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Kanae Croft at May 06, 2020

Most powerful 4days of my life. I am very pleased to take this course at this time to equip myself to cope with everything which is going on in the world. Thank you for this amazing experience.

Pavel Kocanda at Nov 06, 2019

I have nothing to add except that it was one of the most profound experiences of my life. What a great time to be alive. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Pavel

Lisa Lorelli at Nov 05, 2019

This was a powerfully transformative experience, conducted with excellence by Irene. She demonstrated a depth of experience that I think made a huge difference on what we, the students, were able to absorb and utilize. The only thing I didn't rate a 10 was concerning videos, handouts, and other aids.Even thought the course description is a very good overview, I felt that I could've benefitted from a written outline/syllabus at the start of the course. I very much cherish the notes I took as this was an incredible experience, one that was truly transformational.

Martha King at May 17, 2019

Such a wonderful journey.... Life long experience and huge eye opening course in such a great way lead all those days. Thank you would not be enough. Blessings.....

Marianne Hill Hill at May 13, 2019

Amazing 4 days. Everything thereafter is up to me and my day to day environment is challenging BUT two weeks after I am still effecting change upon which I can continue. Gracious Appreciation!

Stephen George Turner at May 09, 2019

I highly recommend Irene her guidance has a refinement &generousness of heart with accurate host coaching. iam now requesting a link for completing the certificate feedback as it's not responding on the page to give the evaluations

Charlie Homer at Jan 31, 2019

It was so refreshing to take the ATIH workshop, the information was well organised and easy to follow. The value of the content is profound, having all the knowledge and understanding condensed into a 4 day period is true a blessing. Thank you Irene & thank you Drunvalo.

Dariusz Szul at Sep 18, 2018

The most powerful experience I have ever had so far.

Flavio Noronha at Oct 12, 2017

Irene is a very gentle soul. Passionate and very knowledgeable. Her training and experience was well intertwined and came through beautifully when delivering this course. I will definitely recommend Irene and the course for anyone who asks.

Bobby Jhita Jhita at Jul 31, 2017

Irene is a very special teacher who really connects the whole group. I really enjoyed her class. Bobby

Debra Edwards at Jul 24, 2017

This course was truly transformational. It was structured very well and each day was full of very useful and at times profound information. Our facilitator Irene created an informal, friendly and supportive space for us to absorb the richly spiritual (while practical) course content. The down side is that I am, in my nature a bit of a snail when putting new tools into practice - sufficient to say that am getting there, albeit slowly! In saying that though, I can really see/feel a glimpse of the potential for that which has been imparted to me and I guess I have to be patient as the practice of what has been shared absorbs into all that I am and unfolds as it will. With love and thanks Irene and Drunvalo Debra :-)

Manuel Vieira at May 07, 2017

I really enjoyed the experience, Irene is a good all rounder teacher and you will get much more than just the workshop guidelines. Will recommend ATIH to anyone who seeks deeper meanings of self and life.

Gisela Paterno at May 04, 2017

Irene Viglia was our facilitator in this course. She is absolutely amazing, very warm and welcoming from the beginning, but also clear in the goals set on the first day. The schedule was followed with discipline but at the same time with patience and care. She delivered all topics clearly and also resolved (in my case) lots of issues that I didn't even know they were doing it! she added so much more than just the topics of the seminar, it was great. It is worth noticing that despite the fact of having within the group a very negative and difficult person among us, she handled the situation very well and with lots of love. I loved the seminar!

Jane MacDougall at Dec 22, 2016

The class was thoroughly enjoyable. I believe that much of what one gets out of the class depends on where they are along their journey. Irene, is an excellent teacher. She knows and understands the subject matter well. She is doing a great job of creating a community with all of us (AITH graduates) by offering monthly meditation sessions which is a great opportunity for each of us individually and very powerful for us as a group.

Gerd Elin Helleren at Oct 14, 2016

well informed, clever, Nice,

Ya-Ting Chang at Jul 25, 2016

Irene is very lovely and knows clearly what she's doing. Most importantly, she lives what she teaches! The workshop will change your life forever!

Pauline Allen at Jul 12, 2016

We were a mixture of personalities yet the bonding over the 4 days was amazing. I highly recommend the course and sticking with it at tough times - if you have any! Thank you for this experience.

Karl Helstein at Jul 11, 2016

Overall: definitely good although I still have many questions about all he information of the workshop.

Beata Gipsere at May 06, 2016

It was the most powerfull workshop in my life. I got the answers to the questions and even more...A lot of thanks and love to our teacher Irene! :) Thank you for being so patient, for your love, you were fantastic Irene!!! :)

Anna Cimmino at May 03, 2016

It was the most amazing experience. On day 5 I am back at work still buzzing and missing Irene and the group so much. Everyone has commented on how well (and cheerful) I look. I feel very positive and bursting with \"love\" ... Thank you Irene, thank you Drunvalo and thank you to my course brothers and sisters.

