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Anne Lamers at Mar 01, 2022

The workshop was life changing and awakening for me and has been making "waves" in my daily life ever since (a month ago). It was a beautiful experience I can only recommend to every single being "out there".

Sabrina Caldwell at Feb 22, 2022

HiRa is an amazing mentor with her ability to convey the knowledge of the class, as well as impart her own wisdom, in an energetically coherent way. She is very engaging and was able to create an environment (even while online) where we could easily connect and deeply engage in the activities. I am forever grateful!

Tom van den Ban at Feb 17, 2022

Life-changing and most important workshop I did so far! The guidance from Hira couldn't be better. She is a beautiful and lovely being. A true Vessel of Source. I feel still so grateful!

Alexander Ummels at Nov 13, 2021

Excellent workshop given with high dedication from a very experienced trainer

Eva Frodermann at Nov 10, 2021

Beautiful and well structured course. Even though it was online, all participants got very connected. Very clear and loving teacher!

max harvey at Oct 31, 2021

Hira is a profound natural spiritual /Ascension guide and teacher. I have a deep respect for her. She makes it clear that she is an equal, even though her mastery of teaching this profound work - one feels and knows instantaneously.

I love Hira's sense of fun too.

The workshop felt like home and was not easy to leave. I have partaken in 5 ATIH workshops in person, and the closeness of our group, the physical/energetic experiences during the healing days, the overall feeling of being 'home' in the collective and individual Heart space was equally as potent and powerful as it is in a physical workshop.

Infinite gratitude from my Tiny Infinite Space Dear Hira <3

Kristina Mussolovela at Oct 05, 2021

I did the ATIH training with Hira Hosen. Really enjoy learning things from her, she is both knowledgeable and down to Earth. Hira provides a lot of information from her many teachings, combining it together and making it understandable for anyone. I think my favorite part are the guided meditations. Even though the training was online, it was really easy to immerse into the experience led by her voice. I usually have many insights after classes with her, as well as have a lot to unpack even after having completed them for many months to come. She also gives practice advice, that you can continue doing on your own, which gives you independence and responsibility for your own growth.

Rosemary Wood at Sep 04, 2021

HiRa has taught this material thoroughly and skillfully from a sound basis in first-hand experience. She has done much to support and assist us with the practice and integration process as well. I am deeply grateful for her wisdom and generosity, and highly recommend her as a teacher.

Maya Tsai at Sep 02, 2021

My second time in this workshop with Hira. I learned, healed and transformed a lot. By using the technique that Hira taught in the workshop, I transformed a dream which I had been carrying for over 40 years and healed the trauma. I feel much lighter and the healing process is continued.

Franciska Dekker Dekker at Aug 18, 2021

This workshop was just what I needed and Hira's guidance has been super clear and supportive at many levels. I can't wait to sign up for the advanced course with her!

Ann Moorhem at Aug 17, 2021

I really looked forward to this workshop, still it went beyond my imagination. It was a very intense experience where I've learned the value of simplicity and balance. In a gently way I was guided to my heart, where I got emotionally overwhelmed by the beauty of the pure white starlight that I carry within me. They say that the answers are within you. I now understand the meaning of this, because I was once told who I am, but didn't hear it. This workshop set an entire transformation in motion, which was necessary to understand my mission and to walk my path with dignity and proud. I am very grateful to Hira for this. <3 Here I made friends for life, soul family. Love & Light, Ann x

Andrea Henning at Aug 17, 2021

With this workshop a promise was kept. I experience the truth of the quote from Ram Das: "We are all just walking each other home". But in order to be able to keep this promise we are to each other, we have to come into our personal mastery, fulfilling our own destiny. Hira is the real thing. She is this master. It is not only the teaching, it is the teacher who enables the teaching to be received. Thank you Hira for embracing your destiny so wholeheartedly, so I can full-fill on mine.

Noreen BERGER at Jul 07, 2021

Wonderful venue for a perfect workshop. Gazillions of thanks Hira. I know we'll meet again soon.

Tons of love from Magical Avallon, in France

Anouk Dekker at Jul 03, 2021

Hira manages to take the pressure right off and is capable of giving everyone the experience of success. It all worked for me. The workshop was the missing piece of the puzzle and the key to my heart. All the former teachings I received came together in this workshop and everything fell into place. I feel stronger and will be able to go to my heart and get the right answers for the rest of my life. Communicating with other people while being in the heart feels absolutely wonderful! The workshop has a strong lasting effect and is life changing. I recommend this to everyone!

Gina Miranda at Jun 19, 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it very informative. Hira is a lovely teacher and took her time explaining everything and ensuring that we all understood it. I am grateful for her time and wisdom and I have already recommended the workshop to my friends!

Betty Ng Ng at Jun 11, 2021

Hira is an amazing ATIH teacher, it far exceeded my expectation! Her ways of teaching are well thought through, clear, direct and practical. Her energy is very uplifting, fun and compassionate. Thank you so much for the fantastic 4 days. Highly recommended to anyone that is interested to attend the workshop!

Sofia Samara at Jun 08, 2021

HiRa is magic - penetrating - transparent - valid - trusted - advanced

transformative - with multifaceted knowledge - angelic. She held space for some amazing experiences in the workshop, connecting all of us with a divine manner . Words cannot express the feeling.

Piet Bezuijen at Jun 08, 2021

Hira is a perfect teacher. She is more than capable, devoted, can communicate thoughts, feelings and abstract concepts very clearly. At the same time she teaches with an open heart and creates a haven of safety and love for all students. Very inspirational.

Maya Tsai at Jun 07, 2021

Never expected an online course could be so powerful. Love this workshop sooooo much!

Nouf Al Ibrahim at Apr 24, 2021

Hira is a humble and loving person, truly gifted and excellent teacher. her ability to create and hold space in the group is amazing. I would highly recommend Hira as a guiding light in this Ascension process. My experience with the group was unforgettable, I feel so blessed to have taken such an amazing workshop. Thank you, Nouf

Nathalie K. at Feb 10, 2021

Very good and loving teacher!

Cheryl Oden at Feb 02, 2021

This workshop has exceeded any expectation I may have had. It has realigned my journey on this path of living in my heart. Having Hira as our guide was one of the biggest gifts I received. She spoke directly to me in many ways. I have done many meditations with many people and they were all wonderful. Something clicked for me with Hira's guidance... I feel have made more progress than at any other time. Hira is a wonderful teacher/guide into the heart.

Alison MacLean at Feb 01, 2021

Thank you so much for this AMAZING, life-changing experience HiRa! I feel like I've met my Soul Tribe through this experience and can not wait for the future after learning these incredible new skills. Thank just doesn't feel like it's enough...

Silvia Mariti at Feb 01, 2021

I'm deeply touched and positively surprised: I've already done this workshop with Hira Hosen a few years ago in Egypt.

Doing the "online" now has given to me the chance to focus more on the exercises; living that experience in my own space makes the integration more applicable to my daily life.

I really want to acknolegde Hira for her ability to transmit everything without missing absolutely anything. I'm impressed for both for her knowledge and her avaibility to answer to all our countless questions.

She really gave the extra mile.

I think I would possibly repeat it again later on because I feel there's much more to get from it, there are so many levels to explore.

Deeply thank you from the botton of my Heart, Silvia

Jasmin Brown at Feb 01, 2021

This is the best workshop I have attended and Hira is the most gracious giving/loving person with her patience, integrity and love she showed to us all. This is a workshop everyone should attend. My heartfelt love to her and all of our group. Thank you to Alison and Helga for the amazing healing on healing day, I am grateful to you both. Thank you to all for your patience I had lost my webcam and sound. This with Hira at the helm and everyone who shared such love and compassion I will be very grateful for. What an amazing course and bunch of people who came together for this. THANK YOU from my heart to yours. Jasmin

Kerstin Wild at May 31, 2020

Thanks HiRa for awakening with all the light. Love it

Melissa Crawford at May 29, 2020

I was so happy to be able to finally participate in the ATIH course, and with HiRa as teacher was really amazing experience.

The course was life changing and I highly recommend to those open to living a less mental life, and learning to drop into the heart space. HiRa resonates very much with me, as she is very heart centered and guides very well her excercises and lectures. It was so much fun taking this course with her.

Nora Nobani at May 28, 2020

Hira was amazing and I'm so happy I took the course with her. I'm excited about how all of it will impact my life too.

Katrin Haley at May 26, 2020

ATIH with Hira was amazing. I am so grateful to have joined the workshop and the positive effect it has on my life and others as well. Thank you Hira for the days together. I just love your vibe! Love, Vada

Joe Ebbert at May 20, 2020

Beautiful experience, empathic, sympathic and understanding teacher!! A great blessing!!

Daiva Balcytiene at Aug 08, 2019

I am so grateful for leading, support and care. The most desirable Dream comes True: I am on my Way through the Sacred and Tiny Space of my Heart. Now I am an "official" Dreamer...

Fatma Elsayed at Dec 13, 2017

This workshop was awesome and shifting time for me and Hira the instructor was beyond expectations and very professional and powerful.

I certainly would love to repeat it again just to connect with such energy.

Thank you ???????? ????

James Maloney at Dec 07, 2017

I came to the workshop wanting to heal my pain and to create from my heart. I can say that is what I got from this workshop and more. The feelings I felt in this workshop were quite amazing empowering, loving, blissful. Hira creates an amazing healing environment for healing, empowering and love to shine through. Hira also created a friendly, playful atmosphere that didn’t get to flooded by too much information this really helped to enter the heart and made it fun. I am very appreciative I got to experience this workshop in the shadow of a pyramid in a wonderful organically built resort. To be surrounded by such powerful healing love from everyone that attended in a safe environment is hard to describe in words. The energy and blockages that were removed was very energy taxing but wonderful as well. Some past pain came up and was cleared and I cannot picture a better environment to heal these wounds. Each day felt more amazing then the last. To think I almost didn’t come to this workshop is very amusing to me now. It was one of the best decisions of my life that I know it will have a lasting change on my life. I formed a connection with higher self learned lasting meditation techniques that connect to my heart. The energy from Egypt is quite powerful. I have made connections with wonderful people I feel as if they are my tribe. I know now I must return to Egypt because of the connection I have to this place is quite powerful. (Also I will come back for the food soooo good) If it resonates with you go to this workshop you won’t regret it.

Rania Gaafar at Nov 30, 2017

I've done this workshop with HiRa twice this year, in Amsterdam and in Egypt, and it changed my life in so many ways. I feel more happy and I feel lighter since that first workshop in Amsterdam. Thank you HiRa, for being you and for being my sister! I love you Hira and I am so grateful we met...

Monique van Veldhoven van Veldhoven at Aug 08, 2017

Hira Hosèn teachings are very clear en direct. She connects with you on a high level of conciousness and that feld very comforting.

Dear Hira, thank you so much for your trust and loving guidance back to the source. Lots of love, Monique vV.

Rowie Bleser at Jul 27, 2017

Great workshop. Very powerful experience! Lovely people and a lovely speaker!


I was truly blessed to meet Hira Hosen on my way!!! You know, my phone automatically corrects "Hosen" to "Chosen", which is so incredible true!

She's unbelievable master... That's not easy to find the words to describe my experience during the workshop and the miracle of healing love, she gave to me... The knowledge and unique understanding of this world, which she shared so generous with our group, changed all of us forever!

I finally found the way "home", to the secret space of my heart, learned trust and am starting to experience silence and forgiveness... I'm deeply grateful and full of love! Thank you!!!


Philip van der Linden at Jul 18, 2017

Great teacher, great knowledge and process skills

Petra M. van der Linden-Brussen at Jul 18, 2017

Hira is an amazing teacher with a great knowledge and experience. Love her!

maria chelaru at Jul 16, 2017

Hira is an excellent teacher of this workshop. What impressed me most was that she is 'real', she is totally honest, natural and herself, and is not afraid to show all her sides, the strong and the vulnerable, and that she is also on the way, and not a 'saint' already :) also, her answers and guidance for me was spot on and very empowering. And the atmosphere she cocreated was open, funny, and flowing very femininely. Thank you very much Hira!

Marina Zeldenrust at May 13, 2017

Overall a beautiful experience with a great group and an amazing teacher!

Eva Machackova at May 12, 2017

Having just completed the ATIH workshop with Hira, I highly value Hira's profound 'soft leadership' abilities and endless love without unnecessary frills! Her highly intuitive approach to teaching was just the right at the given place and time. I recommend Hira to everyone! Love, Eva

Gary Langridge at May 11, 2017

A wonderful experience,i am deeply grateful to Hira for her wisdom,her love,and the fun joyful way she has and how she conducts herself in the workshops.

Sincerest thanks Hira.


Wonderful experience and opportunity to learn! Hira was even a better teacher for me than I expected! The convent and nuns where a challenge in a way but it all worked out well after Hiras and Nicos efforts. It was not an easy environment for hearing disabled. I loved the Spanish women, but I still think all should be present from the beginning. A beautiful group was manifested and helped me feel safe and it was so easy to be forward, honest, curious and open. Good that some people stayed and that we had a beautiful last night at sunset at El Vedra and a nice diner. A million thanks!

Danilo Martins at Jan 09, 2017

I am deeply blessed and thankful for have had the opportunity of participating in this beautiful workshop. It was a profound experience that completely changed my life as my perception of it.

Hira is the most loving and pure person I've ever met and I will always love her for the rest of my life. More than an awesome teacher she is a true friend.

Thank you Hira, Thank you Drunvalo and thank you to all the School of Remembering team.

Love you!

Spoken like a true friend Danilo, thank you! ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jan 24, 2017

Anne Thelot at Jan 05, 2017

If you are looking for a unique teaching style and amazing perspective of this workshop, HIRA HOSEN is your perfect guide !

Her deep experience, beautiful voice, and funny mind will open your heart beyond your expectations…GO for it and enjoy!

Thank you Anne, highly appreciated, I'm so happy to get to know your heart a little, the whispering of our souls, we remember! ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jan 24, 2017

Charlotte Phillips at Dec 31, 2016

I am happy to have been guided to this workshop, Hira and Glastonbury yet again. I love Drunvalos teachings and Hira was a great facilitator. Hira has a lovely way of guiding and sharing information that left me feeling that even though she is some steps ahead in this particular work we are all truly sharing the same path, equal in spirit. Very refreshing considering the big egos that can befall the teachers of these type of workshops. I feel Hiras way is the way of the future...the way of the heart. Other than that I was so happy to have activated my Mer Ka Ba and have felt a real shift in to a deeper heart space within myself since the workshop. Thank you Hira, Thank you Drunvalo and thank you to all our group who helped create a lovely safe and friendly space to do this work. Many Blessing to you all* Love Charlotte.

