Drunvalo Melchizedek presents The School of Rememberingยฎ



Fraser Fox at Mar 09, 2023

Thanks Elena for another awesome workshop with lots of fun as well.

Fraser Fox at Mar 09, 2023

Great workshop, Lots of personal growth.

ELINA CELIK at Jun 26, 2022


ELINA CELIK at Jun 26, 2022

Elena presentation for the AIH workshops a must experience

Karen Curwen at Jun 22, 2022

Wow, wow, wow! I was blown away by this workshop and loved every minute and connecting with all the other participants. Elena was so welcoming and just a pleasure to be around and listen to. I feel so excited to use what I have learned in my life going forward! Thank you, thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ’ซ

Isabella Karolewicz at Jun 22, 2022

Awesome workshop! Elena held a container for us to be open and truly have a wonderful healing experience. She has a peaceful energy and is very thorough and clear with communication. I was so happy to complete this workshop with my mother and found it was suitable for people of all ages and varying skill levels. I would highly recommend to all!

Isabella Karolewicz at Jun 22, 2022

Awesome workshop! Elena held a container for us to be open and truly have a wonderful healing experience. She has a peaceful energy and is very thorough and clear with communication. I was so happy to complete this workshop with my mother and found it was suitable for people of all ages and varying skill levels. I would highly recommend to all!

Julie-ann Coombs at Jun 21, 2022

Elena Burton was as wonderful as I felt she would be and more. The course was informative and packed full of interesting depth and wonderful challenges for your personal advancement no matter where you stand in your worlds. Professional with heartfelt sincerity.. Definitely a Course of unbounded dimensional experience. Thank you with many Blessings. Julie-ann Coombs

Bhavna Patel at Jun 19, 2022

Great event! Elena is wonderful, the program learning, exercises and meditations were very deep and really allowed me to enhance my connection with heart

Bhavna Patel at Jun 19, 2022

Great event! Elena is wonderful, the program learning, exercises and meditations were very deep and really allowed me to enhance my connection with heart

Grace O'Brien at Jun 19, 2022

Elena was amazing. She was compassionate and loving. I can see she is very dedicated to the material she teaches and very passionate about it. Loved the workshop!!!

Bhavna Patel at Jun 19, 2022

Amazing event and Elena is a wonderful trainer, great examples to illustrate the content, activities/ceremonies - thank you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

celine walden at Jun 19, 2022

I really enjoyed this workshop, i didnt have expectations, but any subconscious expectations It had exceeded. It gave me confidence that the spiritual path is my path and I found out I have healing abilities. Thank you elena, I would recommend to all my friends and family.

kym Tankey at Jun 19, 2022

This workshop shop was brilliant. Thankyou.

joel delaney at Jun 19, 2022

Elena is a great presenter. She takes a lot of care to make sure that the information and your experience is the best it can be.

Joanna Collyvas at May 23, 2022

Elena was warm and always made me feel as though I could ask any question. Thankyou for brining this gift to Melbourne. I would recommended this experience to anyone.

Alison Arvaj at May 23, 2022

Thank you, I had no expectation and the course was one of the best I've been too. Our teacher Elena Burton was wonderful, thorough and patient with us all moving thought the information given.

GayeLouise O'Brien at Apr 24, 2022

A pleasant experience. Thank you Elena.

Lindy O'Neil at Apr 24, 2022

Excellent presenter, host and venue. Loved this workshop. Thank you and aloha

Micaela Owen at Mar 01, 2022

Elena spoke from the heart and created a space of non-judgement for us to understand and apply the tools and techniques.

Sheryl Bayliss at Feb 24, 2022

It was wonderful being with like minded souls in a blanket of unconditional love.

Reem Tawfik at Jan 23, 2022

For the first time I love meditation. Now I know Iโ€™m more than my body and itโ€™s not just a theory. Iโ€™m so grateful for this knowledge. I love you from the bottom of my heart ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿปโค๏ธ Thank you Drunvalo and Elana ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿปโค๏ธ

Troy Lenord at Jan 23, 2022

Absolutely the best retreat I have ever attended.

Thanks so much Elana.

Fiona McDonald Baylis at Jan 23, 2022

What an awakening of the heart course! I have been asking to go deeper into the heart and this course popped up serendipitously ! It was a magical mix of science, biology and practical exercises where you activate your third eye, your MerKaBa and learn a creation process after two days of fun and yet deep preparation.

Elena Burton is a brilliant facilitator who guides these four days with kindness, potency and her divine knowing. She is a shining inspiration for she truly walks her talk. I would encourage anyone who would like to dive deeper in their life to attend these magical four days. The property where the retreat was held was marvellous, out in the country with beautiful hosts. Dee Kynoch provided a peaceful space, delicious food and drinks. All given with an open heart. A delight! Thank you ! Fiona

Sarah Smyth at Jan 23, 2022

Elena was an incredible instructor, clear, confident and patient. The venue was beyond magical, comfortable, clean and felt like a sacred place in itself. I look forward to continue using these techniques to help moving forward with healing myself. Thank you so so much.

Leeanne Spencer at Jan 23, 2022

What an amazing profound experience. I feel lighter, more present and powerful. I feel like I can do anything.

Elana Kiss at Jan 23, 2022

Elena is a beautiful and professional teacher. Thank you Elena this workshop has changed me and my life. The venue was amazing. Thank you beautiful Dee. An amazing beautiful experience!

Melissa Newman at Oct 24, 2021

I would have benefited from a printout on the day of the course with the instructions on how to activate beams.

Sandra Fox at Oct 21, 2021

The structure of the course was logically laid out, the theory was well defined, with lots of fun activities that provide opportunities to practice. This enables the clearing of the mental, emotional & physical bodies of patterns that no longer serve to increase open heart centered spiritual awareness. Elena is a patient, polite & loving facilitator with a wealth of experience, shared through examples, advice, & demonstrations. My life is profoundly changed from the heart connection that I established and have maintained from ATIH & I would recommend this workshop to all who are seeking to find, know & love themselves more deeply.

Tracey McNab at Jul 24, 2021

Profound experience. Fabulous presenter.

Helen Reynolds at Jul 23, 2021

I came to this workshop by a series of unexpected synchronicities, and source always knows what it's doing! This workshop finished things I started many years earlier. plus, I made wonderful new friends, I had many experiences of channeling that I've never had before and I learnt skills that I can use everyday for the rest of my life. Thankyou Elena for delivering this workshop effortlessly yet powerfully.

Irma McDonald at Jul 21, 2021

The workshop was amazing! I want to go back and live in that space forever!

Jillian Ogle at Jul 20, 2021

Amazing. Thankyou!

Sandra Fox at Jul 17, 2021

Thank you Elena, for sharing the theory and facilitating all of the fun activities to enable me to experience and become more deeply connected within myself and grow my heart centered awareness ๐Ÿ’—

Fraser Fox at May 10, 2021

Reached new heights of awareness in this workshop. Thank you Elena for an amazing workshop.

Yian Wang at May 06, 2021

The morning after returning home, I had a strong feeling I have to write something adding to the testimonials but had no idea what to say. Then I sat down, writing down what came into my mind. It does not look like a testimonial but I hope that you would like these words:

โ€œWe all have the heart of the oneness. We all come from the universe. We are the one. We are on our journey of experiencing we are not the one.

Now it is the time to go home, to go through the illusion of separation and to be who we really are. The 4-day workshop place us back on the way to home by pointing out a shortcut.

When you read these words, listen to the call from your heart. Be here and we all be with you, loving you & cherishing you. NICE TO MEET YOU!โ€

Elena is definitely a good and professional teacher. During the workshop I recalled many past life memories and released much at emotional and physical levels. My understanding of the relationship between me and my best friend who attended this workshop together, has been refreshed and fulfilled with new meaning. When I get back to my day-to-day life, I find my brain seems stopped working in the usual way to some extent, but works for the heart with less thinking and judging.

