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Karimu Corbeek at Nov 06, 2020

Both Agathi and Daniel did a wonderful job guiding us through our four days together. My partner and I both felt immensely cared for and supported during the retreat even though it was online. With the challenges of Corona I would hope anyone who has the opportunity to participate in a Heart Imagery session with Agathi, or an ATIH retreat with both masters should do so! Love and light to all

Gabi Schlemaier at Jul 05, 2020

I came across Merkaba a little over 20 years ago, but then became afraid that I was doing something wrong and left it after a short time. Now in Covid I happened upon the Earth / Heaven / Heart workshop on Gaia TV and knew that I wanted to attend this workshop completely. The exercises were almost identical to the Earth / Sky workshop, which I already thought based on the description. I really liked this workshop, and I got very good results online. For the online courses you should perhaps consider that the private chat is deactivated so that everyone \"hears\" the questions that are answered. All in all a successful 4 days that I can recommend at any time.

Gabi Schlemaier at Jul 05, 2020

I came across Merkaba a little over 20 years ago, but then became afraid that I was doing something wrong and left it after a short time. Now in Covid I happened upon the Earth / Heaven / Heart workshop on Gaia TV and knew that I wanted to attend this workshop completely. The exercises were almost identical to the Earth / Sky workshop, which I already thought based on the description. I really liked this workshop, and I got very good results online. For the online courses you should perhaps consider that the private chat is deactivated so that everyone \"hears\" the questions that are answered. All in all a successful 4 days that I can recommend at any time.

Rory McNeill at Jul 02, 2020

Thank you. This information has been life-changing. I'm so excited to put it to use!

Charlene Cristi Rover at Jun 29, 2020

It was a life changing experience. Thank you for been here to allow this experience to arrive in my live. All my love to everyone is involved.

Dreanna Bane at Apr 19, 2020

Daniel is an excellent teacher and I am forever changed by the experiences he guided us through. It takes a great master of the wisdom to communicate it and embody it so that we may understand by way of knowing it. He allowed me to realize that with all the spiritual work that I have done so far, the most important experience is to live in the Heart. He is patient, compassionate and full of heart. He has great stories to share too! Thank you, Daniel, for guiding us home..

Cristian Fumero at Dec 18, 2019

Master Daniel Mitel was very clear in all his concepts, the workshop was a unique experience that changed my way of seeing life. From now on it will be in my power to incorporate all knowledge into daily life and to be able to change my reality. Thanks to Daniel and the School!!

Ezgi Inci at Oct 18, 2019

It was one of the most profound experiences of my life and I am forever grateful for this experience. Daniel created a very loving and safe environment for us and he guided us through the whole journey with great love and care. He is an exceptional teacher and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to go through this journey with him. The teachings and the meditations we learned in this workshop are absolutely life-changing and it is my deepest desire and biggest hope that more people learn and practice these teachings so that love becomes the one and only language we speak once again. Thank you Drunvalo Melchizedek and Daniel Mitel for your existence and for your light. I am forever grateful!

Katrin Maslenkova at Oct 16, 2019

Thank you so much to everyone who helped in organizing this event. It was incredible - I experienced a positive shift in the love that I have for myself, others, the planet and the universe and with the practices that I learned, I've been able to take that home with me. Daniel, your style of teaching was wonderful - I really enjoyed your (quite literally) out-of-this-world stories and the openness and confidence with which you shared them. I'm so grateful for the impact you've had on my life. Thank you. I love you. - Katy

Saad ALRubaian at Oct 12, 2019

Thank you I love you <3 Daniel My best workshop in this Birth :) Best soul family ever I love you ALL <3

Marianne Felitti at Oct 12, 2019

Daniel guided us clearly and compassionately. He combined the practice and theoretical aspects in the right proportion, achieving that each one in his rhythm will reach that sacred space ... to be one with God. Infinite thanks to Drunvalo and Daniel.


Трансформирующий семинар. Огромные изменения в жизни, которые продолжают менять мое сознание. Мое сердце теперь вибрирует по другому. Благодарность Дениелю ❤️

ruiqiang wu at Apr 22, 2019

很有收获 可以要自己多联系才能达到老师教的东西

Elena Szabo at Apr 14, 2019

I expected that the knowledge I would gain during the workshop to help me connect the dots and use the teachings daily. Instead, I completely abandoned this education. I don't blame the teacher, but the shift I expected did not happen.