Thank you for your radiant presence in Glastonbury Charlotte, it's been an honor spending those 4 magical days with you! X

Hira Hosen at Jan 24, 2017

rachel pereira at Dec 30, 2016

I had been looking forward to receiving this training for many years and was so delighted when I saw an advert saying that a teacher was coming to my town. I felt that we as a group bonded well and were able to work together to produce a beautiful heart energy , there were quite some energetic challenges and lessons to be faced-- ,and I personally felt an initiation taking place.

I experienced Hira as a beautiful shining light with a distinct and transparent personality , highly intelligent, loving and compelling . I believe she was undergoing a very difficult transformation within her own life and which must have been uncomfortable as she is accustomed to deliver a very high power workshop , and therefore attracted some less than perfect comments below. However I could still clearly see her beautiful presence and aptitude for this work , and her desire to give of her heart.

Thank you Rachel, you are a beautiful being, love your art! X

Hira Hosen at Jan 24, 2017

Sharon Giraud at Dec 20, 2016

This was an interesting course delivered by a knowledgable facilitator. However, there was a lot of information shared but some seemed less relevant to the course aims.

Thank you Sharon, sending blessings ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jan 24, 2017

Marek Foltman Foltman at Dec 10, 2016

Great experience remembering the path to unity! Th❤️nk you, Hira, th❤️nk you, Family of light!

We've enjoyed your presence very very much, thank you Marek! ❤️

Hira Hosen at Dec 12, 2016

Dennis van der Ham at Dec 05, 2016

Hira is the best!! She really knows and lives what she is teaching. She makes everyone feel welcome and part of the group, I have never seen people connect on such a deep level in just a few days becoming closer than family. Since I saw the workshop I knew this is what I wanted to do since opening my heart this is what I needed to listen and live from the heart. I learned so much about myself and connection with other people, words can not describe a life changing experience like this :D

So sweet of you Dennis! Cruise buddies forever! 🙏🙏🏽🙏🏻🙏🏿

Hira Hosen at Dec 05, 2016

Effendy Djoemai at Dec 01, 2016

Thank you Hira for this lovely experience. I feel like this was something I needed to do and I now know why :) I am grateful for your love and dedication in teaching this ancient and divine knowledge. Looking forward to meet again. Namaste.

Namasté Effendy, I am so happy you listened to your heart & intuition for joining us. Your presence was and will always be highly appreciated! X

Hira Hosen at Dec 04, 2016

Yue Mayr at Nov 24, 2016

Hira is a cool girl, real person, experienced teacher - a shining being.

The workshop is full of fun, love and inspiration - a new birth.

Thank you dear Yue! I love being a cool girl ;-) And I love you even more! X

Hira Hosen at Nov 25, 2016

Renier Wortman at Nov 21, 2016

Dear Hira, thank you so much for these lifechanging 4 days. My life truly feels enriched and the love we shared as a group is something so precious. You helped me remember. My heart is gratefull. All the Love and Light to you.

Ik hou van jou Renier! X

Hira Hosen at Nov 22, 2016

Katie Walsh at Nov 09, 2016

In so many ways, Hira is the embodiment of these teachings. I am forever grateful and connected to her. And I appreciate and respect so much the way she positions herself in the teachings...not as a master, not as one who is realized leading others who are not...but as a friend, a comrade, a collaborator on the path, showing the way with love, a light heart, laughter, and humility. This was by far one of the most meaningful and formative experiences of my life. Thank you. I love you! Raaaawwwr! *tiger roar*

My beloved Aries tiger sista, you're total awesomeness! X

Hira Hosen at Nov 11, 2016

Christopher Ellis at Oct 26, 2016

All is perfect. Thank you Hira and SOR for this opportunity of awareness. Sat Nam

Sat nam brother, thank you

Hira Hosen at Nov 08, 2016

Jessie Raymond at Oct 09, 2016

This was an amazing workshop! So thankful for Hira and the teachings that I learned in these 4 days.

Jessie Raymond

Thank you for your presence Jessie, you made this workshop happen and I'll be forever grateful you did! I needed it more then you ;-))) Love you! X

Hira Hosen at Oct 10, 2016

Corinne Saad at Aug 31, 2016

This workshop with all the meditation it offers brought me a life transforming experience that I will always cherish. I am definitely continuing with the teachings I've learned for my own spiritual development and the development of all humanity. Hira Hosen, my beloved sister and teacher, is a beautiful soul who has put all her heart out into giving all she is suppose to give and much much more for this workshop. I personally was affected very positively with her presence and appreciates until this day everything she is and everything she has offered. Forever connected. Much love and gratitude to her.

You're the best Corinne! Can't wait to see you again soon, let's rock Egypt together ;-)))

Hira Hosen at Sep 02, 2016

Wendy Van Nooten at Jul 22, 2016

room in kitchen was kind off traumatising

I'm sorry to read your room experience was kind off traumatizing Wendy. It's a little sad for both of us you never gave me the possibility to change it for you by communicating your experience during workshop. I only read about it now, 2 months later.. I hope your journey into the One Heart is flowing full of love & light. I love you, Hira

Hira Hosen at Jul 23, 2016

Pascale CENATIEMPO at Jul 07, 2016

Bonsoir Hira,

Merci pour ce beau partage. Merci pour cette rencontre et cet échange. Que de jolis moments et intenses moments...

Je recommande ce stage...., je dirais plutôt ce voyage en ce monde inconnu.

Que te projets fleurissent comme tu le souhaites...

Heart to Heart...


Heart to Heart Pascale! Merci! X

Hira Hosen at Jul 23, 2016


Merveilleux stage animé par Hira, en toute bienveillance, transparence, générosité, totale confiance en cette belle personne qui nous a amené vers une autonomie belle et puissante avec sincérité et implication. Professionnalisme et suivi post-stage, je vous encourage à y participer. Super groupe, que des bons moments passés avec vous tous, longue vie à la famille de la lumière et de l'amour, hallelujah ! Bonne route Hira et à bientôt :-) Nathalie

Merci Nathalie, ça me touche droit dans mon cœur! X

Hira Hosen at Jul 23, 2016


Merci Hira pour ce stage,pour la générosité avec laquelle tu nous partages ton chemin de l'amour! Cette expérience restera à jamais gravé dans mon coeur. J'ai rencontré ma famille de coeur. Ne change rien! Isabelle

Merci Isabelle d'être venue avec ta sœur, quelle joie de vous avez rencontrer! X

Hira Hosen at Jul 11, 2016

Ingrid Dick at Jul 06, 2016

It was amazing, thank you Hira for your lovely and perfect guidance. Great energetic experiences, exchanges and partages, place and organization. Loved to discover..powerful... May see again, with pleasure !

Thank you Ingrid, it was great having you, may your journeys be safe and full of joy! X

Hira Hosen at Jul 11, 2016

Jean-Pascal CENATIEMPO at Jul 04, 2016

Merci beaucoup Hira. Quels merveilleux moments...Un très bel endroit, calme, lumineux. Superbe stage et découverte d'une très belle personne, qui prodigue cet enseignement avec une vrai aisance et une très belle connexion. Moments importants de partage avec un groupe empli d'énergie, de douceur, de folies, et de grands fou-rire...

Au plaisir de partager à nouveaux...

Merci encore Hira...Bonne continuation et à bientôt.

Merci beaucoup Jean-Pascal, pour ta presence, ton soutiens, ta lumière! X

Hira Hosen at Jul 05, 2016

Monica Mejia at Jun 13, 2016

Une experience puissant et unique; plein d'amour, compassion, de la bonne humeur et de la joie! Un vrai régale pour le corps l'âme et l'esprit. :)) Avec vous tous dans le coeur <3 Merci.

Merci ma sœur, je me réjouis à notre prochaine rencontre!! X

Hira Hosen at Jun 14, 2016

Tineke Diederik at Jun 10, 2016

Good workshop; good value for money. Well organized and very helpful and attentive. Clear communication.

Great experience and great opportunity to attend this workshop in Ibiza, Spain.

Thank you!

Thank you Tineke, big hug! ❤️🙏🌹

Hira Hosen at Jun 14, 2016

Patricia Faci at Jun 07, 2016

It was the most important thing I ever did in my life (and I have done a lot of workshops and things...) And Hira is fantastic. I recommend to everybody in this planet to do it!!! Big thanks and big hugh from my HEART

Amazing having you with us Patricia, such warm and loving vibes you share! X

Hira Hosen at Jun 14, 2016

Rody Corbett at Jun 06, 2016

Thank You Hira. I would highly recommend this workshop. It was a totally beautiful experience from Start to Finish. Love, Light, Gratitude and Joy, Rody

Thanx for all the laughs Rody, you're a star! X

Hira Hosen at Jun 14, 2016

Garda Laarmans at Jun 06, 2016

Hira is a pure and honest person. I Think only this kind of persons are able to make you feel comfortable in a group. It was amazing, but just because Hira is that amazing and truly herself.

Many thanks!

Thank you Garda, so sweet! X

Hira Hosen at Jun 14, 2016

Igor Nastasic at Jun 03, 2016


Yay ;-)

Hira Hosen at Jun 04, 2016

Melody Moritz at Jun 01, 2016

I had the most powerful and mind blowing experience spiritually and humanly!!

Everything could not have been more perfect then at this workshop with Hira in Ibiza. The location was wonderful, the team working with Hira was just so loving and carrying for us (the students). All the students at the workshop was the nicest people I had ever meet. It feels like family…

And Hira is just an INCREDIBLE woman!! So loving and so generous.

Thank you for bring me home finally and activating my power.

PS: tu devrais être remboursée par le sécurité sociale ;-)

LOVE & PEACE to everyone ...

Wow, Mélody, you are such a strong & powerful woman yourself, thank you for your love, I feel blessed and with all my heart I'm wishing you pure love, light & joy! X

Hira Hosen at Jun 02, 2016

Marco Davison at May 31, 2016

This Workshop have been very usefully for my inner spiritual development.

Help me a lot to release some emotional blockages, change inner blocking mind patterns and awake more my awareness. Help me a lot to develop myself in my spiritual lightwork.

The place was amazing , lovely group , lovely energy.and healthy food.

Thanks Hira for your guidance.

Thank Marco, wishing you a great integration into full on love & light! X

Hira Hosen at Jun 02, 2016

Nicolas Oes at May 24, 2016

A perfect event with a perfect teacher (Hira) for this course and this topics.

Thanx Nicolas, much love to you & Leila 🙏

Hira Hosen at May 28, 2016

Joelle Porret at May 19, 2016

Et maintenant, le vrai voyage commence !!! Merci Hira de m'avoir donné l'impulsion dont j'avais besoin ! En route vers la prochaine dimension........... :-))

T'as complètement raison Joelle, allez-yyyyy ;-))) X

Hira Hosen at May 19, 2016

SCHNEIDER Violaine at May 16, 2016

What an amazing journey, from inside out, empowering. A moment I felt reborn to myself, and discovering amazing powers I was not aware of. And it keeps working its way inside of me, everyday, I'm discovering something new. Tremendous love to you Hira! May you awaken many many more hearts! You are blessed.

Blessings Violaine, you are amazing, thank you for all you are! X

Hira Hosen at May 18, 2016

Nicole Ruf Schumacher at May 16, 2016

<3<3<3Straight to the heart<3<3<3<3...

❤️❤️❤️ Yes!! ❤️❤️❤️

Hira Hosen at May 18, 2016

Nathalie DUMORTIER at May 14, 2016

Merci mille fois Hira pour ce voyage vers ma vraie nature ....C'est juste ce dont nous avons tous besoin ! ****

Merci infiniment Nathalie, pour ton courage dans la rivière froide, pour ta danse libre, pour ta presence attentive et expansive! XXX

Hira Hosen at May 18, 2016

Deonne Parker at May 02, 2016

Hira is a teacher of highest quality, who is not afraid to grow and learn alongside those she teaches. One of the first requirements for a good teacher is that this person is also a friend and equal, Hira meets exactly this requirement.

Thank you my beloved sister, I love you very much, I'm honored to be your friend ❤️

Hira Hosen at May 03, 2016

Trix Berkhof at Apr 20, 2016

The healing day was like magic. There was a lot of warmth and support from the group. The whole workshop was an amazing and also life changing experience. Thank you Hira.

Your help during workshop was truly appreciated dear Trix! Thank you with all my heart ❤️🙏❤️

Hira Hosen at Apr 21, 2016

Manuel Grimm at Apr 18, 2016

This workshop was a wonderful experience. Hira created a secure and vibrant atmosphere in which we could practice many different exercices - which have sometimes moved a lot within me. Hira really lives what she teaches and explained all things in a clear, profound and joyful way. Her positivity is contagious and makes me smile :-)

This seminar was an amazing journey with beautiful people and with Hira as a great guide.

Thank you Manuel for your joyful presence during workshop! Sending blessings ❤️

Hira Hosen at Apr 21, 2016

Pekko Esko Vuorela at Apr 17, 2016

I absolutely loved Hira's way to instruct the method by her feminine, sensual and precise ways of leading the workshop. Her profound experience and knowledge in Zen is the backbone strength to connect with everyone on the course. The choice for deciding to do the experience with Hira was exceptionally right for me and this 4 days has opened me to a completely new level of experiencing my life and myself. 10 points for Hira and full recommendation for anyone choosing an ATIH teacher!

She is totally perfect lady for this job!

You're amazing Pekko, can still feel your hugs 🙏

Hira Hosen at Apr 21, 2016

Nicole Rosez at Apr 14, 2016

Hira is a very good teacher

She is very clear and goes deep.

Already the first houres of the first day, we all felt as a family.

The energy was high and sweet

Thank you Nicole, high & sweet, I love it!! X

Hira Hosen at Apr 17, 2016

Maartje Stoelwinder-Halink at Apr 14, 2016

I truly recommend Hira Hosèn to be your teacher for this course, she is very sincere and the personal experiences she shares are really trust giving. For me personally I did not feel as ready as some of the others in our group. I could feel less the amazing things that had happend, but I will continue to practice the teachings and I have trust that I will get there. Thank you very much for making this possible!

Lieve Maartje, ik ben er zeker van dat jouw ervaringen in je hart je zullen leiden in een leven waar bevestiging alleen nog nodig is via pure liefde! Dank je wel voor je mooie en lieve aanwezigheid 🙏❤️🙏

Hira Hosen at Apr 17, 2016

Desmond Elliott at Apr 13, 2016

Hira was a great teacher as she was able to expand on her personal experiences and facilitate a very knowledgeable workshop. I have a wonderful time. Thank you Hira.

Thank you Desmond, your relaxed & clear presence has helped me to ground throughout the workshop! We will meet again & again 🙏

Hira Hosen at Apr 17, 2016

greg may at Mar 16, 2016

The Event was fantastic, Hira demonstrated an air of devine confidence in conducting a flow to the variety of spiritual experiences that were taking place. As a teacher myself I understand that managing a courses direction through an observed identification of improvement is one thing, however having the ability to manage a large group through an infintive range of inner and outer spiritual experiences and maitain a structure is inspiring and fills one with enthusiasm. Bravo Hira!

