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Sachiko Omatoi at Mar 15, 2018

I heard how great Ron was from the others and I surely can say that he is a great teacher. He is super knowledgeable and created welcoming environment for us, and I was having a hard time to say good bye to him and other students at the end of the workshop. I highly recommend Ron.

Lily Livingston at Jan 05, 2016

This workshop transformed me forever in beautiful ways. I am fully committed to living a heart-centered life of love and embodying more light every day. Deepest gratitude.

Bahar Soykam at Aug 19, 2014

I advice this education to all interested people.Ron is the best on connection and wisdom.Thanks for all...

Waveney Grace-Thode at Jul 08, 2014

Ron is an amazing, experienced teacher and extremely knowledgeable. He holds sacred space with the power of divine love. His wisdom is phenomenal and his heart shines with the brilliance of a million suns. Love you Ron x

John Thode at Jun 21, 2014

Ron is a true master

John Thode at Jun 17, 2014

Ron is a highly skilled and knowledgeable teacher

SENA ALP at May 23, 2014


gulcin onel at May 02, 2014

excellent! Ron and this education are very important for me... thank you drunvalo, thank you Ron and thank you my tiny space :)

Lothar Caviezel at Mar 01, 2014

Great teaching and healing, but I would have appreciated to receive the teachings as handouts.

Cory Binning at Feb 20, 2014

Ron is a master, and has aided me in my own transformation. My experience of Ron and his energy was that of sincerity, empathy and a calm knowing that is strongly reassuring.

Devrim Sabuncuoglu at Feb 15, 2014

A loving, gentle soul with a great heart and compassion to share his knowledge. Thank you for making it possible for me. With love...

Haydée Acosta at Feb 05, 2014

I consider this teacher the best for my way of learning. He is very clear in his explanations and open to clarify any doubt or question I did.

Pam Nelson at Jan 28, 2014

Ron's teaching and being comes from a place deep within his heart. He is an exceptional teacher.

Jean Haines at Dec 22, 2013

I knew Ron personally before I took the workshop, and I have recommended his efforts many times on my blog (both before and since I took the workshop,) 2012 What's the 'real' truth?, jhaines6.wordpress.com, which gets between 25-30,000 hits a day. Ron's calling to teach the merkaba has long been evident to me. His wisdom and skills are wonderful and do credit to you, Drunvalo, and to the SOR.

Tara Sue Moore at Dec 09, 2013

This was the first ATIH workshop I ever attended as well as the first 9one ever taught, I believe. These four days with Ron, an extremely knowledgeable individual changed my life forever.

Jennifer Graham at Dec 08, 2013

Many Blessings for such gifted work Drunvelo.

Diane Wilkins at Dec 07, 2013

One of the best experiences of my life. It has been life changing.

Mark Strang at Nov 22, 2013

Best workshop I have ever attended!! Post the workshop has been the most profound for me. Thank you

Thomas Carpenter at Oct 30, 2013

On the last day we did the complete meditation only once! and the group of us that went up there from Kansas City all felt that wasn't enough to really grasp the meditation.

Casey Hughes at Oct 11, 2013

Beautifulsuperawesomefuntime! I loved everything about this course and how it was presented. I felt a great deal of trust and comfort in the environment and greatly appreciated Ron's answers to my sometimes obscure questions. Was to the point and spoke to the idea that we already know this and trust in our heart to remind us. I feel I could have used a bit more explanation following the merkabah activation as to how to use and work with it and to integrate it into my life and relationships with others as I am experiencing now. Although I know all things are inherent in trusting the heart and my development will continue as needed. Some great tools and keys to continuing a sometimes confusing and frustrating time here on earth as an indigo, of which i trust are mostly behind me now thanks to this info and a wonderful one on one conversation with Ron covering this topic. Very grateful for all that was gifted to me from all who took part in this workshop. Kudos to Naeem, Alper, Judi and Wynona, all of which shared even more insights and will grow to be amazing teachers of the workshop. Thanks and blessings, love and light

Catherine Abel at Sep 09, 2013

I was pleased that the class with Ron La Place met my expectations and more. I found the balance of male and female energies with Ron and Dorothy to be beneficial. I welcomed the other teachers presenting different aspects of the program, although on occasion with one or more of them I had some difficulty understanding their 'words' and relied on having taken the information in previously with Drunvalo to follow along. Because of being on the road and traveling I chose not to practice the beams of light & mer-ka-ba, etc. until I was at home. Also, I was not sure why slides showing the \"old method\" of doing the mer-ka-ba, as it appears written in the Flower of Life text, needed to be discussed in the workshop. Although the little video/slide presentation was well done, I felt it was a bit confusing to include it in detail. In all,I felt a great deal of confidence in Ron as a capable teacher and believe he is a highly qualified person to be giving this program.

iona haskell at Aug 27, 2013

Ron answered all my questions, but it took awhile before I really understood. Since I had taken several previous classes with Drunvalo, I am already able to access the tiny Space in the Heart, and go there easily. The stumbling block for me was the knowledge that the Merkaba was really active from the heart. I really didn’t feel it so, until I assisted Michelle with her first class. Then I really got it, then I could feel the Merkaba active. For me the stumbling block with Drunvalo’s meditation is in using the tongue to stimulate the alpha waves. I find it hard to remain in meditation doing this. Though I do see the green, or for me blue-green light, and turn my pineal gland to look at the tunnel-like geometry that appears sometimes at the third eye. I just do it without my tongue. Now this doesn’t happen every time I meditate. Mostly I just enjoy being in the tiny space of the heart, and being with my guides or angels that appear there. As far as the beams go, every so often I reactivate them. Live has a way of getting you off course, maybe you get angry, or scared. I feel that this can dislodge them, so just to be safe, I reactivate. But a refresher would be great.

Lada Kenton-Dau at Aug 01, 2013

Ron and Dorothy, you were both great. Thank you so much Divine Beings! I am loving the feeling of being in my tiny space of the heart. Thank you so much for helping us to further remember who we are. Ron, Please can you ask Drunvelo if he wouldn't mind sharing with us how to multipy fish and bread like Jesus and manifest further abundance so that everyone can be debt-free, do more miracle healing like Master Zhou (Qi Quong Master) or beyond, and using the Mer-Ka -Bar as form of \" free energy\" heating up a house without the conventional electricity, how to levitate, and how to walk on water or paper apart from being in the Tiny space in the heart and programming the natural Mer-Ka-Ba, elevating the centre of the Meraka to the heart chakra from the base chakra. Thank you also Drunvelo for bringing the Meka Ba into the world again, also thank you for the last 90 degree turn mediation. I found it helpful. Thank you so much. Love and Blessings Lada

KARIN RYPMA at Jul 04, 2013

I like to recommend the workshops from Ron and Dorothy, however I recommended my friend in Holland and she went to workshop from a different teacher and she was totally shocked by the lack of integrity of that teacher, so I feell a good back up system is necessary for thhemselvese teachers t

Silva Sarkissian at Jul 03, 2013

One of the best teachers Ron LaPlace, I am happy to have chosen his class, but there is this issue I want to discuss, he made us activate each others' Beams of Light meanwhile Daniel had told us that it's strictly forbidden to do so as we might harm the person 'beyond repair', when I asked Ron he had no idea why would Daniel have used such 'strong words' & to say such things....


Ron is a teacher full of love, so deep that it surrounds you and makes the teachings so easy to understand and apply. Ron not only did his best during the workshop to lead us in this beautiful path of illumination, but also he answered each and every question that I asked through mail and different channels, after the workshop I am so glad to meet with him

Claire seguin at Jun 04, 2013

Thanks for all the new teaching Love Ki