Lorraine Ross at Feb 26, 2016

I was really pleased with the event and of cause with Irene, It was more than I expected and would recommend it to all on their path.

nicoleta mihailov at Feb 12, 2016

An amazing journey which made it even more special having Irene as a guide. Such a lot of healing took place within those 4 days, and she helped each of us to release and let go. Irene is using her clairvoyance gifts along with her knowledge and her guides to look after each of the group members. This is an intensive workshop, that from the moment you step into that room, on the day 1, till last day, it transforms you completely. I can not express in words how grateful I am for having Irene there, to guide me, to enforce when I was in doubt that what I was seeing was true, to help me create from the tiny space of my heart (2 job offers within a few days after the workshop), and to help me leave my life from the tiny space of my dear heart. It is an amazing journey, and if you fallow Irene guiding before the start of the workshop and you read Drunvalo's books you will experience a 4 days workshop that will help you transform. Lots of LOVE from the tiny space of my HEART! Nicoleta

Emily Shufflebotham at Feb 10, 2016

I feel that I loved the work and the course however as a group there were some distractions so I feel I could of benefitted a little more without those circumstances. I wasn't sure if I felt the effects of the activities due to some distractions and this has spoilt my experience. However Irene was a fantastic teacher and was very patient and kind with all of the group. I do feel I have benefitted but I am slightly disappointed with not feeling the profound effects that I thought I would. For others I can imagine this being a very good experience. xx

Roberts Gipsers at Feb 09, 2016

This workshop is a life changer.

Rupesh Jethwa at Nov 30, 2015

Irene was an amazing teacher from start to finish.

Dunia Reverter at Nov 25, 2015

Irene was a great teacher/facilitator, and she gently and smoothly steered us through this incredible journey.

Egnisa Uci at Nov 22, 2015

The workshop was an amazing experience. I loved the way Irene guided us through this journey. I would definitely recommend it.

Tejasvi Moitra at Oct 16, 2015

I thank Spirit and Drunvalo Melchizedek for bringing this work to all of humanity. I am grateful to Irene for being such a good facilitator. This work has changed my life and as a spiritual healer this work helps me to help align many beings to their divine life purpose here on earth.

Stephen Foster at Sep 24, 2015

The workshop was amazing, for me, definitely a life changing event. Irene's knowledge of the subject matter is encyclopaedic to say the least. Nothing was too much trouble for her to explain things to ensure everyone's understanding was the same. A thoroughly enjoyable experience from the first day to the last ;-) Thank you very much indeed.

Amina Vierk at Sep 13, 2015

Irene is a wonderful teacher. She's positive, enthusiastic, encouraging and always open to any quiestions. A little more information on the connection between the pineal gland and pineal chakra once in the tiny space of the heart would have possibly helped understand better the pathway of light. The Healing 2nd day was very releasing and also very joyful. The dance in the dark was for me the greatest highlight. I felt we could have spent a little more time on the whole workshop as there was so much to take in. Thank you Drunvalo and Irene for bringing to me this very special gift. I want to tell the world about it! I just wish there were people near me with whom i could do this meditation or share my experiences. Love and Light to you. Amina

James de Garis at Sep 08, 2015

The only thing I'd say would be a recommendation for future workshops; that's to say, it may have been useful to have handouts of some of the key points. I personally didn't have much of a problem in this area, but I know other students were sometimes trying to write everything down, so maybe something like this could be handy. Just a thought =)

Valerie James at Jul 19, 2015

I had a profound experience that has copletely changed my Life. What i thought i know has flown out the window. What I know is what i 'see' sense and feel and hear (internaly). Irene support me and the rest of the group every step of our journey. We all entered the temle with heavy hearts, most of us left light and illuminated. Peace & Love to All Namaste

Janne Angla Dana Thisted at Jul 16, 2015

To me this kind of information is mainly based on trust. If I don´t trust the person my heart will not respond, and I will not be able to take the content into my life and apply it. I felt completely safe and in very good and competent hands by attending Irene´s workshop. She is experienced, and knew exactly how to handle every situation that occurred. Especially I was taken with the imagery methods that helped us release the blocks we had to let go of. Everything worked out just fine. It made me feel safe that we were recommended to read and prepare ourselves, I always knew what Irene was talking about. I got the experience that this one of the most professional workshops I have attended, and I have attended quite a few. Everything seemed to me as it was very well prepared and nothing was left to circumstance. Thank you Irene from my heart to your heart. With love Janne

susan Evans at Jul 14, 2015

 Based on the cost of the event please rate the value you received for your money? Why is the above question included. I never did the work shop based on money. I decided to do the course to advance my development and to be supported.

peter watters at Jul 14, 2015

Excellent workshop, well presented with grace, love and elegance. Felt very at ease and in good hands, the setting was perfect with a lovely serenity. I feel very empowered and blessed by the experience and will endeavour to spread the necessity for this work to as many as possible....much love to all at ATIH and rest of earthly beings. Pete