Nazli Mansour at Apr 01, 2019

This workshop is life changing . I loved it and enjoyed all days of the workshop.A lot of new information and knowledge as well as the technique to enter the heart and act from the tiny space of the heart. Thank you for a real journey into the heart.

Fernando Edmundo Estefania Vega at Dec 07, 2018

Daniel is an amazing heart-centered Master. I really appreciate his vast knowledge in the subject plus the confidence he gave us to truly achieve the workshop objectives. An infinite source of inspiration indeed. I feel motivated and grateful and I can't wait to continue learning and experiencing life from my heart. Thank you Master Daniel!

Virginia Stevens at May 22, 2018

Daniel is an amazing teacher. So is Agathi! I would highly recommend this class to anyone. It has absolutely changed my life on so many levels

Eloise Bennett at Apr 04, 2017

As Always Daniels, workshop was Amazing a blissful experience. Thank you ????

Ieva Saladziute at Dec 06, 2016

I am so grateful to have had the possibility to attend this workshop with Daniel, he is deeply awakened teacher! A lot of valuable information and practices, beautiful energy and magic. Thank you !!! Much love

Cristian Reyes at Dec 06, 2016

Amazing experience! :)

Sanela Begovic at Nov 18, 2016

It is always so great to be with Daniel, listen and experience all he has to teach us!

Sanela Begovic at Nov 18, 2016

This workshop changed my life, changed me... This should be thought in schools!

Ruby White at Nov 03, 2016

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. From the first contact that I made with the Teaher to register and throughout the workshop, I felt like I was coming home. The Teacher was so open and helpful. He also took steps to ensure that I was connected with someone from the area, who could help me when I first arrived in Toronto. Words cannot express the gratitude that I am feeling. The exercises and meditations bought me closer to how I want to live my daily life. The healing and experiences were profound. The teacher and others who were assisting him were so welcoming and helpful. After the workshop I walked away feeling so very connected with everyone, the universe and myself. I felt so much love. I learned how important it is to stay in your heart. My view of others and of situations feels so much different. This workshop has changed my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you from my heart. I definitely recommend this workshop to others.

JORGE PARDO at Nov 03, 2016

Daniel is an excellent instructor and a beautiful human being. He showed love all the time for us and it was very important for me. Thank you dear master.

Sharon Underwood at Nov 02, 2016

My experience during the Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop was amazing, and I am already seeing changes in my life just two days later. Daniel Mitel is a wonderful speaker and I knew I was in the presence of a loving spiritual being. I personally had some difficulty understanding him at times as he has a thick accent, but this is the situation for me many times and something I am used to. The venue is a children's school with small chairs, and so was somewhat uncomfortable. The course material and my experiences over the four days more than made up for some physical discomfort!

Hi Sharon, Thank you for your nice message.
Related with my accent...if you understood the message of the language of the heart is good!
The Montessori school where we were doing the event it is one of the best places as energy and comfort wise to do an workshop in Toronto. There were 4 types of chair into the room; why would you chose the small children chairs when you had 3 big chairs for adults? It is first time in five years when I heard about physical discomfort in this place. I have done more than 100 workshop there (ATIH, Heart Imagery, Meditation Days, Kriya Yoga, etc) and more than 1,000 people attended it and all said until now that it was the most comfortable place to do an workshop. :-)

Daniel Mitel at Nov 04, 2016

Eloise Bennett at Sep 13, 2016

Another Amazing course presented by Daniel Mitel. I am so grateful to SOR and Daniel for these life changing teachings. The healing day was so transformational, the meditations brought me so much peace and serenity. I found the course great value for money at only £370 for 4 days. In Truth you cannot put a price on how valuable the course has been for me. I practice daily. I am so grateful. Much love Eloise ????

ashley lugg at Sep 13, 2016

I feel very blessed and am very grateful for Daniel's time and teachings that he shared with us on this truly enlightening course. I have met many great teachers but Daniel is not just a teacher he is Master. Namaste.

