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Luisa Cunha at Oct 18, 2015

Thank you all for this marvellous event I hope I can do it again because it's a lightening and consciosness experience. Thank you, thank you and thank you. Love and Light Luisa Cunha

Aderito Merencio at Aug 04, 2015

Life-changing Event/Workshop. Since i have known Drunvalo's work, for me this was the step that i hoped in my spiritual path (and what a step, more like a giant leap...). Thank You, Michelle, Drunvalo and all the other speakers out there in the world... Blessings!

Filippa Ameln at May 29, 2015

Lets, say, its hot in Lisbon and maybe we should use som persiennas or curtains, that can give som shadow...and maybe a local that can handle all the nessecary electrical tools, thats good for this workshop.

Alexandre Cunha at May 29, 2015

This workshop was completely amazing, it's bringing intense changes in my life. It's not always easy to stay centered in the heart, but now it's as if it points to me everything that I don't accept in my life and want to change... Specially emotional stuff I needed to get through. It gave me the courage and the wisdom to feel my pains, go through them and stay centered. I will never forget this nor this way of living. It opened a big door. Thanks to Michelle, Drunvalo and the school.

Collette Smith at Mar 09, 2015

The 4 day worshop AITH was truly a remarkable experience for me it was something I dreamed of happening before .My teacher Michelle was absolutely amazing at delivering and teaching this course,my life has has been changed because of this and I also see day to day changes as a result of this course

Julia Loran at Mar 08, 2015

It was very good experience work with teacher and group! Very friendly atmosphere. Michelle help me to do set -up password for SOP The healing sessions was very powerfull and emotional.

Adriana Adam at Mar 05, 2015

Hello, the ATIH Workshop was an incredible experience 4 years ago. It was impressive and emotional. But even though I resonated highly and even though I had a great teacher, while the activation happened and while the cleaning & healing was - I'm sure - deep, because I was very blocked and not capable to visualize or feel much, the effects of the workshop for me personally were short lasting. Immediately afterwards, I practiced the meditation and readjusting of the beams of light, I did the programming, but I could not really keep the effects of the activation. However, I am an exceptional case. Hopefully the only one at this extreme (I'm saying that because I never met anyone like me, nor did any of my therapists, masters I worked with, etc.), but just in case there are others who might be blocked at a certain level, maybe this aspect should be addressed more in the preparations of the teachers and maybe a different kind of clearing applied at the time of the workshop (that specifically targets the blockages, at least a part of them, since not all of them can be addressed). I got a chance to learn more about my blockages and I realized that they can be both internal (in your subconscious mind) and external (one of which is the astrogram/the astrological influences, but there are others as well). Of course, both of these types of causes can be karmic or not. At the time I also had a powerful negative entity with me which did not leave just because of the cleaning session (it went away years later). Anyway, I do not know how the workshops are happening today, maybe the clearings are deeper, but I think this is an issue the teachers should keep in mind. Thank you for all the great work for humanity.

Filip Sipos at Mar 04, 2015

It has been truly life changing experience on all levels, and I'm very grateful for rejoining with my spiritual family once again. Thank you Michelle

Alison Murphy at Feb 26, 2015

Michelle is wonderful. She is a gifted teacher and guide. Her understanding of the material and depth of knowledge is impressive. I feel blessed to have taken the class with her.

It was a privilege to work with you. See you soon. Love and light!

Michelle Pacheco at Jun 02, 2015

Lou Lessard at Feb 25, 2015

I can honestly say that this workshop and Michelle as the teacher/facilitator were both beyond positive words. She did an absolutely fantastic job presenting the material and guiding the class through the course!

Ramsey El-Taieb at Feb 14, 2015

The focus on sound and visual MUST be respected.

beatrix denneborg at Oct 22, 2014

Michelle is a focused teacher and gives space for answering the questions. She has humor and the ability to calm intense situations. I enjoyed to get taught by Michelle Pacheco. Thank you

Solange Silva at Oct 20, 2014

Is good to make your way back home. Thank you for this work and for your dedication. with love Solange Silva

iliana dima at Sep 28, 2014

I would like to express my gratitude for my dear Michelle Pacheco. Her heart is open and full of warmth. Through the whole workshop she was open to share and encourage anyone who would ask for her support. Thank you, Michelle.

