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Best teachers, life changing workshop !

Lenuta Toma at Jan 05, 2017

I Love You!

Nicoleta Dragu at Oct 03, 2016

Unique experience!

Lucia Rata at Feb 05, 2016

Congratulations for all your work. Namaste

Alexandru Lucian Borda at Dec 01, 2015

Everything was amazing ! Thank you !

Ina Manuela Toda at Dec 01, 2015

Thank you for this information. It is relevant and useful for anyone.

Crina Enachioiu at Mar 09, 2015


Sasarman Mariana at Mar 07, 2015

I love it!

Sasarman Mariana at Mar 07, 2015

It was another level of conscience!


Impressive start!


Impressive start!

Elena Niculescu at Mar 06, 2015

I thank Carolina and Elena for all they do for their students.

LUCIAN COSTAN at Mar 05, 2015

Everythings was wonderful and i just whait a new experience.

Dracopol Ioana - Roxana at Mar 05, 2015

She is a great teacher. Very energetic. Also very patience with her students. She has a great sense of humor. Thank you for sharing your love and knowledge with so many people!

COM?NEANU MARIA at Mar 04, 2015

all was god

COM?NEANU MARIA at Mar 04, 2015

all was god

Rodica Obedeanu at Mar 24, 2014

I've had the best three days of my life after the workshop was ended. I would like to be able to sustain that quality of feelings. Rodica

Oana Mircea at Mar 22, 2014

Multumesc pentru tot ceea ce faceti.

Marian Mircea at Mar 22, 2014

Apreciez din toata fiinta mea acesta manifestare \"worshop\" ..cum este numit..si pot spune k pentru mine a avut o importanta deosebita ce nu o pot descrie in cuvinte...multumesc tuturor celor care a contribuit la aceasta cale

Alina Mosoroceanu at Mar 20, 2014

The place was very comfortable and suitable for the event. Thank you.

Marian Vlasceanu at Feb 16, 2014


Mihai Garbia at Jan 10, 2014


violeta panturescu at Dec 03, 2013

I'm happy I did this workshop! I thank the Universe , to you and to the two teachers that have been with me!

Felicia Puscas at Nov 21, 2013

Excellent Teacher!

FLORINA IRINA at Oct 25, 2013


camelia chezzi at Oct 20, 2013

I am not sure about the beams.

Zakarias Reka at Aug 28, 2013


Pasztori Geza at Aug 27, 2013

Nice Job, highest quality

Daniela Maria Toma at Jun 20, 2013

Carolina is the trigger for the change of the people:)

Ghita Adina Ioana at Jun 15, 2013

I love you, Dru!

Valentin Sarbu at Jun 14, 2013

A new meaning of life was revealed to me by Carolina

maria chelaru at Jun 14, 2013

Thank you very much Carolina, all clear, straight to the point, sharp and delivered in a passionate way, you left me no way around it and absolutely killed my ego :) and very humorous as well. Keep doing the great work and how to allow oneself to live in the heart! In Lak'esh Maria

Negurita Valentin at Jun 14, 2013

ATIH Helped me to see the worls as never seen before

Pasztori Geza at Jun 14, 2013

Nice and usefull workshop. Elena and Carolina make a great couple teaching and transmitting the information.

Cristina HERTIA at Jun 13, 2013

Exactely What I needed!

Cristina HERTIA at Jun 13, 2013


Iuga Nicoleta at Jun 05, 2013

Wonderful teacher! Great meditations and information! I felt so supported through a very rough periodof my life. I manage to find the right type of help in every moment of my life! Thank you!