Big THANK YOU to Drunvalo, Elena, all the participants, everyone & everything.

Sandra Fox at May 06, 2021

Beautiful soul family thank you for this amazing experience, I feel so blissed to have shared this incredible event with you. The love, acceptance, fun activities & interesting theory all assisted in deepening my connection to source within myself. Thank you Elena for sharing your love and wisdom I appreciate you more than words:-)

Katheena .. at Feb 23, 2021

Elena is beautiful. She has a very caring, open, inviting disposition. She is knowledgeable and always encouraging of others to share their experiences and insight. I have an amazing experience and would highly recommend attending this workshop. After participating, I can fully understand why people return again and again. I know I will.

Shelley Hundley at Feb 22, 2021

OMG what an amazing 4 days...4 days that have changed me and will impact my day to day life in nothing but good positive ways.... Thank you Elena and my beautiful classmates for sharing your time, knowledge and wisdom... It came to me at a vital time of need... Eternal gratitude and love โค๏ธ xo

Sandra Fox at Feb 22, 2021

I am in awe of the amazing experiences, loving beings, profound insights & knowing shared throughout the 4 days. The course is really affordable, incredible value & well balanced with theory & practice. Elena is lovely, polite, knowledgeable, generously conveys concepts with lots of examples & encourages questions to provide further clarity. I highly recommend the awaken the illuminated heart workshop to all. Be source, source be:-)

Heidi Tschannen at Dec 14, 2020

This course exceeded all expectations. I am now more aware of whats beyond the realm of gross matter, feeling more in tune with the divine consciousness. I surrender to that sublime energetic and from this heart space there is only love. Thank you to our teacher Elena and to Drunvalo for helping us remember.

Fraser Fox at Dec 05, 2020

Another very amazing workshop, I got deeper into myself and had a great time hanging out with like minded people. Ya.

Janelle Bell at Dec 03, 2020

I thought the workshop was amazing, mind blowing and incredible value for your money and your time! Thank you so much.

Janelle Bell at Dec 03, 2020

I thought the workshop was amazing, mind blowing and incredible value for your money and your time! Thank you so much.

Karien Francois at Dec 01, 2020

I got so much out of this workshop, I feel truly blessed I had the opportunity to participate.

Sandra Fox at Nov 30, 2020

Best experience ever, thank you so much Elena for showing me and providing access to my heart in such beautiful profound ways. Finding home inside myself, I deeply appreciate the gift of spacious expansion I now have. This course has changed how my view of myself, other selves and relationships. Having changed what appeared immovable, I am completely delighted.

Fraser Fox at Oct 15, 2020

Thanks Elena for another amazing workshop.

Kelly Ransome at Oct 12, 2020

Elena was a genuine teacher working from a genuine space. She is very experienced and knowledgeable. An extremely friendly and helpful being.

Kelly Ransome at Oct 12, 2020

Elena was a genuine teacher working from a genuine space. She is very experienced and knowledgeable. An extremely friendly and helpful being.

karen Ashton Ashton at Oct 12, 2020

I will be forever grateful to

ing Elena and equally to Elena guiding us to leave this workshop with the confidence to use our mekabah with the highest intention

Jasmine Hawkins at Oct 12, 2020

I love this workshop and the way Elena presents itโค๏ธ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’–

Bronwyn Hummer Hummer at Oct 12, 2020

Truly grateful for this to be an opportunity for me and for all ๐Ÿ™

Sandra Fox at Oct 12, 2020

Elena is an angel, the gift she shares in conveying the information in the awakening the illuminated heart workshop is amazing, it has & continues to change & evolve me to experience my optimum potential. I am home in my heart & I am eternally grateful to Elena & Drunvalo - thank you

Luciana Tworkoski Brito at Aug 07, 2020

Was increndible!

Fraser Fox at Aug 05, 2020

Thankyou Elena for a perfectly created workshop. When ever I repeat this workshop I get a deeper connection and understanding of my heart space.

Sandra Fox at Aug 04, 2020

Thank you Elena, I love this workshop & always feel more connected to oneness. The gratitude that I feel is unable to be expressed in words. I am surprised & delighted with what comes up for me & how easily it can be experienced & transformed into wisdom. Anyone who is interested in the event & gaining experience in pure love, source connection & empowerment - this is for you!

kathleen crane at Aug 03, 2020

The ATIH workshop facilitated by Elena was an Amazing 4 days, totally recommend it.

Aleksander Stular Stular at Aug 03, 2020

I have been following Drunvalo's work for a long time and i am used to his highest standards - but this workshop exceeded all my expectations. Elena is definitely the teacher I wish everyone could have. I am really inspired and will definitely continue on this path. Many, many thanks for this school!

Elise Grant at Aug 02, 2020

This is the second time I have attended the AIH workshop facilitated by Elena. It just keeps getting better & better! There were things I had totally forgotten from the first experience. I just love the deeper connection & understanding of myself and my true nature that comes from this experience and the friendships are also a big bonus. Can't recommend highly enough.


Kateryna Botysheva at Mar 07, 2020

this workshop changed my life. Elena is one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met. I am forever grateful for this incredible experience.

Fraser Fox at Feb 29, 2020

Thanks Elena for another great workshop,

Sandra Fox at Feb 26, 2020

Thank you Elena, for your love, clarity & ability to convey the course content. I felt my connection to oneness deepen & strengthen throughout this workshop and would recommend it to all those that are seeking.

Warwick Emanuel at Feb 26, 2020

This course was more than I could imagine it would be - absolutely fantastic and I want to thank Drunvalo, the School of Remembering, and Elena Burton. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Deirdre Kynoch at Jan 13, 2020

Even deeper connection and understanding every time I do this great workshop

Anna Woodward at Nov 11, 2019

Loved the course - feel it is so relevant and wish I had known about it years ago!

thank you

Elena did a great job explaining and aiding us to get the most out of the course.

Fraser Fox at Oct 21, 2019

Wow, this is the 4th time I've repeated this workshop and although the activities are the same I am getting more and more out of each activity.This time round I was able to connect to my heart space a little more deeply . Rest assured that I will be repeating this workshop again as I'm getting more and more connected to who I am and begin to apply this knowledge to my daily life. An example of this concept is for me to be in tune with the earth and the central sun so I can remain in the heart space as I go through my day. I Thank Elena for an excellent workshop and look forward to the next workshop.

Sandra Fox at Oct 21, 2019

Connecting to love, oneness & all that is through a variety of enjoyable activities that deepens the experience over the 4 days was amazing. Elena was able to answer all questions asked and provided useful examples. I highly recommend awaken the illuminated heart for anyone committed to growing & knowing their truth through experience. Love is the answer, with many thanks to Elena ๐Ÿ’—

ELINA CELIK at Oct 17, 2019

I came to this ATIH workshop through the ICU academy extra ocular vision for kids as a requisite or prerequisite to get certified as a trainer.

I have no idea who Drunvalo is or what the ATIH workshop is all about.

I had no expectations other than operating consciously from the heart to help kids see with their 3rd eye.

Before attending class I read all 3 books back to back (with an open mind) and found myself intrigued and fascinated with the amount of information about anything and everything in 3 volumes.

The course itself is well structured with videos, notes, meditation and exercises so you cannot get restless or feel tired and drained at sitting for too long. You have the freedom to get up and walk around during powerpoint presentation and lectures which makes the whole course comfortable and relaxed.

The content and language is easy and comprehensible to anyone even if english is not your first language

Elenas presentation is impeccable and her Russian accent ads to the flavour of the ancient teachings.