Debra Hayes at Jul 14, 2015

Irene was a wonderful teacher and her , knowledge and experience helped make the workshop very enjoyable and easy to understand.I felt that Irene took the time with everyone in the group to make sure that we all understood everything. much love

matthew johnson at Jul 14, 2015

thank you Irene for a beautiful work shop!..

bianca protopapa at May 26, 2015

E' una rivelazione, una reale manifestazione del divino dentro di noi e di quanto sia unito al divino universale..sono profondamente grata all'uno superiore per avermi chiamata al risveglio..grazie a Drunvalo ma grazie tanto anche a Irene che è una facilitatrice meravigliosa: un esempio di totale coerenza di quanto ci ha mostrato, spiegato e insegnato a fare <3

CRISTINA BONETTO at May 26, 2015

I think that Irene is fantastic for her energy, her patience, her heart .Thank you.

Jaroslaw Miernik at May 26, 2015

There is always a time coming when you know certain chapter in you life must be closed to begin something new. The workshop was the time to me. My achievements after the workshop are: 1. Better relationship with other people, 2. I feel more relaxed, 3. I have learned practical knowledge I did not know before. I am pretty sure there is much much more but I did not have time yet to go thought this process one more time. I can say I lost the first 2 days of the workshop. I was not ready for this due to my busy lifestyle. It has given me some reflection to make some changes in my life. Irene is doing her mission very well and during the workshop she was doing her best to help us I mean all attendants to overcome our weaknesses and became aware what the journey was / is really about. I can say I recommend this transformation to everybody because I know if I have any opportunity to do it one more time I will without hesitating. Unfortunately, this kind of knowledge and practices are not uncovered to common people very often. Therefore for all the people who are working on this project I am saying big thank you for this. JSM

Sara Donnelly at May 14, 2015

Irene has a beautiful and engaging approach in her teaching, enabling and encouraging us as a group and individually, to maximise our potential and ability to to absorb and process the content of the work shop. I have such heartfelt gratitude for an amazing time spent with such beautiful souls - Thank you xxx

Sam Cremnitz at May 14, 2015

One of the very best courses I have ever been on. I would recommend the ATIH course and Irene as facilitator with all my heart. Go for it, it will change your world!

Wanda Pietrzak at May 13, 2015

AITH exceeded my expectations. It was only during the event that I realized how profound and important changes I was able to make at that time. It was privilege to be taught by Irene who is not only gifted with an insight into our progress but also has a clear way to deliver information with a charm and sense of humor. Additional support was the venue - Glastonbury Chalice Well full of female energy spread through amazing gardens. Thank you Drunvalo and Irene for the knowledge you are sharing with us and unforgettable experience of meeting oneself, Angels, Masters and other beautiful people in this process.

sarah olson at May 13, 2015

Irene was an amazing, loving teacher, who was very easy to relate to and spend 4 days with :) a lovely lady with a big heart! I really enjoyed the workshop, it was better then i could have imagined.

Michael Parish at Mar 08, 2015

Competent and intuititive, Irene expresses a deep understanding of the ATIH Teachings and portrays them in an easy to understand and comprehensive way. Joyful and enthusiastic in her approach, the student is soon at ease in a stimulating environment and on a tantalising journey of discovery. Indeed a heart centred experience not to be missed.

Simone Huber at Mar 05, 2015

Irene is an excellen tteacher, she is warm, clear, open, precise, practical and approachable. I can really only recommend her warmly to anyone wanting to learn this work.

Raffaella Resnati at Feb 18, 2015

E' stata un esperienza unica e meravigliosa. A distanza di mesi vibra ancora intensamente e luminosamente. Irene ci ha accompagnato splendidamente, con amore e attenzione, con una presenza totale e di cuore. MI sono sentita nutrita ed appagata a vari livelli. Ho ricevuto informazioni esauriente e conoscenze nuove. Ho ricevuto molto di più di quello che mi aspettavo. Un dono prezioso e meraviglioso. Difficile trovare qualcosa con questa qualità, potenza e amore

Marlo Smit at Feb 17, 2015

wonderful experience

stefano astori at Feb 17, 2015

corso di per sè molto impegnativo è stato condotto al meglio da Irene che è un bel esempio di come essere nel cuore. come tutte le cose sono quello che ognuno percepisce esse siano e la mia percezione è di guarigione, di conferme e di nuovi orizzonti. sento molta gratitudine per tutte le energie contattate durante il corso e sento molta pace

Rosa Zanetta at Feb 17, 2015

Consiglio a tutti di Cuore questo corso per la qualità delle informazioni. Irene mette professionalità, amore e tanta attenzione verso ogni singolo partecipante. E' la prima volta nel mio percorso personale che mi sento così profondamente consapevole e connessa, provo profondo amore verso me stessa e ciò che mi circonda...non mi sento più sola. Cambia la vita..... Grazie Irene!!!