The course itself was of positive intencity and filled with a wealth of experiences and specific spiritual guidance. All of my training companions were a pleasure to be with and now are dear to me. As an overall experience I would highly recommend it.

You're such a wonderful man and spirit Greg, it's an honor to work with you, thank you for your heart felt and moving feedback, highly appreciated! Sending blessings 🙏

Hira Hosen at Mar 19, 2016

Eva Grunstra at Dec 16, 2015

I want to thank Hira, Nathan and the School for an amazing and transformative workshop. My opinion about Hira's way of teaching is that she's professional, profound, knowing, relaxed and intuitive; a wonderful combination.

Thank You dear Eva, sending rainbow blessings ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jan 07, 2016

Susan Fish at Dec 15, 2015

This course was fascinating and enlightening. There was a wonderful group atmosphere and we all felt nutured and loved by Hira, who with her soft gentle voice took us through the four days of an extraordinary journey.

Thank you Sue! Having you & your daughter participating together has been anquoring universal love and expanding it for all of our group. Thank you! X

Hira Hosen at Jan 07, 2016

Victoria Bell at Dec 15, 2015

Magical ! ❤️


Hira Hosen at Jan 07, 2016

Jennie Fish at Dec 15, 2015

From my heart I would like to thank Hira for a truly beautiful, empowering and illuminating experience. This workshop has re-connected me to the source of my being. I was honoured to be a part of such a heart opening and joyous group & offer my gratitude to everyone who took part. Hira you are a beautiful being.

You being reconnected to your Source through our shared Heart work all together is the most beautiful result dear Jennie! Thank You! X

Hira Hosen at Jan 07, 2016

Rachel Elton at Dec 14, 2015

I was not quite sure what to expect when booking on to the course, but I knew I needed to do it. My instinct was proved right. My conscious mind is not entirely sure what went on but in my heart I know it was both subtle and deeply profound. I feel it as the crumbling of an old outdated version of myself and the beginning (remembering) of a new and much happier me. Thank you Hira for your sacred wisdom and compassion in supporting this transformation. Love and blessings. Rachel x

A happier you is a happier me Rachel! Sending bright blessings ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jan 07, 2016

Sherine Abdelrassoul at Nov 22, 2015

This workshop has truly changed the course of my heart.

Despite it being a very advanced course and i, not having attended many of such workshops, Hira put all the information across so smoothly and clearly and naturally that it wasn't difficult for me at all to follow and own the information. She manages to give every single person the full attention that s/he needs, something which i really appreciated.

This course, the location, Hira, the content, the revelations, the whole experience, every minute of it, has been engraved in my heart till forever and beyond.

Thank you for putting across such a course.

Sherine, it has been a great honor & Joy to have you participating in this workshop, you are a pure source of energy, and every time I looked at you, I couldn't believe the brightness of your soul, going full power while being 2 weeks away from delivering your baby! You are a total Goddess ❤️

Hira Hosen at Nov 26, 2015

Michal Leppelt at Nov 20, 2015

Thank You Drunvalo for opening the doors for such a wonderfull journey.And thank You Hira for to be for Us good lecture ,observer and messenger.

Thank you Michal! Much love to you & your brother in Ireland ❤️

Hira Hosen at Nov 26, 2015

Noreen BERGER at Nov 09, 2015

A life-changing experience! Many thanks to Hira for the excellent quality of the workshop. I'll be back for more.... and will bring friends along :-) Best wishes from France. Noreen

Looking forward to another round of sharing & being love in Glastonbury very soon Noreen! X

Hira Hosen at Nov 19, 2015

mona mansour at Oct 24, 2015

I had the sense during the workshop that the information is flowing like water with ease and grace. Hira is very supportive , caring and loving.

I enjoyed this workshop very much, it was a very deep experience.

Thank you

Hira Hosen at Nov 03, 2015

Anna Rangstig at Oct 24, 2015

Words can´t express how happy I am that I decided to attend the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop with Hira! It´s been such an amazing & magical journey into the depths & beauty of the sacred space of my heart, and I´ve finally find my way Home! Hira, you are such a beautiful Soul! Thank you for sharing these profound, yet so simple teachings with us, helping us all to re-remember who we really are & our True nature of being! This is an experience I will never forget! From the depths of my Heart, Thank you! <3

You are truly loved Anna! Thank you! Bless You ❤️

Hira Hosen at Nov 03, 2015

Gihane Mamoon at Oct 23, 2015

Hira is a real outstanding amazing teacher working from her heart to awaken the hearts , was really blessed to be part of her group

Your powerful prayer of Ra still echoes in my Heart, Gigi, wow... ❤️

Hira Hosen at Nov 03, 2015

camille perrot at Oct 20, 2015

Thank you Hira and Natasja for this wonderful workshop, full of love, laughters, tears, hugs and magical moments. So many experiences beyond words.... so intense... Strong connections with some amazing souls... You all stay in my heart and I hope to see you again very soon!

Love and light


Thank you dear sister for being here on Earth today and for having the courage to follow your beautiful Heart ❤️

Hira Hosen at Nov 03, 2015

johanna strieck at Oct 15, 2015

I fully endorse my twin's comments.

You mentioned the possibility of another workshop in the future - Cosmic Heart. We both would definitely be interested.

Much love to you, Hira and many, many thanks.


Thank you Johanna! Yes, let's see what the future brings, I keep you posted as always, love youuuuu!! ❤️

Hira Hosen at Nov 03, 2015

Adelheid Strieck at Oct 15, 2015

As this was my second ATIH seminar with Hira I was able to dive much deeper into the processes particularly during the Healing Session. I give my heartfelt thanks to both Hira and her assistant Natasja.

Hira’s teaching methods impressed me deeply. As a teacher I am familiar with the challenges and pitfalls to create space for twenty-four different souls; given that their level of understanding and/or experiences differ widely it is paramount to lead them step-by-step through the process to ensure ‘that they all get it’. Hira’s love for teaching, her clarity, and above all her capability to explain the various steps of the processes concisely is outstanding.

I also was impressed by her vulnerability which she didn’t hide. The group was quite lively; the resulting group dynamics were not only a challenge for the teacher but for the participants as well. I, for once, had to address at times my own insecurities, confusions; I was impressed and admired Hira’s managing the overall process so convincingly. Vulnerability is a great teacher for both sides, and Hira got her ducks pretty nicely in line. At the end of the seminar I saw a huge change in the participants which made me very happy. She danced with the souls.

Last but not least I want to thank Natasja from the bottom of my heart; she not only looked after our all physical wellbeing - brewing tea, providing cookies,…; her jokes, her smiles, her humorous comments such as ‘good-bye cookie’ when she saw my twin gobbling one; but more importantly her presence and input during the Healing Session. Thank you, Natasja, I feel at home with you!

Thank you my dearest favorite twins in the world, you are totally amazing, you touch my Heart in very profound ways, may I grow to be as wise, sincere and honest as the birth of you! 🌹🌹🌹

Hira Hosen at Nov 03, 2015

Maaike Aker at Oct 13, 2015

Thank you dear Hira from the depth of my heart for this magical and profound workshop! For sure it has been a workshop of remembering and connecting even more with the pure love inside and 'out' of my heart. With the love and wisdom that is always there... I am open and curious to what will unfold and will walk further on this path of love and light. Thank you and keep on spreading your loving & light in to the world.

Let's drink tea together sister, soon ❤️

Hira Hosen at Oct 14, 2015

Ramona Daniela Bobeica at Oct 12, 2015

The workshop was amazing and Hira is a great teacher!

Thank you Hira with all my heart!


You, your smile and your tears were splendid Ramona, thank you for your beautiful presence ❤️

Hira Hosen at Oct 14, 2015

Laurent pennings at Oct 11, 2015

My Experience with this workshop or what ever is in the name goes byond words. The love and feeling of familiarity Hira and Natascha shared, grounded and protected: was the password for me to let go fear, insicure or other distracting sensations.

One thing wich i found really incredible: Hira seems Human. More than i probably could or dare showing in this way. She is not really a soft, floaty female. But more a crazy, warm, wise beloved and focused Sister. Love you for that to , Hira

Natasha was incredible in her way, she left all of space for Hira but i could feel her presence. She help me in a beautifull way to expercience and old trauma with no judgements... Thank you for that beautifull spirt...

Love, light and all the blessings to you, youre friend and families.

Till we meet again



We love you Laurent, keep it coming ❤️

Hira Hosen at Oct 14, 2015

Hans Schokkenbroek at Oct 11, 2015

I am very grateful to Hira, Natasja, Drunvalo and the lovely group (too many names to mention but you know who I mean) for truly awakening my heart. It has helped and will continue to help me tremendously to get to the next level and help mankind ascend. You are all beautiful souls and you have my eternal love and gratitude.

Thank you Hans for being my 'sparmaatje', you're amazing, love you very much ❤️

Hira Hosen at Oct 14, 2015

Stephanie Cetre at Sep 23, 2015

Thank you so much Hira, for this magical experience!!! Can't wait for the next one!

Please come back soon! Lots of love and light

Thank you Stèph, I'll be very happy to be back in Ibiza in May & September'16 for another round of workshops, yayyyyy :-) Sending you & family much rainbow light from France ❤️

Hira Hosen at Sep 23, 2015

Leila Schwab at Sep 20, 2015

Juste magique! Merci...

Tu es un amour Leila ❤️

Hira Hosen at Sep 21, 2015

christine Rappaz at Sep 20, 2015

Hira Passes on with a big motivation what she teaches, impossible not to be pulled by her enthusiasm. Its sincerity, its authenticity and its lightness can only establish a model to be followed.


Merci Christine! Keep it coming, it was a great pleasure sharing with You ❤️

Hira Hosen at Sep 21, 2015

Isabelle Sauvagnac at Sep 18, 2015

♡ Ce stage a été un grand boum dans ma vie, Hira est un coeur ♡ d'or et mérite bien plus que dix étoiles ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (c'est normal :-) et notre groupe était vraiment chaleureux et mérite aussi plein d'étoiles ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ merci, merci, merci à tous.


Un grand merci Isabelle! Je crois que les ???? sont les signes Français que le système ne reconnaît pas, mais mon Cœur t'a entendu! Bisous ❤️

Hira Hosen at Sep 19, 2015

Roman Lang at Sep 17, 2015

I repeated the workshop with Hira and again it was mind-blowing, in the best sense :)) Knowing already the content of the work I was able to go much deeper and really enjoyed the ride. On top this sacred work was supported by the powerful zero point field created by the tachyonized products used all over the retreat place. Amazing! Thanks for sharing this with the world!

Thank you dear Roman, amazing soul you are, I love how our friendship is flowering! I'm honored to share this ride with you, here we go :-))))

Hira Hosen at Sep 18, 2015

dominique Berthelier at Sep 17, 2015

Stage complet, très intéréssant, permet de se transformer durablement.

Excellent rapport qualité-prix ...

Animer par une excellente et formidable personne du nom d'Hira Hosen.

Je recommande


Merci mon frère, c'est vraiment gentil d'avoir pris le temps d'écrire ce message, j'éspère qu'on se verrait très bientôt ❤️

Hira Hosen at Sep 18, 2015

Anna Czekaj at Sep 15, 2015

It was a magic and a heart-lifting experience for me. Thank you Hira :-)

For me too Anna! Forever now & beyond ❤️

Hira Hosen at Sep 17, 2015

Anna Vanickova at Sep 14, 2015

Immense thank you Hira for this workshop - which you lead in such a wonderful, inclusive, understanding, compassionate and human manner, navigating easily all the denser and lighter vibrational realities. Thank you for answering my questions about my unresolved spiritual experiences - questions that are difficult to find answers to in the current western world, as most people are not interested in these explorations. That was very supportive! It has been three months since the workshop, and the experience and information is still very active in my system. I am establishing a rhythm of working with it regularly. Thank you again! love Anna Vanickova

What a great message & feedback Anna, to know that the sacred work we've shared all together is still actively happening in your life, this is the biggest compliment I could ever get! Keep on moving deeper into the awakening of your Heart! Thank you ❤️

Hira Hosen at Sep 17, 2015

Suzanne Davy at Sep 09, 2015

Hiras fascinating and Interactive workshop, and delivery of all information was absolutely fascinating and AWESOME !!

I feel my life is " CHANGING POSITIVELY" already.

I would personally recommend this course, to anyone seeking a "HIGHER SPIRITUAL PATH"!!

In love and light, for more students to take this course.

Suzanne Parker.

You are so sweet Suzanne, thank you! Big huge hug ❤️

Hira Hosen at Sep 09, 2015

Henri Bayard at Sep 03, 2015

WOW !!! Second workshop in less than 2 months. I really dove deeper in the healing process of my being and connected in a more profound way to the Sacered Space of My Heart. Thank You so much Hira for your Presence, your sensitive attention and care during these magical 4 days. From the Heart


Listening to you tuning in & being with your Chrystal Bowls is a profound Heart opening experience, thank you for all you are & bring to our planet TI ❤️

Hira Hosen at Sep 04, 2015

SUSANA HERRERO at Aug 31, 2015

I knew the course will be very strong, and so was it :-) This workshop has been one of the most intense and impactful experience I have had, not only for its content, but most of all, because I have the feeling that I have finally come HOME (OHM). All my life, I have missed the spiritual world from which we come, the sky as I use to call it, I have longed to retrieve it, aspired, prayed, searched for it ... I have lived with this nostalgia for more than 50 years (and probably lots and lots of many lives :-)) After these 4 days, I am at peace as I (we all) have reconnected to The Family, to Love, to Light, to our ONE space and it is just there. The Group, Hira, the amazing location in Ibiza, everything has contributed to make this experience unique and unforgettable. There is a "Before" ATIH and an "After". I am in a state of Grace grounded in the Present Time, blessed. Thank you to YOU Hira (for coming to Earth to teach us :), Thank you to each and all of you, visible and invisible world, who have directly or indirectly allowed this to happen. With infinite Love. Susana

Thank you sister, your message moves me to the core, thank you for your presence, Grace & beautiful Heart ❤️

Hira Hosen at Sep 01, 2015

SUSANA HERRERO at Aug 31, 2015

I knew the course will be very strong, and so was it :-) This workshop has been one of the most intense and impactful experience I have had, not only for its content, but most of all, because I have the feeling that I have finally come HOME (OHM). All my life, I have missed the spiritual world from which we come, the sky as I use to call it, I have longed to retrieve it, aspired, prayed, searched for it ... I have lived with this nostalgia for more than 50 years (and probably lots and lots of many lives :-)) After these 4 days, I am at peace as I (we all) have reconnected to The Family, to Love, to Light, to our ONE space and it is just there. The Group, Hira, the amazing location in Ibiza, everything has contributed to make this experience unique and unforgettable. There is a "Before" ATIH and an "After". I am in a state of Grace grounded in the Present Time, blessed. Thank you to YOU Hira (for coming to Earth to teach us :), Thank you to each and all of you, visible and invisible world, who have directly or indirectly allowed this to happen. With infinite Love. Susana

Gina Torne at Aug 29, 2015

A Beautifull experience, I had a lot of emocional release with all the techniques. They help me a lot. Really powerfull and usefull all of them. My heart is open i feel it. A new way of perciving reality, Life changing experience. Great group of souls. Hira is a great teacher, i like her way of teaching, simple, easy and effective. Thanks for helping us to remember who we are.