Elena provided an ambient and welcoming atmosphere and went out of her way to provide refreshments morning tea fresh fruit etc.

What i got out of the workshop is heightened hearing and opened pineal gland on the first day. Wasn't sure what the stars and galactic lightening was all about but was reassured by Elena about this strange phenomena.

I find myself operating consciously from the heart.

I cannot thank you enough Elena and Drunvalo for this life changing experience

Warm regards E ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿค

Rose Hewartson Hewartson at Oct 17, 2019

Elena, was a fantastic presenter for this workshop and her ability to answer questions was superb. I loved learning from her and found her accent incredibly pleasant to listen to. Even though I didn't have a massive change or effect within the workshop, I now have extra tools to add to what I do and I am sure it will effect me down the track as I integrate. Thank you Elena for delivering this incredible workshop.

Halimah Khan at Oct 16, 2019

Thanks to Drunvalo for bringing us this knowledge and Elena for her wonderful patience in teaching and clarifying points of reference. Thank you for the stories and examples illustrating these points and leading us through many exercises. This course has illuminated my awareness and enhanced my knowledge. I am grateful for this experience. Thank you!

Helen O'Connor O'Connor at Oct 15, 2019

My scores do not reflect Elena's presentation. She was excellent overall and I would recommend her to anyone. I struggled as a result of being unprepared as I didn't receive any pre-event information, which wasn't Elena's fault but the site I booked my ticket through (Eventfinda). However it was predominantly a good introduction.

My scores reflect moreso the seed of doubt that was sown in the last 2 hours, and hence my ambivalence about it now.

Martienne Angelique at Oct 14, 2019

The workshop was sensational - Elena was so knowledgeable, patient and supportive. I loved every minute of it.

Erika Munhao at Aug 12, 2019

I love Elena Burton and I truly appreciate this teachings

Dean Brake Brake at Aug 10, 2019

Wonderful course and well presented - life changing tools to expand my spiritual understanding and growth - Iโ€™m am so grateful for this whole experience - Thank You

Love and light from all of my heart


Regards Dean

Dean Brake Brake at Aug 10, 2019

Wonderful course and well presented - life changing tools to expand my spiritual understanding and growth - Iโ€™m am so grateful for this whole experience - Thank You

Love and light from all of my heart


Regards Dean

Lucy Phillips at Aug 10, 2019

Wow what an incredible experience. I felt this amazing love connection in the group, a remembering of true love and community was created in my heart. I can return to this feeling now at anytime as I have remembered who I am. Elena was such a wonderful teacher, so kind and patient, I can feel her mission here is to guide us home. Thanks you so so much ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ™

Aaron Hinds at Aug 10, 2019

Elena is a very beautiful person in everything she does. I felt very welcome and as the days passed I became lighter and lighter as I immersed myself in her and the classes energy.

From Aaron and Stella.

Keith Vant at Jun 05, 2019

This is the best ever.I cannot give enough thanks and praise to Elena and all the people who attended,many for the second time .Their assistance and support was invaluable,,A burden has been lifted from me,now I can fly,,

Light and love


Steve Lloyd at Jun 04, 2019

Changed my aspect on a lot of things in my life ๐Ÿ˜

Sandra Fox at Jun 02, 2019

Elena is a gift and I am grateful that she is willing to share her gifts, knowledge & experiences so generously. I recommend this opportunity to those that seek to enable & empower themselves and in doing so be a demonstration of the loving change they would like to see in the world.

Cristian Dudas at Jun 02, 2019

Fantastic workshop, more people around the world need to complete this workshop. Thank you so much

Alicia Dent at Jun 02, 2019

Elena was amazing! She is so warm and welcoming. Her energy is so gentle and patient. She provides a beautiful healing space and ensures everyone is ok throughout the course. This course really helps you connect with your heart on a deep spiritual level. Highly Recommend <3

Evelyn Kumar at Jun 01, 2019

We covered a lot of material in the space of 4 days. Probably good to repeat in 4/5 months to refresh and keep the information alive in our minds and ensure we are doing correctly.

Brayden Foster at Jun 01, 2019

Transformational experience, beautiful workshop and Elena is a wonderfull channel for this knowledge. Thank you for this experience, this is only the start of my journey with the School of Remembering. Blessings.

Liudmila Borushko at Mar 18, 2019

The workshop was highly organized and presented in a logical and interesting way. Full of practice and new experiences. The workshop proceeded in a warm and friendly atmosphere that was full of trust and openness. I can recommend this workshop for providing new meaning and love in your life.

Sandra Fox at Feb 21, 2019

Elena is wonderful at communicating, clearly, concisely and with great examples. I enjoyed the course immensely and would include it on a bucket list. This course has amplified and integrated my awareness and enhanced my joy, love & gratitude in life. I am humbled by this gift - Thank you!

Fraser Fox at Feb 20, 2019

Many thanks to Drunvalo and Elena for bringing this knowledge to the public awareness., this is the second time i have done this workshop and i got even more value out of the workshop this time round,I think this is because i have been able to process the ideas presented which allowed me to see what i missed in my first workshop. I highly recommend this workshop to everyone who has an awakened awareness. One of the benefits i received form the first workshop was improved communication between my wife and myself. There is a lot more that could be said. However instead I would just like to reiterate my previous words. I highly recommend this workshop to everyone who has an awakened awareness.

Thank you Elena for an excellent workshop.

Marlene Wharekawa at Feb 19, 2019

PERFECT, Elena has such passion and knowledge and shared with us so everyone had understanding, took the time to answer our questions. Her knowledge, experience and passion made me personally feel at ease, and I felt I got from ATIH, that which I'd asked for, and more. Now looking forward to being the great creator that I am, and bring more light to the awakening. :))))

Johnny Hendriks at Feb 19, 2019

Absolutely incredible and beautiful. Life changing and Elena is one of the best people you will ever meet in your life. Thank you so much Drunvalo and Elena.

Diane Barnbrook at Feb 19, 2019

A remarkable, mind blowing, affordable course in enlightening self & connecting and trust with others, Elena is a brilliant guide for this enjoyable journey.

Janelle Townsend at Feb 19, 2019

Amazing value for money. Very interesting information. So many activities building up trust & connection. Very enjoyable. Elena was just absolutely wonderful. A Brilliant facilitator, very patient. Thank you Elena.

Janelle Townsend at Feb 19, 2019

Amazing value for money. Very interesting information. So many activities building up trust & connection. Very enjoyable. Elena was just absolutely wonderful. A Brilliant facilitator, very patient. Thank you Elena.

Nader Sedhom at Feb 18, 2019

Elena did a wonderful job explaining everything with extraordinary detail. She was also very kind and gentle with anyone that struggled with any mediation or question and was able to guide them. I can't wait to do the course again with my wife who couldn't make it this time. I'm looking forward to the day courses like this are taught to the mainstream public through universities. Thank you for unraveling the mysteries of the universe and sharing them with us Drunvalo and Elena.

Darryl Chantry at Feb 18, 2019

This was the most interesting and wonderful course I have attended. I tried to have limited expectations before the course and found more than I could have imagined. Elena is amazing and I would recommend to anyone to attend her workshop.

Darryl Chantry at Feb 18, 2019

This was the most interesting and wonderful course I have attended. I tried to have limited expectations before the course and found more than I could have imagined. Elena is amazing and I would recommend to anyone to attend her workshop.

Suzan Wagdy at Dec 12, 2018

- the course is missing handouts to refer to afterwards which helps a lot in remembering and practicing. to share more information that we can go back to is really helpful, pls consider this for other courses.