Paul McMahon at Sep 11, 2016

This workshop is excellent in every regard. Many thanks once again to all.

Andy Reid at Sep 05, 2016

i was disappointed that this information was so tightly bound to the controlling fiat monetary control system .From leaving home travelling expenses +course fees accomedation &catering the experience cost me well over $1000 dollars. For many of my freinds who slave for the minium wage it was way too much money for them.

This is a completely inaccurate and incorrect message. Andy Reid attended three workshops in Wales: Awakening The Illuminated Heart, Kriya Yoga and Heart Imagery. The fee for Awakening The Illuminated Heart was 370! A lot of participants received discounts and workshops fee reductions.

Daniel Mitel at Sep 10, 2016

Daniela Sfecla at Jul 11, 2016

I have done this workshop couple of times but this time in Bucharest, with 151 participants, it was magnificent. Thank you Master!

Elena-Irina Chiriac at Jul 11, 2016

We were 151 people attending an workshop that changed our lives with a real Master. Thank you!

alpa jadeja at May 19, 2016

An amazing course with an amazing teacher. Thank you

Sanela Begovic at Apr 17, 2016

This was the workshop that changed my life and really helped me to feel \"at home\" here, living it! I am happier, and the whole energy of my life has changed to the better, since I have learned to live in, and, from my heart. Daniel has been such a wonderful teacher, good and involved, full of knowledge that he transfers straight from the heart, as a pure example of his teachings! I didn't have many expectations about the workshop, but with his teaching, he has surpassed all I could have... I understand so much more, and i finally do more of my purpose here. I live from the heart! Thanks both Drunvalo for this workshop, and Daniel as a great teacher <3

Donatas Banaitis at Mar 27, 2016

Everything looks nice, but considering how rich and strong this school is it all should be at least half the price and double the quality, but that is just my opinion. Thank you

Aysu Karayazgan at Mar 24, 2016

It was a unique and an unforgettable experience for me. Aside from the content of the workshop; meeting with Daniel Mitel and learning from him and hearing his worldwide experiences was amazing. I've been repeating the exercises and meditations from the workshop since then. I recommend everyone to take this workshop and start their awakening process.

Munira AlFadel at Mar 20, 2016

I really would like to thank Daniel Mitel for his effort and kindness and for making available this wonderful knowledge and experience for us. It has been such a bliss.

Elena-Irina Chiriac at Dec 22, 2015

Thank you for a great workshop and to a great teacher; a life change event!

Melanie Whitwell at Nov 20, 2015

I truly enjoyed attending the ATIH workshop. For the past year, I have been experiencing a 'psychic attack'. Over the years doing energy work, I think I was expecting very male energy at the workshop, and I was surprised and moved by the feminine energy of this meditation. In muddling through it in my daily life, there is a lot of healing happening and this is great. While the attacks have abated, they still show up but I will continue to work towards empowerment and freedom....doing the light work finally makes me feel like myself and I just want to live in that space. Thanks to Daniel for facilitating the workshop and to all of the participants - it was a great experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Raphal Hupp-Alvarez at Oct 26, 2015

Daniel is clear, simple, profound, and goes directly to the essential. For me, this method of teaching is exactly what I need to keep me aligned on my path. From my heart, thank you Daniel.

Erkan Erkaya at Oct 19, 2015

Love & Peace & Light

Erkan Erkaya at Oct 18, 2015

It was a real journey to the heart where there is no polarization and only light and love and peace.. Thank you..

ROSIE GUL DALVA at Oct 18, 2015

Great workshop.. Going from brain to the heart.. Grateful for being able to remember

Hannes Klausner at Aug 23, 2015

A great experience to be part of ATIH workshop in Innsbruck. We felt a lot of love and help for us to find and stay in our hearts! Hannes and Andrea

maria chelaru at Aug 21, 2015

my 5th workshop, and felt like a new one :) but with a deeper understanding and more profound experiencing. Daniel is a great teacher, as usual, and the subject of living from the heart more actual and needed then ever. I simply love this workshop, thank you all!

Gabriela Pavledis at Jul 22, 2015

Thank you so much for this amazing experience. Amazing Tools.


