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TJ Rodgers at Apr 06, 2017

Pam provided an excellent experience with joy and dedication. It was a workshop that was above my expectations, and the results for me have been amazing. I would recommend her as well as this workshop to all who seek greater enlightenment.

Heather Atkinson at Mar 16, 2017

I loved the entire workshop. I was able to release a lot in the healing and am excited about all the tools we were given. I highly recommend Pam Nelson as an instructor. She clearly lives these principles and tuned into the group in a very beautiful way. I felt supported throughout the experience. Thank you for bringing this information. Truly grateful.

Deven Barnett at Nov 20, 2015

I really enjoyed this workshop, instructor/hostess, and venue. I challenged myself, was surprised and experienced healing, and it did give me something more to work on as I develop feelings of love and connection within myself. I'm understanding better the communication between my head and my heart. Opening up to the joy and mystery of life is something else this workshop encouraged me to do and I experienced more of that joy of just being and experiencing.

Jody Hassel at Mar 07, 2015

I really enjoyed taking class with Pam and love the space <3

Bud Jahn at Mar 27, 2014

I highly recommend that anyone who has background using any facets of the human energy systems learn the application presented in this class.

Michelle Gibson at Aug 28, 2013

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. I believe that I learned what I needed to in order to access the tiny space. Pam did a great job, and I just have a few lingering questions after the workshop to confirm that I am doing everything right.

Barbara Church at Aug 27, 2013

it was a wonderful workshop - Pam is the best!

Sebastian Berisford at Jul 30, 2013

Amazing, life altering event with so many beautiful radiant souls in attendance. Absolutely loved it!

chris cannon at Jun 17, 2013

I experienced things I never thought possible,I only wish I would have taken better notes! I wish there was an online refresher course due to the amount of material and subjects covered.

Joanne Gates at Jun 06, 2013

I believe this workshop is very important to the people here. I want to thank Pam for bringing it to Alaska, Thanks Pam for being here and the beutiful way you present this work. Joanne