Drunvalo Melchizedek presents The School of Remembering®



Siriwardhana Hirimbure Gamage at Oct 01, 2019

I was not happy about the payment initially. But the outcome of the class is priceless.

So I do not worry about it at this stage.

I think Marie did it to the highest of her ability. She did not worry about the time to end the classes but continue to the end to offer maximum ingredient that we can receive from this nature of class. I believe Marie and I believe Drunvalo.

Monika Riljakova at Sep 22, 2019

The whole seminar was very deep for me and I feel I understand from my heart why Drunvalo says - "Love is the way home." Thank you

Tanya Fong at Feb 11, 2019

Marie is amazing and supportive as she taught me and helped me through this training. I loved it

Sevil Rowland at Jan 31, 2019

I just wanted the thank Marie Pavel for such a sacred experience . She has opened up many doors , windows ... of light for me. I literally felt i was in a time capsule of no time , as if all clearing , cleansing , learning , remembering , healing of time , space and dimensions were integrated in 4 days .

I cannot thank Marie enough for her beautiful heart and how she conducted the Workshop with ease and grace .

Thank you Marie and thank you Drunvalo Melchizedek for all that you are :)

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Love and Light

Sevil :)

Jan Ekstein at Sep 11, 2018

I am glad to have partaken in this event and have been excitedly waiting for the first day to finally come. This was the first time I did any spiritual work with anyone qualified to teach it, all of my previous knowledge being completely "self-taught" through what I could find on the internet. I heartily recommend anyone even slightly interested to take part and hope that you thoroughly enjoy your experience. Namaste.

Eva Stvanova at Aug 07, 2018

Drunvalo, Majka thank you both for new experience and new knowledge.Thank you for bliss. Happy to have a chance to be present on the event.

Benita Viapree at May 22, 2017

This was an exceptional workshop with an amazing teacher. I felt very privileged to participate.

Magdalena Kubickova at Nov 16, 2016

Thanks very much to Drunvalo and Marie for new knowledges.


Tomas Pycha at Nov 16, 2016

Marie Pavel is excellent teacher / speaker with more knowledges.I was satisfied and very enhanced after ATIH.

Many thanks to Drunvalo and Marie !


Lynda Louk at Jul 30, 2015

Marie was very thorough and always checked and rechecked that we understood. We were each asked how we felt about our experiences following group exercises. But we not pushed to respond if we did not want to. I thought Marie to be an excellent teacher and would readily recommend her.

Carol Brown at Sep 06, 2013

Content, presentation and explanations were excellent.

The synchronisation & peace within my Self since finishing the course have been wonderful and better than my expectations before completing it.

Thank you Drunvalo and thank you Marie. Love and Blessings to you both.

Ute Posegga-Rudel at Sep 01, 2013

It was difficult to follow the workshop because the teacher read the whole script from a booklet, sitting behind a desk. So this was very impersonal. In addition she has an accent, and it was very stressful to listen and to understand while she was reading away. This could have been avoided to a great degree if there would have been interactions with the students. Students who did the workshop the second time needed to explain technicalities to the group. The process of creating the beams and the Merkabah on the last day was mixed up, so that there was not a clear understanding possible. Questions I asked have not been answered, and we have not been given the opportunity to practice with it. Although we asked for it. The teacher ended the workshop suddenly and too early. I feel the need to repeat this workshop, but had not yet the funds to do it.

Besides the teacher's endeavors, I felt that there was grace at work during the workshop. So literally enlightening things happened to me. Also I felt the Merkabah suddenly in place and rotating. But I was missing technical details and clarity to do the daily practice with confidence. And finding the tiny space became therefore each day more difficult after the workshop.