Daniel Mitel at Nov 19, 2019

Michail Konstantinidis at Jul 16, 2015

Thank you thank you Thank you

ashley lugg at Jul 14, 2015

Be prepared for change in your life when enrolling on this course, if you are serious about raising your frequency then this gives you the tools to do so rapidly. Fair warning though change is not always easy. I am very grateful to have been part of this course and to have shared my experience with such open beautiful people. AAAAA rating from me Namaste ☺️

maria chelaru at Jun 03, 2015

Excellent, as always. Only practice and trust in myself are needed now.

julian folling at May 22, 2015

It was truly amazing and gave me a strong confident that all the new learnings where correct. Still old habits die slow and new better habits are hard to get as habits but still I am meditation and it is getting easier to do it at a regular basis.. Meeting Daniel was my first meeting with a master in real life it was a great experience.

Oliver Mayr at Apr 24, 2015

Daniel is a great person and a great teacher. I absolutely recommend this workshop!

Toby Erwin at Mar 08, 2015

Daniel was amazing! He has so much experience and is a great teacher.


Huge value, huge modesty. .

Sabite Karademir at Dec 25, 2014

Wish learned about it earlier

Idar Udal at Dec 23, 2014

In short; I felt deeply respected and the teacher, Daniel Mitel, radiated of a rarely seen innocence and utterly real love. It was a protected and most encouraging learning environment. I can only salute and truly appreciate the service and work of the whole team.

Daniela Sfecla at Dec 12, 2014

It worth doing this magic workshop with Daniel Mitel. He is a Mystic. His love has a unique quality. His love is not moralistic and he is teaching us to live now in this moment. Because he is so pure and opened, being near him makes easy and funny the journey to the heart. I can't wait to join again his workshops!

Elena-Irina Chiriac at Dec 12, 2014

Another great spiritual workshop taught by a Spiritual Master: Daniel Mitel. I read his book \"This Now Is Eternity\" and felt that I need to do again Awakening The Illuminated Heart Workshop. Sometimes just to stay and listen to a Master is enough!

Eloise Bennett at Dec 12, 2014

I am so grateful to Daniel for yet again a wonderful ATIH workshop I feel totally blessed by the connection I have to mother earth and the peace and serenity I feel from the tiny space of my heart I just love the daily meditation. Thank you Daniel love and blessings Eloise

Paul McMahon at Sep 21, 2014

The workshop was excellent in every way. I am so blessed to have been part of it.

Damian Mark Davies at Sep 16, 2014

Another fantastic and magical A.T.I.H Workshop, with Daniel and Agathi. They both made Me feel really welcome and a part of the workshop. The workshop was as amazing and Magical as the first I attended earlier in the year. Would recommend anyone wanting to do the A.T.I.H Workshop to do it with Daniel & Agathi, everything in the workshop was explained clearly, definitely do the workshop again with Daniel and Agathi highly recommended. Thanks again Cosmic Blessings to you both from my tiny space of the Heart to yours xxxxx

Sanela Begovic at Sep 03, 2014

Life changing and wonderful teacher Daniel Mitel! Love it and highly recommend <3

Eliana Anatolidou at Jul 27, 2014

This workshop was a wonderful experience for me. It was by far the highest standard from anything I have done before and being taught by Daniel Mitel was a great honor. The workshop gave me invaluable knowledge and profound experience. It awakened past knowledge and reconnected me with my essence. It offered me the greatest gift of all: \"To create from an illuminated, awakened heart!\". A gift, we all owe to ourselves. Thank you Daniel and Agathe.

Laura Iacovides at Jul 27, 2014

My overall experience of the course was inspiring and fulfilling. I highly recommend it to anyone who feels the call of the heart. Thank you Daniel you are a treasure to this planet.

Niall Waldman at Jul 02, 2014

Loved the Awakening The Illuminated Heart course. I now have some tangible tools to meditate with and help direct my life. Mind-blowing without the used of drugs.

Anne Laarsen at Jun 17, 2014

I found it a bit confuseing finding my way to payment, but later videos related to this has been released at youtube. It is recommendable to pay through the website of the school of remembering, for registration of ones attendance, so that one can retrieve the certificate easily. I found it comforting to know that Daniel Mitel could see the energies and give good support in the prosess.

