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andromeda forero at Dec 16, 2019

I've offered myself this workshop for Christmas. The information shared in this class is so profound that it should be followed several times, in my opinion. A real life experience that changes all perspectives. Thank you Drunvalo for this wonderful gift addressed to all humanity.

sofia lemos at Oct 28, 2019

i absolutelly loved this course,it was an important and much needed step of my evolution.im gonna continue to study and perfect this knowledge and apply it on my daily life!

Bruno Desfranois at Aug 07, 2019

A profound continuation, exploration, application of my lectures and videos of Drunvalo and the opportunity to experiment with excellent teachers!

CONEDY SISSOKO at Nov 16, 2017


Serge Renko Omelianenko at Aug 29, 2017

It's Probably the most valuable thing I've done for myself and the others since decades. I know perfectly now what means \"thank you from the bottom of my heart\" and it's what I mean it for Claudine, Marc, Drunvalo and my group. Huge hug, Serge

Clarisse Muntzer at Aug 24, 2017


Carine DAKIN at Apr 15, 2017

Un grand merci à Claudine!

Isabelle Gautier at Apr 09, 2017

Claudine is \" the Teacher\" to have. She takes you along this Journey \" l'air de rien\" as we say in French. So much dedication and care for her Students and her inconditionnal Love and Energy turned for me her classes into a deep insight metamorphosis and put me on my way to find the true Self. Bonjour nouveau bébé! Une rencontre majeure pour moi et inoubliable pour tous. In Love We Trust. Isabelle - Toulouse

Hara Katsiki at Mar 23, 2017

A workshop that changed my life by re-membering me who I really am. I am truly grateful for this profound experience and I would warmly reccommend it to everyone on this planet. Thank you <3

Nadege Ronze at Mar 21, 2017

Merci Claudine, c'est \"LE\" stage des stages !! Mille merci pour ta présence, ta douceur, ton ecoute et ressenti... Tres belle continuation à toi

Robert Maud at Mar 18, 2017

Très bonne formation , je suis empellement satisfaite de la formation. La formatrice était géniale , j'ai passé de super moment.

Kim Kapes at Mar 17, 2017

Love Claudine and the experience and highly suggest this course for true Awakening!

Noelle Galliano at Mar 16, 2017

4 jours qui ont changés positivement ma façon de voir la vie merci

Harold Patty at Jan 29, 2017

Claudine displayed great professionalism, patients and understanding throughout her class. She has given me the confidence to continue with my quest to find harmony and serenity. She goes the extra mile to assist student before, during and after the course, making this the best course I have attended. Merci beaucoup mon ami Claudine.

Erwann Desprez-Le Goarant at Jan 25, 2017

Atelier formidable. Une très grande découverte pour moi. Merci Claudine pour tes enseignements.

Carole Dumonceau at Oct 16, 2016

Cet atelier est extraordinaire. Claudine est une très belle personne, pleine de patience et de lumière.

ISABELLE DANG-TRAN at Oct 15, 2016

Un stage extraordinaire réalisé par Claudine, une personne magnifique remplie d'amour et d'humilité

Fabienne ROUSTAN at May 02, 2016

J'ai été heureuse de faire la connaissance de Claudine KURTZ et d'avoir été initié par elle. J'ai adoré ce séminaire. Merci Claudine.

Anne-Marie Vitel at Mar 17, 2016

Merci ! Avec Amour !

Igor Nedelko at Nov 17, 2015

The ATIH Workshop was a wonderful experience on all levels of consciousness! Claudine expertly taught about amazing things in a way I'd never even contemplated.

Katerina Devane at Nov 16, 2015

It was an amazing experience, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to live life in the heart.

SOPHIE BRAMOULLE at Nov 03, 2015

I value tremendously the worshop, but the teaching process did not suit me as the pace was too quick even mechanical (a lot of manuel reading ) Not being able to go through somehow very delicate, energy inner experiences (activation of the Merkaba...) , I had the impression to have missed what we were after. My overall feeling is a lack of sacredness around this experience and I associate the Merkaba with the Sacred, with Love. That said, there was space for profound heart sharing during some of the exercises.

jacques Bargel at Jul 11, 2015

Very good teacher. This training could be better with paper support.