H Gavriel at Feb 10, 2015

This weekend was a unique, profound and unforgettable experience shared with a remarkable collection of beautiful souls and facilitated by a warm, open, containing, encouraging teacher and assistants. I feel inspired and re-invigorated to return my attention back to my spiritual journey which persistently nags in the background.

Gerhard du Plessis at Feb 07, 2015

I felt a connection with Irene as soon as I saw her name and picture in the list of AIH teachers in my area; the experience I had in her 4 day workshop confirmend that I can trust my intuition. She is a brilliant teacher, highly competent, passionate and completely dedicated to what she teaches. She delivered the material with just the right amount of detail, and illuminated the teachings with her own experience and insights. I will treasure forever what I have learned and experienced during the four days, I can highly recommend the workshop - and teacher - to anyone with a yearning to learn more about the way of the heart.

peter baker at Feb 05, 2015

Irene delivered a workshop of pure divine magic.. it was an initiation into the art of pure love and I will be forever grateful. Thank you, from my heart to all of yours, for truely we are all one xx

Filipe Ribeiro at Feb 03, 2015

The workshop was a life changing experience. I feel shifted in both very clear and subtle ways. It was a blessing to meet so many like minded - or better, like hearted - people. Irene, you are an amazing teacher and an inspiration! I am eternally thankful for the knowledge and love you have shared with the group. With Love, Filipe

Kam Hellarian Goldy at Feb 02, 2015

This was an excellent 4 days provided by the School of Remembering and Irene Viglia Atton. Irene proved to be a sensitive and empathic teacher and I would recommend her to anyone wishing to attend the ATIH.

Veronique Ryan at Feb 02, 2015

Irene is an experienced and kind teacher. It has been a real pleasure to meet her and the workshop was a very deep and enlightening experience. I feel very grateful to Irene who is teaching with profound expertise and dedication, to Drunvalo for bringing this transformative knowledge back into the world and to my Inner Light for guiding me to these four days. Thank you. V

Kresimir Glavan at Feb 02, 2015

It is easy but it is not simple to start writing after what I have been through with Irene, Nathan and Iliana and 15 more beautiful people during the past weekend. I will try not to write too much;). The respect, admiration and gratitude I have, first of all for Drunvalo and now Irene cannot be put into words. I have had many teachers and my wife and I study every single day and look at everyone and everything as our teachers, however, very rarely that you come across someone like Irene and that is why I feel even more blessed to have her teaching me with only 15 more people in the room...one feels very privileged to have her as a teacher after you can see, feel or sense her strength and presence. My healing was very powerful and thorough and I know that it was meant to be but by knowing that our Irene was watching me I actually felt amazing and very happy. But other than that, her knowledge is wide and for what I think, more importantly is that she feels, senses and knows the energies in the room very well and she makes sure that every person comes where they need to be. I can just say that I am 100% sure that everyone who is thinking of booking with Irene should not think anymore:). She has my love, respect and gratitude for the rest of my last Earth journey. While for being in the tiny space of my heart, I can write until tomorrow. I was recently told that I am one of the ascended masters so there is still a lot for me to remember and do and for the first time ever I am not having questions for anybody because now I am talking with Jesus and Archangels and the rest of the huge dinning hall in my sacred space is filled with ascended masters. In the tiny space of my heart for now I am sitting and talking with Jesus while looking into the Universe and we went instantly to many different places and planets. I am very much looking forward to what is coming. I am sending you all my peace and love from the tiny space of my heart. Yours, Kresimir

Lyne Ismail at Feb 02, 2015

This workshop is a blessing, and I recommend it highly to anyone ready to evolve in consciousness! Thank you Drunvalo for all the love & support through this important period in humanity! Irene was a wonderful teacher, and I would recommend her highly to anyone who is lucky enough to be able to attend any of her workshops! Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3

sandra butkovic at Feb 02, 2015

I cannot put into words what Irene has done for me. I will remain eternally grateful to Drunvalo, the angels and our group, but especially Irene for her incredibly hard work and effort in bringing me to the divine part of my being in the tiny space of the heart. I'm all about detail and so I noticed every move that she made: from the moment I first contacted her I felt love in everything that she did, every email that she sent was prompt and filled with compassion. The venue that she chose was incredible and special. The huge amount of energy that she gave from herself to teach us, clean us, answer all of our questions, but most importantly get us to the divine place in our hearts that we've kept in darkness for the last 13000 years, just illustrates how much she is living from the tiny space of her heart (the entire group came home :)))). I must admit that I was not sure back in December when my husband and I were thinking about taking ATIH if another human could deliver Drunvalo's work in a way the he managed to inspire my heart. But I can say with great pleasure that Irene more than exceeded any expectation and should therefore be very proud of what she is doing for the planet.  Irene Viglia Atton is a born teacher in the angelic realm and I thank HER from the tiny space of my heart. 