Eloise Bennett at Jun 08, 2014

This workshop was was pure Bliss and joy the whole class were in such a loving peaceful space the healing day and activation of our merkaba was amazing. I would highly recommend Daniel's classes he has in dept knowledge and wisdom and a great understanding of the material and always answers any questions with ease and grace. A very humble loving Teacher I am so grateful to have trained with him. Love and Gratitude Nameste Eloise

Eloise Bennett at Jun 08, 2014

This workshop was was pure Bliss and joy the whole class were in such a loving peaceful space the healing day and activation of our merkaba was amazing. I would highly recommend Daniel's classes he has in dept knowledge and wisdom and a great understanding of the material and always answers any questions with ease and grace. A very humble loving Teacher I am so grateful to have trained with him. Love and Gratitude Nameste Eloise

Anne Therese Loevstuhagen at Jun 02, 2014

This was an amazing and life-changing experience. The things I learnt are invaluable and I am forever grateful to my teacher Daniel and to Drunvalo for creating this programme. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you! <3

Lorna Kent at Apr 20, 2014

Daniel is a truly inspiring spiritual teacher. His wisdom, kind heart and genuine humility make him an outstanding individual - and of course his sense of humour. The whole four days felt effortless and I have been meditating in the tiny space of the heart every day for the past two weeks as well as activating my beams of light. I feel so grateful to have been part of the London course and would definitely recommend Daniel to anybody considering the ATIH course.

Brenda Vander Meiden at Apr 17, 2014

This will take you on a journey far greater than any other Life Purpose.

Katerina Solomou at Apr 10, 2014

This was my second ATIH workshop. The experience was different in the best way possible. It feels like I've gone deeper, like peeling an onion. Deeper and deeper. I'm so grateful. Thank you Master Daniel!

Katerina Solomou at Apr 10, 2014

Amazing experience. It has opened the portal to the Truth. Daniel is a real Master, I feel very blessed to have him as my teacher. Definitely one of the most wonderful workshops that exist. I salute you from the TSOH. Namaste.

Theresa Kahn at Apr 09, 2014

Awakening the Illuminated Heart is full of all the right 'ingredients' to assist you in moving into the heart. There is no better place to be! Thank you. With Love, Theresa

Marlon Kerr at Apr 08, 2014

Co-creation, Light emanation, The trinity is now there's no need for explanations, Dynamic group revelations, Individual questions, Answered within our mediations, Attention through intention, Beyond belief manifestation, The true source of spiritual invention, My heart in ma-ats mantra arts of a zen patience, My tiny space now sacred, I made it, Mother earths graduation, For she's been granted dispensation, From nursery to university, Divine law has spoken, In geometric conversations, I saw through the brains polarity perversions, Now above karmic persuasion, All is one with creation, All is one in creation, Be clear, Discipline love without fear, Prepare, Light invasion, Listen, Your higher selfs message should be your one and only mission, My 3rd eye now feels a vision, With Heart math precision, My hearts scans with Merkabic intuition. You are my beloved, I open my Heart to you, Always within feeling true, Thoth and Heru, It was written and remains true. From me to you, Truly blessed to have been present with you, The present being a gift of divine truth. Hotep Neophyte S.A.G.E SystematicAnalysis2GainElevation Marlon

pablo dolz muoz at Apr 07, 2014

Daniel is a great teacher, he helps you in all he can and more, he supports you with his unconditional love and wisdom. At first I didn't notice any changes during the healing day, but now I see it has been a profound thing, I'm not ressented anymore, I'm not hurt anymore, It's more easy for me to love others, It's wonderful! I would recommend anybody to go attend his workshop. You will not regret it! Thank you Daniel with all my heart, I will definetly meet you again, on the tiny space of my heart. I love you, the greatest hug for you, Pablo, Barcelona

J Bell at Apr 07, 2014

Daniel is quite an amazing beautiful man and I loved his honest matter of fact style of presenting, sharing and teaching. I now see the importance of daily practice in order to master our own self empowerment. Thank you Daniel and all attendees, I feel truly blessed to have participated in the workshop and have no hesitation in recommending the AtIH workshop to others. Jonathan of www.BeMethod.co.uk

Susan Rudd at Mar 28, 2014

A truely life changing experience. I feel that it has taken my understanding to a higher level I recommend the workshop to every spiritual friend that I meet.