Thank you Gina, for your light, your sharing, your being, your grandmother's gift/painting is you in another dimension, wow! ❤️

Hira Hosen at Aug 30, 2015

philippe herold at Aug 29, 2015

Amazing!!!!!looking forward to do the next level workshop and go further!!!love and light!!!

Yeah! Sedona is awesome! Sending bright blessings to you & Desi ❤️

Hira Hosen at Aug 30, 2015

Nina Lucas at Aug 28, 2015

I had a great experience. I got valuable information and knowledge. I have transformed on many levels. What a journey...Thanks Hira.

Thank you my dear Viking Goddess, you are amazing ❤️

Hira Hosen at Aug 30, 2015

Lydie Claire Claitte at Aug 09, 2015

Profond, touching, open minded. Powerfull methods and benevolent.

Sending you love, light & laughter Lydie ❤️

Hira Hosen at Aug 11, 2015

Natalie Mills at Jul 30, 2015

Beautiful course in the heart of the mountains, a propellor into a different dimension of being within the subtle realms <3 Merci Hira et à toutes les belles âmes présentes!

Merci à toi Natalie, quelle grand plaisir de te connaître ❤️

Hira Hosen at Aug 06, 2015

Daniela Licu at Jul 24, 2015

Very good class, teacher and students. I feel a profound transformation. I did already this course in the past but I did not meet all my expectations. In this course I have overlapped the gaps. Many thanks

Thank you Daniela, sending blessings ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jul 27, 2015

Elisabeth Tritsch at Jul 15, 2015

Quelle joie de re-trouver le chemin de la Maison, de re-rencontrer ma famille de Coeur :)))

De tout mon Etre, je te remercie Hira, Lovely Sister de mon Coeur, de t'engager dans cette aventure de la VIE, de nous accompagner avec ta douceur et ta force, avec ton humilité et ta confiance, avec ton authenticité, avec ton coeur.

Les mots sont insuffisants pour exprimer tout ce que j'ai ressenti et vécu durant ces jours de stage : Gérison en est certainement un essentiel. Et puis Amour, Bienveillance, Unité.

Ce stage est un Rendez-Vous, certainement LE rendez-vous pour continuer notre ascension.

"Transmettre c'est guérir" et le stage animé par Hira en est l'incarnation.

Mon âme salue ton âme et aussi toutes les âmes de la famille.

Merci à toi, à nous.

So much Love sur Terre c'est ... trooooop COOL !


C'est toi qui est trop cool, ma soeur, je t'aime tant, c'est presque trop ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jul 17, 2015

Sandie Soulet at Jul 15, 2015

Ce stage a déjà changé ma vie ! et Hira aura été un pièce maitresse dans cette merveilleuse aventure humaine. La qualité de ce stage repose sur ce que chacun donne et accepte de recevoir et l'alchimie de notre groupe a été extraordinaire. Hira a su mener ce stage avec beaucoup de sérieux, de bienveillance, d'humour et d'amour aussi bien sûr. Sa présence irradie et vous porte au plus haut de ce que vous êtes. Dans la joie du coeur et avec tout mon amour

"La qualité de ce stage repose sur ce que chacun donne et accepte de recevoir.." Ouiiii Sandie!! Merciiiii!! Je t'aime ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jul 15, 2015

Claude Fournil at Jul 14, 2015

Très beau stage, d'une intensité vibratoire croissante à la fois profonde et joyeuse, portée magnifiquement par l'énergie de coeur d'Hira.


Merci chère Claude, je me réjouisse de te revoir en Ardeche ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jul 14, 2015

Gilles Fournil at Jul 14, 2015

Stage magnifique dans une ambiance chaleureuse et ouverte.

Hira apporte sa fraîcheur, compétence et humilité à ces enseignements précieux.

Gratitude !



Gilles, ta manière de renaître c'est le plus hallucinante que je n'ai jamais vue :-) Je me réjouisse de faire ton stage sur la mort et la naissance! ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jul 15, 2015

Nicole Parisset at Jul 13, 2015

grâce soit rendue à Hira

Merci Nicole, et à toi! ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jul 15, 2015

eleonore madelenat at Jul 12, 2015

I am so happy to had participating to this stage with such quality!

Thank you hira for giving so much.

You're welcome Eléonore, sending you many blessings ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jul 15, 2015

Tetard Sophia at Jul 11, 2015

Mille Merci à Hira !

Je t'envoie plein d'amour Sophia ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jul 15, 2015

Martina Gutierrez at Jul 11, 2015

Superbe expérience !

Merci <3

Merci à toi Martina ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jul 15, 2015

esther nault at Jul 10, 2015

Thank you deeply to Drunvalo and Hira <3 this is a profound, powerfull, transformative, very healing and sacred journey.

I am very gratefull for Hira <3 your simplicity, your love and light... you are a jewel.

It was delicious to share pure moments of joy, laugh and love with all the family that was so kind <3 i love you all xxx.......

You are so beautiful Esther, it is pure joy knowing you ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jul 15, 2015

Antoine de THELIN at Jul 09, 2015



Hira Hosen at Jul 15, 2015

Sandrine Sarthou Garris at Jul 09, 2015

Hira est une belle lumière, elle a su amener et accompagner ce groupe vers une expérience inoubliable.

Ce stage est magique, un travail sur soi extraordinaire, encadré à merveille.

Le lieu (temple zen du Carroux) est rempli d'énergie sereine et forte à la fois.

De supers moments de rires, joie, d'amour et de partage, le tout assaisonné d'un petit nettoyage énergétique de nos mémoires pas piqué de vers ;-)

De beaux moments d'échange de coeur à coeur, d'âme à âme <3

En conclusion : allez y !

On en revient transformé <3

SANDRINE (Landes- France)

Merci infiniment Sandrine, pour ta presence lumineuse sur notre Terre ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jul 15, 2015

Henri Bayard at Jul 08, 2015

There are really no Words to describe this AMAZING workshop. A HUGE Thank You to Hira for holding a space where my Heart Opening process could commence. The vibrations Of - LOVE - SIMPLICITY - and SHARING radiated throughout You during the whole workshop.

From the❤️


Thank You brother, for your presence, your gifts, your sharing, you light and your One Heart ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jul 15, 2015

florence malafosse at Jul 08, 2015

It is an amazing course, in an amazing area. The zen Temple is just the good place to make such learning furthermore with the delicious cooking we had every days ;-)). Hira introduced me to notions I was not clearly aware of. I learned a lot on me, I had to overcome some of my most important blocages. I started to practice on my own, I feel on the good path. I thank Hira for her teaching.

Thanx Florence! I agree, the cooking outdid the workshop, by far :-))) ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jul 15, 2015

Jean-Luc Schoonenbergh at Jul 08, 2015

Merci Hira pour ce stage d'ouverture du cœur si inspirant, et pour le partage en toute simplicité de ta propre expérience de ce cheminement.

Ces 4 jours en immersion m'ont donnés une réelle motivation à approfondir la voie du cœur !

Cher Jean-Luc, je trouve ton comprehension de la compassion très touchant. Oui! Dans notre culture Judéo-Chrétienne, la compassion telle que l'enseigne le Christ passe par l'action: prendre soin de l'autre, l'aider à résoudre ses problèmes, voir "le sauver". Dans la pensé Bouddhiste, la compassion passe par la sagesse de l'enseignement: enseigner à l'autre à utiliser ses propre ressources du Coeur pour se libérer et se reconnaître lui-même en tant que Bouddha. T'as tout comprit :-))) Merci! ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jul 15, 2015

Priscille Tritsch at Jul 08, 2015

I express all my gratitude between our Teacher Hira Hosen for its magnificent teaching. I appreciated his work, which she made with good mood and with a lot of patience. These teachings were clear and very enriching.

I go out of this internship as a newborn child, appreciate it every moment, and by continuing the passed on(transmitted) meditations.

The tears in your eyes were mine too Priscille, thank you! ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jul 15, 2015

Antoine Tritsch at Jul 08, 2015

I express all my gratitude between our Teacher Hira Hosen for its magnificent imposing presence, it is of an effective simplicity, always in the good, very cheerful mood without, to lose the hand in the firmness of its teaching. I noticed and learnt, how Hira manages to run away wisely in situations, or the egoïque interpersonal skills of his(her) pupils appear.

I pulled(fired) a big spiritual and physical profit, I shall be happy to follow again an internship(training course) with Hira. Thanks to all the team of the Zen temple which was for our service to decorate the stay.

Thank you Antoine! Google translate doesn't get your words from your heart, but I hear you! So happy you walked out of this workshop completely healed, awesome, great work, thank you! ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jul 15, 2015

Ulrika Hannula at Jun 17, 2015

Thank you Hira, and every beloved one in the course, who made this amazing journey possible! Hiras presence and love made it possible for all of us! Hira, you are amazing ambassador of ILLUMINATING LOVE! WoW!

I am blessed to be part of all this.

Dear Ulrika, thank you, it's a great pleasure knowing you, keep on creating your beautiful art, big hug to you & your beloved husband ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jun 18, 2015

Mladen Krizancic at Jun 16, 2015

Back home from this 4-day ATIH workshop with Hira Hosen in Desert Ashram (Israel), I am deeply touched and moved by Hiras calm, centered Zen conscioussnes, as well as enreached by her application of imaginry at the same time. It really was a pleasure to recieve both teachings - that of the mind, and that of the Heart - simultaniously. Not that it only saved me time and money, no, it was a valuable teaching on how to be present at both of those levels in the daily reality. Thank you Hira, from my Heart to your Heart.

Mladen Sun Circle Krizancic (A)

Thank you brother, you are amazing, you are a great teacher, we will meet again & again! Aho ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jun 16, 2015

Rinat Koubas at Jun 15, 2015

Thank you for the opportunity for this so profound transformation :)

Thank you Renata, you give the best hugs ❤️❤️❤️

Hira Hosen at Jun 16, 2015

Maria Nieves Serra Palerm at Jun 14, 2015


Love you beautiful Nieves, pure as snow! Will never forget your Ferrari story :-))) XX

Hira Hosen at Jun 16, 2015

Alexandra Alexandra Stadelmann at Jun 09, 2015

This workshop was truly an extraordinary lifechanging experience ... little did I expect to dive into such a deep experience which ultimately allowed me to reconnect to myself, my life purpose and the universe of all creation. Hira has guided us through all steps with love, patience and grace and I highly recommend her to everyone who is willing to find out a bit more about this joyful and exciting journey we are all on.

Thank you beautiful Jayada! So happy to join journeys with you! ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jun 10, 2015

Justus Paiewonsky at Jun 09, 2015

Hira is the best! Super cool teacher who not only knows, but lives, what she teaches. Super inspiring, wise woman. Leap at the chance to train with her. ❤️

Thank you Justus, your channeling workshop is a blast :-)))

Hira Hosen at Jun 10, 2015

Roman Lang at Jun 02, 2015

Truly amazing work - thanks for sharing this with the world! I feel complete and newly assembled and re-wired, in all aspects of my physical and light body. Love & Light from Ibiza

Thank you brother, for being you, and for our unfolding connection. Let's see what great adventures our next meeting will bring :-)))

Hira Hosen at Jun 04, 2015

dimitra iliopoulou at May 03, 2015

This is my second workshop with Hira Hosen, and it was excellent as the first one .

One of the things I love about my teacher is that she is always available to every question that I have during the workshop , and after .

She is always in touch with me with the intention to help me and guide me when I need it.

And this is so important for me !!!

She really love to teach and make sure that everyone understand the teaching .

I'm not looking for another teacher anymore because I find that Hira Hosen is all that I need. So helpful person!!!!

I'm going to attend a third workshop with her very soon.

I love you so much Mimi! Thank you!! ❤️

Hira Hosen at May 31, 2015

Priscila Juliana Lopes Lehmann at Apr 27, 2015

Hira is love made visible on Earth, absolutely committed with the mission to guide us into our hearts and help humanity achieve higher reals of consciousness. I can only feel blessed and thankful for having her as my teacher<3

Thank you gorgeous, for sharing your presence, joy & profoundness with us! Love you ❤️

Hira Hosen at Apr 27, 2015

iliana dima at Apr 25, 2015

My dear Hira,

I truly thank you for being my teacher, healer and a mentor.

Your simplicity and internal knowledge reaches spirituality in every level.

I feel grateful for meeting you and I thank Angels for lead me to your workshops. I also thank you for your “angelic” love, acceptance and trust.…

Sweet Iliana! You are a delight to work with, or actually, you are an 'in-light' to work with, such a treat! Thank you ❤️ Congratulations for having become an ATIH teacher, Greece & all of us can be totaly happy to have you! ❤️

Hira Hosen at Apr 27, 2015

Mauro Abel Perri at Apr 20, 2015

Hira is a Teacher -with capitals. She is so passionate, loving and experienced into what she is teaching, that one can really jump into the experiences and teachings really "as a child", feeling safe and in the best possible hands.

I really feel that words cannot describe how grateful I am for what i've received during the workshop. A starting point!

Thank you Mauro, the energy of you & your beloved Juliana has been lighting up our time together in such grace, joy & gentleness! Sending blessings ❤️

Hira Hosen at Apr 21, 2015

Nienke Schipper at Apr 04, 2015

Thank you very much Drunvalo, Hira and Natasja for this workshop. The School of Remembering is the perfect name for the school. It felt like I already knew, recognized or indeed remembered so much of the content that was shared. The group felt like family, especially after Healing Day. And Hira, you are truly very special. Balancing male and female energy, so much knowledge combined with vulnerability and lot's of humor and laughter too. Thank you, Namaste and till we meet again! Love Nienke

Namaste Nienke, it's pure joy knowing you, blessed be the day we meet again ❤️

Hira Hosen at Apr 12, 2015

Adelheid Strieck at Mar 30, 2015

My twin sister Johanna booked the Cosmic Grace webinar this month. I watched it with her. I saw Hira in different actions; one impressed my deeply: she asked Drunvalo about a process she wanted to understand clearly; she summarized Drunvalo’s answers to make it even clearer. At that moment I witnessed them both as equal partners. Both of their interactions were crystal clear: they were on the same level to solve the problem. Immediately my wish arouse: I would like to meet Hira and attend her workshop.

After the Earth meditation [Cosmic Grace] I prayed for a positive outcome. I got the answer the next morning: a workshop - where places were still available - in Amsterdam the same week.

I did a lot of workshops where I experienced most of the time a great gap between the teaching and the realization of it in reality.

