ~Victoria

Veronica Griffith at Nov 28, 2016

Loved, loved, loved this course! Iryna is an absolutely wonderful facilitator and co creator. I was not able to write this evaluation right after the course because I was still processing it on many levels. It was a deeply profound and moving experience, I am looking forward to applying it to my daily life

Patricia Freed at Nov 24, 2016

Iryna is a very thoughtful and aware teacher who explains and teaches at the pace of the class. I found the course to be illuminating and helpful for my progression. I will do other workshops with her in the future. I appreciate all that was given in the workshop and couldn't be more pleased. Thank you.

Ana Sandrin at Nov 22, 2016

I was interested in taking the ATIH workshop during my visit to Sedona but there were no workshops being offered at the time. I contacted Iryna and she promptly offered to teach the workshop during the days that I would be in Sedona. Her dedication to this work and her excitement to bring this work forward is truly amazing and inspiring! Our group ended up being 4 students and we all knew we were meant to be there. Our experience together as a group was very interesting and very different from any workshop I have ever been to. Iryna has really embodied living from the heart and she was able to create a very dynamic atmosphere of co-creation in our group. It never felt like she was simply \"handing down\" the teachings to us, but that she valued and honored each of our experiences. Her interaction with us was always very authentic, from the heart and in the moment. She was interested in what everyone had to say, she never left a question unanswered, and she was completely in the flow when she was delivering the material. I felt really inspired to live in the state of abundant joy that she has discovered for herself! I know for myself that life after ATIH will never be the same as it was before. I'm looking forward to how my life will unfold from here on!

sandy jenkins at Oct 30, 2016

What an incredible experience, it was so magical I didn't want it to end. Iryna and Dmitry are a dynamic duo and are pure love and joy, such precious souls. They created a very safe loving environment from which to experience this life changing workshop. I highly recommend this workshop to everyone. With love and gratitude, thank you Iryna and Dmitry.

Martha Bowers at Oct 24, 2016

One of the most confirming events that I have taken. If you are ready to stand in truth, understanding and leave judgment behind, then this class is for you! Iryna is so intuitive; guiding you right through the process. Awesome experience to make a shift.

Debbie Darbyshire at Oct 18, 2016

This class exceeded way beyond my expectations, it was truly a magical experience! Thank you Iryna!!! You made this class so easy to understand and your experience as a teacher is outstanding!!! Your Love, Passion, and Compassion, shines through your very soul.. this is truly what you are meant to do on this Earth. Love, Love Love you!!! Debbie D.

Brianna Higa at Sep 21, 2016

This workshop was wonderful. With such divine intention, every moment was a profound lesson (even those not deliberately taught by the curriculum!). I felt loved and cared for. Iryna took my experience personally, and I felt quite taken care of. She helped me to face and maneuver around my most difficult challenges. She is a truly amazing woman.

andrei radulescu at Sep 20, 2016

Iryna was a great teacher. fun and a kind spirit. she was a great leader for the class.

sean toltec at Sep 19, 2016

The class was so amazing. the first day i was a little unopened and maybe a little skeptical even though having read all the required books i was intrigued to see how the actual experiences went. And my god! As the days went on I just got more and more involved in the work and just entering the space of the workshop felt more like home than my actual home haha. But anyways if you get the time or decide to make the time :) pls give this body of work a shot. you wont be disappointed :)

Rodney James at Aug 27, 2016

Beautiful experience. Talented facilitator.

Melissa Hayakawa at May 06, 2016

This workshop was life changing for me. I feel connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky like never before. Although I lived the first half of my life with little thought of them, now I can not imagine a day of life without feeling love and gratitude for their constant, unwavering love and support. I highly recommend this workshop. Life is so beautiful!