Paul McMahon at Mar 09, 2014

I do not have the words to describe how powerful the experience of this workshop was. It was of the highest order of excellence that I can perceive. Its value was inestimable. My wonder and gratitude is manifold. Thank you so much.

Damian Mark Davies at Feb 15, 2014

Loved the Workshop, best four days of my earthly life, Both Daniel and Agathi are exellent teachers, very warm and loving!! For me the workshop was like a spiritual holiday, It came at the right time, the changes in myself are amazing and as each day passes it gets stronger. It is true you do see and feel the love in everything and everyone, forgiveing all past traumas and experiences is like taking a breath of air, once you connect with your tiny space of the heart miracles start to happen . Was a magical experiance to see twin flames working together with so much love for each other and the whole class. no judgement, I have a lot of love inside me and because of both Agathi and Daniel, I can finally fully Love myself in totality, without any negative programing or thought forms!! I am finally settling into my earthly body and enjoying it. Was an honour to Meet and connect with Daniel and Agathi in this life time. If your going to treat yourself, do this workshop with these Teacher's. What a gift, looking forward to attending the workshop again In September In Wales. Thanks Daniel & Agathi Cosmic Blessing Love Always Damian

Joeseph Bretz at Feb 14, 2014

Daniel was an amazing teacher. I would go back to the same session for more experience with new people. From my heart, thanks for this gift!

Weam Charaf Eddine at Feb 05, 2014

ATIH workshop is a must for anyone searching for something missing in their life. It is a doorway towards seeking the truth about the universe and an amazing way to connect yourself to your higherself through your heart; leading you a step closer towards ascension.Daniel Mitel is honestly the most amazing and down to Earth Master you'll ever meet...He delivers what's necessary to easily get urself from the brain to the heart and helps activate your Merkaba field effortlessly...You will always want more i promise!!!

Glyn Jones at Feb 05, 2014

An incredible teacher and an amazing workshop.

Leighton Lewis at Feb 04, 2014

I had an absolutely amazing time in the workshop. I experienced things i was not expecting so that's always good :) thank you both for such a great and successful workshop. Love and blessings Leighton Lewis. Xxxx

Fernanda Maier at Jan 31, 2014

I absolutely loved the Workshop it was awesome ! it's such a precious gift to the world , I highly recommend him , he is a true Master . I'm so passionate about these teachings that, I also wish to become a teacher myself and share this wonderful process with as many people possible, in service to the One Love .

Cathy Turner at Jan 25, 2014

This was a life changing event. Thank-you!

damaris mccalla at Jan 24, 2014

I have learn far more than I expected from participating in this workshop. Now that Drunvalo and Daniel have come into my experience I and confident in continuing my quest for knowledge and enlightenment. Thank you.

Sue Toupin at Jan 16, 2014

Daniel is a committed teacher. As in the first IH course that I had taken four months prior it was a valuable experience despite the tiredness that I noticed from Daniel's hectic schedule. I have and will continue to recommend this course to all that I meet. Daniel was made to teach this and the world will be a more loving place when more people take this course thanks to teachers like Daniel. :)

Sue Toupin at Jan 16, 2014

Daniel is a wonderful teacher, committed, full of Love and he has a good sense of humour. I always recommend this course to others. It is a necessary foundation in today's world.

PANDELIS GABRIEL at Jan 14, 2014

Over the last 20 years I have been studying and practising many healing modalities and attended many different kind of spiritual workshops and self empowerment courses. I include this course to be among the two top workshops ever. The information, wisdom and techniques included along with the amazing presence of a real Master like Daniel Mitel, left me with no less than pure gratitude and a full open heart, filled with Love, understanding and compassion.

Torill Elise Iversen at Jan 14, 2014

It was not enough time to sink into the meditations. For me I got a lot of questions answered that was important to me, bu still I was stressed after the workshop. I felt an underlying rush during the workshop and also that the maskuline was stronger than the feminin. Something that gave me a feeling of something missing.