Barbara Robinson at Aug 17, 2014

Michelle has a huge heart. What I felt was needed to harness her tremendous potential was organization ,planning and giving students in attendance her fullest attention. She is gifted when focused.

jeff denis at Aug 13, 2014

This workshop is excellent for any of us who wish to become more consciously aware at this time. Once you've entered into your tiny space, the universe will guide you on your path during this great period of awakening on earth. Michelle Pacheco is a kind hearted soul and a great teacher, if you live in the New York area and wish to learn this work, then I recommend her. Love and Light Jeff Denis

Magdolna Szarnyasi at May 12, 2014

I have really enjoyed her workshop,she has made me so enjoyable.She has all her love in teaching and devotion for every single soul she has contacted. I`m lucky to know her,she is blessing to the world.

Ruth Spiller at Apr 11, 2014

I found Michelle clear, understandable, helpful, and strong. I would recommend her as a teacher.

Antoneta Baciu at Mar 07, 2014

Michelle is very authentic as a person and a gifted teacher. She deeply understands the process and at her best abilities she is dedicated to help the students understand the concepts and the Creation process. She is also emphasizing that people need to use and incorporate the knowledge in their daily activities. Beside her nice personality she is most likeble and a pleasure to have around. I highly recomend Michelle for all of the above and her big opened heart and love.

James McLoryd at Mar 05, 2014

The workshop had a profound effect on me. I had actually avoided meditating for several years and this has jumpstarted my desire and ability to access the inner realms. Michelle is a gifted teacher and presents a very nice blend of knowledge, compassion, and passion. As a result, she is able to create an atmosphere of trust which allows even reluctant or resistant personalities to let go and embrace the exercise or meditation. I sense a community of aware and advancing beings forming to be on the frontlines of the Event!

Adriana Costa at Feb 07, 2014

This workshop was a wonderful experience for me personally .Michelle Pacheco is an outstanding teacher . She has a remarkable ability to communicate to others Drunvalo's work and teachings. Michelle Pacheco has great knowledge and experience with this work . She is teaching this workshop with dedication love and compassion taking the time to answer everyone questions . I will recommend wholeheartedly Michelle Pacheco as a teacher of Drunvalo's teachings of School of Remembering

Ian Quigley at Jan 22, 2014

Michelle Pacheco is an amazing teacher. Patient, kind, and able to teach a roomful of people while catering to everyone's individual needs. Everything felt wonderfully heartfelt and personal during the class. She makes everyone in the class feel they are attended to personally, and does so with grace. Her great knowledge and experience with this work are obvious to anyone who attends her class.

Myrian Ojeda at Jan 12, 2014

Michelle is a wonderful teacher. Such a loving woman. I highly recommend her.

Yuk Yee Li-Downs at Dec 20, 2013

Michelle is a wonderful teacher. She knows the material inside and out, and is able to adapt the presentation to the flow and the needs of the class. She does an outstanding job of guiding a large group into the S/S and T/S step by step, clearly and smoothly.

Jenna Hicock at Dec 16, 2013

This workshop was wonderful. Everyone there was amazing and receptive. Michelle is an excellent teacher. I am working on getting deeper into the sacred space of my heart in my daily life and I look forward to learning more.

Vito Ragolia at Dec 15, 2013

I did the ATIH with MIchelle Pacheco. I realize that Michelle was listening to her higher self when It came to interacting with me. I say this because I felt she was a little standoffish. I wish she was a little more hands on. I have a lot of emotional baggage to work through and I feel that she's so busy that I can't reach out to her. I tried to take as much notes as possible to get the knowledge down that wasn't covered in the books we were supposed to read. (I read them twice.) I still am not sure how to activate the beams of light. She did go over it but I forgot for some reason. Again I feel that she is so busy that I can't email her to ask her to explain it to me again. I also don't know how to set up a Merkaba field around other things like my car etc. Having said all this I feel that the reason I have these issues is because 4 days is not enough time to go over this material. Also I have some issues with the money. I feel that I can't reach out to Michelle because I would have to pay her to help me with what ever issues I might have. I have a son going to college next year and I'm saving as much as I can to help him. I realize that I can create my reality but I still am finding it hard to just get into the sacred space. I have not accessed the tiny space yet. Guess that's it, Drunvallo I love you from my heart for getting this info out to us and I do love Michelle also for being my teacher in the ATIH class. I do feel that the vibrations of my whole being is much higher now as a result of your work.