Veronica Pirie at Jan 09, 2015

The ATIH Course I attended led by Irene Viglia Atton was a profound and moving experience, I would recommend Irene and the course to anyone interested in exploring the power of the heart, openning their own heart and expanding their consciousness. With love and blessings, Veronica

Anna-Karin Larsson at Jan 01, 2015

Intresting and a very nice teacher

DINA PAONESSA at Dec 13, 2014

Thanks for the interesting information given during the workshop. I sincerely hope to do my best for using them in my daily life. The teacher was really fantastic for clear exposition of material, kindness, high preparation and competence.

DINA PAONESSA at Dec 13, 2014

Thanks for the interesting information given during the workshop. I sincerely hope to do my best for using them in my daily life. The teacher was really fantastic for clear exposition of material, for her kindness .

Timoteo Fredianelli Casasola at Dec 10, 2014

Thank you.

ROSANNA SABOLO at Dec 07, 2014

The course was exciting, is the most complete course that I have attended as it is not only theory but there is a lot of practice. The teachings are very deep and help humanity to 'remember' knowledge have been lost. Irene Viglia was a very good teacher, very patient and helpful and with joy in your heart. Thanks Irene. I recommend this seminar to all the people who are ready to change their lives.

LORENZA BOBBIESI at Dec 02, 2014


Stefania Remor at Dec 02, 2014

I received from you Irene a great opportunity: a clearer perception of what spirits are moving our existence and what we can do to connect us to our inner world. This experience moved me to another step of consciousness. I thank you heartfully for what you've given to me.

Anna Maria Del Giudice at Oct 28, 2014


Maire Mayne at Oct 25, 2014

I think the work and teachings are amazing. Irene is a fantastic teacher. We had a really great workshop

Nicola Ragno at Oct 24, 2014

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the transformation and nurturing that I received from this course.

CARLA CISLAGHI at Oct 23, 2014

I highly appreciated the course and the teacher. A profund change is happening in my life, just after two days...I do thank Drunvalo, Irene and the Universe for that!

Anna Kolpy at Oct 19, 2014

This workshop was an experience like no other. I loved every moment of it. I feel Blessed and completely Grateful. Thank you Irene for all you're passion enthusiasm attentiveness absolute desire joy and commitment, to communicate, in an enabling way to each and every one of us, the way to reach the Tiny Space of the Heart. I appreciate every effort you made to prepare and take us carefully step by step as you nurtured our confidence with acceptance and enthusiasm. Also reassuring us that even if we were not able at that moment to perceive i.e. our beams we were in fact creating them. Although I know our perceptions have been trained to filter out 'the unseen world' / other dimensions Irene's clarity about the ego as a expression of the brain's disconnection from the heart and therefore our Sacred Space, the Tiny Space our Beams and Merkaba has created a calmness in me. I am at peace and abiding in what is present that I do notice whilst doing the practice. The healing day was a beautiful extremely powerful profoundly loving experience and since that day I am feeling naturally light hearted in a way I have never felt before. Thank you Irene. Thank you Drunvalo. Thank you All

James Cochran at Oct 18, 2014

Through Irene's experience and teaching, the workshop was a wonderful experience. She was very clear with the knowledge and guidance, and I would recommend her highly to anybody who wanted to undertake the workshop.

paul baxter at Oct 13, 2014

I was amazed at how much we covered in the four days. A truly profound experience! Naturally coming away from the course and doing the meditations on your own is going to feel different without the support of the teacher but everything was explained perfectly. Irene was the best teacher i could have hoped for. i knew we were all in safe hands from the very first communication with her. Thank you so much Irene & all at ATIH.

Maria Bonaria at Sep 28, 2014

Sono molto soddisfatta di questo corso e dell'insegnante Irene Viglia. Lo consiglio a tutti di fare questa esperienza.

Carolina Cocis at Sep 25, 2014

It is my dream and my deepest honor to be an ambassador of Drunvalo's teachings and Melchizedek principles and energy. Thank you for this opportunity.

Susan Fitzgerald at Sep 22, 2014

I really enjoyed this workshop with Irene. She is an excellent teacher and genuinely cared about each member of the group. She warmly supported us all in receiving the most benefit from each day of the course. She also gave a lot of useful and positive assistance to those in the group who were less able to see or feel the important shifts in consciousness immediatley. Thank you Irene!

susanne kaiser at Sep 21, 2014

i consider catholic grounds in ireland not very convenient and supportive for this work.

susanne kaiser at Sep 21, 2014

i consider catholic grounds in ireland not very convenient and supportive for this work.