Daniela Sfecla at Jan 03, 2014

I have done the second time the workshop with Daniel; it is worth to do it again! We are blessed to have a Master like Daniel Mitel here on this planet; the way how Daniel is teaching and helping people reminds me about Ramakrishna and Osho. Thank you!

Daniela Sfecla at Jan 03, 2014

Daniel is a real Master. When he spoke we felt that Drunvalo Melchizedek was there. We felt that Daniel is connected with Ascended Masters and he is bringing to us the core teachings of Melchizedek Consciousness. If you want to change your life meet Daniel!

Elena-Irina Chiriac at Jan 02, 2014

Daniel is a real Master: I have done again ATIH workshop after more than a year and the experience was incredible. I would recommend to all students who have done it once, to do it again second time as it is amazing; you understand it more profoundly and deeply. We spent four days with Daniel and he made us to understand the divinity inside of us. In this world separated by polarities, Daniel is one of the best Master in meditation and in Creation from the Heart. His energy and light is amazing. Big thanks for another amazing workshop!

Elena-Irina Chiriac at Jan 02, 2014

My first workshop with Daniel was a revelation. Daniel is a real Master and his teachings are coming from the highest level of consciousness. Daniel is bringing something unique in his teachings: his experience as a Master in this world and the other dimensions. We were almost 50 people in his workshop and all of us felt the divinity coming through Daniel. Anybody on this planet should take this workshop and if you have possibility to take it with Master Daniel then the experience is complete!

Iris Mller-Westermann at Dec 30, 2013

I was attending Daniel's workshop as an observing teacher

Iryna Onopriienko at Dec 24, 2013

thank you so much with all my heart!!!

Louise Flensborg Christensen at Dec 23, 2013

Thanks for letting me in to your family. I am truly grateful. With all my heart, Louise

Bilge Inal at Dec 23, 2013

Every human being on this planet must go and take this ws to remember his/her true essence...

George Howse at Dec 21, 2013

Daniel is a heart and soul person and an excellent teacher. We are fortunate to have him teaching in our area.

Luke Sellars at Dec 20, 2013

This was my second time taking ATIH. I strongly suggest taking it more than once as the second time is a whole new experience! Daniel Mitel is pure unconditional love, to spend four days in his presence and experiencing his essence is life changing in and of itself! One Love!

Edward Kuruliouk at Dec 17, 2013

The workshop overall was amazing

Monica Ljungberg-hrn at Dec 16, 2013

This was the absolutely best workshop. Daniel is an astonishing person. I have the highest regard for him.

Sarah Kantor at Dec 10, 2013

Any questions I rated less than 5 are related to my own lack of practicing the meditation, and nothing to do with Daniel Mitel's teaching, or Drunvalo's work.

Andrea Juhasz at Dec 08, 2013

Every two of workshop I was feel as well. Tha cleaning day was very effective. Thank you so much. Daniel is very good teacher.

Ana-Maria Gudov at Nov 06, 2013

great workshop with a wonderful teacher. thank you Daniel :)

winnie lui at Nov 05, 2013

Would prefer to have some handout material so that I don't have to be distracted by the note taking process.

richard ariane at Oct 29, 2013

\"The workshop is kind of vitamine C! The teaching is given through natural fellowship. Thanks a lot for wonderfull vibration to enter in and bring along, great astonning learning and guidance to continue on. And to finish amazing calming voice, pure joy.\" Ariane

richard ariane at Oct 29, 2013

\"The workshop is kind of vitamine C! The teaching is given through natural fellowship. Thanks a lot for wonderfull vibration to enter in and bring along, great astonning learning and guidance to continue on. And to finish amazing calming voice, pure joy.\" Ariane

Zsuzsanna Ery at Oct 19, 2013

Excellent workshop; excellent teacher!

Tony Manganelli at Oct 14, 2013

As Daniel mentioned, the real workshop starts after the teaching. Eventhough my experiences during the workshop were not really \"sharp\", Daniel gave me the insurance and the will to proceed experimenting. With all my love and gratitude, Tony

Bard Anders Lien at Oct 12, 2013

A very meaningful experience for me to attend the ATIH, though a lot to go trough in 4 days. More room for repetition would have been nice :-)


I thoroughly enjoyed it, Daniel is a great teacher!