Sara M. Robins at Apr 13, 2016

Simply amazing. What a delightful and joyful experience. I highly recommend.. Iryna is such an illuminating presence, so much love and enthusiasm. I could feel such warmth, welcoming and peaceful vibrations the moment I arrived. Iryna is so vibrant and.. wow, just beaming with the love light. Dmitry is warm and kind and gentle. Together they beautifully balance the masculine and feminine in perfect harmony. I can say for certain I have never experience anything like this. I will definitely be returning. I am so very grateful to have had this opportunity and to be in the presence of such powerful gentle and loving beings. From the bottom of my illuminated heart, I thank you. < In Lak'esh >

Lauren Lewis at Mar 24, 2016

I cannot recommend Iryna highly enough, she creates such sacred space and teaches from experience. I appreciated her excitement and joy in sharing the material! The information can be life changing if you choose and are open <3 What a powerful workshop! Thank you Iryna!

Stephanie McGill at Mar 04, 2016

Iryna is loving and joyful. She explained the material in a fun and easy to comprehend way. Since we were in a small group, I was able to share after each experience. That really helped me process what I was experiencing. Iryna presented tools that allowed me to enter my heart even though I had not yet worked through my fears and contracts. What a beautiful experience! And she gave me tools to do the work I need to do to live in my heart. I feel joy and fire again! Woo hoo!

Daniel Matthews at Feb 23, 2016

Calming and peaceful. Highly recommend.

James Bertrand at Feb 23, 2016

Iryna's passion and control of the subject matter was obvious and infectious. Additionally, she demonstrated an ability to connect with other attendees and I all while conveying the information in manner that made it a \"fun\" experience. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for anyone who is looking to attend workshop.

Holly Semanoff at Feb 22, 2016

This is my second time going through the ATIH with Iryna and I absolutely loved it. The way she is able to tap into and flow with the information and group is a true realization of what a gifted teaxher she is. I am honored I was able to receive so much from her and the workshop. I would highly recommend both her and the ATIH class to everyone. 5 stars

David Zimmerman at Jan 28, 2016

Iryna and Dmitry are excellent teaches their warmth and love show in every aspect of their teaching, it is only matched by their enthusiasm in helping others ATIH. I can honestly say I am a better person for meeting them and the others in my class!

Denise Mandich at Nov 17, 2015

Iryna is a great teacher. She was able to keep the class focused and inspired. This was the 3rd time I attended an ATIH Workshop and came away with even more understanding and enthusiasm for the work Drunvalo and we are doing together.

Marla Sweeney at Nov 16, 2015

This workshop far exceeded my expectations. It was so incredibly powerful and interesting. Druvalo's books are somewhat difficult to understand without having a teacher. I highly recommend both Iryna and Dmitry!

Calvin Johnson at Oct 23, 2015

This is a profoundly wonderful workshop that has helped me reconnect to my natural creative energy (centered in the heart). The facilitators (Iryna and Dimitri) were perfect! A very balanced team offered and beautiful experience. All questions were answered with love and patience and they were very accommodating and attuned to the needs of the individual participants. This is the information and experience that the world needs and I highly recommend the workshop. \**In Lak'esh**/

Tatevik Victoria Ariana Abelyan at Oct 21, 2015

Iryna is sweet, helpful and understanding. She is like my soul sister. I felt very supported by both her and Dmitry. Thank you very much for a great workshop, Iryna!

Anika Ray at Oct 14, 2015

Iryna is a great teacher! She is patient, intuitive, kind and very knowledgeable about the material we covered. She made sure that everyone was comfortable and allowed us to share with the group. At the end, I felt so much more connected to myself and to everyone in the group. It was a wonderful experience!

tonja hunt at Aug 27, 2015

Iryna is such a wonderful teacher. Her being absolutely radiates with love and peace. She is so warm and kind. I had the most amazing experiences taking these classes and I cannot wait to take them all over again. She has a depth of knowledge and answered all my questions with love and acceptance. My favorite aspect of her teaching method was encouraging me to use what tools and methods work for me so that I would know how to incorporate them for myself at home.

Lisa Wolfgang at Jun 10, 2015

Thank you Iryna and Dimitri, Cara-Marie and Daniel. I learned from you all.