Michael Doheny at Sep 16, 2014

I found the teaching and instruction to be of the highest quality and coming form a very loving space. Although my nerves were there at time I felt complete confidence and trust in Irene and that her motivations were the highest throughout the workshop, this enabled me to relax and to get the most from it. A great experience with a great teacher - thank you

FIDELMA HEANEY at Sep 16, 2014

I have been searching for this ability to re-connect for 16 years now. It is the first workshop that got straight to the core and delivered. Irene Viglia Atton was excellent in every way. The transformation here is amazing. Thank you.

Sean Murphy at Sep 15, 2014

A highly recommended gifted and patient teacher

Jessica Villaggi at Aug 05, 2014

Un esperienza bellissima che ha riempito il mio cuore di amore

Piroska Nagy at Aug 04, 2014

It was a very profound, transformative and super powerful experience. I can't but recommend it to everyone. Irene is a wonderful teacher, very helpful and reassuring, I highly recommend her as an ATIH facilitator! Thanks to Drunvalo and Irene that made this wonderful experience possible.

lucia rossi at Jul 22, 2014

It was a beautiful experience, and I recommend it to everyone!

MONICA GELMETTI at Jul 18, 2014

Beh , che dire se non ....ESPERIENZA FANTASTICA !!!!! Sono stati 4 giorni intensi ma che mi hanno arricchito a livello spirituale, oltre a aver creato una magica sintonia del gruppo. grazie ad IRENE che ci ha condotto in modo dolce e piacevole in questo percorso. Grazie ancora di cuore a tutti, un abbraccio MONICA

Elizabeth Turner at Jul 10, 2014

It was all clear in the workshop & very empowering with so much depth. Sometimes 'living in the heart' with the everyday challenges of people, life & the dominance of the mind, is tricky. The instructions for the meditations & the correct order of the different elements seem very specific but I feel our experience & concentration can be so variable that trust is really the best way, rather than concern over doing things exactly. Much love.

Michael Foster at Jun 07, 2014

The experience was wonderful and have absolutely no regrets in attending, I will be working playfully to fully integrate all that I learnt over the three days. What was most revealing was the subtly of connecting to the heart and that I don't just see perceive using all of my intuitive abilities. The Tutor was so loving and supportive and extremely adept throughout. I highly recommend anyone interested in this work to attend this course.

Kevin Hopkins at Jun 06, 2014

The course was held in a marquee in the grounds of Glastonbury Abbey and it was a very powerful spiritual and emotional experience for me personally, for the group as a whole and for the area and land around the Abbey. Being in a marquee we felt closer to the land and to Mother Earth. The Abbey was not just a venue for the course but a hugely significant and integral part of the workshop. To say it was a transformative experience is a complete understatement.

Maxine L O'Connor at Jun 03, 2014

This was one workshop not to be missed and I am so happy I attended. Irene is a wonderful teacher/facilitator and I admire her delivery of the workshop. I found her to be very informative and reassuring. I enjoyed every bit of this course and jumped at the chance to do it again with the on-line link up. The second workshop helped motivate me to practise everyday. Irene also runs a monthly ATIH Meditation Group in London each month. We have experienced some beautiful profound moments. During one of these in late 2013 we focused on healing London. On the local news on about May 2014 they reported that 'suprisingly Central London is one of the lowest polluted places in the UK!'. I am so grateful to Irene for holding this space, for her love and dedication to the greater cause and all those who attended her workshop. Her guidance seems to be working on another level still lately. I highly recommend Irene as an ATIH tutor and tell everyone on my path about this workshop. From the heart, Maxine O'Connor, London, UK.

alessandro redaelli at May 30, 2014

I shared with my wife ,the others students and the teacher, the best experience of my life and I will be eternally grateful to Drunvalo and the teachings he's transmitting to humanity. God bless you all.

Vinit Palkar at May 23, 2014

The information given in this workshop is about one of the most powerfull meditation techniques known to us, so one cannot place a cost for it, as its priceless. Thanks a lot to Drunvalo, Irene and the entire team of school of remembering who have made this possible. I hope we reach out to maximum people in the days to come and contribute towards the making our earth a better place to live for everyone. Thanks again!!!

Nathan Khan at May 21, 2014

This was a life changing workshop Irene is a amazing teacher I will be forever grateful :)

Mandana Rhodes at May 14, 2014

The ATIH course I took part in, with Irene Viglia in London in February 2014 was the most enlightening and profound experience I'd ever had in my life. I have been recommending it to everyone I know. Thank you Drunvalo for having made these teachings possible and accessible. I love you with all my heart.

Freddie Mehta at Apr 14, 2014

Maybe the price of the workshop could be a bit discounted for some who cannot afford it.

kristine beeckman at Mar 28, 2014


CLAUDIA ZANON at Mar 27, 2014

For me It has been the best course I have done in the last two years; the teacher is marvelous and the group too . Thank you very much

Karolina Michalak at Mar 26, 2014

This was without question the best workshop that I have participated in and the bond between the individuals in the group was very strongly felt. The teachings are very profound and the whole experience is very powerful. I feel very grateful to Drunvalo and to Irene for sharing this work with so much love and patience.