- if we get the meditations in a more organised way. like with titles and separated in different files would me easier and helpful. instead of all same file, we can't remember nor relate when was this done during the course. appreciate the help and effort and spreading the knowing and remembrance. much love and light.

Suzan Wagdy at Dec 12, 2018

- the course is missing handouts to refer to afterwards which helps a lot in remembering and practicing. to share more information that we can go back to is really helpful, pls consider this for other courses.

- if we get the meditations in a more organised way. like with titles and separated in different files would me easier and helpful. instead of all same file, we can't remember nor relate when was this done during the course. appreciate the help and effort and spreading the knowing and remembrance. much love and light.

Tanyia Trigg at Nov 25, 2018

I had a great connection to Elena. It was such an enlightening 4 day workshop. Such a beautiful venue to attend this workshop. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking for a positive change in their lives. Thank you.

Erika Munhao at Nov 04, 2018

I truly love Elena's work and I was honored to have attended the 2nd time.. Thank you

Diane Alca at Oct 26, 2018

Really enjoyed the combination of physics and metaphysics. Such a beautiful teacher. Highly recommend workshop to anyone looking for self development and higher awareness. Thank you.

Lynette Marxsen at Oct 25, 2018

Thank you so much for the opportunity to complete the workshop and in turn provide my feedback.

Firstly let me express my delight in working with Elena over the 4 day workshop. I would highly recommend people to attend a workshop run by her. Any of my lower ratings had nothing to do with the delivery or Elena herself.

I am sure that in the months to come once I have had time to process the information received my evaluation will be of a higher rating.

Jennifer Susan Cleary at Oct 21, 2018

Amazing highly recommended.

Jennifer Susan Cleary at Oct 21, 2018

What a journey to find my true self so amazing. This workshop , the people ive met the presenter was amazing so caring of all her student.

Tereza Mansilla at Oct 21, 2018

This is not just a workshop is life changing, is a touch heart.

Leah Ching at Oct 20, 2018

This workshop was a fantastic opportunity to learn new cutting edge techniques and up to date information. This was easy to absorb in a casual and relaxed environment. Elena gave ample opportunity for questions. This was all done in such a supportive group. I highly recommend attending this workshop. Many thanks to all who attended and to Elena. Forever changed in a positive way.

Leah Ching at Oct 20, 2018

I am forever changed in such a positive way after attending ATIH workshop. The information was cutting edge. Was easy to absorb this information, which was delivered in a relaxed friendly environment. There was plenty of opportunities to put this information into practice. I highly recommend anyone looking for a change in their lives to attend this AWESOME workshop. Thank you so much.

Andrea Dickman at Oct 14, 2018

Thank you Elena for your patience with the group and your ability to help all to understand the content... even though I struggled on some levels your reassurance that it will become easier and anecdotes from other people and groups really helps... overall a great course to experience and I will be recommending to my friends... Thank you too to Drunvalo for bringing this knowledge to the world...

Sandra Fox at Oct 14, 2018

Elena is awesome, we would have liked to have an opportunity to share our appreciation with her during the event. e.g. hands on her on the table.

Receiving the love - yay!

Sandra Fox at Oct 14, 2018

Elena is awesome, we would have liked to have an opportunity to share our appreciation with her during the event. e.g. hands on her on the table.

Receiving the love - yay!

Sandra Fox at Oct 14, 2018

Elena is awesome, we would have liked to have an opportunity to share our appreciation with her during the event. e.g. hands on her on the table.

Receiving the love - yay!

Sandra Fox at Oct 14, 2018

Elena is awesome, we would have liked to have an opportunity to share our appreciation with her during the event. e.g. hands on her on the table.

Receiving the love - yay!

Fraser Fox at Oct 14, 2018

Excellent Teacher, great communicator.

yuechen xu xu at Oct 14, 2018

Very good experience. Felt good energy and connection to others. Amazing meditations. Words cannot express this feeling. Love and peace~

Sandy Boulton at Oct 13, 2018

Thankyou Elena ; wonderful teacher

Much patience and much wisdom

Sandy Boulton at Oct 13, 2018

Profound experience very grateful to all those involved

Elise Grant at Oct 13, 2018

I really enjoyed this workshop. I had no expectations and came with open mind and heart and felt such deep connection and rememberance with myself and also others. It would be great to have chairs with backs but I brought my own which made me comfortable and better able to immerse myself in all the meditative experiences.

Elena is a beautiful teacher and create such a warm and safe space to release. I would love to attend again :)

Cat Parkinson at Sep 07, 2018

Elena is such a beautiful, peaceful, warm and knowledgeable guide and i am honoured to have been a part of this beautiful awakening. Thank you.

Thomas sinor at Aug 18, 2018

Elena is an incredibly informative, compassionate and caring facilitator for this event. The subject matter is very dense and can be challenging to digest. Elena has made this process so smooth and welcoming, never judging others for their progress or process.

All the questions i needed answering were answered for me during this 4 day period. I recomend this to anyone and everyone.

Thank you Drunvalo and The School of Remembering! Love and blessings to all.

Alex Stefan at Aug 12, 2018

Elena is the best! It was a great pleasure meeting her and working with her over the 4 day event. She has a wealth of knowledge and a heart to match.

Jacinta Anderson Anderson at Aug 11, 2018

I have enjoyed this workshop that words cannot describe. I came for the guidance to discover my heart which I have found. Elena was a superb coach and teacher.

Veronika Osipova Osipova at Aug 11, 2018

The workshop has exceeded my expectations. Feel really blessed. Thank you Elena!

William Wong at Aug 11, 2018

Elena is lovely and ran a very effective workshop. Thank you!

Daria Mikhina at May 06, 2018

Elena is a great teather who quide us through all 4 days with patient and love. Thank you so much for this workshop!

Larissa Murieva at May 05, 2018

Thank you for excellent experience!

Zhumagul Amrenova at May 04, 2018

Thank you for this amazing workshop. Elena is so bright speaker. She is full of love. Elena gives information very easy to understand and absorb. Her voice like a melody which leads you in meditation.

Almira Takenova at May 04, 2018

Appreciate for this workshop. Elena is amazing teacher and speaker. I understood everything she told and showed. She is open to any questions and conversation. She has a lovely voice. I really enjoyed the workshop.

Luciana Jones at Apr 10, 2018

Loved the course and Elena was an amazing teacher.

Jack Scarfe at Apr 07, 2018

Registration wasn't easy due to having to open so many different windows on the computer and your system has a lot of errors. Payment was easy. I fully understand the importance of this workshop and have been wanting to do it for two years. Thank you

Nadya Peshevska at Apr 07, 2018

Elena is a brilliant teacher, thank you!

Helena Agaibi at Apr 07, 2018

Wow what an amazing experience this has been. I wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to anyone that is ready to take the spiritual journey into the next level. I feel so connected to everything living. I am very grateful that this information has been made public. I am so looking forward to living my life after this amazing workshop.

MARIA MILES at Apr 07, 2018

Elena is a beautiful workshop leader. She is very gentle and understanding. Elena naturally supported and guided the group through the workshop and helped to understand workshop material easily. I would highly recommend Elena. Thank you

Kirill Petrov at Apr 07, 2018

It is truly an eye opening experience. Feel very blessed to have attended it. Loved every day of it. Thank you Elena.

Kate McKay at Apr 07, 2018

This was a fantastic workshop. I came in very sceptical and whilst a lot of what I learnt was hard to believe I do feel that that I am now more open to truth. Undeniable was the emotion that was experienced and the love that a pure heart can give to one another.

Jessica White at Mar 09, 2018

This workshop is amazing. So much wisdom from all over the world pulled together into 4 days. Elena taught the content patiently and beautifully and is herself truly an embodiment of "living in the heart". One thing I would have appreciated is handouts/ printed notes to follow and take home. Other than that 10 stars

Jesse Chirizzi at Mar 06, 2018

Great course, Elena did an amazing job ????