Randall Roberts at Jun 06, 2015

This was profound and beautiful in its content, presentation and delivery. Iryna was a masterful presenter and guided the event from her illuminated hearts!! The information is profound and experiential with huge application immediately in your life. Highly recommended by me.

vashael andersonn at Jun 01, 2015

The teachings were presented with with great enthusiasm and love! I experienced an expansion of consciousness that I did not expect....and was delighted to participate in this heart energy!!! Profoundly moving return to who we really are !!! Thank you for this gift!

Faith May at Apr 22, 2015

I really felt the love emanating from our instructors. They walked their talk and were eager to answer any questions and be very open with us. It was wonderful having such a small class so we had a lot of individual attention. I would greatly recommend working with them to anyone.

Betsy Bothe at Apr 20, 2015

Iryna is a joy to be around. Her knowledge and intuition made the workshop pure love, humor and happienss!!!! I would love to stay connected to her in the future! I am in awe of the love and support she and Dmitry showed us and supported us in our awakening! I am forever grateful! LOVE, light, joy and laughter.. Betsy

Robert Hendershot at Apr 20, 2015

This instructor was very easy to make a loving connection with. She was very good at recognizing how you were doing during each meditation and if the material was resonating with you, it was quite surprising and amazing how good she was at that. The class was very comfortable and you could feel love she had for you and her desire for you to go through the material and each meditation successfully. Thank you!

Lori Becks at Feb 02, 2015

Iryna helped me find the inner child within my tiny space. She also helped trigger the conscious realization that a long held, negative sense of responsibility was weighing me down so much that it was frightening me away from going into my tiny space. She helped me work through it and I can find my inner child so much more easily now.

Holly Semanoff at Jan 29, 2015

An absolute joy to be around. If there is any teacher I have come across that embodies teaching from the heart it is Iryna. I am so thankful to have been lead to this class and this amazing human being. I highly recommend this workshop to any and everyone. Love and Light.

Tom Burton at Jan 27, 2015

And incredible Feminine presence. Full of joy and love. A very well crafted teaching style . It was the funnest workshop I've ever been in. lf you truly want to see some one Sparkle and Shine. You must be in her presence and look in to her eyes a true spark of LOVE. She is an Inspiration. You can not go wrong in taking her class. May Peace be with you

vashael andersonn at Jan 27, 2015

Iryna has been a joy to work with. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of the material was extraordinary! The workshop was presented with much love and it was so very obvious to me that Iryna lives in her heart!,, I have attended numerous workshops and this was the best. Thanks Iryna for your love and light!

vashael andersonn at Jan 27, 2015

Iryna has been a joy to work with. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of the material was extraordinary! The workshop was presented with much love and it was so very obvious to me that Iryna lives in her heart!,, I have attended numerous workshops and this was the best. Thanks Iryna for your love and light!

John Baker at Jan 25, 2015

i went to this workshop with the highest intention of continuing my eternal quest and gaining what I hoped would be significant knowledge. What I experienced exceeded my expectations in every way. My questions were answered and I saw things that blew my mind and were in absolute harmony with my God expediences spanning my 66 year old life here, and in previous incarnations that I had learned about. Thank you from all of my heart. John B

Damien Muth at Dec 23, 2014

It has been the greatest most helpful experience ! It has transformed the life that I live fort he better! :) I thank everyone that was part of making this experience possible from the bottom (tiny space) of my heart!! Love you all! D

Josee V Kee at Dec 21, 2014

Iryna you are simply pure light: your enthusiasm and passion in sharing this work were the catalyst that enable me to open my heart entirely. WOW! My life is completely transformed, it is now so much more alive and vibrant and meaningful. My mind is completely blown away... I am forever grateful to you. I love you so much!! Josee V Kee

Frankie Kee at Dec 21, 2014

Iryna is very warm, compassionate, and enthusiastic teacher. Her vibrancy is bound to touch your heart.

Lori Brant at Dec 04, 2014

I especially enjoyed her ability to read each participant and stay with them as they uncovered new understandings. Iryna is a wonderful facilitator who ensures that each person comprehends the exercises and information before moving on to new material.