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Destiney Armstrong at Jun 26, 2017

This was great. This teacher is a wealth of knowledge, resources, and love. It is very welcoming. Perfect one for your first workshop. There is a deep immersion into this meditative state while you are there and when you come back home, ironically, is when you will question what is real. It helps if you already know of this work but it also definitely works on a subconscious level as well. I cannot recommend this enough, even to go two or three times. He is definitely one of those that know what they are talking about. This is something that you must apply to see serious results though, you must believe. Don't let stress affect your state of being. There is a balance. We all have infinite power but the ones who use it are the ones who are aware of it. Awareness of awareness is key. You can be anything at any given moment no matter what if you are aware of it.

Laurie Carty at Apr 26, 2017

I have been studying this work for over 30 years, and although I have seen Drunvalo and know of his work in general, I had no idea how amazing it would be to actually learn to turn on my light bars, you can literally feel it and can't stop smiling!!! So cool!

Laurie Carty

timothy troutman at May 17, 2016

Ron was such a loving/caring person. He opened up a whole new doorway along my journey. Such a humbling experience :)

Kathleen Greve at Jan 02, 2016

Words are inadequate to describe the deep and profound shift I experienced in the very core of my being. Love and gratitude are the lingering take-aways from this life-changing workshop.

Laura Wild at Dec 22, 2015

I wish there would have been my practice exercises to help ground in the information. I loved the whole experience and I am truly happy to have participated. It was a life changing experience.

In gratitude,


Kyle Westerman at Apr 03, 2015

Amazing. Astounding. So happy to have been a part of it. Thank you all who made it possible. Eternally thankful.

Kyle Westerman at Apr 03, 2015

Easily a transcendent and beautiful experience. It shaped who I am today and I am honored to have been able to attend. Thank you Ron Sirchie for your wonderful Guidance!!

(and of course you as well Drunvalo)

Ellen Wasser-Hrin at Feb 25, 2015

It was wonderful. I enjoyed every minute of it.


cynthia baush at Oct 21, 2014

Excellent teacher. Ron is a clear communicator, has a depth of knowledge, and a generous/caring approach to his interactions with his students. His guided meditation with music CD has been invaluable to me as an aid to my meditations at home after the workshop. I dont think I would be as successful with my meditations without the CD. I met Ron 8 years ago at a Living in the Heart workshop and I made sure to take the latest workshop with him.

Kenneth H Weber at Oct 03, 2014

This workshop was the most powerful personal experience I have experienced since the creation and birth of all of my children. Each and every one of those I met in the workshop you will have a special place in my heart for eternity. I was overwhelmed with the unity love which we all shared. I could thank Ron and Shannon for allowing a bunch of strangers to share their sacred space and divine love for four days. When I listen to the CD that you both created for us I can feel Shannon's love in her voice and the divine musical composition. Thanks to both of you for sharing your love and guidance. You have shown me the way I have been searching for a long, long time. "Hugs" are very powerful!

My deepest appreciation and blessing goes out to Drunvalo Melchizedek and his family for the creation of The School of Remembering and the Awakening The Illuminated Heart Workshop and all that they have done raise humanities heart conscious to live in Love without fear. - Namaste

Travis Stefansky at Aug 19, 2014

This class really put into perspective everything I needed to access my Sacred Heart Space, namely to improve my connection with Mother! This is happening more and more every day and soon I feel I will ready to consciously enter my Heart <3

From the bottom of my Heart, I thank Ron Sirchie for his unrequited devotion to his work and most of all for the love he has for each and every student. It has been that experience which has inspired me to look into teaching these workshops in the future. Namaste

Brenda Pedone at Jul 26, 2014

I know that I my energy has changed. I feel different, enlightened. There is a wonderful place out there and I want to find it and be part of it. I will I will. Thanks to everyone who was involved in this workshop. Love Brenda

Brian Coffey at May 01, 2014

Ron Sirchie presented a wonderful course, actually beyond my expectations. As a teacher, guide, and a deeply caring facilitator, he flowed easily from role to another, building the course as it progressed. The setting for this course - his home – was an excellent choice; and we got a chance to meet and interact with his family! (which provided another view of Ron, which further added to his credibility in the aforementioned roles). Thank you, Ron!

Sondra Craig-Piniak at Mar 23, 2014

This was the best and most informative workshop that I have ever attended in my life. Thank you for a wonderful life experience which I will be using for the rest of my life.

Yuk Yee Li-Downs at Dec 20, 2013

Ron has one of the most caring hearts I know - he covers the material thoroughly and extends an open invitation to all of his students to "drop in" whenever they would like to any of his future classes. He has truly built a family of the heart.

Yuk Yee Li-Downs at Dec 20, 2013

It is obvious that Ron cares deeply about this work and about each and every student who comes his way. He has the amazing gift of drawing together people who are very connected at a soul level. We all felt this - by day #2 we the students were taking walks together and choosing to go out to dinner together, etc. We still maintain this connection to this day!

Jose Martinez at Dec 08, 2013

Had an awesome and transformational experience with Ron and Shannon Sirchie. Thank you..Jose

Jill Wandrey at Dec 02, 2013

A master metaphysician and my brother forever. An absolute expert an Druvelo's work for over ten years now, especially explains the geometry beautifully.

Stacy Davidoff at Nov 02, 2013

Ron is someone who truly lives in his heart. Every student received the attention needed as we each hit our individual bumps along the way. This was an amazing workshop!

Colleen McMurray at Jun 11, 2013

This information is incorrect - I did not take this workshop with Ron in April 2014, I took it with Drunvalo in Sedona in February 2013. I attended Ron's workshop for one day as a guest.

Nicholas Johnson at Jun 03, 2013

Great class....everyone was connected & present which made the experience very helpful & supportive.

Adria Crum at Jun 01, 2013

Ron was an excellent teacher. He explained the techniques of the creation process, the creation and maintenance of the beams and merkaba creation. After taking his class I felt that I could maintain this practice. I felt so much love from the healing process that I felt that it was one of the highlights of the class. I hope to take the class with him again.