Jesse Chirizzi at Mar 06, 2018

Great course, Elena did an amazing job ????

Sarina Richardson at Mar 03, 2018

A beautiful workshop with a beautiful facilitator.

Jacqueline Blayney at Mar 03, 2018

Elena was wonderful. There is a lot of info delivered in the course, a manual or some printouts could have been useful.

Kerry-Louise Ryan at Mar 03, 2018

Thank you Elena. I highly recommend this workshop.

Jeannine Stephens at Mar 03, 2018


Dorett Burman at Mar 03, 2018

Any lower scores than 10 are purly based on my own self doubt and current life circumstances. However i will work on this. The venue was ok & in a nice setting but the midges were horrific & offputting for me.

Sandhana Lakshmi at Oct 08, 2017

Am really grateful to attend this workshop and Elena was lovely and taught us everything so clearly and beautifully. Learned many interesting things and I'm looking forward to experiencing more dimensions of the teaching with practice. Grateful to have had this experience!

Lisa Del Bel Del Bel at Oct 08, 2017

The workshop was amazing! It was everything I thought it would be and more. Elena was very patient and was very conscious of not moving forward until everyone understood the concepts. The venue was lovely and cozy, perfect for a small group setting. I would highly recommend this course and Elena is so knowledgeable and approachable, she is the perfect facilitater for this type of course.

Smita Bhatt at Oct 08, 2017

Very very transformational workshop for me. And Elena is indeed a very profoundly compassionate and supportive teacher. I truly share deep gratitude to Master Drunvalo for sharing the ancient wisdom with us to help us evolve spiritually. Abundance of love, compassion and gratitude to Divine Mother and Divine Father and the whole universe and the Divine Source.

Ady Liu at Oct 08, 2017

Elena is a responsible instructor. She always wanted to ensure participants understand how each exercise is done and she was always happy to explain. Elena is a kind a patient instructor. Thank you Elena!

Kitti Luschwitz at Sep 05, 2017

Thank you Drunvalo for making these teachings available to people all over the world. Thank you Elena for the wonderful job you did facilitating and caring for everyone in our group. May we all live from the tiny space!

Sonia Logan at Sep 04, 2017

ATIH was the most powerful workshop I have ever attended! I had so many profound and transformational experiences during the meditations and exercises - those four days were truly life-changing for me... Thank you Elena for your gentle, loving and expert guidance. Love and blessings.

Bronwyn Baranenko at Sep 03, 2017

Beautiful Elena,

Your words touched my heart. Deepening my connection with Mother Earth and Father sky.

Ram Dass once said

"We are all affecting the world every moment, whether we mean to or not. Our actions and states of mind matter, because we are so deeply interconnected with one another".

This workshop was a gift to my heart and a reminder that life is to beautiful to feel anything but unconditional love for all.

Whole heartedly with much love I thank you

Elena. xoxo

Erika Munhao at Sep 02, 2017

I truly appreciate this experience. Amazing recomfirmation from that I have been receiving lately from my guides. Thank you

Mike Logan at Sep 02, 2017

This is a must attend event for everyone on the spiritual path. Elena is a caring, knowledgeable and experienced facilitator. The group dynamic was amazing.

Jonny Sherrah at Sep 02, 2017

Elena is such a beautiful soul with such a big heart, the workshop with her was amazing :)

Cheree Williams at Sep 02, 2017

This was the second time i've attended this event and it was even more amazing. Elena is a wonderful teacher. Thank you all so much.

james sherrah at Sep 02, 2017

This is my second time experiencing this workshop and it was even more profound, Elena is an amazing teacher and mentor. Love and light to all.

Kerryelle Bucknell at Sep 02, 2017

Some course notes would be great, daily schedule, information, particularly for those who did not read the books.

Chris Alleaume at Sep 02, 2017

Elena is amazing!

Rob Eddowes at Sep 02, 2017

Ellena was just great

Ekaterina Hakkinen at Sep 02, 2017

Very lovely experience

Alison Morris at Sep 02, 2017

What an amazing course. Loved the tiny space in my heart. Thank you for releasing my sexuality. Course notes would be a great addition.

Laura Gutierrez at Sep 02, 2017

Beautiful, inspiring, insightful and transformational. Thank you!!

kim shade at Sep 02, 2017

Great experience

Robin Bretherton at Aug 08, 2017

The workshop was so brilliant. I had no idea what to expect but I achieved the unexpected. We are all so different in our intuitive abilities, but we all came away with so much truth and knowledge, knowing so much more about ourselves and the Source of all that is. With the scientific logic to ease the questioning mind, it help make sense that we are all one with the Infinite mind and all life forms, and we have the power to create miracles. Everything is energy, and all energy can be transformed, and this workshop transformed this butterfly into an angel. Elena, our teacher, was so patient, loving and compassionate. You could feel her sincerity and love for this work. My future is now set for Ascension. Thank you Drunvalo, your divine wisdom is so needed and appreciated. Much love and gratitude to all the divine beings who helped you and now US to be all that we can be.

Leonie Counsel at Aug 08, 2017

I have loved every moment of my time there, doing all the practical and theory. All very easy to understand and follow. I will highly recommend this workshop to all my friends and family.

Marie j Counsel at Aug 08, 2017

Highly recommend to anyone to do the workshop, I found the theory/practical very easy to follow, Elena is a great teacher most enjoyable I would do it again.

Patricia Young at Aug 07, 2017

It was an honour and a privilege to share this amazing journey of Awakening the Illuminated Heart with you Elena. Thank you for the Love which radiated from your Being. You are a gentle, kind soul and an excellent Teacher. Thank you from my Heart. Much Love to You Elena and You Drunvalo for Sharing your Knowledge and Wisdom at this Time. Patricia

Jasmine Hawkins at Aug 07, 2017

I loved the ATIH workshop this experience is unforgettable and really hard to put into words! Elena is an AMAZING teacher! The group we had were lovely people! If you find yourself looking into this workshop don't even think about it, you are ment to do it, just sign up, you will love it!

Megan Boyd at Aug 07, 2017

This is a life changing workshop. If you feel ready for change, do this workshop.

I cannot express in words how much I love this lady! Elena is a beautiful soul! Throughout the workshop she always took care of everyone's needs above and beyond the course. Everything was exceptionally arranged. We also had many enlightening conversations together one:one.

I cannot recommend this course enough. I have left feeling so much love for the entire universe. Life is truly amazing!

Thank you so much for helping me see in the darkness, Elena!

Much love,


Neal Poole at Aug 05, 2017

Great group. Great instructor. Great venue. Highly recommended for those of us with a strong spiritual inclination. Thank you Elena and thank you Drunvalo

Olga Roderick Roderick at Aug 05, 2017

There is so much Love that this workshop created in my life

Giada Bontempelli at Aug 01, 2017

Great workshop and great information.

Great teacher also... Elena is a wonderful lady and a very knowledgeable teacher.


Sue-ellen Clark at Aug 01, 2017

I really did enjoy the workshop. I found Elena to be a very caring, loving soul. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us.

I wish you all the best and thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me a long my journey in living from my illuminated heart. Love Sue-Ellen

Marianne Brady Brady at Jul 25, 2017

overall workshop was professional

Marie j Counsel at Jul 24, 2017

Highly recommend, I personally had a great experience.This workshop started my journey and confirmed my beliefs.

Patricia Clayton at Jul 23, 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed this course in every way. I found our teacher Elena, took the time to make sure we all understood the information clearly before we moved onto the next step. I am looking forward to seeing the changes in myself.