Dorritt Gandia at Jun 28, 2015

i have done this for four times now, and i'm very happy to be doing this with claudine kurtz. her teachings takes me very far in conciousness every time

Catherine Bernier at Jun 18, 2015

Cet atelier a libéré des émotions, m'a redonné confiance et j'ai fait de magnifiques découvertes. Energie de groupe très positive et Claudine Kurtz est vraiment fantastique ! Merci à toi Claudine

jacques Bargel at Jun 03, 2015

I think that could be better to have document to explain the scope of this training and the role of each schedule.

Ewa Karpinska at May 14, 2015

I am very grateful for this experience. Claudine was leading the group with the big respect and her healer background was very useful during the workshop.


I appreciated very much Claudine because she is a beautiful and helpful person, i apreciated the teaching which seemed to be very very interesting, however I would have liked to receive the documentation of the teaching and i came back home without a real training and i don't know today how to use this course i expect for many months. Fabienne

Penny Chester at Nov 21, 2014

This was an excellent workshop. Claudine Kurtz is a wonderful teacher. Her knowledge of the information and exceptional teaching ability created an atmosphere of pure joy and ease of learning. She is a special person teaching very special work. Thank you for the opportunity for sharing this wonderful information at this wonderful time on earth. I came away a much different person than when I started. It was wonderful.

marie christine de Ville de Goyet at Sep 07, 2014

Profound, intense, emotiona; a wonderful step in opening the field of consciousness

BERTON Philippe at Sep 05, 2014

Merci !

sakcha llanque at Aug 31, 2014

Thank you to everyone engaging on this beautiful process of rising consciousness and remembering. Those 4 days were really intense and helpful! all together! thank you thank you

Phoeb BLOYER at Aug 24, 2014

Un grand Merci à Claudine et à tous ! Avec le coeur, Phoebé

Perle Levy-Beff at May 31, 2014

Cet atelier m'a permis de contacter notre véritable nature qui n'est ni le début ni la fin, ni la droite ni la gauche, juste l'abondance d'amour et de compassion présente là, ici et maintenant. Je remercie les maîtres ascensionnés et les anges et archanges. Je remercie Sanda et Michaël. Je remercie aussi Drunvalo d'avoir consacré sa vie entière au service de l'ascension humaine et de nous offrir ainsi le fruit de ses recherches. Après cet atelier et maintenant encore je souhaite poursuivre les enseignements de Drunvalo Melchizedek et plus tard pouvoir bénéficier de l'enseignement qui nos prépare à être enseignant. Gratitude infinie, Marie-Hélène,.Perle.

Graldine Ramsay at Apr 08, 2014

It was a very rich workshop with a lot of informations and \"exercises\". Maybe a little bit too quick for me. But I will surely reapply for another similar workshop in the future.

Jack E Young at Mar 27, 2014

Our Teacher was beyond Excellent in all realms - Hospitality, Delivery, Knowledge (what a background) and intuitive, caring assistance. The venue occasionally got noisy at the wrong times. I so wished handouts (e.g. text and pictures) would have been available.

Kerry Connors at Feb 19, 2014

Claudine is extremely gifted and a really neat lady!!! It was a small group; We had fun and I look forward to continuing my consciousness expansion...cause I don't want to have to relive this life!! Time to move on!! Figuring out what changes to make in my life and where this will take me is the next and scariest, yet exciting part. Namaste!

Werner C Ammann Jr at Jan 30, 2014

There is no replacing the MASTER when teaching this type material.

Ralph Mclendon at Jan 15, 2014

I felt truly blessed to have been a part of the teaching. Claudine is a very special and gentle spirit of healing love. Namaste

Brigitte REZZOUG at Oct 08, 2013

ce qu il manque a cet atelier, pour moi, c 'est la possibilité d'avoir un protocole écrit ou audio qui me permettrai de refaire plus facilement tout le processus

Christiane BLANCHEMANCHE at Sep 06, 2013

It was the workshop that I was waiting for a long time! I desire to participate to an other wourkshop of Claudine KURTZ on December 2013 with friends of mine i order to be able to attend the workshop Claudette MELCHISEK next year .