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Dana Tir

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Dana Tir


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Nací en San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina.

Mama eligio Nora. Los guías en 1998 susurraron Dana = Madre y Tir = Tierra.

Me encuentras en Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sé que estás ahí y que en alguna curva del sendero nos encontraremos a recordar quienes somos, una gran familia, con la misma Madre.
Todos compartimos el diminuto espacio del corazón donde somos Uno
Cuando llegamos a comprenderlo, todo tiene más sentido, mas alla del miedo.
Entremos al divino espacio.
Se trata de Unidad,de Amor, de Sanación...
Se trata de Recordar

Dana Fol Fol Tir


Como Chamana, facilito la recolección de datos sensibles y lo que la ciencia llama causalidad y nombro

Medicina Energetica de Los Andes.

Profesional EMF Balancing Technique Fases I a VIII

Maestra Supervisora Fases I a IV

Co-autora del libro EMF Balancing,La Cienciadel Amor Conciente ?? Ed. Kier Colección Infinito.

Editora de Amerrikua, revista virtual sobre los niños Índigo.

Operadora en Grupos.


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lilian cristina soria at Mar 16, 2015

First of all thank you for such a beautiful workshop !!! I really enjoyed it and all practices that occurred before into each space of the heart, which was to my wonderful !!! then it was not like the first, only different but often intense, but I think I still have, and should be repeated when the workshop ... this is all I can say. Thank you can access this information !!!!

Ramon Garreta Puig at Feb 13, 2015

In practical terms, the method teached in the ATIH workshop has allowed me to overcome polarity and now I see the artistic way of understanding life and living, and feeling the infinite inside and outside, and the possibility of writing a lot about it (a book?). Before the workshop I tried and tried a way of living that finished dramatically five or more times. Since then, with the coincidence of 21/12/12, I have been building the life that I dream. If I do it for me, I do it for others. But I don't want to feel different from others, neither superior or inferior; I need and like to feel people as brothers and sisters. It makes sense that I write this words, asking for the certificate, 838 days after the workshop, because within this period I have checked that the teachings work completely and absolutely.

Diana Caviezel at Feb 01, 2014

This was a WONDERFUL experience!! I felt a lot of joy during the the workshop and about a week later. I do feel I need to participate one more time because there were moments I lost some concentration and haven´t meditated during the year...(which led to a feeling of \"not being quite sure I made it\"), although I have been conscious of it ever since. THANK YOU!!!

rachel paling at Jan 20, 2014

dana is wonderful :-)


Good job, as usual :))


Thank you Dana!!!!



Alda Esther Gugiato Marcelino at Aug 28, 2013

It was a very good experience.

Milagros Quinones at Jul 08, 2013

This workshop is something I was waiting for a long time... I felt connected and experienced so much love afterwords... the following days were like being on a separate world, distant from 3D situations.... no bad reactions, no past, no present... just love. Experiencing love all over my body, nature and recognizing The Spirit was covering all. Love Dana Tir... lovely person, lovely soul... I will meet her again for sure. Namasté...

Jorge Briozzo at Jun 04, 2013

Taking the workshor for the 3rd time was wonderful. When Dana Tir talks it comes from the heart and her language sounds like poetry