Deirdre Kynoch at Jul 22, 2017

This workshop certainly opened our hearts to an experience that will stay with us and help us to remember more and more of who we are and why we are here at this time!

It was such a joy to host this group of beautiful people and to be guided so lovingly by our facilitator Elena.

I hope more beautiful souls will chose to experience this and feel the profound benefits.

Glenda Smyth at Jul 22, 2017

Elena is a very passionate teacher. She is committed to ensuring everyone received outcomes from each session. The content was very informative and relevant.

Suzanne Howkins at Jul 22, 2017

Elena was very good with making certon that every one understand everything.

Michelle Johnson at Jul 22, 2017

this was a very enjoyable experience which i thoroughly recommend elena burton thank you so much for great information it was the best workshop i have been to i have learnt so much and really appreciate the knoweldge i received also meeting other beautiful people at the greatest venue at lake mary thanks to dee. thanks very much elena for a wonderful educational moment. 10/10 pleasure to meet and greet.

Douglas Landels at Jul 22, 2017

Really enjoyed the course and the Presenter. Elena was thorough and caring with all attendees. Thank you.

Lyn Edmistone at Jul 22, 2017

Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Elena is lovely & helpful. People attending beautiful people & location at Dee's is beautiful & peaceful. So glad i came.

Grant Landels at Jul 22, 2017

wonderful experience with beautiful people

Karlene Pass at Jul 22, 2017

Thank you beautiful Elena for your gorgeous insight & for guiding us through such a sacred process.

Matthew Schroder at Apr 29, 2017

Words cannot even begin to describe the profundity, beauty and power of this workshop. Three days before attending, I had no idea that this workshop existed, who Drunvalo Melchizedek is and that there is a difference between manifesting from the heart and the mind. Through a series of "coincidences" I ended up being guided through this workshop by Elena Burton, one of the most gentle, understanding and loving souls I have ever met. She really gave her all, to ensure that all participants received the absolute most out of each of the 4 days.

My life has changed quite drastically and I have never been happier.

Elena Slobodenyuk at Apr 17, 2017

I had wonderful experience during workshop and Elena is a great teacher! I will attend her workshop again!

Irina Kushnareva at Apr 15, 2017

The most amazing workshop I attend, highly recommended for advanced and beginners on the spiritual pathways! Lots of thanks for wonderful teacher Elena. She created beautiful atmosphere and took attention to everyone with love and passion!

Lamia Saldanha at Apr 15, 2017

Elena is a very good teacher. She has a lot of knowledge on this matter and she is very methodical in delivering it at the right time so that the participants do not go into information overload mode. Personally, I thought the class was an eye opener and what I learnt from it was profound. I enjoyed the camaraderie of the class, the location was superb. Thank you Elena for an amazing experience!

GIULIANA VECCHI at Apr 15, 2017

I deeply thank Drunvalo for bringing in my life this step of knowledge and love and Elena for teaching me so well, with so much commitment, love and knowledge and in such a clear way.

GIULIANA VECCHI at Apr 15, 2017

I deeply thank Drunvalo for bringing in my life this step of knowledge and love and Elena for teaching me so well, with so much commitment, love and knowledge and in such a clear way.

Marina Buznikova at Apr 15, 2017

We had a very sweet, kind, patient and attentive instructor who really made sure every single participant benefits from the course. Thank you!

Vanessa Lord at Apr 15, 2017

Elena is an amazing teacher who made the course both enjoyable and inspirational

Nada Harb at Apr 15, 2017

Great workshop ! Profound !!! And Elena is Brilliant !!

Harry Thompson at Mar 12, 2017

This workshop is truely increddible. I would suggest it to any one of any religion and background. Do not doubt your ability to do the excercises. I feel very humbled after attending. Thank you

Cheree Williams at Feb 18, 2017

Most amazing experience. Thank you so much!

Jane Camilleri at Feb 18, 2017

This was an awesome experience to explore who you are. Elena is such a beautiful person and brilliant teacher.

Janine Leagh at Feb 18, 2017

Everyone seeking self realization should participate in this course. The value to individual and humanity is immense. Thank you to all those whom has studied and researched in order to bring this knowledge back to life today.

Emily Robinson at Feb 18, 2017

A most beautiful workshop and so well presented by Elena. The explanation and understanding she has for the topic was so easy to understand and really added to the value of the 4 days. Thank you so much x

SHAMSHER ATWAL at Feb 18, 2017

Everything was excellent.

Gabriela Tylesova at Feb 18, 2017

I would love to thank Elena for truly fantastic workshop, I have been planning to attend this workshop for several years, and finally it happened, the result is beyond my expectations. Thank you Elena and everyone attending from bottom of my heart. With love Gabriela

brodie newman at Feb 18, 2017

Elana was very helpful and a very lovely being helpful in all aspects very interesting course going to miss you elana !!

james sherrah at Feb 18, 2017

I had such a profound experience, highly recommend to anyone who is looking for something more to life. Elena is an amazing teacher full of love, joy and compassion. I Will never forget this 4 day workshop.

Mark Sumner at Feb 10, 2017

I found the experience life changing,so much love from our teacher,Elena and my fellow students.Friends forever. Everything was mind blowing. I recommend the ATIH experience to anyone who is searching for who they really are and living unconditional in love because really, that all there is. Love you all.

Paula Gaskin at Feb 07, 2017

I was guided to Helena and awaken the illuminated heart. The course exceeded my expectations. my life will never be the same xx

Matthew Hutchins at Feb 07, 2017

Elena is a beautiful soul with so much patience and grace. She delivers the construct with feminine attention and masculine precision. I am so grateful to have attended this event with Elena and I believe these practices will be integral in my progress further along the spiritual path. It has been a revelation of the heart and only those that have completed the process are present within this new and wonderful space. Thank you Elena and Drunvalo, from the bottom of my heart and also the tiny space within the sacred, thank you.

Jagquie Appleby at Nov 26, 2016

An amazing experience. I would recommend everyone to take this course. Thank you Elena. Jagquie

Kerry Addison at Nov 11, 2016

Each day is so much easier than I experienced previously In 3D since attending the living in the heart workshop.

I am so grateful to our facilitator, Elena, and the school of remembering. I am consciously aware of being enveloped in MerKaBa field and even the headache I have had for 45 years is now manifesting at a very low pain level. Wonderful!

In fact, it feels like a new person is now present. So calm, no anger, no fuss, a huge peace and simultaneous gentle excitement is ever within.

Lilia Gerber-Khousnoutdinova at Nov 11, 2016

The training became an important step in my life. It was an entire life during four days, which changed my relation towards the World and myself.

Vadim Kolton at Oct 08, 2016

I like all practical meditations.

Navraj Singh at Oct 02, 2016

I had an amazing experience. I had a very good time learning so many new things and doing meditations which have opened my heart and developed my intuition. Entering the tiny space of the heart and activating Merkaba had a profound influence on me.

Nitika Arora at Oct 02, 2016

elena burton is a very sensitive and patient facilitator. i highly recommend her.

Stella Maria Cameron at Sep 27, 2016

This was my second time doing the ATIH workshop and I loved it all over again. Elena is a wonderful teacher and knows her stuff! I would highly recommend her and the workshop to anyone who feels called to it. It is rich with knowledge and wisdom and stretches your psychic channels. Stella

Sofia Osipova at Sep 21, 2016

It was very excellent event! I am truly grateful to Elena Burton! Thank you very much!