My first impressions of Hira in the videos were fully met in reality. The atmosphere she created during these four days were so light, joyful, full of love. Hira lives her teaching. Also, for me it was impressive how she erased in seconds my doubts and made place for me to jump without any restrictions into the process.

Thank you, Hira, for everything.

Much love


My dear twin sisters Johanna & Adelheid! Thank you for your moving comments, for your radiant presence & for your sharing of Oneness during our journey together ❤️ I love you both so much, it's a joy & pure honor to have you as our sacred elders guiding & sharing our way home into our hearts, to our origins & innocence. You are in my heart forever & beyond!

Hira Hosen at Mar 31, 2015

johanna strieck at Mar 30, 2015

I attended, rather followed Drunvalo’s last ATIH webinar in March 2014 at home. It was my very first webinar but somehow I felt that I missed something by sitting in front of the computer during the ceremonies such as Angel ceremony, the Sufi dance,..., as well as the Healing Session. My second webinar was Drunvalo’s Cosmic Grace workshop this month. The technical details are easy to follow on a PC, however, I felt the unease again during these beautiful mediations the last day - Mother Earth and Father Sun.

A little over a week ago we, my twin and I, watched Hira on YouTube; we in unison said: ‘Hira is so natural, in the flow, positive..., and wouldn’t it be great to attend an ATIH workshop live with her!’ Lo and behold there it was, a few days later we were in Amsterdam...the present falling into our laps!

These four days with Hira and the group were the best of the many workshops I had ever attended in person over the years. Hira’s introductory remark: ‘I want to get to know you all’ set the atmosphere...she didn’t sit on a ‘teacher’s chair’ [expression of her assistant/friend Natasja], she was one of all of us. We left the workshop in great amazement because everything was just perfect. Hira is an extraordinary being and teacher, and truly lives life from her Heart. Thank you, Hira

My love to you


My dear twin sisters Johanna & Adelheid! Thank you for your moving comments, for your radiant presence & for your sharing of Oneness during our journey together ❤️ I love you both so much, it's a joy & pure honor to have you as our sacred elders guiding & sharing our way home into our hearts, to our origins & innocence. You are in my heart forever & beyond!

Hira Hosen at Mar 31, 2015

Eckart Pollmann at Mar 28, 2015

Thank you Hira for this wonderful experiance. You really teach from your Heart.

Much love to you & your beloved ❤️

Hira Hosen at Mar 29, 2015

Carla van Wiechen at Mar 27, 2015

I have no words for the great impact and wonderful things I have experienced in this workshop :-)

Thanx Carla, love you ❤️

Hira Hosen at Mar 29, 2015

Annic Stikkelorum at Mar 25, 2015

Thank you Hira for all your knowledge and teachings, it was great.

You are amazing.

You are amazing too Annic, thank you ❤️

Hira Hosen at Mar 27, 2015

Fuad Belko at Mar 24, 2015

Thank you Hira to guide us in an unbeatable way. Your workshop was a great experience , it gave me a great contribution to my life. The way you give the workshop is clear and with much patience and understanding for each person . You are an example for many people how to live in the heart . I look forward to the next workshop of yours. But then I come along with my partner. What bad that we can not give you more than 5 stars. For a lady from the galaxy may be the limit somewhat higher than in an ordinary hotel in the USA , right?

So from me you get all the stars that we may encounter in our tiny space of our hearts. Good luck and much much much love ....

You are so sweet, thank you! Hope to share this sacred work with you again together with your beautiful partner ❤️

Hira Hosen at Mar 25, 2015

Filippa Ameln at Mar 24, 2015

Amazing Teacher!

We love her dearly !!

We love you too Filippa, thank you for your force & graceful presence ❤️

Hira Hosen at Mar 24, 2015

Ornella Vazquez at Mar 24, 2015

I fully recommend taking this course and choosing Hira as a teacher! She has an incredible amount of knowledge and she knows how to share it. Too bad the workshop did not last longer ;)

Taking this workshop has been a wonderful experience which I will NEVER forget.

Not only the course is amazing but also the people you meet during these 4 days are incredible.

There is no doubt in my mind that this experience will be life changing! :)

Love & light to all ...

Dear Ornella, wishing you love, light & laughter, health & abundance ❤️

Hira Hosen at Mar 24, 2015

Petra Kaspar at Mar 23, 2015

she´s so young but so old, and so good !!!

competent authentic, right from her heart, with a lot of humor and joy

Thank you for your radiant presence Petra ❤️

Hira Hosen at Mar 24, 2015

Monica Naeyaert at Mar 23, 2015

Hira is an amazing teacher with lots of love, humour and understanding. She takes the time for her students and gives them the space they need for their experience. I would definately do another workshop with her.

Perfect timing Monica, I had been waiting for you & Bas to join :-)

Hira Hosen at Mar 24, 2015

Mark Verver at Mar 23, 2015

Hira Hosèn is an amazing teacher. She is vulnerable about her personal journey and very wise in her answers. She does not only know what she's teaching, she IS what she's teaching. She brings the course with so much passion and humor, that the whole group lifts of to another level of energy. At the end of the workshop we felt so much love for each other, we know we're part of a greater collective family. Thank you Hira, I love you!

I love you Mark! Alles is liefde ❤️

Hira Hosen at Mar 24, 2015

Geir Larsen at Mar 23, 2015

This was an amazing workshop. Hira really managed to reach into all the participants and created an atmosphere of safety and love that lasted throughout the whole weekend. She deserves even more stars - five is not enough ;-)

It's been such Joy to have you & Kjersti joining Geir! Sending golden blessings ❤️

Hira Hosen at Mar 23, 2015

Suzan Vroege at Mar 22, 2015

An amazing, eye opening, personal growth but bonding course. Thank you.

Thank you Suzan for your amazing Chrystal anquors every day during workshop!! ❤️

Hira Hosen at Mar 23, 2015

Christian Shamani Eartheart Shamora at Mar 08, 2015

It was an amazing workshop with a refresh of all the teachings in Awakening The Illuminated Heart. Hira Hosen is a teacher / facilitator full of love, spark and compassion.

Thank you for being as you are.. A shining star.

Keep on shining dear brother, we'll meet again, looking forward ❤️

Hira Hosen at Mar 16, 2015

Margo Kirtikar Phd at Mar 03, 2015

The whole workshop, the teacher Hira, Natasja (admin), and venue everything was great. Can't think of anything that could have been done better. I have many long years of meditation and spiritual work behind me (and still continuing) so it was very easy for me to follow during and after. I am now looking very much forward to the Cosmic Grace workshop on line with Drunvalo.

Thank you Margo, looking forward sharing Cosmic Grace!!

Hira Hosen at Mar 06, 2015

Sabrina Teresa Salvati at Mar 02, 2015

The Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop with Hira was a fantastic experience for me. Hira is an amazing persn with a glorious healing energy and I am so grateful fr the experien with her in Glastonbury, UK.

The Unity breath is a tool in my personal meditation practice, which I cannot imagine living without. I found a new family in Glastonbury and I am truly grateful for the loving souls on this earth.

Thank you so so much Hira. With love and blessing from my heart.

Thank you Sabrina, I love your Fire, I share your Earth and I feel your Water, may we continue our way together in the Air forever ❤️

Hira Hosen at Mar 03, 2015

iliana dima at Feb 23, 2015

My dear Hira,

Thank you from my heart for your beautiful teachings and your unconditional sharing of knowledge.

Your help was a blessing to my heart.

This is the second workshop I have enrolled with you, each time has been unique.

Your loving environment and your healing cannot be described in words as they can be only shared from the tiny space of the heart since the communication there is unlimited! So I will use the “tiny space” :-)

Iliana, I know you'll be a great ATIH teacher, go, go, go my sister ❤️

Hira Hosen at Mar 03, 2015

Stefan Nanning at Feb 21, 2015

Really awesome energy, realizing, practicle, life changing! Any one can follow this, very clear and loving teacher. Thank you for your Love, thank you for being.



Thank you Stefan, for your sincerity & curiosity ❤️

Hira Hosen at Mar 03, 2015

Violetta Dineva at Feb 16, 2015

Hira is really shining like a diamond:) The seminar was amazing, Hira is technically well prepared and available at all times, the space of love that was created was heartwarming!

Violetta you are so beautiful and courageous, may we remember Oneness together, thank you from the infinite tiny space of the One Heart ❤️

Hira Hosen at Mar 03, 2015

Fady Soliman at Feb 15, 2015

My deepest gratitude for Hira and her amazing abilities teaching the workshop, Thank you Hira, Thank you Drunvalo

Thank you Fady for your amazing presence, Egypt is grateful for our meeting and I trust we will share more in the near future! Much blessings to you & your beloved family ❤️

Hira Hosen at Mar 03, 2015

touria burin at Feb 09, 2015

Hira was wonderful.

The way she taught us was very easy and involving much.

Thank you Hira for your beautiful soul.


Merci beaucoup Touria, j'èspere de te revoir bientôt ❤️

Hira Hosen at Mar 03, 2015

liat ishay at Feb 08, 2015

HIRA is a very special human being. Radiant Nobel soul. It was an experience of wisdom & love. oneness in action. Tools for life. Feel blessed& greatful. Liat

Liat, your radiant smile shines within my Heart forever, thank you for your trust in me ❤️

Hira Hosen at Mar 03, 2015

michal israel-stam at Feb 08, 2015

Thank you Hira for an amazing experience !

There was such a special & loving atmosphere throughout the whole workshop.

It gave me new tools for my everyday life

I feel blessed & greatful


Thank you Michal, may even more blessings guide your way home ❤️

Hira Hosen at Mar 03, 2015

Nehama Sever at Feb 08, 2015

Hira is an amazing teacher with lots of love and a great way to give the information and let you absorb.

I loved every minute! An amazing workshop.

Thanks so much Hira!

Thank you Nehama, it's been a true blessing to meet you, your sister & her lovely amazing 14 year old daughter, what a joy to have you all participating, such Oneness ❤️

Hira Hosen at Mar 03, 2015

Stephanie Lin at Feb 08, 2015

Gratitude to Hira and all beings involved. <3

Thank you Stephanie, you are amazing ❤️

Hira Hosen at Mar 03, 2015

sophie delcenserie at Feb 07, 2015

Entourés par les montagnes enneigées, lovés dans cet écrin de pureté, nous nous sommes retrouvés pour entamer le plus beau des voyages. D'une main de maître, Hira la douce nous a transportés au coeur de nous même. Avec une grande pédagogie et beaucoup de gentillesse, elle nous a invités à retrouver le souvenir du chemin oublié qui mène à l'espace intime de notre coeur. Bercés de sonorités dorées, enveloppés par la chaleur du groupe, la guérison du coeur était assurée. A partir de cet espace, et grâce à la danse, la joie, les méditations guidées et le partage, le processus d'activation de la Merkaba a pu s'opérer. La magie de notre rencontre a fait le reste. Merci Hira pour ton enseignement de qualité et tous ces beaux moments partagés qui resteront gravés. En union de coeur, Sophie D.

On se verrait dans les temples d'Isis, Sophie! Bisou ❤️

Hira Hosen at Mar 03, 2015

marjorie zaabat at Feb 02, 2015


Merci Marjorie!! Bisou ❤️

Hira Hosen at Mar 03, 2015

LADE Sandrine at Jan 28, 2015

Depuis mon petit espace du cœur, je t'adresse un grand merci...


Merci Sandrine, oui, depuis notre miniscule èspace du Coeur nous sommes Un. C'étais un grand plaisir de faire les méditations Tibetain avec toi à mon coté :-)

Hira Hosen at Jan 29, 2015

dominique mugnier at Jan 28, 2015

Very beautiful course

Merci Domiii :-)

Hira Hosen at Jan 29, 2015

Chloe Mercer at Jan 26, 2015

So wonderful to experience the nectar of your heart expressing forth for all as One. In the timeless space where we met i experienced the pure pulse point of creation coming into unified form through our bodies, hearts and souls. A serene stillness that was filled with cosmic potential in every breath, in every moment as One.**

Goddess of the heart, pillar of crystalline light, I Am eternally grateful for your steps of love remembrance that you bestow upon Gaia, Humanity and All.

I love you forever, to the stars and into all that is* whole, perfect and pure.


Sister Goddess of the Heart, you move me deeply, yes, a pillar of crystalline light we all are One, so grateful to have met you in this lifetime again,

Hira Hosen at Jan 29, 2015

Jeanette Chilcott at Jan 25, 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you Hira for giving me feelings of being inspired and uplifted during the four days in Glastonbury.

Thank you Jeanette for your lovely presence, keep up the good vibes :-)

Hira Hosen at Jan 29, 2015

Robert Karpaty at Jan 17, 2015

beutiful workshop with beutiful teacher ,huge ammount of love

Thank you Rob for sharing your beautiful presence with us, may you & Stanka be blessed in your life.

Hira Hosen at Jan 19, 2015

Primroses Kitchen at Jan 16, 2015

A truly wonderful weekend filled with so much love and compassion, I left with a renewed feeling of being able to create anything I desired in my life and a deeper understanding that we have everything we need for our own happiness. Hira was inspiring and her great compassion, understanding and intuition made you feel secure throughout an unfamiliar process. Her openness and ability to share her own vulnerability allowed for a more real human experience and made it easier for me to let go and connect and realise that we are all on the same journey going through the same things so we are not really alone, its an illusion. I continue to incorporate the wisdom and understanding we all shared in our dynamic group in my spiritual practise and would recommend Hiras workshops highly xx PM

Primrose, I wish you could see yourself through my hearts eyes and see your absolute beauty, purity & strength. Your angelic fairy energy has moved me deeply. It's an honor to be able to walk each other home.

Hira Hosen at Jan 19, 2015

Piotr Sujecki at Jan 14, 2015

That was a marvellous experience. I was waiting long time for that event. I have chosen Hira as the Teacher, feeling that she is very special to me although I have never met her before. I was right. The way she is presenting the teaching is precise, filled with grace, beauty and also joy, laugh altogether with pure honesty and openness directly from the Heart. It has been created, so it stays. All I can say is Thank You.

It was a tremendous pleasure to have you & Iwona's loving presence in this workshop Piotr, such radiance coming from both of you ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jan 15, 2015

adam fryer at Jan 10, 2015

What a course! This is profound stuff and I was really moved by the whole experience, from the place we stayed to the people we were with in the course.

Glastonbury, UK, was a great place to do this course and I couldn't have asked for a more fitting facilitator to aid us in 'Awakening the Illuminated Heart' than Hira. Hira was at once a teacher, a guide, a friend and a mid-wife for us all. She included everyone, kept the ball rolling and just performed her role in a way which made the experience a magical one for everyone.

Thank you Adam, you are awesome, and so is your beautiful wife & kids! Very grateful to have spent WinterSolstice with you both up the Tor testing my golden Chrystal singing bowl, yeah! Love you very very much!