MARIA DIGGINS at Mar 17, 2014

I felt a soul calling to be in this workshop. The experience is moving me more consciously into my heart day by day. From this space I feel a union consciousness emerging.

Peter Ennis at Mar 15, 2014

Irene taught from a warm and patient heart and catered for all levels of spiritual developement.

Lynn Basford at Mar 11, 2014

Irene was a most competent and effective teacher able to facilitate all aspects of the course including managing difficult personalities and a perpetual lateness by several members. This to me showed a sign of genuine ability.

elizabeth whelan broderick at Mar 07, 2014

Superb course given by Irene excellently delivered in a very professional manner could not believe all of the information that was shared in a few days. Thank you

vincent gill at Feb 24, 2014

This workshop had a profound effect in healing my emotional body. I feel more grounded and spiritually uplifted by the experience.

susan richardson at Feb 19, 2014

Irene has a beautiful quality teaching this work.

Punam V Makar at Feb 14, 2014

The workshop was re-birthing and life changing. Irene is a wonderful teacher and guide and I am grateful!!!

Maria Lyons at Jan 13, 2014

I was so impressed with the course & its impact on me that I wanted to teach it to others. I attended a second course in Holland at the end of January 2012 & then attended the Teachers Training course in Mexico April 2021

Susan McLoughlin at Dec 21, 2013

This was my second workshop with Irene and the first in Ireland where I live. It was different from the first workshop but equally as good. I would like to thank Irene for bringing the ATIH to Ireland

Susan McLoughlin at Dec 21, 2013

I found the workshop to be just what I was looking for. Although I still find it hard at times to get into my sacred space I do believe that it is my own lack of self belief that stops me.but when I do reach my sacred space wow is it powerful and loving In Love and Light

Ann Gedye at Dec 21, 2013

I absolutely loved the whole workshop and can truly say this was the best experience in a workshop I have had. I feel I have found a huge missing piece of vital information and love working from the heart space so consciously in everyday living.

Karl Smerecnik at Dec 21, 2013

I had a profound experience at the workshop. Irene is a fantastic facilitator and I highly recommend her to any other students that are interested in ATIH.

Maria Wilton at Dec 21, 2013

I can highly recommend my teacher Irene Viglia, It was a joy to attend her workshop. Her instructions were clear and helpful. I enjoyed her kind and cheerful nature.

Candice Temple at Dec 13, 2013

Irene is a wonderful teacher, very warm and accessible, but also able to control a class. She is a great human being.

Dharmesh Patel at Dec 03, 2013

Really enjoyed this workshop and evolved and learned loads. I felt really proud of myself for achieving my merkaba.

Geoffrey Abrahams at Nov 18, 2013

Irene was really lovely. The main issue I had was finding the way to the sacred space (let alone the tiny space). It appeared it was all left to the imagination. No real direction nor inner road map to understand whether or not you were even close or not. I am convinced with the teachings but not the result. Perhaps it was my fault and not the teachers' fault. But I would love to understand the real route / method that Drunvalo uses to enter the sacred space and then the tiny space of the heart. That I would really love to understand. Overall, I enjoyed the course and thank Irene for an enlightening workshop. Perhaps I have need of further practice and understanding. Perhaps this is far from Irene's fault. And I still speak with her so no rotten stuff said to her please !! She is lovely and doing a great job !

Diana Cosgrove at Nov 12, 2013

I throughly enjoyed ed the workshop. Had a very difficult night on the healing day with everything being brought up for release but the next day was lovely for me. I am not inclined to recommend it to others because everyone around me have difficulty with what I do anyway without bringing in ascension. They have enough trouble accepting I work with Angels. For over 15 years I have been removing entities from people, by force at times. I am now letting go of that method and working with Archangel Michael and using his chamber and giving beings the opportunity to leave if they wish. I go back in a f ew days to give them another chance. I am redeveloping my healing techniques working from the tiny space. I keep trying to manifest but often I don't know what to look for. Life is easy at the moment and I have everything I need. Thanks so much for your work. Diana Angel(Cosgrove)

Frances Borges at Nov 10, 2013

I enjoyed the workshop immensely and Irene was an inspiring and compassionate teacher. Thank you Drunvalo for all the knowledge that you have brought to those who choose to listen Love & Light Fran Borges

Maxine L O'Connor at Nov 04, 2013

8) I had a major healing crises for at least 2 months after the ATIH workshop and was feeling extremely low. However, upon joining Irene's monthly ATIH meditations in London I felt completely different. I felt for sure I had accessed the Tiny Space of the heart and trust in the process I went through. Handouts may have been useful i.e. Beams of Light intial process. Email version would be just as good. Irene is an outstanding teacher and an inspiration! Thank you from my heart for sharing this knowledge, Maxine

Anna O'Connell at Nov 04, 2013

The worship was so intense in experience and brought together many aspects of myself that I would really like to repeat it sometime next year.

ben bailey at Oct 21, 2013

I would appreciate some course notes or access to videos of Drunvalo's version of the workshop, as I didn't come away from the workshop with anything other than memories to work with.