Not enough time or instruction of the process of connecting the tiny space if the heart to the merkaba. Language barrier.

Eloise Bennett at Sep 09, 2013

The class was an amazing life changing experience, it will be in my heart forever, I Am enjoying my daily practice and I AM so grateful for these teachings. Love and gratitude Eloise

Jack Adams at Sep 02, 2013

I personally found my sensitivity to subtle energy's to be focused more to feeling and hearing, so before I had a teacher to help guide me through the steps, I was unclear as to the process I was preforming. Daniel and this course cleared up a ton of questions and uncertainty about my meditations, I am so thankful that there are people in the world who can help with such compassion with so meany things like this, and Daniel lived up to all of what I was expecting! Thank you Daniel, Thank you Drunvalo, I don't know where in my life I would be without this light! All my heart goes out to both of you and all the people who teaches this, along with the universe that supplied the love needed to show people the way. I love you all!

Darrell Hails at Aug 30, 2013

Some handouts of the materials would be more helpful. Also, a recording of the main meditations for home use would be most helpful in imprinting the practice and incorporating same into every day use. My one word for the course and Daniel is AWESOME! Blessings

Heathe Wicks at Aug 30, 2013

It was a wonderful four days filled with love and light. Daniel is an excellent teacher who imparts his knowledge and enthusiasm to his students.

Mette Wuttudal at Aug 21, 2013

Thank you, it was wonderful! :)

john erik larsen at Aug 20, 2013

overall i liked the workshop very well , Daniel is a good experienced teacher with lots of knowledge that made the workshop a fun and beautiful experience. the concepts can be a bit hard to grasp in the beginning , but by clever use of pictures and methaphors, it all came to an understanding. localeties was good , and with a mature group of students , it became a plesant experience. thanks to you all from john erik norway

Zoia Dudnyk at Aug 03, 2013

Well, I was very inspired by the events of workshop during all 4 days in Kiev. And I want to emprove my practice on the entering in tiny space of the Heart. Big hugs and many thanks to Drunvalo and Daniel Mitel for spreading so great teaching!!!

Silva Sarkissian at Jul 03, 2013

It was a great experience with the one of the best teachers, Daniel, this workshop made up my mind to become a teacher.

Kate Laidlaw at Jun 19, 2013

It was a powerful experience. I released a lot of deep sadness although I am still not clear what that was about. I know however that that experience has changed me...I would highly recommend Daniel - he is a powerful, knowledgable and loving teacher. Thank-you Drunvalo.

James Bell at Jun 18, 2013

Daniel is a wonderful teacher and I feel truly blessed to be his student. I can say without reservation that my ATIH experience was a life changing event for me. The shift from my brain to my heart has been my doorway to peace, love and joy. Thank you for this gift.

maria chelaru at Jun 14, 2013

Just perfect! Clear, deep & high level knowledge, documented and experienced, taught by own example, Daniel, you took it to the highest level for me, thank you so much! It was my third ATIH workshop - Holy Trinity :) - so my understanding was deepened and perfected, I understood the creation process as well and I'm deeply grateful to Daniel and to you, Drunvalo, for all your great and vital teachings, thanks to all of you our Mother Earth and all of us are evolving and transcending in such a wonderful way! Thank you from all my heart. Maria

Daniela Maria Toma at Jun 14, 2013

Can't wait to see Daniel in Romania again!!! Heart to heart, Higher Spirit to Higher Spirit!

Mikaela Tingirides at Jun 08, 2013

I am deeply grateful for attending the ATIH with Daniel , as he is a true authentic teacher and a true example of Drunvalo's teachings.

Lori Todd at Jun 07, 2013

The experience was life changing, and to-date has been the most powerful and profound workshop I have ever taken.

Anna Gulikov at Jun 07, 2013

I am grateful to and love Daniel very much.

Chris Cheung at Jun 05, 2013

An amazing experience. Beautiful energy from everybody who attended. Daniel is a wonder teacher and soul who exudes the true meaning of living in your heart

Iuga Nicoleta at Jun 05, 2013

Great teacher!