Hira Hosen at Jan 13, 2015

Evelyn Pitzer at Jan 04, 2015

I loved the ATIH class. Hira is a very dedicated teacher. She doesn't shy away from fully and intimately engaging with every participant before, during and after class and she gives everyone in class the feeling of being important, listened to and seen. Nonetheless, Hira knows how to set boundaries and keep a balance between people who like to speak up and those who are shy. I found the people in the ATIH class to be beautiful, inspiring and heart centered souls and so I felt at the same time excited and safe in class. I am now looking forward to watch the videos on this site. Thank you!!!! <3 ;-)

Eve, I love you so much, having you & Adam joining the workshop was epic for me, and your beautiful daughters are like angels! My Heart knows we will meet again, very soon ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jan 06, 2015

Anne Marie Willsea at Dec 31, 2014

For me Hira is a natural teacher for this workshop, as though born for it, so very heart-based, and holding the space for us all so beautifully and gently to enter the innermost sacred space of our own hearts. Bless you, Hira.

Bless you Anne Marie ❤️

Hira Hosen at Jan 02, 2015

Mark Green at Dec 29, 2014

Thank you Hira for creating the beautiful space with your joy/light/love energy for me to remember who I truly am :-) ! Heart-felt gratitude and blessings to you X

Sending Joy/Light/Love to you Mark, thank you :-)

Hira Hosen at Dec 30, 2014

Jemma Cooper at Dec 29, 2014

I have done a few workshops over the last three years since stepping onto the spiritual path but after this one I don't feel the need to do any more. This is it. These are the teachings. This is what we need to learn. It was one of the most fantastic experiences of my life.

Our teacher Hira guided us through some very deep material, meditations and experiences in a totally safe enviornment where we could fully open up.

The teachings are simple: "Live from the heart". Easy to undertsand intellectually but this was about what living from the heart really means - physically and emotionally. With skill, dedication, humour and the use of some very powerful exercises, Hira took the basic teaching of all religions and spiritual practice - LOVE - and made it real. Really real. What it means to be in the heart, how it feels and how to carry that into our daily life. The days were intense and transformative and absolutely mind blowing. Hira I cannot thank you enough. You, and the workshop, were amazing. Namaste.

Thank you sister, you totally rock ❤️

Hira Hosen at Dec 30, 2014

Stephen strange at Dec 27, 2014

Well what an amazing four days in Glastonbury the second day was very interesting, to say the least; I arrived at the coarse day one with a heart condition that had been affecting my daily life for some months and after the healing day there was an inprovement but not something I could put my finger on, I was due for a medical on the Monday after the coarse and the Dr said my heart was beating just fine and I am feeling very much better so watch this space. Thank you so much Hira, Nathan, and all the group, especially the five in my healing corner of the room on that very beautiful second day HIGH ENERGY! X Steve

Dear Stephen, wow! That's amazing! I'm so happy your heart is beating perfectly!! Joupiiii ❤️

Hira Hosen at Dec 28, 2014

stephen cuthbert at Dec 24, 2014

I am a bit of a perfectionist and will be going back to for a second workshop just to make sure I did not miss anything.The experiences was over whelming and life changing to meet such a big group of beautiful people is a rear thing these days. This time I will be try and take a few people with me including my wife

Dear Mr. Nine, I'll be very happy to share this amazing experience with you & your beloved wife & friends! Happy 2015 ❤️

Hira Hosen at Dec 26, 2014

Stuart Baldwin at Dec 23, 2014

There is a lot that could be said about this workshop but in essence Hira did a great job.

Being allergic to new age fluff, space age theories and a one size fits all approach I found this workshop to be more than adequate in addressing and stepping up to the proverbial plate. Yes, I would recommend this workshop to other people that I feel would appreciate and understand it.

The venue was beautiful and balanced and I feel that this was a sacred, profound and beautiful experience. As a teacher Hira did an excellent job in delivering the course materials and her clear and dynamic communications facilitated deep understandings and insights. I feel that this was strongly backed up by obvious insight into this material, its ongoing practice as well as it being made increasingly credible by the grounding Hira holds in zazen and sitting practice. To be honest most people would run screaming from simply dipping their toes into a grounding in deep meditation.

Hira, I would literally have to go ahead and say that you are indeed a 'heart based construction worker' and it would be an honour to work with you again.

Domo Arigato,


Thank you Stuart, you have demonstrated to have a fully comprehensive knowledge in the unified fields of Ascension, thank you for sharing the experience!

Hira Hosen at Dec 26, 2014

emy Oosterveld at Dec 13, 2014

Hiras teachings are very clear and understandable and her loving ,supporting and open way let us grow together in these days to a very close sort of love- family. THANK YOU SO MUCH HIRA !

Thank you Emy, for being you and being part of the big family of love ❤️

Hira Hosen at Dec 14, 2014

Alex Basten at Dec 08, 2014

Hira has the looks of an Angel but has also the mentality and perseverance of a (heart based-) construction worker. It is clear that she came here with a purpose and that is to make this World a better place and to help raise human consciousness. She is very dedicated to her course and determined to guide you through the process of finding the tiny space of the heart and activate your MerKaBa. She will tell you all she knows, helps you when and where she can, she is tough when it’s needed but at the same time kind en gentle and I love her for it. Thank you Hira for being on Earth at this time and crossing my path. Big hug!

Thank you for your beautiful message Alex! And yes, for being on Earth now & crossing my path as well. Big hug back to you from my tiny infinite space of the heart!

Hira Hosen at Dec 10, 2014

Stefan Nanning at Nov 23, 2014

When I first came in contact with Hira it felt very good, which was one of the reasons to sign up for the workshop. It's been a week now and am still vibrating with the energie form the workshop. She knew who to deliver the information in a simple way everyone can understand. I love the way you teach and are, with all your personality traits, you're awesome! I look forward to meeting you again...

Thank you for waking me up ;-)


Thank you dear Stefan, you're awesome toooo!!! Keep up the great vibes!

Hira Hosen at Nov 24, 2014

Elizabeth Mrozek at Nov 22, 2014

It was wonderful to feel her Presence. Fantastic teacher. With great compassion, commitment and Open Heart. She represents and embodies what she says. Huge experience. She explains the subject with brilliance and clearness. Gestures and facial expressions were involved to help us in better understanding. The best advantage of her way of communication - from my point of view - was that she could speak about spiritual matters (fuzzy, ephemeral, elusive) in a simple way, translating them into categories, mechanisms, examples and analogies. I felt that she was with us during the process, and she was aware where we exactly were at that time. Step by step, she built our confidence these experiences are possible and accessible. But the most important thing was that Hira emanated so much Love!!!

Wow my dear sister, thank you very much for your profound & moving message, love you so much!

Hira Hosen at Nov 24, 2014

Vladimir Sadikov at Nov 17, 2014

An extraordinary,heart warming, loving, cosmic experience with an unbelievably huge-hearted and lovely goddess Hira. Huge thanks, Love and Light to Drunvalo, Hira and all Great Souls who is helping humanity to remember.

Hira Hosen at Nov 21, 2014

Oriane Berryer at Oct 20, 2014

Super atelier, un peu plus strict dans le temps de parole et pe faire un tour de table à chaque partage, quitte a ce que la personne passe son tour. Pour le reste très clair et compréhensible, avec Humour ce que j'adore. Merci Hira

Merci Oriane, loads of love to all ladies of the Belgian tribe ❤️

Hira Hosen at Nov 05, 2014

Mirja Schlecker at Oct 17, 2014

Thank you for a great experience ;-)))

Sending you love & blessings Mirja!

Hira Hosen at Oct 17, 2014

Javier Gonzalo Iglesias Fernndez at Oct 12, 2014

The Workshop was just awesome! I love the way Hira explains this ancient knowledge and the activities we did. I attented to this incredible job in the island of Ibiza and the energy we created in the group was so shining I could feel so much love and met a great and easy going family of beings of light in this experience :)

You are wonderful Javier, thank you for everything!

Hira Hosen at Oct 16, 2014


A very large thank you to Hira for his excellent teaching full of joy, emotion, exchange and understanding. And another big thank you for all this great energy.


Thank you Valérie for your beautiful & peaceful presence!

Hira Hosen at Oct 16, 2014

gilles catrou at Oct 04, 2014

a great heart moment

Thanx Gilles! Je me réjouisse de vous voir en Novembre :-)

Hira Hosen at Oct 16, 2014

Elodie Grasset at Oct 02, 2014

Hira est un ange incarné, merci pour cette précieuse transmission <3

Oh merci Elodie! C'est toi l'ange!!

Hira Hosen at Oct 03, 2014

SANCHIS VALERIE at Sep 29, 2014

Hira thank you for this wonderful course lived in brotherhood and in LOVE. Thank you for your availability, your listening. Thanks to you I realized that I had always known my sacred space of the heart, I remembered. THANK YOU with all my HEART.

Thank you Valerie! Continue to live from your Heart, and life will respond with joy & full on Heart power :-)

Hira Hosen at Oct 03, 2014

MARIE DESOURDY at Sep 29, 2014

Those 4 days were just fantastic ! Hira is really in her heart, she's very professionnal and I would do another 4 days with her anytime. Thank you Hira for everything ! Love Marie

I'm so happy life is continuing to bring us together Marie, can't wait to see what high vibrations Inelia Benz is going to bring to France :-)

Hira Hosen at Oct 03, 2014

Tugce Peker Darcan at Sep 29, 2014

Dear Hira,

I learned how much more I need to remember, I remembered to cry, I remembered to touch and to be close. I keep remembering. I can not thank you enough.


With love and sisterhood,

Tugce from Istanbul

You are amazing Tugce, it's been a real pleasure and so much fun to know you!

Hira Hosen at Oct 03, 2014

iliana dima at Sep 28, 2014

Dear Hira, thank you for your teachings and heart sharings, which were made with love and openness.

Thank you dear Ili, good luck for teachers training, I know you'll be a great teacher!

Hira Hosen at Oct 03, 2014

Elizabeth Floor at Sep 28, 2014

A big Thank you Hira! These 4 days were just fantastic and really really special. Super grateful and proud to be part of this group. Thank you all for your gifts. Love Charlotte

I'm extremely looking forward to see what is going to happen when you fully live the promise of your Heart!

Hira Hosen at Oct 03, 2014

Priscila Juliana Lopes Lehmann at Sep 25, 2014

Deep gratitude Hira!

We had a remarkable experience and everything flowed in divine perfection in ways that only the ones who live in the heart can understand. Proud to be part of the Torino initiation crew.



Me too beauty, very proud to be part of the Torino crew, thank you for your amazing presence!

Hira Hosen at Oct 03, 2014

dimitra iliopoulou at Sep 21, 2014

This workshop was a great experience , one I have never before .

I couldn't ask for a better teacher than Hira, she help me in all of my steps with great love and she make of us connect from the first day.

One of the things I did love about Hira is that she is so happy and positive person and she always wanted to be sure that everyone get all the information that she was giving to us. I have left felling very connected with her and all the participants .

I will do it again ....and Hira will be my teacher !!!!!

My sweet sister, I can't wait to do this again in Hydra, wow! Sending you blessings, light & laughter!

Hira Hosen at Oct 03, 2014

CHRISTELLE SOLER at Sep 11, 2014

My gratitude to Hira for guiding me through this amazing journey to my heart. I am connected again. It feels so right to be oneself. All my love. Christelle

It was a great pleasure sharing this sacred work with you Christelle, you feel close in my Heart and I thank you for everything you are & do!

Hira Hosen at Sep 11, 2014

Pauline GARDET at Sep 10, 2014

Un TRES GRAND MERCI Hira pour ce merveilleux stage dans ce lieu magique.

Le groupe est splendide.

Beaucoup d'amour et de vibration ce sont ressenti durant le stage, et celà continu...

Du tout petit espace du coeur MERCI MERCI MERCI !

Tu es magnifique Pauline, merci infiniment à toi!!

Hira Hosen at Sep 11, 2014

Pauline GARDET at Sep 10, 2014

Un grand MERCI à Hira pour ce stage...!

Bran olivier at Sep 08, 2014

It was a rebirth for me , a reconnection with the Christ consciousness , couldn't expect better , I feel back to myself , open to listen my higher self , finally . I am happy , full of LOVE , I can co-create and act without any fears , I AM ♥♥♥♥

Thanks to Drunvalo with all my gratitude , thanks to Hira with all my Love :-))))))))))

Dear Olivier, I'm so happy for you! It was an honor to share this sacred work with you in such a magnificent group and setting! Thank you for your love and light, sending you even more :-)))

Hira Hosen at Sep 09, 2014

Julie Reig at Sep 08, 2014

Thank you so much Hira for this amazing, powerful & transformative workshop.

I met myself, my heart and a wonderful family of light.... I'm going to live in the little sacred space of my heart forever ! :-)

Love & light to you from my heart,


Julie, you are so sweet and beautiful! Thank you with all my Heart!

Hira Hosen at Sep 09, 2014

Natalia Romanova at Sep 07, 2014

it was AWESOME!!

You are awesome Nataliaaaa!!

Hira Hosen at Sep 08, 2014

catherine chouard at Sep 06, 2014

Le plus beau et plus profond stage de ma vie! Il nous permet de connecter l'essentiel et de comprendre comment vivre dans l'amour inconditionnel.

Hira est un guide merveilleux, elle incarne tellement ce qu'elle nous enseigne, avec bienveillance, humilité, grande douceur et humour.

C'était une expérience magnifique, grandiose, qui change ma vie.

Merci Drunvalo de nous montrer le chemin, et merci à Hira d'être son messager d'amour <3

Merci Catherine pour ce message émouvant! Merci du tout Cœur!

Hira Hosen at Sep 08, 2014

Violaine CHANTME at Sep 05, 2014

Parvenir à l'unité, rentrer à "la Maison", tout en vivant cette vie 3D ... oui, mais comment ? J'ai désormais la réponse car ce stage constitue pour moi la pierre angulaire de que je cherchais depuis tant d'années, c'est magique d'y être enfin parvenue ! Pour moi Hira, ton enseignement est le reflet de ta personne, un subtil mélange de "booster", de charisme, de vibrante chaleur humaine et d'humilité ; c'est inspirant et on ne peut pas rêver mieux en tant que "seeker". Merci du fond du coeur de m'avoir donné la clef de ma liberté intérieure.

Avec toute ma gratitude, Violaine

Merci Violaine, c'etait un grand plaisir de partager ces moments sacrés avec toi en tout Unité!

Hira Hosen at Sep 08, 2014

Vronique Evrard at Sep 05, 2014

Merci Hira pour ces 4 jours incroyablement profonds, joyeux et lumineux.

Merci de nous avoir emmenés sur le chemin du petit espace sacré de notre cœur avec ta tendresse, ta chaleur, ton rire et la puissance de ton expérience de vie.Merci de nous avoir ouvert la porte pour "Vivre dans le cœur" !