Yan Kazakevich at Sep 19, 2016

Thank you for marvelous experience and knowledge! Hope to continue)

Ekaterina Kazakevich at Sep 19, 2016

Elena, thank you so much! It was 4 days of light, love and transformation.

colleen schweinfurth at Jun 06, 2016

Elena Burton is a real testamony to the work she is teaching. She gets the message across with complete clarity and exudes kindness and patience and has unlimited personal experiences that confirm the work beautifully. This workshop open your eyes mind and heart to the magic of the universe and the unlimited possibilities that are available to us . It is very exciting and joyful work that allows you to create your dreams and desires. I found the excercizes and information easy to grasp and have already experienced personal change and lightness and I intend on living in my heart as much as possible as I feel empowered on every level by doing so. Heres to deep breathing and living in the heart.

Lucinda Kirton at Jun 05, 2016

This course was more than I could have anticipated I loved it. It is a lot of information to down load in a short amount of time. It will be interesting to see how I integrate all this new knowledge into my life. This is only the beginning I will continue to study and learn as much as I can.

Greg Gralton at Jun 04, 2016

I found Elena to be a conscientious, tuned-in, effective teacher who blends heartfelt warmth with a well ordered flow of information delivered at a suitable pace and would highly recommend her to others as an ATIH presenter.

Marina Clancy at Jun 01, 2016

excellent experience

Amanda Critchley at May 31, 2016

I would like to thank Elena and Drunvalo for the best and most informative workshop I have ever attended, it is life changing.

Fadi Sarieddine at May 18, 2016

I absolutely loved it and I experienced a very intense Merkaba alignment a few days after the event. Finding my sacred space and tiny space of the heart was awesome and I am now practicing heart release with om and hallelujah quite regularly.

Thank you and God bless :)

Munira AlFadel at Apr 30, 2016

I had a wonderful time and Elena was really courteous and caring. The group dynamics were great. Thank you.

Stella Maria Cameron at Apr 25, 2016

Elena is a lovely teacher of the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop. She is a warm and open hearted being of light who genuinely wants her students to receive all the benefits this workshop has to offer. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn it. Thank you Elena.

Kyra van den Berg at Apr 23, 2016

Loved the course and Elena was a marvellous teacher!

Stuart Flisher at Apr 18, 2016

Elena was an amazing teacher. What a beautiful person and very compassionate. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am excited to welcome the changes that will come into my life.

Deema Wafa at Apr 14, 2016

Thank you for this amazing experience and I look forward for more course and material that would help me in my path of grouth

nimesha bhagia at Apr 13, 2016

It is the most incredible journey to the truth ..

Hannah Whitley at Apr 11, 2016

This workshop offered me a truly profound experience in countless ways. I am looking forward to staying in contact with my new friends and Elena to nurture these strong connections, and also to share how my life unfolds now.

I feel immense love and deep bonds with all of my cohort.

I am so grateful for this experience!

Arpita Shah at Apr 06, 2016

ATIH is a profound learning . My deepest gratitude to the Universe for leading me here and deepest gratitude to Mr Drunvalo Melchizedek for decoding so much information and wrapping up in easily digestible form . And tremendous gratitude , love and respect for Elena Burton for the way she led us through this beautiful journey . She answered all queries with love and went the extra mile for each person present . Truly appreciate the same . She is a wonderful soul and a beautiful person ! I had the most wonderful experiences which remain with me lifelong and ready to explore the secrets of the Universe and myself - thankyou all !

Alyona Rogozhkina at Apr 04, 2016

I was very satisfied with the teaching quality of Elena Burton who made so complicated topic much easier for our understanding. I also appreciate all my classmates because it was great to share my feelings and emotions with them during the activities. To be honest, I don't know how far i will go with my spiritual journey but I am so happy to get the chance to be awaked.. I am still fighting with my belief patterns and some activities during these four days look like a fantasy for me but this workshop definitely helped me to know my inner world better.. Thank you very much to my spiritual friends and angels who sent me to attend ATIH...

Marwan Fraiha at Apr 02, 2016

Do not hesitate to have this workshop, sure it will change your life and not only you, but the people around you even will notice that. This course must be taken when you are ready for change. Elena was excellent speaker especially that she has too much experience and knowledge.

walid fraiha at Mar 11, 2016

Thanks to Elena Burton for her teachings and thanks to Drunvalo although I did not meet him yet. It is an amazing experience :).

IRINA GOLOVINA at Mar 10, 2016

It was perfect time ,study. I'm happy to meet a great teacher Elena , she was help me for many thinks . We still practice with our group after trening . Thank you so much

Lynette Michele Cornog at Mar 09, 2016

I think 9-6pm is too long to take in all the information. I would like the workshop over 5 days. It was hard to sit still that long, take care of my other life duties and get proper sleep with all the shifting of energies.

Other than that- THANK YOU!

Ania Shnyukova at Mar 07, 2016

The course was amazing and Elena is a great teacher, sharing the knowledge from the heart and with the high energy. We also had a lovely group with plenty of fantastic experiences throughout these 4 days.

Love & Gratitude,


Irina Popova at Mar 01, 2016

I was very happy to meet Elena and attend ATIH workshop. It changed me a lot.

Elena is very good in what she is doing!

Dmytro Fedorov at Feb 29, 2016

I'm very grateful for the soul-touching experience that We have got together during this seminar.

The heart always knows. And We are there to know it. Again.

I would be happy to establish and maintain fruitful, powerful, and friendly cooperation between our Dubai Radiethesia Club from one side and School of Remembering from other side, in the field of Human & Planet Unity.

Chris Murray at Nov 19, 2015

A fantastic workshop, thank you :)

Roberta Haley at Nov 10, 2015

The teacher was not able to answer some of my questions and did not offer any further research or reply. I also felt the teacher needs to be more flexible and flow with the participants. I felt that she could have been more patient, some of the activities were rushed.

Niranjala Perera at Sep 13, 2015

that 5 days was amazing and lot of changes happened of my life.

Ann Knutton at Aug 17, 2015

This course was extremely valuable for our future in terms of the shift. Elena is a great teacher and intermingled her teaching with stories to illustrate and better understand the content. I also loved the healing sessions, which were very powerful. I would definitely recommend her as a teacher. Thank you, Elena.

Richard K Greenfield at Aug 07, 2015

The entire 4 day workshop was a beautiful experience. The location could not have been better; the hosts are truly beautiful people; and the group dynamic was superb. There was a huge amount of material that had to be presented in a relatively short length of time and Elena did a wonderful job with it.

Andrea Forca at Aug 07, 2015

Elena Burton is a great teacher and I am ready to use the knowledge and dream the best of this dream from the tiny space of the heart. Love and thanks! Andrea Forca

Darina Stoyanova at Aug 05, 2015

Thank You for everything. Would like to continue sharing & learning via online & other live events & workshops! Blessings!

ben cooling at Jun 16, 2015

Thank you

Elena Kofman at Jun 15, 2015

Elena is an awesome teacher. Thank you Elena you changed my life.

Joanna Darroch at Jun 10, 2015

I personally, just need some time to integrate the information and teachings that we received during the course and with practice will find it extremely beneficial in a multitude of ways. Wonderful teacher and a great bunch of people in my group.

Joanna Darroch at Jun 10, 2015

I personally, just need some time to integrate the information and teachings that we received during the course and with practice will find it extremely beneficial in a multitude of ways. Wonderful teacher and a great bunch of people in my group.

Marie Greco at Jun 10, 2015

This workshop was the most beautiful, enchanting and mystical thing I have ever experienced in my life. The amount of gratitude that I have for Drunvalo Melchizedek for bringing this information to the world and Elena Burton for presenting this information is beyond words. Elena was such a beautiful spirit with a heart of Gold and she presented the information in such a way regardless of ones expectations at any given point throughout the Workshop, her sincere assurance and loving guidance left absolutely no room for fear upon anyone's thoughts or beliefs whatsoever and this is what truly made this Workshop even more magical than it already was. This was the most amazing experience of my life and I thank both Elena and Drunvalo with ALL of my heart for giving me the most beautiful, magical and loving experience in all of my life. Thank You. My love and gratitude is enormous. From my Heart to Yours - Marie

Donna Dibben at Apr 29, 2015

Great weekend, highly recommend it

Liubov Novikova at Apr 05, 2015

Best workshop I have ever attended! I found it helpful. Elena is an experienced teacher and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you also Drunvalo for this amazing work. Thank you so much.