Tareck Ghoneim at Oct 21, 2013

it was an amazing experience!

Soren Hildebrandt-Sorensen at Oct 17, 2013

This was my second ATIH workshop experience - and I went deeper in my understanding.

max harvey at Oct 11, 2013

I would like to complete this section very soon.

Kenneth Berentzen at Oct 08, 2013

I feel that there where missing honesty of what happened to everyone at the course. I have felt the static merkaba, so I knew what to expect if my merkaba would pop out, It didn´t pop out, however the teacher said it had. I trust myself. :) I know there is no mistake, and I need more training, however I feel I just wanted honesty from the teacher.

Miroslava Ondrova at Sep 17, 2013

Everything that was happening from day 1 was absolutely spot-on. I am very happy I was in such a MAGICAL place, with GREAT teacher, with SPECIAL people. My life is changing.......

keith fielder at Sep 09, 2013

chairs could have been more comfortable!

Siobhan Purcell at Aug 30, 2013

Having already attended the ATIH workshop the year before, it had less impact on me other than helping to deepen my practice. However, Irene did an amazing job, as always.

Hazel Moore at Aug 28, 2013

The whole experience of the ATIH workshop was life changing for me and brought together so much of my own inner understanding. The teachings were literally embedded in me and I continue to use them most days.

Mikko Bieber at Aug 27, 2013

Hi! Since we don`t get any handouts, it was rather disturbing trying to keep up on taking notes, while the interpreter was at the same time translating to the student who did not understand english. The translation was not very good, some contents were quite altered.Many question arose first days after and i don`t feel comfy with the idea I´d have to skype with my teacher to get answers. Ofcourse I realize we live in different countries and meeting face-to-face is not an option. Besides that i`m very grateful to have had the opportunity of enjoying the wonderful teaching ability and personality of Miss Viglia-Hutton. Love to you( all), mikko bieber

Emma Cedergren at Aug 26, 2013

The best thing I have ever done! Thank you so much from all of my heart! Love Emma

Soren Hildebrandt-Sorensen at Aug 02, 2013

I am practising daily entering the sacred and tiny space of the heart - and I have noticed progress in that I have noticed how important the achieved quality of the Unity Breath exercise is to the ability of entering. It doesn't seem to work too well for me in the morning at the time when I usually would do my meditation - it seems I need to be more awake during the day and then drifting away and loosing the attention and intention is less a problem - and I have a more clear feeling of succeeding. I am also experimenting with how and when to integrate this exercise with my general Sahaj Marg (Raja Yoga) meditation - I am getting there bit by bit - it takes time to implement the teachings of ATIH - but I feel I am on the right track.

Donie Sheehy at Jul 29, 2013

Having studied Drunvalo's work very closely over a number of years I had very high expectations about the ATIH workshop. Having expectations set too high often leads to disappointment but in this case my expectations of the outcome were far, far exceeded. If fact I was speechless at the sheer impact of course and as the processing continues I am very grateful indeed for all that I have received.

Maya Chewaluza at Jun 30, 2013

I found the 4 day workshop with Irene very informative & enlightening & Irene was a great teacher to guide us. Recommended to others. Drunvalos teachings are definitely there for those who want to take their lives to the next level. So in terms of recommending his teachings to others, that depends on the person I am talking to, if they are interested in this subject mater then most certainly yes. Thank you Drunvalo for all your work, teachings, dedication & service to mankind. I hope to meet you one day if you haven't already ascended to the 4th dimension yet! Is it something you plan on doing anytime soon? I went with Vera Lopez on her tour to Peru & Mexico at the end of last year, was very nice to meet many more of your ATIH students from around the world & teachers. Hope to connect soon. In La'Kech...... Maya :-)

Chris Brayer at Jun 16, 2013

A good course. Irene was always in truth and had total integrity.

Jorge Briozzo at Jun 04, 2013

Was a wonderful seminar

Petar Malic at Jun 04, 2013

I have recommended Irene and the workshop to my family and friends and a number of them intend to attend Irenes workshop. It was a wonderful course, very well presented and explained. Thoroughly enjoyable and very beneficial.

Carl Auriel at Jun 02, 2013

Irene was a great teacher with a lot of compassion and integrity. She was able to transmit the teaching of Drunvalo with clarity and simplicity. There is nothing more to wish fore :)

Michael Pringle at Jun 01, 2013

Beautiful hard working person.

samantha southern at Jun 01, 2013

one of the most amazing workshops ever, and thankyou Irene and Drunvalo, for all your love and work, it is life changing and wonderful.