Hira Hosen at Sep 08, 2014

ludovic loizon at Sep 04, 2014

this workshop is the thing i was ever looking for, cannot be called rebirth because even more. it make me feel about something you find, and something i wanna do. You've got the perfect way to teach, we can feel your energy all the time, 4 days with you were completely amazing! a big big special thanks for that from the little space of my heart, Love & super light :)

Thank you Ludo my brother! Much super light & love back to you!

Hira Hosen at Sep 08, 2014

Mathilde Boussard at Sep 04, 2014

Amazing teaching from Hira, I feel completely transformed and get the possibility to be quiet every time I need in my heart, it's incredible. And I have all the tools to progress a lot in my life now ! Thanks, thanks with my heart.

Thank you Mathilde, I'm so happy to hear this! Please keep in touch!

Hira Hosen at Sep 08, 2014

Lauriane JUNGER at Sep 03, 2014

C'était une experience magique et intense. La méthode de la renaissance a été très forte pour moi, puisque j'ai ma mémoire de ma première vie qui m'est revenue. J'ai pu rentrer dans le petit espace du coeur, et je suis tout le temms dans un sentiment d'amour.

Merci Lauriane! Merci du fond du CÅ“ur!

Hira Hosen at Sep 08, 2014

Helene Caluwaerts at Sep 03, 2014

Registering on your website (sor) is much too complicated, see for yourselves you need to put serveral videos in place to help the users. One full online payment would be great too. Hira is wonderfull in her cours and let us quickly forget this inconvienence. So for Hira and her organisation It is à 10/10. For all the registrations and other issues on this site 5/10. And to say i'm used buying & subscribing on foreign websites

Thank you very much Hélène! As I also wrote to your husband, I'll take contact with our technical support team to see what are the possibilities of making inscriptions more easy. I'm happy you joined our workshop, and I'm also happy with your sweet 10/10 feedback :-) Thanx! Sending golden rays of light to you & your beloved family,

Hira Hosen at Sep 08, 2014

SELIM CALUWAERTS at Sep 03, 2014

Enrollement en subscription should be made much easier, so easy you don't have to make little movies to explain them. This could be reluctant for foreign users. And full payment should also be offered throughout the website. All the rest was fantastic.

Thank you Selim, I'll look into the possibilities of making full online payment possible. For inscriptions & enrollment, I'll take contact with our support team and see what are the possibilities. Sending you & your beloved family pure blessings,

Hira Hosen at Sep 08, 2014

Anne-Dominique Meylan at Jul 04, 2014

Le petit espace plus vide que vide se révèle être un précieux cadeau, merci Hira de nous avoir montré le chemin!

Merci beaucoup Dominique pour avoir le courage de suivre ton Coeur :-)

Hira Hosen at Jul 04, 2014

fauth marianne at Jun 30, 2014

Merveilleuse Hira qui a su non seulement nous transmettre un enseignement précieux de Drunvalo Melchizedek mais qui a su nous apporter confiance et ouverture du coeur au sein du groupe mais également sur notre univers. D'ailleurs je me suis inscrite pour 2015

Merci de tout Cœur pour ta présence radiante, pleine de sagesse et ton humilité! Je me réjouis de te revoir!

Hira Hosen at Jul 01, 2014

Damien Balleys at Jun 30, 2014

Country road, take me home, to the place, I belong -> ❤️

Thank you Hira

Thanx Damien, let me know how the '90 degree turn'-meditation is working out for you. Much love to you & your amazing wife!

Hira Hosen at Jul 01, 2014

sara kohen at Jun 28, 2014

The teacher was very professional. She encouraged every student. She gave tool to a deeper change. I feel a change in my day to day practice. I thank you a lot.

Toda raba, Sara!

Hira Hosen at Jun 29, 2014

Muriel Lameris at Jun 26, 2014

Hira has accompanied me with a lot of love and patience in facing my fears and opening my heart. I still feel her with me when I need it. This enables me to go forward step by step. Thank you Hira

Thank you so much for saving me with your amazing skills sister! Hou heel veel van jou, heel veel liefs aan de hele famile :-)

Hira Hosen at Jun 27, 2014

michelle karo at Jun 22, 2014

perfect and tender with all the unity power of pure and direct truth.

i am grateful !

I know you are happy, thank you Michelle!

Hira Hosen at Jun 27, 2014

Ma Dhyan Tarla at Jun 22, 2014

I loved Hira's honesty, vulnerability, softness, humor and personal touch. Very glad that I did this workshop in Israel, in the ashram and with Hira. Highly recommended!!!

Thank you Tarla, you are one sweet power woman! You go girl :-)

Hira Hosen at Jun 27, 2014

Charlotte Malaval at Jun 22, 2014

Best workshop I've never had, highly recommended with Hira

I love you Charli!

Hira Hosen at Jun 27, 2014

wayak prem at Jun 20, 2014

The workshop was perfect, Everything i needed and so much more.

Im deeply thankfull to Hira and to the school itself.

Hira is a great teacher, i felt her presence walking by my side in each step of the workshop.

Thank you Wayak, it was such a Joy sharing this sacred work with you! Keep creating your breathtaking art, you are amazing!!

Hira Hosen at Jun 20, 2014

Ronni Oren at Jun 17, 2014

Hira is teaching with great enthusiasm and love. This was a very good experience.

Hira, Thank you for following your calling it is very inspiring.

Thank you Ronni! Sending blessings, Joy and peace to you & your family!

Hira Hosen at Jun 20, 2014

kranti yoga at Jun 17, 2014

Hira is amazing!!

she is full of love and compassion, open heart and ready to help at anytime.

her teaching is clear and she brings a lot of her own experience to it.

doing the workshop with her changed my life and i am grateful to her and to the school for passing on that knowledge and devoting yourself to sharing it.

thank you.

Thank you sister, you are so beautiful, your Light is shining in my heart, forever & beyond!

Hira Hosen at Jun 20, 2014

Sam Braik at Jun 15, 2014

The work shop was unimaginably great, to explain it in the best way, is just to take you all into my tiny place, and show you the gift that i just received, It wasn't only the value and the amount of information, or not only the Healing and activating meditation, or not only the awaking process or the amazing light energy flowing experience with all this wonderful new friends, It's mustily the pure soul that i easily trusted and right away fell in love with. Love, Light, Beauty, Intelligence, Honesty, Fun and dedication are the words i chose to describe my angle Hira Hosèn. I'm so grateful for this experience that I've been giving spicily by you, and thanx for Drunvalo for making all of this possible. :)

You've amazed all of us with your knowledge, light & truth Sam! Thank you!

Hira Hosen at Jun 17, 2014

David Shoua at Jun 15, 2014

hira was amazing, she is the perfact combination of Strength and gentleess, and all together a beautifull human being, I was honored to be her studant.

thx hira

It was an honor to share this sacred work with you David! Much love to you & your family.

Hira Hosen at Jun 17, 2014

adi rubinstein at Jun 15, 2014

real @ subtle


Hira Hosen at Jun 17, 2014

Ofri Baron at Jun 14, 2014

Facilitating at it's finest!!! One of Hira's first saying at the first day was I am not a teacher I am a facilitator sharing knowledge that we simply forgot and she lives up to that potential!!!! Love and abundance for all the light workers!!!

Thank you dear Ofri, for your presence, motivation & excellent translation!

Hira Hosen at Jun 17, 2014

Aditi Tania Gimbel at Jun 13, 2014

Hira helped me a lot to open my mind and heart to something completely new and powerful. I'm grateful for the teachings and the way she approached me. I can say it's an honor to meet this luminous being.

Beautiful Aditi, meeting you & your brother has brought such great gifts to my life! Your art is an amazing healing tool, I can't wait to be with you again!

Hira Hosen at Jun 17, 2014

Shant Baldric Gimbel at Jun 13, 2014

I love you hira :)

I love you Shant!!!

Hira Hosen at Jun 17, 2014

Lindsey Curtis at Jun 09, 2014

Always a pleasure to remember those which were never forgotten.

Thank you beautiful dreaming sister, Hira! So delighted to know you again and be able to share in soul experiences.

My dreamer sister, thank you! I'm so happy we are connected through the dream field, forever & beyond.

Hira Hosen at Jun 17, 2014

Ruta Kackauskaite at Jun 07, 2014

Hira is an amazing teacher! A true inspiration and most caring soul!

Thank you Ruta, you have made us laugh so much, you are so beautiful!

Hira Hosen at Jun 17, 2014

Cornelia Langenkamp at Jun 04, 2014

Hira is a very authentic person. She transmits a lot through her personality as well. I always felt very free in her presence. Overall exceptional experience!

Thank you for your courage to follow your Heart Cornelia!

Hira Hosen at Jun 05, 2014

Diana Bewley at Jun 03, 2014

Some of the most powerful teaching I have ever received apart from that which comes from my own spirit guides. Thank you! What a journey!

What a journey indeed ;-) Thank you for your clarity, truth and amazing assistance sister! Until we meet again!

Hira Hosen at Jun 05, 2014

Teun Driessen at Jun 02, 2014

Hira's energy felt like an angel. Her pure and energetic power in combination with a good sense of humor made it into a great week of learning.

Inspired by you I will follow the way.


You feel like family dear Teun, thank you for your beautiful presence on our Earth and in the workshop, may you & your path be blessed every moment.

Hira Hosen at Jun 02, 2014

Henry Northcroft at May 30, 2014

Hira is an incredible teacher. My experience led to the activation of my Merkabah and the most profound healing of my life.

Thank you for your trust in me Henry, your healing is my healing, I hope we'll get to work together more closely soon, to raise the frequency of our planet & human collective!

Hira Hosen at May 31, 2014

Justus Paiewonsky at May 30, 2014

Hira has an amazing presence that made learning the material easy and fun. She is a beautiful soul and presents in a way that appeals at every level. I recommend her from the heart.

Thank you beautiful Justus for you and your amazing energy anchoring our sacred work for everyOne!

Hira Hosen at May 30, 2014

Myrna Schut at May 30, 2014

Hira is a great teacher.

Dank je wel voor je bijzondere aanwezigheid en hulp, Myrna, je bent een prachtig en dolfijn mens!

Hira Hosen at May 30, 2014

Fernanda Maier at May 29, 2014

Awesome !

Indeed :-)

Hira Hosen at May 30, 2014

Ekaterina Durant at May 28, 2014

I would like to express my deep gratitude for such fulfilling workshop to Hira. Powerful, refreshing and transformational 4 days with one of the strongest teachers.

You are such a goddess Katya, thank you for you. All the best wishes of love, light & laughter on your amazing journey through Life :-)

Hira Hosen at May 28, 2014

Kate Fisher at May 13, 2014

This gathering helped to change my life to the way my heart truely wanted it to be. I have continued to flow and grow from these teachings and others. I would recomend them to others to bring about the transformation of human consciousness on a beautiful level. Much gratitude and many blessings to all. XXX

You are pure and wonderful Kate, thank you!

Hira Hosen at May 14, 2014

eelco ernste at May 08, 2014

Hira is the best, very special, love & light and joy.

Thanx Eelco, greatly appreciated :-) Much love & blessings,

Hira Hosen at May 09, 2014

Mariska Breedland at May 04, 2014

Hira is awesome. Her teaching is very balanced; she is serious and committed to the workshop but there is always room for a laugh. I had an amazing time in Amsterdam, near Vondelpark. Merci beaucoup, thank you, super bedankt Hira! <3

You are amazing Mariska, love you, thank you!

Hira Hosen at May 07, 2014

Alessandra Sodi at May 02, 2014

It's been an experience which deeply changed my approach to meditation and increased dramatically my skills in this field. Hira has a powerful presence ans is an inspirational figure for the students. The whole group formed a loving family during the days of the workshop. A powerful experience on many levels.

Thank you my dear sister, I'll always remember how we met in the middle of Barcelona after that workshop with Inelia Benz! It's our connection that invited me in Ibiza, I'm forever grateful & honored to know you!

Hira Hosen at May 03, 2014

Nathan Khan at Apr 30, 2014

Hira is a amazing teacher this was a amazing workshop it was a life changer one love :).

I feel so connected to you brother, One Love, forever & beyond.

Hira Hosen at Apr 30, 2014

Jennifer Meynard at Apr 30, 2014

Magical energy throughout the whole workshop which was a catalyst for a profound life change on many levels.

You are one of those bright examples of how life can be ultimately transformed through the work of these workshops sister, thank you! You have done all the work, now all you need to do is to enjoy the ride, which I know you do :-)

Hira Hosen at Apr 30, 2014

Valeriya Morozova at Apr 29, 2014

Once again I participated in a workshop with Hira Hosen, I was very inspired by her teaching method and her grace. I needed more confirmation for myself on the experienced- and received all that I have been looking for all my life, all the answers within my heart. We are beings of light :) we are ascending individually and soon it will be time for us to come together :) Once again this work was extremely inspiring. In connection with the Angels, I received a clear vision of a sacred space in our home, which is now being created in order to permanently hold ATIH teachings and participate in growth of awareness until it reaches critical mass :) WE LOVE YOU <3

Exactly! Let's go for it until we reach critical mass... :-) Living in our Hearts becoming normal for every soul & being on this planet & beyond... Thank you Val, go for it sister!

Hira Hosen at Apr 29, 2014

Valeriya Morozova at Apr 29, 2014

This workshop was the fist step to ground my multidimensional experiences into my body and gain actual proof of the human potential. It was Mind blowing and Heart opening :) this workshop and Hira Hosen have given me a profound logical understanding, and aided my logical brain with catching up with the experiential side of personal ascension. This work has inspired me so much, that I have participated twice more, including the online workshop with Drunvalo and finally applied for the ATIH Teacher Training course. I feel infinite gratitude and love for the people of the world and the teachers of great wisdom :) Thank you all so much for doing this great work and bringing it onto the Earth :) Inlakesh

You'll be an awesome teacher sister, I know it :-) Thank you for your feedback, it's great reading you, as it is meeting you. Blessings to your sweet family,

Hira Hosen at Apr 29, 2014

Muriel Lameris at Apr 27, 2014

Hira is a wonderfull person/teacher. she teaches with much love, passion and commitment. For me it therefore was a live changing experience.

Thank you sister, jij bent de stoerste, 'k hou van jou :-)

Hira Hosen at Apr 28, 2014

Lieke In T Veld-Calis at Apr 20, 2014

I've never been in such an intens beautiful workshop. I am so glad for this experience. Hira is like a modern Mother Earth.

And we're so glad to have shared this amazing experience with you Lieke! Iedere keer als ik nu cyaan kleuren zie, denk ik aan jou :-)

Hira Hosen at Apr 24, 2014

Joshua Costar at Apr 17, 2014

Hira has a depth of knowing and knowledge much broader than that which is being taught and this gives solidity to the delivery - Receiving the information presented and more. Her personallity and way of being are really suited to teaching groups this material. The space in Glastonbury has an incredible energy which was furthered by the solstice and other astrological events. Couldn't have wished for a better place to be at this time.. And what a joy to see men marginally out numbering women on a heart centered work shop! :-) Thanks Hira and Natasja xx

Thank you Joshua for your Heart felt message. Your presence in the workshop was a total joy.