Eshaan Dwivedi at Mar 31, 2015

I thank you all from my heart...

Lee Stobart-Vallaro at Mar 24, 2015

I found Elena to be warm, sincere and genuine in her desire to provide the best possible outcome for each and every student. As a result, my experience was profound

Patricia Young at Mar 23, 2015

It was an honour and a privilege to share this amazing journey of Awakening the Illuminated Heart with you Elena, as well as the 7 amazing human beings who also attended this workshop. Thank you for the Love which radiated from your Being. You are a gentle, kind soul and an excellent Teacher. Thank you from my Heart. Trisha

Sharmin Poonawalla at Mar 11, 2015

Ms Burton's effort to help the students was remarkable. She was soft yet a disciplined teacher which i found admirable. My personal experience was profound. Alot of knowledge was imparted and i am very grateful to Ms Burton and

Mr Drunvalo for that.

thank you

Yana Kalinina at Mar 10, 2015

My experience was so overwhelming. It feels like it opens a new stretch in my life. I am so grateful to everyone who made it possible.

Priti Gokani at Mar 09, 2015

Elena Burton is a true inspiration, true Grace and Love she is.



Nita Mehta at Mar 09, 2015

The teacher was very good. However, the cost of the workshop was higher than usual due to the venue, almost 30 % higher. I would really like an option to go through the meditations again , as i find it hard to go to the tiny space when trying on my own. If there is an online option to do so, would like to know.

Iris Gaartz at Mar 08, 2015

Excellent Teaching, Excellent teacher, Excellent venue

With all my deepest gratitude

Catalina Margalef at Mar 07, 2015

Elena is a fantastic teacher, she emanates the teaching, is patient and loving. I would highly recommend this workshop if she is facilitating it.

I would say, I was not able to see available workshops until I registered for the course and paid the fee. This is not very appealing for a new student.

Julia Stockman at Mar 06, 2015

Such an amazing workshop! From the start of the workshop to now, there is a huge shift in energy, I truly do feel I have been awoken.

Thank you and Love!

Sally Badawi at Jan 30, 2015

Exceeded my expectations from day one. Each day was a blessed experience that unfolded its own miracles. Elena's skill, grace, and wisdom in creating and holding a sacred space for us to learn and open to the teachings in was exemplary. Her style is warm, engaging, authentic. The material presented was rich, enlightening and appeased my scientific, rational mind whilst allowing me to also honour my more creative, unbounded feminine approach to embodying the work. Thank you, Elena, Drunvalo and to every person in our circle on each of the days and those who joined us just for the healings. Praise, Love & Gratitude.

Hester Bushell at Dec 01, 2014

I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend the ATIH workshop guided by Elena's beautiful and loving energy. She was a wonderful teacher and ensured that everyone felt supported and had the best possible experience. I feel so blessed to be gifted with this ancient knowledge and wisdom - such an exciting time to be alive! Thank you with all my heart.

Serena Stanger at Nov 24, 2014

Elena's heart is so open and kind, her patience is unwavering and her sweet Russian accent adds another dimension to the course. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher! This course is truly the best gift I ever gave myself, thank you so much x

Jody-Lee Smith at Sep 22, 2014

Elena presented the ATIH workshop with so much love and grace, which helped me to feel open and fully take in the information in the course. I have already felt so many shifts in myself and I love having these priceless tools to use in my life from now on. I would highly recommend this workshop. It is truly life changing. Thank you for shining your beautiful light in the world Elena, you emanate divine light and love

Andrew Peal at Sep 20, 2014

Elena is a very beautiful person and conducted the workshop so very well. Thank you so much for changing my life forever!

Sergey Posadskiy at Sep 14, 2014

Elena, thank you very much for such powerful workshop!

Roert Wyborn at Sep 01, 2014

What can I say. Elena has such a feminine elegance about her and the way she teaches. Elena has a unique gift in the way she really listens to what everyone has to say, then she follows with answers that have no judgement or expectation. I speak for the group when I say we were all blessed to have such a knowledgeable kind friendly spirit working with us. I will be recommending her to anyone on the path of awaking. Thank you from my heart Elena for now we can see.

Werner Grimm at Aug 24, 2014

Excellent workshop. Thank you.

CYNTHIA VAN DEUSEN at Mar 23, 2014

I especially appreciated the openness and the loving attitude that I felt from Elena throughout the workshop. I also liked the personal examples she gave of what had happened for her after doing the workshop the first time herself and her experiences with creating from the heart. Elena is originally Russian, living in Australia. Her English is quite good, but if you speak only English and are not good at understanding a non-native speaker, then you might have a little difficulty understanding her pronunciation or use of words. She is very open to improving her English and we were an international group, so we enjoyed her use of English. I was very happy with her as our teacher!

Prashanti Patnaik at Mar 13, 2014

The workshop was very good, very informative, and a beautiful experience of living in the heart. It offers life changing tools of spiritual healing and transformation with regular practice. It is a workshop of remembrance, really. thanks drunvalo for the amazing wisdom. thanks elena burton for being such a kind, patient and wonderful teacher.

Sandyra Andrassy at Mar 07, 2014

Elena is a very humble sweet teacher with a lot of understanding and compassion towards the students - always available, always patient and very authentic!

thank you Elena & Drunvalo for the wonderful workshop

with love & light


Vivechana Saraf at Mar 01, 2014

Elena is a wonderful teacher, warm, patient and sincere. Was very happy to share the space with her. And to use the teachings in my daily life. The magic is about to begin ....

Laura Joy at Feb 27, 2014


LEENA R HALDAR at Feb 19, 2014

Elena is an excellent articulate teacher.. I am blesses to be led by her

Lovely energy and extremely result oriented.

Sujata Mukherjee at Feb 11, 2014

Thank You Drunvalo, you are God to me. Thank you Elena, thank you School of Remembering. It was indeed a life changing phenomena. Like an Angel, Elena came to my life, and gave my life a different meaning. It is so beautiful, so comfortable to be in the tiny space of heart and the beams of light gave me a whole lot of confidence. I feel so important, so loved, so powerful. "Elena , you taught us everything so clearly so deeply." Elena is indeed a great teacher with so much of dedication and with so much of love for all of us. I believe everybody should attend this life changing ATIH workshop, irrespective of age caste, colour , creed..all over the world.. Lots and lots of LOVE .......

Azeelia Fialho at Feb 10, 2014

It was a very intense experience. For the first time in life could feel a deep connection of Father Sky and Mother Earth, and the mind blowing love they feel for me. The teachers vibrations were very high. I am all.

Puneeta Roy at Feb 10, 2014

This workshop came at an extremely opportune time when I was going through a transition in your professional life. It gave me the much needed breather to assess where I was and what my Intent was for my future. It reaffirmed beliefs I have instinctively known and given me an added confidence to articulate these truths.

Thank you Drunvalo, thank you Elena!

surabhie jain at Feb 10, 2014

Would like to thank Drunvalo for this beautiful experience. It is always nice to know how much power we hold within us. Elena (our teacher) was so loving. Am happy to have crossed paths with her and to have received such valuable knowledge.

Lidia Trikasch at Dec 28, 2013

I am overwhelmed by the knowledge and ease with which Elena present sometimes complicated material. Learned a lot.