Jill Wandrey at Dec 02, 2013

Superb in every way!

Arnell Williams at Nov 19, 2013

Michelle Pacheco's ATIH Workshop was exceptionally phenomenal! Extraordinarily out of this world would be an understatement describing her ability to connect with each student whether a novice, intermediate or advanced in their inquiries/current evolutionary development. Her execution and precision for detail was nothing less than magical! I had formally graduated from the Flower of Life School and achieved the synthetic Merkaba. My appreciation and gratitude for her assistance and Drunvalo's work is immeasurable. Thank you Michelle! With All Reverence, Arnell

Ana Medrano-Cruz at Nov 19, 2013

There were no handouts. We were asked to take our own notes. It is difficult to take so many notes, as you are trying to take in everything being taught. If you focus on taking notes, you are bound to miss a lot of information. Overall my experience was one without description, in a positive way. Thank for these teachings.

Octavian Petrescu at Nov 18, 2013

Very good Teacher

Stacy Davidoff at Nov 02, 2013

Michelle is a very strong teacher. She has a special talent in patiently and lovingly guiding her students into the sacred and tiny spaces.

Pamela Goetchius at Oct 16, 2013

This class was better than I could have imagined. The instructor, Michelle was very forthright and extremely personable. The majority of the class did not speak English and we had a translator, it was never a problem of feeling like not fitting in or being welcome as part of the group. As for entering the tiny space of the heart, I know it happened in the class. After the class now at home, I am not sure I have not had any visuals of it since. But I definitely have my Merkaba & light beams working. Michelle's breath-work bonus class was amazing as well. A very life altering experience from start to finish. So very happy I was able to attend.

Anne Marie Damiani at Oct 15, 2013

The experience that I had during the ATIH workshop was very profound. It was a gift I gave myself and something I will forever treasure. I feel that I still have much to learn or should I say remember with much practice.

Steven Hodge at Aug 28, 2013

Michelle Pacheco was an outstanding teacher of the ATIH. The love and patience she exudes during the entire 4 days of the workshop is mind blowing. She stays in tune with the class members to know what was received and what wasn't. Moving along to the same rhythm of the class is her gift as a teacher. Still cannot believe she answered all of the questions that popped into my head before I had a chance to ask them. She is a true miracle worker in my opinion. :)

Clara H Guerrero at Aug 10, 2013

I also attend Ron Sirchi workshop ,and I feel this workshops help a lot in the process of healing. I feel the energy of the group help to find the tiny space on my heart easily, because when Im alone is not easy. Im doing a lot of cleanse and healing because I understand is important for go inside of the tiny space of my heart.

Anhela Banach at Jul 16, 2013

This workshop was worth many times the money, I am very grateful to have found this teaching.

Hilary Kobrinsky at Jul 04, 2013

This was my second time taking ATIH workshop with Michele - (first time was 02/12). Michele is a dedicated, focused and compassionate teacher whose ability to communicate and teach Drunvalo's work is outstanding. She radiates love and has the energetic presence to connect with her students in a relatable manner. My experience was profound and deeply moving - more so this time. I would recommend ATIH workshop to any seekers of truth and understanding. I feel blessed to have a \"new family.\" I will continue to practice what I've learned and to live from my heart. With much gratitude to Michele and to Drunvalo/SOR for all that you share with an awakening humanity. Namaste, Hilary

Claudio Alvarez-Dunn at Jun 28, 2013

Registration and the place could be improved

darlene gumas at Jun 03, 2013


Lidija GBaltovska at Jun 02, 2013

I just thank you Drunvallo and Michelle for the most precious teachings and love I received through you. Love you too!