Hira Hosen at Apr 24, 2014

Nydia Manichand at Apr 16, 2014

My answer on all the above questions is 5. Except the question about how highly I would be inclined to recommend these teachings. I still gave that a 4 :-) And that´s because I would especially recommend it to those who are very rational thinkers.

For those who are already familiar with deeper meditations by them selves I would also mention the Oneness energy from India. It's also an Unity energy given as a golden ball through ones hands on top of the head of the other. This gives permanent changes in the brain and the heart. I guess like with the Merkaba it's also the more you work with this golden ball (Deeksha) energy the more and faster you'll grow in consciousness.

And last but not least: I really liked the execises from Claudette!

For me these 4 days where HEALING and thereby growth. Thank you so much! Namasté

Thank you sister, may your life be fully blessed in all aspects, I love your Deeksha teachings :-)

Hira Hosen at May 07, 2014

Henk Barelts at Apr 16, 2014

I expected the course to be in Dutch, because it was held in the Netherlands (the language was in English). I also expected to receive some course information in writing. Overall I had a fine course with Hira and the observer teacher Georgi..

Thanx Henk! Just a little comment on the language, we did put out everywhere that the workshop would be in English and/or in Dutch, depending on the participants. I'm happy that the language wasn't a problem for you to speak & listen from the Heart :-) Much love to you & Mirjam!

Hira Hosen at Apr 16, 2014

Natasja Pelgrom at Apr 12, 2014

Hira's teaching style, knowledge and compassion is a true inspiration. I feel blessed to have participated more the one's in her workshops and each time she is able to catalyze the material in a new and fresh way.

You're the best!

Hira Hosen at Apr 16, 2014

Katherine Bujalska at Apr 04, 2014

The ATIH workshop was beyond wonderful, the event has changed my life.

It's clear that Hira lives and breathes these teachings and she leads by gentle, kind and strong, secure, powerful example. Hira kept the four days flowing with a steady pace so that the levels of understanding within the group were always reached and connections and friendships were fostered; Often with a big dose of humour and some moves to get the chi flowing!

The healing day opened everyone up to be wide and vulnerable, which I'm sure was only possible in the presence of someone as open and compassionate as Hira. She created a safe place for vital, moving work to be done, and for us to be our true selves.

I think every single person in our group reached their sacred space of the heart. Our guided meditations were clear, relaxed, completely magical. Having heard this isn't always a guarantee for everyone, I think it shows Hira has a pretty amazing gift. And I now have the tools to continue on my own (though whenever I begin the unity breath I hear Hira's voice in my head leading me there.....!)

I think about my experience at Glastonbury often, and whenever I do, my heart swells with love and gratitude. The discoveries, lessons and memories, and the ongoing friendships have truly accelerated my life in ways I couldn't have thought possible. Thank you.

Thank you so much for your moving message sister, may your life be blessed in every moment!

Hira Hosen at Apr 16, 2014

Charlotte Malaval at Mar 31, 2014

J'ai effectué ce stage plusieurs fois maintenant, et je n'aurais probablement pas voulu le refaire avec une autre enseignante qu'Hira, sa transmission, sa magnifique énergie et sa pureté ont fait de ce stage une parfaite expérience. Elle vous permet de découvrir le chemin vers votre coeur, votre être supérieur et de méditer, mais pas seulement, son enseignement vous apporte la clé de l'unité et vous rapproche un peu plus de votre essence.

This was a wonderful awakening moment.

Thank you Hira

Tu a été magnifique ma soeur, c'est un joie de te connaître durant & après cette belle aventure au temple. Je sais que tu changerais le monde Charli, on t'aime tres fort!

Hira Hosen at May 07, 2014

Carl Dowling at Mar 29, 2014

Hira created an amazing atmosphere from day one. As a location, it served up some difficulties on an energy sense, which Hira handled admirably. As an avid student of Drunvalo's work, I was very excited to take the workshop. Hira was always available for questions and conversations, through lunch, at the end of the day. It was never a problem! This experience helped me enormously to get into my tiny space.

Forever indebted,

Carl Dowling

C! You are an inspiration and your strong musical tunes are contagious, you even made me sing in public ;-) Thank you for singing & living from your Heart brother. Eternal blessings to you and your beloveds,

Hira Hosen at Mar 30, 2014

Carl Dowling at Mar 29, 2014

Hira provided the most serene and loving atmosphere for every participant in this workshop. It was an inspiration to observe her daily practices of patience and compassion which married beautifully with Drunvalo's incredible teachings.

Hira is a very special light in a time where our Gaia needs it most.

Carl Dowling

Fabia Pulcini at Mar 29, 2014

Hira is a great teacher and powerful human being. She brings light in the room and delivers Drunvalos teachings truly from her heart in a very spiritual and clear way. She leads meditation beautifully. I reccomend her to anyone!

Bella! You are so sweet, thank you so much, it's a total pleasure knowing you and I'm looking so much forward to share these workshop experiences together in Italy! X

Hira Hosen at Mar 30, 2014

Fabia Pulcini at Mar 29, 2014

Hira is a wonderful teacher and powerful human being. She brings light in the room and delivers Drunvalos teachings in a very spiritual and clear way. I reccomend her to everyone! She is a great meditation leader!

Deonne Parker at Mar 22, 2014

Hira is Quan Yin in flesh and her bodhisattva spirit is contagious! I thoroughly enjoyed the ATIH workshop with Hira - both times! Keep up this beautiful work dear sister!

You are so sweet my dear Deonne, I love how we have shared our lives during our work together and the many gifts & precious lessons that our sharing has brought us. I hope to see you soon again but I know we are celebrating these special times of transition as One! Love you!

Hira Hosen at Mar 29, 2014

Denise Rice at Feb 24, 2014

I was very happy with the teacher Hira and the assistant, it was a brilliant workshop. I am so pleased I attended

Thank you Hira

Thank you Denise, it feels great getting positive & Heart felt feedback from you sister! Sending you much golden light and pure Joy ;-)

Hira Hosen at Mar 18, 2014

Alexander Tarry at Feb 17, 2014

It was an extraordinary profound experience, connection with the group was tremendous :)

Thanx Alex, I'm so looking forward to meet up soon again in Ibiza, I love how Life unfolds! Much blessings to you & your beautiful family,

Hira Hosen at Mar 18, 2014

Naeem Datoo at Feb 15, 2014

Thank you Hira for journeying to Vancouver and sharing this beautiful work.

Thank you brother, I'm so happy that you got to be a teacher of the SOR yourself now! Go go go my colleague, go!

Hira Hosen at Mar 18, 2014

Fernanda Maier at Jan 31, 2014

I'm so grateful to Hira , she is an amazing loving being and a awesome passionate Master Teacher , the workshop was fabulous in all aspects . Thank You , Thank You,

Thank You !

I hear the calling , to become a Teacher myself One Day and also share and spread these magnificent teachings with the World in service to the One Love .

Thank you so much sister! You are the Master Teacher, go for it! One Love, Hira xxx

Hira Hosen at Feb 10, 2014

Rachel Cremnitz at Dec 29, 2013

It was a fantastic workshop and Hira is a wonderful workshop leader. I feel I now have the ability to access the tiny space in my heart more easily, and techniques to help me get there when off balance. I love this work and would recommend to all searching for their hearts. It was an amazing feeling to feel my merkaba activated. The venue was perfect, a naturally sacred space. The group formed a beautiful bond. Brothers and sisters of light. I look forward to continuing this work with the education programme to learn more about the tiny space, the merkaba and the 90 degree turn. I love you guys, thank you for being here!

Thank you sister! May 2014 be filled with all of your hearts manifestations, for you and your family! Blessed be your path, keep in touch!!

Hira Hosen at Jan 08, 2014

Tim Varley at Dec 29, 2013

Hira presented the work extremely comprehensively and combined the abilit to hold the energy well while at the same time being very accessible to everyone sharing her humanity. Highly recommend her and this wonderful work

Thank you brother, this means a lot to me! Hope to see you again this new year 2014, full of changes and excitement! We'll be back for the wintersolstice in Glastonbury, already booked the place, so stay tuned ;-) One love, Hira.

Hira Hosen at Jan 08, 2014

sophie marti montessinos at Dec 19, 2013

c'était fantastique!!!il n'y a pas de mots...faut le vivre!!!

Merci ma sœur de Lumière!

Hira Hosen at May 07, 2014

Eric Rossignol at Dec 19, 2013

Thank you very much to Drunvalo who allows us to receive this teaching and one thank you also to Hira who broadcasts it to us so magnificently.

You are, Drunvalo and Hira, really very beautiful people.

and forgiveness for my bad vocabulary

Merci beaucoup mon frère pour ces tendres mots, tu parle bien l'anglais ;-) Je te souhaite tous le bonheur avec ta femme pour cette nouvelle année 2014 plein de changements!!

Hira Hosen at Jan 08, 2014

Isabeau Rossignol at Dec 14, 2013

Fantastic workshop !!!!

Ma sœur, je te souhaite tous le bonheur pour 2014, l’année de la révélation! Merci!

Hira Hosen at Jan 08, 2014

Nathalie Osman at Nov 20, 2013

4 days was short.The last day was so full of important informations et teachings.

Sorry for my english…

French informations on Drunvalo's net.com would be very, very appreciated.

But otherwise, thank to all for your efforts to be the most clear and simple as possible!

Nathalie from Switzerland.

Merci ma chère Nathalie, je te souhaite tous le bonheur & amour!

Hira Hosen at May 07, 2014

Isabeau Rossignol at Nov 18, 2013

Ce stage est extraordinaire et Hira est parfaite ! Merci à toi Drunvalo car tu nous apportes beaucoup de choses magnifiques !

This course is amazing and Hira is perfect! Drunvalo you thank you because you bring us many beautiful things!

Je regrette seulement que le site et les vidéos dans le site ne soient pas traduites en Français car je ne comprends rien et je ne peux pas profiter des vidéos. Merci de penser aux Français.

I only regret that the site and the site vidos are not translated into Frenchman because I do not understand and I can not enjoy the videos. Thank you thinking of the Frenchman.

Pour répondre à ce questionnaire, j'ai été obligée de traduire avec un traducteur automatique sur internet et ce n'est pas toujours bien traduit.

Le Français est une des trois ou quatre langues les plus parlées dans le monde. J'espère que ce site sera vite traduit pour les Francophones.

Responding to this survey, I toblige translated with an automatic translator on the internet and it is not always translated. The Frenchman is one of three or four languages ​​most speak in the world. I hope that this site will be quickly translated for Francophones.

Isabeau Rossignol <3

Oui, je suis d'accord ma sœur, je crois qu'il y aurait des traductions en Français bientôt! Amusez vous bien dans votre nouvelle demeure!

Hira Hosen at May 07, 2014

patricia smets at Oct 27, 2013

I believe in the teachings of Hira Hosen, even if I still am not able to reach the tiny space of the Heart.

Dear Patricia, belief is crucial, happy you believe in living from the Heart! Please feel free to contact me on cocreatingunity@gmail.com about entering the tiny space, I'm sure with a little help you'll get it easily!

Hira Hosen at Mar 18, 2014

Jeremy Calbert at Oct 21, 2013

Wonderful workshop and teacher! We feel like a real family just fter a few days...

and also, the access to the site is very useful after the original teachings. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you Jeremy for having the courage to walk the path of the Heart, you are a constant flow of light by sharing Heart felt information and being there with the other students for over 2 years now, amazing!

Hira Hosen at Mar 18, 2014

Catherine RAMES at Jul 24, 2013

Hira a été très gentille, attentionné et très professionnelle en même temps. Ce stage m'a permis de faire connaissance avec des personnes désirant partagées. Il y avait un vrai groupe, il m'a été difficile de les quitter et de quitter Hira, de plus le lieu du stage était superbe en pleine nature.

Je ne sais pas si j'ai réussi à activer mon Merkaba et j'ai eu de la difficulté à descendre vers le coeur, mais je pense avoir réussi à atteindre l'espace sacré, m'étant retrouvé au même endroit plusieurs fois. Je suis beaucoup dans le mental et ai du mal à méditer. Hira a fait tout ce qu'il fallait pour que ses élèves réussissent, mais elle ne peut pas être à notre place, elle n'est donc aucunement responsable si je n'ai pas tout réussi à la fin du stage.

J'ai passé de très belles journées grace à elle. Merci encore.

Merci Catherine! J'espère que c'est devenu plus façile pour toi de méditer? Je t'envoie plein d'amour & Lumière!

Hira Hosen at May 07, 2014

A. Blankendaal at Jul 19, 2013

I'm very impressed with the power of these teachings. Although most information is totally new to me, the easiness of the exercises are amazing. Hira Hosen is such a beautiful person and a great teacher. She makes it easy to absorb all information and provides you with a very loving, sacred and save environment to go through all the exercises. Wow what a delightfull being she is. It changed my life in a very positive way. It makes me feel more and more connected in every way. I will highly recommend Hira and this beautiful workshop. Thank you with all of my heart <3

Beautiful Anka, thank you for your trust & thank you for all the amazing things you give to the world. I love you very much!

Hira Hosen at Mar 18, 2014

Charlotte Malaval at Jul 11, 2013

Ceci était mon premier workshop, et je dois dire qu'il restera à jamais gravé dans mon coeur. Merci pour tout Hira. Merci pour ces enseignements, pour ton accueil et pour tout cet amour. <3

Tu es magnifique Charlotte, combien d'enfants est-ils dans le monde qui déssine la Fleur de vie à sept ans?? Je t'adore!

Hira Hosen at May 07, 2014

Celine Rougagnou at Jul 07, 2013

This workshop change my life!

I was waiting for this information and experiences to happen for years inside me.

Everybody should live this.

Hira Hosen is just the perfect person to teach all that!

She is so open and full of love!

Thank you for everything you did and do!!

Full love!

Céline Rougagnou

I'm so happy to always be in contact with you Céline and to hear about your adventures, I see in your life happening what was shown to me during the workshop, blessed are you and your family's life!

Hira Hosen at May 07, 2014

Brenda Dyer at Jun 17, 2013

Hira is a fantastic teacher. I took her ATIH workshop in May 2012. Also took it with Daniel Mitel for second time in July 2012.

Yaari, thank you sister, I will never forget your shiny radiant being, you are in my Heart. Love & blessings,

Hira Hosen at Mar 18, 2014

Mauricio Gooiker at Jun 04, 2013

Hira has a beautiful way of teaching us & guiding us during these days. She managed to form a family of light-people who are truly here to assist each other & guide each other on their journeys.

Thank you Mauricio, it was a true honor having you participate! Much blessings and I'm looking forward to meet up again soon,

Hira Hosen at Mar 18, 2014